Monday 26th May 2008

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26/05/2008 at 07:28
Morning all, everyone asleep?

We are about 20 miles north of MANChester on the M6.

What: 5 mile race in Manchester AM
Few miles possible gym PM
Club 1-2 miles PM later
Why: Comrades taper
Last hard: Edinburgh Marathon yesterday
Last rest: Saturday 24th May
26/05/2008 at 07:42

Gobi - Another excellent performance.

What: Rest
Why: Schedule
Last hard: More than a week

Have a good one.
26/05/2008 at 07:51

ah well - the "is it a chat - is it a pre-interview?" meeting turned out to be a " we don't want to progress your application any further" type chat.  i'm really very glad running is going so well at the moment - its the only thing that is!

what: 10k easy
why: i needed it

26/05/2008 at 08:25


What: 7 miles done and dusted

Why: Just plodding about over the sunny clay cliff tops of East Cleveland

Last Hard: Trying to keep up with a bunch of kids playing keep ball yesterday

Last rest: Friday

Have a great Bank Hol

26/05/2008 at 08:46

Oh stink M.  Enjoy the running anyhow.

Tired today.  I really can't afford to be tired, so placing myself under house arrest, not even going to the office as that involves either a cycle in the wind or a long walk.  Odd how I want to get in to the office only when I (know) I can't.  No alternative except to sit at desk and get the job done.

(Or hang about here.  Baaaaaddddd stickless, back to the desk with you.  tee hee)

26/05/2008 at 08:46

M - Not quite what was wanted, but running's far more important...

Race report from yesterday's Plymouth Half Marathon.

Heavy rain & strong wind forecast.  Testing course with some challenging hills.  Last 2 have marathons have been on fast courses, and have resulted in my only 2 sub-90 times.  Not really expecting a 3rd, race plan was to run sub-7s and see what happened.

Heading out of Exeter we had the forecast weather.  Not really looking forward to the pre-race soaking, but when we parked in Plymouth the rain had stopped.  Breeze & heavy clouds, but OK for now.

Mile 1: 6:16 (HR146)  Downhill & certainly sub-7
Mile 2:  6:20 (159)  More down
Mile 3:  6:50 (160)  Level
Mile 4:  6:50 (160)  Over the Plym & into Saltram Park (National Trust)
Mile 5:  6:36 (161)  Steady uphill
Mile 6:  7:49 (165)  Steep uphill
Mile 7:  6:42 (162)  Out of the park & downhill.  Slight jelly legs.
Mile 8:  7:03 (164)  Through underpass & back the way we came
Mile 9:  6:28 (162)  Nice bit of downhill
Mile 10:  6:42 (165)  Feeling it now, but just about on for sub-90
Mile 11:  7:01 (164)  Through the Barbican
Mile 12:  6:59 (165)  The last hill starts
Mile 13:  7:50 (168)  Steep last mile
and 2:26 (176) to finsh under the clock displaying 1:29:xx

Finished with 1:29:27, not quite a PB but probably my best half as it isn''t an easy course.  3 sub 90s in a row now, looks like that's got to be the standard now!

Edited: 26/05/2008 at 08:48
26/05/2008 at 09:58
Good morning

20mns well run, though your last 1.1m seems very slow 10:18?

Soda - like yourself, high mileage is now a thing of the past having more or less peaked at 45-50 per week.

For myself: Heavy cold continues so an easy run becomes.

Enjoy the bank holiday
26/05/2008 at 11:42

Morning all

20mns - Well done in what sounds like very testing conditions.

Heavy cold now too - abandoned any running yesterday but hopefully something easy later instead of the planned reps.

Dubai Dave    pirate
26/05/2008 at 11:43

Morning All

Normal working day here, boo hoo

Trini: Hope its comes good for you
BR: Nice 10K, you always make it sound so easy!
M: To hell with work, go run
Gobi: As controlled as ever.
Clink: Nice race
20 mins: Nice standard to have

Me: Like Blisters I feel like I'm finally getting back to something approaching proper training, 50 miles last week and it dawned on me during todays run that I had been pain free for three days, yahoo its the first time I've really felt like a runner since before christmas, shame about the 6kg I now have to get rid of1

What: 5miles at lunchtime d& d, 7 miles with club tonight
Why: Getting back into it
Last Hard: Friday
Last rest: Saturday

26/05/2008 at 11:44

Morning all,

What: Going to attempt to find a decent sports physio on the island.

Why: Injured and Comrades at risk

Have a great day

26/05/2008 at 13:13

Afternoon all,

What a horrid day weather wise. Im off to BTs engagement party tonight which was supposed to have been a BBQ, but I suspect it will be held indoors now, still will be nice to see BT and his other half to be, who is a half decent runner herself


am1: 8.25mile easy/steady already done (7:06mm) quiet awful outside, lots of rain and heavy wind blowing the rain into my face, plus some tired legs. Managed enouth pace to make this a worthwhile run, in fact considering the conditions I was quiet pleased really.

am2: Gym session already done, hammering the legs today.


Aerobic endurance and strength.

IronMelissa    pirate
26/05/2008 at 13:19

Morning all,

Gobi you nutter, racing the day after a mara!

200 mins, great time on a very challenging course, you've really cracked that 90 now.

Trini, ouch ouch, hope you can sort it out and that Comrades is a go after all your hard work.

M., sorry the talk didn't go to plan.

Did I mention that it was lovely to hear from Scoobs on the forum this weekend?

I did nothing all weekend, foot was very achey and I'm at a bit of a loss. Might go for upper body weights today and ease off the pool running since, although it didn't hurt at the time, it surely did after. Trying to be patient.

Good runnings all.

26/05/2008 at 14:20

20 mins - great run - definitely got to use sub-90 as the standard now!

Trini - I hope you get things sorted out.

M - sorry it wasn't what you wanted, but I guess better to find out sooner rather than later?

What: a rain drenched 9.5M
Why: wanted to run this morning to leave the afternoon free to watch cricket!
Last hard: yesterday's 11M
Last rest: Saturday

So, that's over 20M in the last couple of days, which is good - and they have all felt comfortable, as well.

Now enjoying sitting in front of the TV watching England gradually close in on their target.  Starting to get quite hopeful now...

Off to see Indiana Jones this evening - mixed feelings - will it be fun or will I just be disappointed?  Or, maybe, both?

26/05/2008 at 14:27


Just home form a very sunny Scotland with a red face and ratehr jnackered legs

i certainly could not have raced today!

Erm, this faster running hurts doesnt it


26/05/2008 at 14:29

20 minutes-to think a while ago tou were struggling for that 90 mins and now you just churn it out

Happy rengagement to BT

M-never mind, summat better around the corner I am sure(I say that to myself all the time)

fingers crossed for you Trini

26/05/2008 at 15:06

Afternoon everyone, just about got my mind back together after a 5 hour drive back from Edinburgh - 265miles. Beautiful weather in Scotland and not bad here in Barnsley, either! OK, so I guess some of you are wondering about my marathon attempt?

Did I do myself justice after 6 years of having a 4.16.32 millstone around my neck; of walking for about 5M and feeling awful, leading to a lack of confidence to have a good run over 20M and having good times for all distances except the big one? Keep reading.........

26/05/2008 at 15:09
26/05/2008 at 15:21

Sorry to hear about the job but I agree with Hippo - it makes sure you are available when the better thing comes along. Also agree with 20 mins that running is more important.

Many congrats, Hipps. Sub-4:30 next.

And well done 20mins. Doing the same excellent time for increasingly difficult courses must be equivalent to a pb. Or near enough.

Hope you find time for a nap.

What: 4.3k plod in the rain
Why: recovery
Last hard: yesterday's race
Last race: Saturday
Lyrics: no. Yesterday's was Dave Frishberg's "Gotta get me some ZZZZ".

26/05/2008 at 15:32

Like Gobi said, a lot of Edinburgh marathon was into the wind, until the turnaround at 18M. The first 5M were nice and gently downhill in places, but not really qualifying as a 'downhill' marathon and I went through 6M fairly quickly with BR's words of 'run within myself' echoing through my head. Anyway, here are the splits and HR details:
1M   7.08  (150)  had to stop for a wee! but stopped the watch
2M   7.23  (160)
3M   7.18  (160)
4M   7.14  (158)
5M   7.33  (163) bang into the wind, really slowing everyone down
6M   7.40  (165) windy along the promenade
7M   7.51  (165) hardly any shelter except from other runners which isn't great!
8M   7.42   (164)
9M   7.39  (163)
10M  7.46   (165)   pleased to be here in 1.15.15
11M  7.47   (165)
12M  7.47   (165)
13M  7.59   (164) came up to half way in about 1.40, so feeling quite good at the stage, no aches.
14M   8.02  (168)  exposed to the wind again
15M  8.01  (167)  start to see the front runners coming back (wish I was there!)
16M  7.58  (169)   we tun off the main drag and go off for a loop, mildly uphill then a 180 deg turn (nasty)
17M  7.55  (167) head onto a track towards Gosford House, lots of loose stones and hard to get a grip in places
18M  8.15  (169) turn around after passing Gosford House, 8M to go!
19M  7.59  (169)  the tail wind isn't happening and the sun has come out, glad I've got my hat on!
20M  8.05   (171)  here in 2.35.04, only 4 mins slower than my EH20 result
21M  8.19   (171) exposed to the wind again, just when I don't need it!
22M   8.25  (171)
23M   8.36  (171) getting thirsty and knackered but only 3M to go
24M   8.48  (170)  nearly there, but determined not to walk!
25M   9.04  (170)  counting down the miles and getting slower, but still passing runners, including relay runners!!!!! Some of them are walking?!!! No sign of the wall though, just keep going Dan!
26M 8.56  (171) getting quicker again as the finishing banner looms in the distance, can I sprint?
0.35 (arggh, along course!)  2.47  (179) as I sprint across the line!

So, yes, a long course and a watch time of 3.29.58 but I did stop the clock when I went for a wee in the first mile, plus I started it when I crossed the start line, not when the gun went, so I reckon I was back in 3.30.25ish.

Still, a 46mins PB for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and the millstone has to be taken off and passed to someone else in the club  - and he knows who he is

26/05/2008 at 15:35

Gobi - did you see the lassie at the start (on a pedestal dressed in a blue lycra leotard) waving the flag? Her tight-fitting attire left nothing to the imagination and made me very pleased

After the race, I went into the city with my training partner for some grub. Getting the bus back to my lodgings required a bus, so I went on a long walk to Princes Street and walked around 3M, so today, the legs are amazingly quite good, even after a 5hour drive!

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