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11/05/2004 at 13:27
Just had a newsletter thingie from 209 events. Apparently they are planning to hold a 10km at Woburn Abbey in October (subject to gaining permission from his lordship). Will probably do this one as I had to pull out of the Adidas 10km at the same venue.
11/05/2004 at 14:12
I was almost interested for a minute then, until I realised that whenever it is in October, it'll either clash with or be too close to Abingdon. Shame.
11/05/2004 at 14:12
Any ideas as to possible date Nikki? Both SVT and myself have an appointment with 26.2 miles on the 17 October!

Woburn was a very well organised race on a great course earlier this year. Hopefully it won't be as windy in October as it was then!
11/05/2004 at 14:35
Long run on Saturday, Dr G?
11/05/2004 at 15:59
Copied this from the email:

We have moved the Save The Rhino 10km and Fun Run at Woburn Safari Park on to a date in October...we await the exact date approval from the Duke of Bedford and will publish the details on our website as soon as we have them.

I'll keep an eye on the website and let you know when they have confirmed the date but I would guess that it'll be the beginning of October.
11/05/2004 at 16:00
website is incase you wanted to look up their other events.
11/05/2004 at 16:38
I'm either going to be tapering, racing or recovering in October, so I don't think I'd do myself justice over 10k.

I'll save myself for the Wolverton 5 in November. 5 mile course around Willen Lake? It's like a normal Monday morning run, but on a Saturday afternoon!
11/05/2004 at 17:04
Apologies to all for my ramblings yesterday. I'm a bit more with it today...but only a bit.

Carl - I note from an earlier posting that Tuesday is your day for cycling. What sort of time do you look to set off?
11/05/2004 at 17:17
If anyone has got slightly bored with running all the time you might want to give the following some consideration. There are duathlons taking place at the MK Bowl on 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August and 7th September. June, August and September are all 2 mile run / 10 mile bike / 2 mile run, whilst July's is 4 mile run / 15 mile bike / 2 mile run.

The events are very informal and great fun - and to add to your enjoyment there is the fun of watching Carl and me trying to beat each other - 1 - 0 to Carl in the series to date !
11/05/2004 at 18:57
BM - I have to admit that I considered doing one earlier in the year but chickened out as I thought it might be lots of serious types in lycra, with bikes that had 1 millimetre thick wheels!

Just had a look and got the web link if anyone is interested...though you'll probably have to cut and paste it rather than click on it as I'm rubbish with hyperlinks in this forum...

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11/05/2004 at 23:24
Nads, I tend to set off from my house at Tattenhoe around 5.00 - 5.30ish (depending on when I get in from work).

My Tuesday cycle is now 30-50miles (maybe more in the weeks to come) so I will be out on my bike till about 8ish (maybe later).

If you want to join me your more than welcome I dont mind what speed we go at as long as its not superfast. Foe a 30-50 mile ride I tend to average 15-16mph can go a bit faster and dont mind going as slow as you want.

If your interested let me know, and or if you only want to do say 15 or 20 I can meet you and carry on after. Just glad of the company.

Did 50 last night and 35 tonight and was getting a bit bored lol... Have a 100 miler planned for Saturday but 1/2 of the distance will be a group ride with TeamMK/MKCC.

Oh and re my training days I do tend to swap about a bit. Main sessions are Sat or Sun, Long ride. Thur or Fri Long Run, Tuesday is medium ride but as said before I can swap about a bit.

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11/05/2004 at 23:31
Oh and im doing a 15 mile run on Thursday starting about 5.30pm. Have a route planned but if anyone wants to meet up for 2 hrs of 9.30min miling just give me a shout.
12/05/2004 at 09:00
Carl - wouldn't mind meeting up next Tuesday for a cycle. Might not (be able or even capable to) manage the full distance. Perhaps email off forum to arrange when where and exchange numbers etc. I should be pretty flexible re: start time as I should be working from home next Tuesday.
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12/05/2004 at 10:33
Ok Nads, my work email is - when you email can you also copy my work email Carl.Barthorpe@Abbey.Com as I dont seem to receive all emails im sent at home.
12/05/2004 at 12:14
SVT - Watching Arsenal complete an unbeaten season on Saturday and then it's the Eye 10K on Sunday, so no long 'un this Saturday.

Possible pre-FA Cup final run on 22 May - are you interested?
12/05/2004 at 12:52
I wish you all the success in the world for Sunday, and none at all on Saturday!

Pre-cup final run is a definite - 17.25 miles planned for that day. And I may be going to the Heineken Cup final on the 23rd as well.

We'll need that Saturday run after the Jaipur...

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12/05/2004 at 18:14
For info if anyone is interested...

TeamMK SUMMER TRAINING: (woulld have to join if wishing to participate)

Circuit Training - Newport Pagnell, 7.00pm
confirm with Mark Booth of Body Limits tel. 01908 615045
TMK Club TT Events - every Monday evening, 7.00pm - see for course details
contact Richard Harrison tel. 01908 8318407,

Cycling Races - LVRC MK Bowl Races, 7.00pm
contact Phil Murphy tel. 0207 6531200,
Duathlon - first Tuesday of every month during summer, 7.00pm
confirm with Mark Booth of BiGCOW Events tel. 01908 615045

MKCA Criterium Races - MK Bowl, 7.00pm - 51km Cat. E12 + Cat. 34WJ - £6.00

Cycling - Stony Stratford, 9.30am
contact Richard Harrison tel. 01908 8318407,
or Phil Murphy tel. 0207 6531200,
Running - Brickhill Woods, 8.00am
contact Campbell Noon tel. 01908 855767,

Cycling - Black Horse @ Lloyds Court CMK, 9.00am
contact Richard Harrison tel. 01908 8318407,
or Phil Murphy tel. 0207 6531200,
Running - Brickhill Woods, 8.00am
contact Campbell Noon tel. 01908 855767,
12/05/2004 at 18:57
Any idea how long/fast those Saturday runs are?
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12/05/2004 at 19:19
Sorry no idea, ill see if I can find out (will ask at the TT on the long ride Sat or TT on Monday)
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12/05/2004 at 19:21
100 - always wanted to do that lol.
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