Lucozade Carbo Gels

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20/02/2003 at 13:59
Hi all

Has anyone tried the new lucozade Carbo gels? Are they any good!!!! If so where do you get them from, I have been trying to buy some but don't seem to be able to find where from!?!?!?
Ratbag    pirate
20/02/2003 at 14:37
Hello Lyn,

First I've heard of them.

I'll have look round for them tho'..

All the best,

20/02/2003 at 15:02
Got mine yesterday in a large boots store, price 99p each, i think they taste very nice, only downside is that they are a bugger to open, I cant seem to open them with my fingers and having to use teeth, which i found hard today while doing a hard run.

I will continue to use them though.
20/02/2003 at 15:11
I have been looking in Boots stores.

Which one did you get them from?
20/02/2003 at 18:20
Boots in L'pool and Peterborough have them -From recent experience you need to start eating them fairly early on in a long run and keep topped up. I've actually found them one of the easiest gels to open, even with gloves on. They are also fairly palatable compared to some.
20/02/2003 at 19:18
I must have a dodgy batch with the trying to rip open the tops.

Got mine in thr Bromley branch, which is in the Glades shopping centre
20/02/2003 at 19:50
Thanks for the Info. I will visit the glades tomorrow.
20/02/2003 at 21:48
lucozade, powerbar, high5, science in sport and shark. which is best? on grounds of

easy/hard/acidic on stomach
easy/hard to open
quick/slower digested
21/02/2003 at 20:18

I use Squezzy as you can fit 2 in the key pocket of your shorts or tracksters. The top rips of easy with your teeth. Never had a problem with digestion and they all taste as bad as each other. Buy a box of 10 from a running shop and they work out at 79p each.

I am no expert but it works for me usualy have the first one at about 10 k and the next one half way between there and the end of the run.

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