Monday 23rd August 2010

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23/08/2010 at 02:56
I've been AWOL for a little while but still training / racing hard - just very short of time.

But - I just saw NZC's name on the entry list for the Nationals and had to come and see the report! Congrats NZC - thats awesome. And I'll definitely be seeing you there.

As for my race - I had a bit of a shocker. 100m in and my shoelace came undone! I stopped at 500m, tied it, chased after the field and caught them - but never really recovered. I finished 5th in 20.18 - pretty respectable under the circumstances - but without that I reckon I'd have managed 3rd (only 10 secs ahead). Still - it was enough to be going to Christchurch!

Yesterday I ran a hard 21.1km training run (1hr45)

what: 12km easy
why: recovering - start of a big mileage week
last hard: yesterday
last rest: Thursday

Will go and have a proper read back now!
23/08/2010 at 03:43

M. - It is exciting isn't it. I checked the entry list too - very pleased to see my name on it! See Bernie tried for a W60 10k record - just missed out. She is amazing. I  won't be seeing much of you in the race so hope to see you before or afterwards!

Shame about the shoe-lace - that happened to me in my last xcountry race but I didn't stop because I thought I'd have no chance in catching up. You stil didl a good time and as you say if you hadn't had to stop maybe a 3rd placing.

Sounds like you have been doing some great training. Our race was on Sunday, so flagged the long run so hope to do a bit more this week.

Thanks guys for your support.

What: 5k easy am - took Mae with me, thought I'd better be careful in case she tripped me, thought that would be all I need.

23/08/2010 at 05:56

Morning peeps.

Well done to you both, M and NZC.

What:4.5M Fartlek. legs shattered now.

Why; Felt like it. dark,drizzly, but quite warm

Just put some diluted juice into my morning coffee ! 'Stupid Boy !'

Sons pipe bands did quite well at Highland Games on Sat 4 with prizes won.

Catch up time.

23/08/2010 at 07:27


Great report LMUH.  All in all not a bad race.  Well done.

A bit soggy here in Kent today.  The rain is very fine rain but exceedingly wet!  But since it's warm as well the rain is quite refreshing.

What: 3.1 miles easy (ish)
Why: recovery
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: 6 April

Have a good one

23/08/2010 at 07:33


Shame about the lace M - elastic laces are the way to go! Well done on the place in the Nationals, must be so exciting.

What:            nothing.
Why:              I want to recover well and get some good running miles in this week.
Last hard:     24/7.
Last rest:       20/8.

Lyrics - no.

23/08/2010 at 07:40


M - how annoying with the laces, happened to me once and it breaks your rhythm completely so you did really well to get back and come in 5th. AND off to christchurch!

NZC - sounds like you and the other girl have some good workouts pushing each other along. delighted for you to be going to the nationals too, congratulations!

sorry to hear so many are struggling with injuries and niggles - veest, ceal, moraghan, alehouse.. it is the time of year when things catch up on us, hope things improve

ceal - thanks for posting the link , would you believe it's the first time my AW has not turned up! maybe they ran out of copies   great article, you must be very satisfied with your achievements

welcome to dr dan and 41 hound

did just over 15 miles yesterday, sort of  'progressive' - started and 9.20's and sped up to 8.30's. felt good and could prob have done more but didn't have any drink and it was quite warm. this was the run i was supposed to do 3 weeks ago when i got flued out at 12 miles

gym today, recovery session

23/08/2010 at 08:19


No idea on the lyrics, but I did know yesterday, by Marianne and the Diamonds.

Bl**dy shoe lace. I always tie mine in a double knot. Some shoes have short laces and it is a struggle to do so. I think considering you had to stop you did magnificently. So off to Christchurch for the Nationals.  

What can I say, 2 of you earned places in the Nationals. Well done indeed. I know what you mean about running out of puff with an uphill start to a race, but I think as long as there is a downhill equivalent to follow then one can recover, which you clearly did. You fought hard and achieved a Team place.

You did the right thing stopping at 17 miles. I would have thought that only 3 weeks after a marathon that a very long run was not so necessary for another couple of weeks. But who am I to know, i have only done 2 mara's and that was  two too many.

Well I shall have to have a word with AW about your copy not arriving. Most people I know either couldn't buy one becasue they had all gone or there was just the one copy left. Maybe because it si holiday time they don't print so many as usual. Your 5 miles looked encouraging. 

Madame O
Great respect earned for your 20 miler yesterday.

What : Swimming in the rain today, I think.  

Edited: 23/08/2010 at 08:19
23/08/2010 at 08:30
Congratulations to our weekend racers: NZC, M, LMuH, Paul, Paddy, DrDan
Veester - yikes , I hope you get some sort of respite from the continued injury woes
Welcome to 41
For me, having injury relapses, aborted the long run on Saturday at 5 miles, knee started to feel a bit niggly (not painful just uncomfortable) and just felt really knackered so called it a day. Tried yesterday but knew a mile in it wasn't going to happen so just did a slow 3miler and will give it a rest today.
Very frustrating but its a long old process getting fit again...

On the upside, youngest put in some good performances yesterday in the U11s: debut in the shot but I don't think she has the strength yet , after all she isn't 9 until next week. so 6th (out of 6) but 3 valid throws so a promising start. First go at the 150m, 3rd overall in 26.5 then the track 1,000m which she was looking forward to. After 600m shes out front with another girl on her shoulder, both well clear of the field, The other girl had a stronger kick from 150 out, youngest tried to go with her but didn't quite have enough. 2nd in 4.05 but comfortably ahead of the rest. 

I wonder if RFJ is delayed by the train??? 
23/08/2010 at 12:40

A'noon, bit quiet today eh.

Welcome to 41.

 Some good training and racing going on

Good 20miler Madame O.

Have a good one

23/08/2010 at 13:51


Well done to our Ladies in New Zealand.

NZC - really pleased as punch for you very much deserved

M - You too know the feeling of the shoelace  you think shall i carry on or stop and tie

Madame O - Good work on the 20 i do remmember before you started the schedule you had your doubts, seems to be working ok

Birkmyre - Sorry i had to laugh at the Orange Juice

LMUH - Good work Yesterday - shorter doesn't necessarily mean easier does it

Clink - Great run yesterday

Yes yesterdays lyrics were Marina and the Diamonds - I am not a Robot


Yesterdays run did not happen too exhausted/emotional

What: 11 minutes out and back (22:13) 2¼ miles
Why: getting back to fitness
Last Hard: Sat
Lyrics: Not today

Hardest part today was getting out the door pace was 9:51 today quick for me but was working on form a little today, picking feet of the floor always stunning the effect it has on pace

23/08/2010 at 17:21

afternoon all.

very quiet on here these days.  I  guess that's august and holiday time. 

clink - good long run from you there

Dustin - sorry  you are struggling.  Well done to the kids though.  Great that they are interested.  

Pammie - you need to look after yourself and just run because you want to.  Don't stress too much.

ceal - thanks for the email. 

23/08/2010 at 18:20


Well done the NZ crew!

What: a very wet 20+ mins, plus strides and stretches
Why: didn't want to get wet, but got fed up with waiting around for the sun to come started raining before 10 and hasn't stopped yet (over 8 hours later). This is called "summer" in the north-west. Pleased to note that the hose pipe ban was lifted last week. Has rained pretty well every day since St. Swithin's day...must work out when 40 days are up.

Dustin: I might struggle to do 4:05 for 1000 metres these days, so sounds promising. Key thing at the age is keeping interest and having fun. Performing well always helps! 

23/08/2010 at 19:13

what: 3m wu + 10x800m (2:36 avg) /w 60s standing rest. + 2m cd
why: Club ran LT repeats. Had already done a 3x2m LT session last thursday, so ran it in VO2Max pace instead (a bit short rest to be comfortable).
last hard: Saturdays progressive long run (6m + 6m@6:00/m + 3m).
last rest: Recovery run last friday (10k@7:30/m)

Edited: 23/08/2010 at 19:18
23/08/2010 at 20:32

Hi everyone - great performances & training from many here!

Mikael - brilliant workout that

missed the torrents of rain for my run

what - 60 mins steady

why - aerobic fitness - intervals tomorrow

23/08/2010 at 20:54

Birkmyre - congrats to your son's success at the Highland Games.

Clink - nice long run there - good to finish strongly.

Dustin - well done to your 8 year old - hope your knee gets better soon.

Alehouse - it has been raining here too - totally over it!

Welcome Mikael - you are very speedy!

Don't think I said hello to you - 41 Hound - nice to see a few new faces.

What: I went for another 4.5 easy miles Cornwall Park last night.

Why: Because husband meeting up with friends.

23/08/2010 at 21:13

Report from race the train.....

Ok - this had it all.....

Travelled up with Jnr and friend on Friday, set up camp and chilled (with a curry - great race food)...

Sat morning had a nice walk along the beach in glorious sun, oh this is going to be so nice this afternoon....... WRONG......

Got ready, met up with some new and old faces and toed the line..... aim to get sb 2 hours for 14 off road miles with some hefty off road climbs..... (off 6 weeks of training after being holed up with an achilles issues for a while before that....)

so here goes in my normal style of reporting.......

As toed the line the rain camedown, and the rain came down a bit more, and a bit more too.....

1m - 6:46, This is easy..... yeah its the first mile, down hill and on road - it should be.....
2m - 7:26, Ok just coming off the road on on to the fields, no issues other than rain....
3m - 7:52, A few ups and downs but feeling good, achilles is nicely warmed and playing the game...
4m - 8:08, More than just a bump here, but still strong, train well ahead..
5m - 7:37, back onto the fields and normal XC applies
6m - 9:38, 1st big climb up to the falls, steps and mud and on the knees, then a sudden decent to follow, 2nd train goes past, great support
7m - 8:14, On to the fields again and long grass and pelting rain here.
8m -10:45, Turned at 7 then headed up 2nd train goes past, great support, but hard work....
9m - 11:17, Hell and back..... steep climbs knee high shoe sucking bogs, and a fall too, knocked the stuffing out as slipped on the side of the hill on the sheep track.... there is nothing else slipped a few meters down before stopping, now caked in mud and whatever and a sore knee that took the brunt... all in a second or 2, lost 3-4 places....
10m - 9:36, The 1st train had turned and now passed me..... thats it no beating the train as once its past you on the return you will never beat it.... even more support as Jnr and friend see me and cheer me from the train (wise to be on the train rather than running against it..... big comedy moment here as one runner turns to wave on the side of the camber, loses footing and slides into another runner who bothe end up in the fence 7 meters down...... both killing themsleves in laughter.... as were we.... The camber was murder, going diagonally up and over a field with no tracks that must be at least 1:3, when wet and trail shoes clogged with mud.....
11m - 9:22,Just some bumps and downs.....
12m - 7:39, ahhhhhh relief, normal flat fileds........ sweet
13m - 7:46, more of the above but with a hill
.75m - 5:16 on road and final push

13.75m - 1:57:28 Chip and 289th from 799

For a recovery went for a walk on the beach then went up Snowdon with Jnr on Sunday.......

Great, Great, Great Weekend.....
Edited: 23/08/2010 at 21:17
23/08/2010 at 21:18


Didn't get chance to post  yesterday, out with Fizz at flyball and sleeping for most of the day then work last night.

Congrats to the ladies in NZ for getting to the nationals.

Thanks for the congrats on the PB.

Hope RFJ enjoyed race the train
Looks like people had some good racing/training over the weekend.

Managed to run this evening and managed not to get wet until I came home and had to bath the dog who had ran through every puddle and mud bath he could find. Six and half miles on the old pit. Need to start putting some speed/fartlek sessions in. Any advice (now running 20 - 25 miles a week longest run 10 miles, parkrun most Saturdays) on how to introduce this more than welcome .

What: 6 miles

Why: easy run

Last hard: Saturday (Parkrun)

Last Rest: Sunday

Happy running


24/08/2010 at 20:36

Catching up ...

What? 1600m front crawl and then 7 miles easy

Why?  11 hilly miles yesterday, so needed an easy run.

Last hard? Saturday's parkrun.

Last rest? 8 days ago

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