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26/07/2008 at 17:05

Cool videos KGL. I wish I could afford a trainer, I need someone to shout at me to make me do things like that!

I've made a little video blog myself, but I don't want it on Youtube so will email it to RW and let them do the techie stuff!

26/07/2008 at 23:52


ditto with the vids. No wonder your trainer has lost his hair with those fists whizzing around his person- one false move and its .  Joking aside your one fit gal-keep it up DT.

PS great run again today. I was out at 2pm and it was  hot.

27/07/2008 at 00:53

You should be really pleased with that run. The strong finish does show you can do more but plenty of time to increase it.

27/07/2008 at 10:14

Good morning everyone......  looks like it's going to be another scorcher today.  Strictly speaking I need a tempo run, although I do have a "spare one" in the bag that I did as a test run the day before the programme officially started so I think i'm going to do Tuesday's speed session instead under the coolness of the air conditioning unit in the gym.  

I'm going to drag myself out of bed in a moment or two, give my legs a massage as my left calf is feeling a bit stiff and then take my daughter for a leisurely bike ride before it gets too warm!

Be back later to report on my run but in the meantime, here is a bit more footage from Friday's training.  This time it's running specific strength and agility -   I am filled with dread when he gets the ladders out.........

view it here    (ladders)

and   here  and     here!   (box)

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27/07/2008 at 10:29

lol I know just from about 2 seconds of viewing the ladders vid, that both me and the instructor would end up in casualty even attempting it...I've got no coordination for anything that involves moving arms & legs at the same time, especially dancing, aerobics or that evil looking session there.

RE: dragging yourself out of bed - does that mean you're posting from the comfort of your duvet? *grins*

Edited: 27/07/2008 at 10:29
27/07/2008 at 13:59

Yes I was Vickie - and look at the time - scandalous!!, well a girl has to get her rest!! ..... and I won't have that luxury next week when I am back at work.......

Just back from my speed session.  My left calf was feeling a bit tight this morning so I decided to cycle to the gym, which is about 2 miles away to give my legs a good warm up and did some deep calf stretches before I started.

Shorter bursts of speed this time compared to last ,with only 2 minutes recovery between each session but then I suppose I don't need as much recovery if I'm running half the distance at speed. 

I might regret say this but I actually found today's session easy.  I went on the same treadmill as last week but it didn't feel as though I was running as fast when the speed was set at 9.6 km.  My heart rate stayed comparatively low so I put an incline on when I got to the third set.  When I reached the 4th set, I upped the speed a little to 9:45 pace and about 45 seconds before the end of the last set, I dropped the incline and wacked the speed up to 12.0 kmh  which showed around 8 mm before dutifully dropping it down again for my 10 minutes easy afterwards.

55:23 on the watch, and I only worked for 20 seconds above 95% mhr, which will have been the sprint at the end.  4.65 miles covered which makes the total mileage this week 21.9.  A big milestone for me to pass the 20 miles mark,  I've been averaging betwen 10 and 12 miles per week for the last hundred years.

Steve - I presume I am finding the speed session  easier because its on the treadmill?  Should I continue with the 10 mm pace for speed sessions and perhaps have a jog  or easy recovery rather than walking  or am I better to increase the speed and keep the recoveries the same?    I didn't feel as though I was pushing it at all today - or is that the point?

27/07/2008 at 18:48
Hi KGL.  I'm hoping to do my first ever HM before the end of this year so I'll be following your running schedule and eagerly awaiting your blogs to see how you're getting on.  Already you've really inspired me.
27/07/2008 at 18:53

You are obviously getting fitter.

Any form of speedwork is good for you, but eventually to increase the chance of getting fitter and fitter, it has to progress, so yes, you might ultimately regret you telling me that you found it easy!

Yes, you need to up the pace slightly.

I know it's easier doing these sessions on a treadmill but think you should occasionally try a session in the real world to see if you can manage the same pace whilst not on a treadmill. For while it should be similar speed and effort, some people can manage much quicker times on a treadmill, others slower. I know someone who did a mile timetrial and they were a minute slower than they had been on the track the week before but felt they worked harder.

 well done on your 20 plus.

27/07/2008 at 20:29

Tikka - thanks for your support  and kind words.   It means a lot to me that someone is benefiting from my ramblings!   

I didn't start doing any form of real exercise until I was 38 when I wanted to get into some kind of shape before I hit 40!    Who would have thought that at 43 I would be here??? 

Steve -  Re doing the speed sessions outdoors, I knew you were going to say that!    I think I need to find a track I can run around - I'll go on the hunt over the course of the next week.....  There's one at Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham - do you think they'll let me borrow that??      It's only 15 minutes drive from my house!   Alternatively, I think there is a grass one just down the road, I'll go and check it out .......

I'm not sure I'll have the discipline to keep up the pace outdoors so  I have a cunning plan........ my trainer will, I am sure give me a good speed session ...... if I'm brave enough to ask him!!  

He suggested on Friday that my next goal should be the New York Marathon .....   I haven't achieved this one yet!    What is that man on??  Whatever it is, get me some of it quick! I have to ask myself, is he trying to kill me?   

Tess, my nutritionist is coming to see me tomorrow ..... I'll let you know how I get on.......

By the way everyone - keep your comments's encouraging to know that someone is actually reading any of it!!

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27/07/2008 at 21:00
Get yourself outside KGL, it's sooo much nicer than the treadie, even in this heat
27/07/2008 at 21:03
keep going lass, you can do this wrote (see)

I didn't start doing any form of real exercise until I was 38 when I wanted to get into some kind of shape before I hit 40!    Who would have thought that at 43 I would be here??? 

38 is fine, KGL - I didn't discover running until May of this year when I turned 50 .  I can't believe it took me this long and I'll always regret it because it's too late now for me ever to be any good at it.  But I guess the main thing is that I'm out there running and really enjoying it.

27/07/2008 at 21:37
I only do my speed sessions on the treadmill CC2!
27/07/2008 at 21:42

I can't imagine trying to do speedwork on the treadmill, though to be honest I find running indoors really mind numbing.  The track will be open to the public unless there's an event on - they're normally not that expensive so take a bimble down there and see what it's like doing speedwork outside - so much nicer in proper light with wind and sky and stuff

Oh, and we love reading blogs - thats why we're here!  Keep it coming  

27/07/2008 at 21:44

Tikka - I don't believe in regrets as a rule but for this I'll make an exception.....  When I was at school, unless you were particularly good at sport, they weren't interested in you.  

The school my daughter goes to is a specialist sports college and I'd like to think that I could use this fabuous opportunity to encourage the kids (and adults!)  that aren't particularly good but try hard......don't quite know how yet but I've got til September to think about it!!

27/07/2008 at 21:47

Vickie - I did it on the treadmill for the discipline of the time and speed as I haven't  done it before but with  couple under m belt now, I'll have a go outside next time, but you're right, outdoors is so much nicer! 

I think its mainly a confidence thing ...I wouldn't contemplate running on a treadmill for a normal run now but I did it from August to December last year!!

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28/07/2008 at 05:16
Alexander Stadium is open to the public at certain times but could be daunting with all those Olympic sprinters who use it! At first you may just be better doing speedwork on a measured or even estimated circuit. There are grass and paths to the south of Alexander Stadium which are quite runnable and more interesting than a track.
28/07/2008 at 09:49
Sounds like you are improving fast KGL.  You're def incredibly motivated.  Keep it up!
28/07/2008 at 12:29


wow, well done you on your training so far!  I'm in a similar position - running my first HM (Nottingham) on 14th Sept and aiming for 2:13.  Your blog's been great for motivating me and giving me training hints and tips - many thanks!  I'm doing ok with the distance so far (I ran 10miles for the first time last night!) but am struggling with speed, so I'm putting in some intervals etc...

Keep up the hard work and the blogging!!

28/07/2008 at 14:41

You're well ahead of me then Sciencegeek!   I don't get to 10 miles til half way through August and I'm going to get my trainer to drag me along for that one   cos I know he'll keep saying "keep going lass, you can do this"......  works for me!!

  I think it's more of a psychological barrier than a physical one so well done you!

28/07/2008 at 14:54
KGL - if you want to do a session at Alexander Stadium, I would be more than happy to meet you. I for one will not be humbled by olympic athletes..... mainly because they will probably have gone to base camp.....
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