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03/06/2004 at 16:59
That's a new one on me but hey what do I know !
03/06/2004 at 16:59
That is to say, is it rubbish, not "does it wake your b******s..................
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03/06/2004 at 22:33
Nads, I should be ok for a week on Tuesday. Will ring you nearer the time to check/arrange.

Re running off the bike, not sure about standing forward on the pedals but this might work, it sounds similar to the position youd be in on a Tri bike. Tri bike geometry has your legs further forward over the pedals not only for improved aero position but it is said it does something to slightly change the muscles you use when cycling and slightly save the leg running muscles for the run. Im not completely sure on that but thats my understanding though after all you are still using the same legs for both the bike and run so I can only imagine its a small benefit.

What BM said about spinning to a higher cadence towards the end of the bike e.g. 100 rpm is sound advice and ive heard that before.
04/06/2004 at 12:27
I'm doing the Big Cow 10K at Emberton Park, near Olney, tomorrow at 2.30pm. Anyone else?
04/06/2004 at 12:45
Not me, but I have a babysitter for this afternoon so if anyone wants to join me for 11.75 miles (or 4.5, or 7.25) round Willen at about 2:30...
04/06/2004 at 19:01
hello MK'ers

i have finally started work now over in bletchley so am up for much running and cycling (out of work hours) and maybe a curry?????

04/06/2004 at 19:12
Great news M! :) Hope to meet you on curry night.
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04/06/2004 at 19:15
We are going for a curry 23rd June in Stoney Stratford (thats if we can get the arrangements right lol).

Nads and I are going for a ride a week on Tuesday if you want to make it a 3 sum.

Ive also had someone email me from TriTalk about Open Water swimming every Saturday - somewehre between MK & Bedford - Near the Amazon Warehouse whereever that is?

Im waiting for more details, but here is the last message I got - im going to join them for a OW swim 19th June.



Brogborough lake is the Bedford side of MK near the Amazon warehouse. I'll let you know what is happening or I'll get you put on our email list thingy that goes round each week - mainly runners and tri folk. Here's the latest one.....

"Hello All,
To keep things simple, how about regular training slots for the summer? It would be mostly the steady stuff to complement the high quality work that I'm dure you're all doing during the week - perhaps. Something along the lines of:

Saturday - o/w swim (2 lengths of lake / 1.5 miles maximum but usually c.2000 metres) at Brogborough Lake followed by a run (no more than 70 mins). 8.30 a.m. start.

Sunday - bike for 2 to 2.5 hrs with optional transition run. Rides could include hill reps, intervals, tempo riding and individual or group time trial efforts (not all on same ride!!) depending on who turns up, conditions, forthcoming races etc. Maybe even an occasional coffee and cake stop at Harrold (if it's deserved!). Regrouping will mean that all are welcome although absolute beginnners may not last long! 9 a.m. start from the track.
If people know of beginners who'd like some group riding I'd be happy to give up a regular session and take a group out.

I suggest that we keep to a timetable like this unless there is a good reason to change it and this will be notified beforehand in the usual way. It also means that sessions are not dependent on any one person - most of us know enough routes and things to do by now! Don't take it too easy though!

Use the email list if you can't make any one session and want to know if someone else wants to go at a different time e.g evening instead of morning.

Any comments / disagreements? Otherwise it'll be the lake at 8.30 on Saturday.

Here's to a long, hot summer.


So the swim will be on Sat mornings unless said otherwise. R u doing MK sprint at the weekend? A few of us should be there if I can be arsed getting out of bed that is. Anyway I'll dig out a map etc and keep you posted about what's happening or if you want to go on the mailing list lemme know.

Cathy x"

06/06/2004 at 11:45
Since the weather wasn't too hot/sunny yesterday, I went along to the Big Cow 10km at Emberton Park yesterday. I asked the organisers to put out a call for a "Dr. Galah", but no-one came forward....

Well, I'm a very happy little fishy - I knocked 9 seconds off my PB, coming 8th out of 82 in 37:55 :-)

I made the mistake of taking what I thought was water at the drinks station - it was some horrid enery drink, and I threw up immediately, and again as I crossed the line. :-(

My various injuries seem to have sorted themselves out during my layoff, so I'm now back on track and feeling good.

NadsWobbling - I'll get back to you about the training runs. My home internet connection has died (I'm writing this at the gym) - so I'm waiting for a new ADSL modem to arrive in the post. If you want to arrange something sooner, call me on 07956-815543 or try (I can still get my email through my phone).

I'm probably going to do the Weedon 10km on Tuesday. Apparantly it is a bit of a hilly course. Any other takers?

BTW Carl - Brogborough lake should be quite a nice place to swim. I've been scuba diving there a couple of years ago. Water is very clean, and the lake is very shallow (3-10m), so should be warm.
06/06/2004 at 13:35
Hi Fish - unfortunately Nansi's car got broken into on Friday night so we spent Saturday getting that sorted out and hence couldn't get to Emberton :(

Congrats on your performance!

Weedon's a possible for me, but is very much work dependent upon the day. I've got number 59 for the GP series.
07/06/2004 at 10:43
Carl - the Amazon warehouse is just the other side of junction 13. As is Brogborough, strangely enough.

M. - I'll see you for the curry, but probably not for runs (given your reaction to the time of day I tend to go out!).

And well done Fish - excellent performance!
07/06/2004 at 19:08
SVT :-)

curry will have to do then. i've checked my diary and curry on 23rd is on - got to help carl celebrate his birthday!!!!

speedy fish :-)
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07/06/2004 at 22:12
Ah thanks M

FAB, had to laugh at your post about Brogborough - "and the lake is very shallow (3-10m)" lol. So where is the shallow bit? shallow is a couple of feet deep in my book, 10 meters would cover the roof of my house - can see your a diver...
08/06/2004 at 08:30
After the draining run with the club yesterday evening I think I'll leave Weedon for another day - especially as today will be even hotter!
08/06/2004 at 08:59
Fish - congrats on the PB. I might try gving you a call about a run on Thursday, if you're up for it.
08/06/2004 at 12:01

(Just had to say that.)

Anyone up for 19 miles on Saturday (or 4.5, 7.25, 11.75 or 14.5)? Starting at 11:00, so it's likely to be plenty hot. Need to buy myself another bottle to pick up from the car as I go past.
08/06/2004 at 12:44
The EMGP series is scored by adding your five best finishing positions. Since it is just as easy to come 50th out of 100 as it is to come 500th out of 1000, it is advantageous to enter the "unpopular" races....

Since tonight's race at Weedon is going to be hot and hilly, I'm hoping for a low turnout to boost my score ;-)

Are you lot sure I can't persuade you to come along?
08/06/2004 at 12:46
Not tonight, but I can see the opportunities for planning a good score if I decide to enter more of the series next year...
08/06/2004 at 12:48
Fish - Good luck with the race this evening. If I had been working from home today I may have been persuaded but, as I'm in Cambridge I'll have to give it a miss.
08/06/2004 at 13:17
Hot and hilly eh? Tempting as that is, think I'll give it a miss! :)
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