Monday 28th June 2010

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28/06/2010 at 20:36

M. - neat pics - great that your time would be good enough for Power of 10. What's the course like at Masterton?

Paddy - shame you couldn't get your time - always tough being first runner - what time did your wife run in her half?

Moraghan - good luck with the racing - 4 seems a lot!

MO - I've run Amsterdam marathon - was looking for that 3.30 time too, so tried to run with the 3.30 balloons - very aggressive runners, got the old elbow in the arm treatment, decided it easier to drop off and run by myself - ended up with 3.47 I think it was. I found it difficult because it was so flat - no relief for muscles on uphills or downhills. Think with a flat marathon you definitely need to do some flat, fast running in training.

Clink - that sounded tough but executed perfectly - well done girl!

Tipp Top - good luck with the scan - hope they can see what is wrong and how they can fix it!

What: 6 miles - Cornwall Park - first 4.5 by myself - wet, hilly mucky, lots of cattle, electric fence to get under, pheasants strutting around, felt good, then ran to meet husband and group who were walk/running. Pleasant evening out.

Good running everyone.

28/06/2010 at 22:02

Hello again,

M., that sounds like a lovely race. My second marathon (Abingdon) was a relatively lonesome experience after running London as my first, and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet! Yes, will be good to share the training experience... I'm hoping it will be a positive one and not break me too much

Thanks Christine for the Amsterdam advice. Oddly enough, my personal worst was on a supposedly super-fast course (Edinburgh). Large sections were on a slight decline, which completely knackered my quads by the halfway point. Definitely a lesson there about training for the course and not just the distance!

Well done Paddy and your team on the relay win!

Well, I did the run - so the schedule starts. After taking 4 years to just get back to a sub-4 again it feels weird, and a bit overwhelming. My nemesis said the other week that he thought I could do it, but he's probably just trying to destroy me to keep his half-marathon PB safe

28/06/2010 at 22:04

Cheers folks.

lol clink. Nicely done on the 3rd.

Blimey M. Looks very very wet! Nice one on the Po10. I remember getting a buzz when I started getting my results on there too. Very nice feeling

AF - they'll be with my doc in 7-10 days apparently, but I'm in to see the consultant in the 7th of July. I'm hopeful that I'll hear beforehand though (link through club).

Paddy - I didn't know Meath were up to much at hurling? I assume we're talking hurling? Will be interesting to see if we can get ye back for the league match. Nice work on the relay.

Progressive 5 this afternoon was quite nice actually -> 7:19 down to 5:54 in the midday heat (think progressive runs will play a big part in my schedule when I get back to running) Ironically the knee now feels better than it has done for a few days. Go figure!

Lyrics were 'Girl all the bad guys want' by Bowling for Soup.

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28/06/2010 at 22:10

Eh these lyrics are getting a bit obscure aren't they?

Fingers crossed for the scan results TT - been ages now, god knows what it must be like for you!

Good racing everyone. Shame about England - but I was pleased not to be hobbling to work like I did after kicking a traffic cone in 98 after we lost to the Argies

28/06/2010 at 22:29

Ah, I so should have got those lyrics! Fingers crossed for your results TT.

LOL Simon  Yep, was a miserable day at work today... still, the Cup goes on and I've decided to support Ghana for the rest of it. At least the USA are out too thanks to them!

28/06/2010 at 22:45

NZC - its a two lap course, almost on a big square.  There are a couple of small "bumps" out around 10k ish but neither could really be described as a hill.  The half marathon is one lap of the same course and starts 2 hours after the marathon - so the leaders caught me around 25k last time.  This time I'm hoping to hold them off till the 30s!  I actually found it quite helpful last time as I'd started fairly slowly and by 30k felt I could pick up a bit and try chasing the half runners coming past me. 

An electric fence?  That sounds a bit crazier than my normal Monday run.

MO - its quite exciting starting a new schedule I think.  Well done on getting going!


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