Monday 15 August

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15/08/2005 at 20:32
Evening all!

Soda - 16th overall!!! Perhaps all the marathon miles are just taking their toll???? I don't know much about marathon training but just a suggestion. Can't complain on a first place though!
Pammie/Joe V - my HR is easily effected by dehydration so I always keep myself topped up. Rarely run with a drink at the mo (though haven't done a 10+ mile run for weeks....)
Hollywood - not sure on coastal runs, but Merthyr 10k is on Sunday if you fancy racing!!
LizzyB - Sorry to hear about the splat! Nice to hear you being upbeat about it though! I think I would be rather shaken and grumpy!

Went to gym this evening and forgot there was a class on at 6pm so couldn't do my plyometrics. So did 4 treadmill miles instead.
15/08/2005 at 20:38
Mava, yes your 20 miler wants to run slower in minutes per mile time than your 1st 1/2 marathon.

Bit of a back breaker doing it the other way round (not to mention calfs, quads, hammies and gluts).
15/08/2005 at 20:42
LOL! Think these long runs must have an effect on brain cells too...mine aren't functioning too well!
15/08/2005 at 21:03
Jen' - now you've got me reading about racing the train on Saturday... Sounds like so much fun. Just got to persuade Miss H now. She might now know about follow-ons but I'm pushing my luck when it comes to steam trains.

mava - 9 seconds outside that 5 hour barrier is so unfair!

Wabo - Read up on your weekend victory now - well done, but I reckon you are in for one tough handicap next time - and there's no way they are going to let you change it...
15/08/2005 at 21:19
Finally read back. Well done to the racers, especially URR, sounds a great experience, and you can't miss out on a freebie next time.
Good luck with the alien Hollywood. :-)
Blisters    pirate
15/08/2005 at 21:23
Thanks peeps. I think I get it now. Get within 200 runs of the opposition. ;-)

Three weeks between Windsor and Target Marathon. Not ideal, but hey ho, life ain't. Here's what I'd do. And it flies against the grain of logic.

Do a 1 week taper. Race Windsor, to see what you are capable of. Your time will help predict your marathon pace. Recovery week. Last long run 2 weeks out: but don't try killing yourself on it. Taper for 2 weeks (50% miles, 30% miles). Run the race of your life.

If you take this advice, don't try anything new in the HM. Putting a week of blister recovery into the sums makes it a bit worrying. Jsut prepare well and go for it.

Windsor isn't Bl**dy hilly. It does have a good steep rise in the first mile, then it's undulating. You run down the hill in the last mile, with the finish line in full view all the way down. It's more crowded than London Marathon though.
15/08/2005 at 21:25
Hi all!

Only skimmed today's thread, not been back at the weekend, so apologies for being out of touch.

URR - sounds amazing. Glad your pal was OK.

Big Tim - yes, it must have been something special to have been there. Glad you had a good time.

Me? Back from five days in the Swiss mountains. Two long days, climbing from 1,600 metrest to well over 3,000 metres, one short day of 500m climb, and two "rest days" which involved runs of 1 and 2 hours respectively, at about 1,600-1,800m. The footing was sufficiently treacherous that the runs were definitely slow. For me, the climbing was good upper body strength training - legs so pathetically feeble that I only succeeded in the climbing by hauling myself up on my sticks. Quads and psoas got excellent workout on the downhill and coped well. I guess those two long days count as cross training equivalent of long slow distance.

All climbs and runs absolutely stunningly beautiful. God aren't I lucky just to be able to be there and part of it.

Strange to be back trying to breathe this thicky chunky soupy stuff that passes for air down here.

Go well all.
15/08/2005 at 22:16
Evening folks.

Just briefly skimmed the thread from the last few days...lots of good racing going on...particular well done to Hilly on your first race win!

A quick report on yesterday's Mull Half Marathon...

Very warm again (low 70s), so a little apprehensive! Hoping for something sub 6min/m...anything better will be a bonus. I know there's no chance of a PB in this heat and on this course, which has a few long uphill drags.
Set off steadily, getting into 6th position after the first mile. I get passed by a Holmfirth Harrier at around the 2 mile mark. Try to pass him again but he digs in and moves ahead. OK I think, let him deal with the headwind we'll have for the next 10 miles! I hitch a ride in his slipstream!
Basically, tick off the miles until I realise we're slowing a little and I can feel a nice blister forming on my left foot.
After we passed the bloke who'd been running in 4th place, who was walking and visibly suffering, one of my clubmates tears past the pair of us at about 12.5 miles and me and Holmfirth guy try to hang onto his coat tails. I just about manage for a couple of hundred metres and we drop Holmfirth guy. But my clubmate just manages to open a wee gap over the last few hundred metres. He runs a 2 min PB and we cross the line a few seconds apart in 5th and 6th places. Our lead runner finished 3rd, so we scooped the men's team prize!

Happy enough with my time of 1.17.45 (3.40 quicker than last year), bearing in mind the course and conditions.

To cap a fine day, our ladies also won their team prize (2nd, 3rd and 4th places), with a new ladies club HM record going to the 2nd placed girl!

Mrs Scobos also had a good run, finishing in 1.43.14, within 3 mins of her PB (and off hardly any speedwork!).

A brilliant wee event which we'll keep on returning to!
15/08/2005 at 23:05
Late post from me today but thankfully feeling less tired than the last few days.

What: 7 miles steady
Why: Keeping the miles going
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest:Friday

15/08/2005 at 23:05
Evening folks

Some really interesting posts over the last couple of days from Askern to Mull and a real international flavour from Helsinki to California and back to Joburg! Very well done to all the racers! (Sorry too wacked to go throught the list).

21 miles on the bike yesterday and another 14 miles today...great fun riding through the bumpy forest wearing dark shades...especially when the sun went behind the flying an F-16 with night vision goggles;-)


15/08/2005 at 23:07
Im a gonna re read the thread tomorrow

i cant breathe well at the mo
wonder if its the air rather than me
15/08/2005 at 23:29
What - nothing
why - ill

well done Urban.

apologies to everyone else haven't read thread since this morning - about to catch up now.
15/08/2005 at 23:44
Evening all. Big congrats to all racers and PB'ers out there. Haven't raced in quite a while; reading all your reports is giving me itchy feet - and I don't mean itchy feet of the athlete's-foot variety :-)

URR - great race report - sounds like a real experience!

And hat's off to all who made it out the door for a run before I did. I only managed to get time to venture out at 7.30 this evening. A combination of life and laziness conspired to delay me! So the planned 20 miles got kiboshed in favour of...

What: 12 miles x hills in Greenwich Park, building throughout to just under MP for final 2 miles
Why: "Hills are my friends...Hills are my friends...Hills are my friends..." - building strength & endurance (I hope!)
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest: 6 days

Pammie - re: drinking on the run...the hotter weather has been playing havoc with my running this summer, especially a few weeks back when it was really hot, smoggy and humid in London. I've been found out a few times for not taking on enough liquid. Generally I'll take 500 ml of sports drink with me for anything over 2 hours and 1 litre for anything near 3 hours. But even then, I've ended up caked in salt and pretty dehydrated at the end of some runs. YUK!

G'night all.
15/08/2005 at 23:46
Evenink - not had chance to read back. Sorry. Brick session for me tonight.

What (running) : 3 miles. Easy (recovering from poorly ankle)
What (cycling) : 14.7 miles fairly easy (ish)
Why: staying in training.
Last rest: Sunday (recovering from Saturday night's hangover)
Last hard: Last Sunday (48m ride)
16/08/2005 at 01:05
Hi everyone - testing times, but first things first..

Hollywood ! You ask for ideas for a 7 mile run in the Bridgend area. EASY ! Head down the R.Ogmore, through Merthyr Mawr and do battle with the biggest sand dunes in the UK (famed and feared for AAA training camps - and used as a backdrop in many a film). Better still take it easy, admire the stunning views and stop half way for a dip in the sea - note clothes are optional on this beach (!!)

A turbulent few days - enough medical drama to fill several episodes of ER and 500+ miles of driving with two close kin in sudden need of help and tlc. Whilst awaiting one to be fit enough to travel (after a fun 48 hours in A&E/AU) I did my reputation as an obsessive no good by "popping out" yesterday morning not to squeeze in the Belgrave Harriers' Surrey 5k, before setting off to ambulance others back home in BR country (should'nt the NHS do this ?!). A b*gger of a course, 2 hilly laps, not helped by sleep deprivation/stress - and a 20:44 pw ; but cleared the mind wonderfully and recharged the batteries. Great fun this last minute stuff. Wimbledon Village also all rather splendid. Reminds me of Pontyridd (Ed - eh ?).

So here I am in N.Yorks (~ BR country ?), missing the little oft's, and taking on the roll of 'carer'. Have so much respect for those who do this 24:7...

What : 6 mile fartlek, late late, tonight in unfamiliar territory.
Why : coming up for air
Last hard : yesterday
Last rest : Friday ?

Time for bed - stay healthy folks..

PS URR - excellent stuff...

PPS Hilly (that 10k win..) ; lie about your age and just run as a SF rather than a ???!!
16/08/2005 at 01:07

"yesterday morning not to squeeze in the Belgrave Harriers' Surrey 5k"

delete the "not" !!

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