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02/12/2013 at 06:36


Lyrics: Well, Billy rapped all night about his suicide
How he'd kick it in the head when he was twenty-five

I know one thread member who will know these!

What: a rest day, although will be teaching PE, which can be quite energetic!
Why: legs have earned the day off

Is there an OHreport anywhere?


02/12/2013 at 07:06


Yesterday's lyrics were December by All About Eve.

Hope you're soon feeling better Blisters.

What:             an hour on the turbo
Why:              short of time
Last hard:      sleeping
Last rest:       27/11

Lyrics - familiar

02/12/2013 at 07:09

Been out for an early 4 this morning, nice run.  More later.

Lyrics, dont think so. 

02/12/2013 at 07:56

Think I know the words...
what - easy run
why - dodgy knee (still)
last rest - saturday
last hard - ages ago

have a super day

02/12/2013 at 08:11
what: work all day (practice meeting this evening)
whyayback for Friday off
last hard: stairs this morning

AH hang on we're only just back
02/12/2013 at 08:28


What: probably a gentle run, yoga and a bit of gadening
why: need to run as only got out once between Fri and Sun due to visitors.  We got our Kleingarten too, and it needs some work before the winter sets in.
Last hard: understanding the Kleingarten contract!
Last rest: Friday, did gardening Saturday
Lyrics: nope

Well done Ale, NZC, OH and anyone else I've forgotten.
Get well soon Blisters
Chicka good to see you're getting back on track.  How's the back feeling?
Dustin hope the knees get better soon.

Have a good one all.

02/12/2013 at 12:24

afternoon all

alehouse, indeed I do know these lyrics!

oh that's funny you have a poking out tongue face for your p!

didn't get to my race on Saturday because my daughter was ill so I stayed put and kept an eye on cleo and great fun it was..

what: track followed by deep tissue, much needed

why: I have a bad  back, right and all down leg

last hard: yesterday very hilly muddy training run which possibly caused back ache

last easy: saturday

02/12/2013 at 12:32

nzc awesome track run, blimey!

donaldo nice park run pb well done

alehouse, flip you must be pleased with the lfotm then!! And a park run too, nice

OH 50k, oh my goodness! amazing stuff all round on this thread!

02/12/2013 at 13:12
OK Race report coming ...
02/12/2013 at 13:21

Tigh nam Bodach 50k Ultra 2013

Not a good preparation – up 5:30 for work on Thursday morning; up 5:10 Friday morning to see if 6:30 boat was sailing (it was but was only boat to get out that day); choppy crossing followed by a long drive down then wakeup 5:30 for race.

We drove up lower Glen Lyon then over the lonely Ben Lawers road on way to B+B in Killin. Road clear and snow line at about 2500 feet.

Bar meal and gear sorted before early night. Landlady had left breakfast out for us and we left at 6:30 in the dark. Tech t shirt, Merino long sleeve and another long sleeve top. ¾ tights and oiled legs. 19 miles drive back over the single track mountain road to the race HQ at Glen Lyon dam. Registration and briefing as dawn broke. Weather cool (2°C), dry and calm, as forecast.


Only about 80 of  96 entrants started so about 16 DNS but we met 2 familiar faces.

The route was straight into 300 feet of sharp ascent before an undulating rough landrover track around the reservoir.  After the bag drop at 14 miles, it crossed over the dam then up a tarred but potholed private road to 1600’ and down into Glen Lochay. There it looped 7 miles up the glen along a rough track before  returning to the tarmac for the 1000’ climb back up the pass, finishing with a nice easy 2 mile down to finish back at the Glen Lyon dam.

Lovely views with some sun on snow capped hills as we set off.
I walked (as most) up the first incline then settled into steady pace. First river at 6 miles - water up to just below knees. Coming out, feet felt like blocks of ice and slowed up by foot muscles not working as well as usual but OK again after 5 minutes.

I remembered this time to keep refuelling as I went around (snack Mars Bars, Jelly Babies …)

Overtaken by Elspeth who had now got warmed up. 2nd River, 3rd river …
Curiously my top half felt a lot warmer after each crossing (perhaps a survival reflex kicking in?).
3rd marshalled river crossing done – all done or so I thought – they lied!
There was one further river crossing at least as deep as the previous three!

At 12.3 miles, catastrophe struck – I hit a fixed stone with my right foot, stumbled, failed to save myself and landed heavily headlong. Oh S&&t! I thought, race over. Cramp then kicked in left leg. However I slowly picked myself up and assessed the damage :\^ : Right knee bruised and grazed, left chest bruised and fairly sore. Didn’t think I’d broken a rib. So after a couple of minutes I tried running again. Proceeded gingerly to the drop bag station before the dam at 14 miles at just under 3 hours. OK so far ...

Dry shoes, new socks, long tights. Banana, Rice pudding, 2 cups tea (straight down the hatch and some other “fuel” and off again.

Last runners and sweeper were back by then
7 runners finished their race prematurely at this point.

Continued across the dam itself and now onto tarmac albeit potholed.

My chest  was now aching quite a bit - so I took some paracetamol and slapped on some voltarol gel as I walked up the long hill. Just one girl and the (fresh) sweeper behind me now.

Passed an orange sheep (no, I was not hallucinating!

02/12/2013 at 13:23

Meeting and greeting the front runners coming back now

I was now up the worst of the hill but it was a further undulating mile or so until it started going down. Down to a welcome cup of tea and large chunk of “Tablet” at second station.

Left the station ahead of the sweeper and last girl onto a rough track contouring round Glen Lochay, quite cool now and a head wind picking up. On to the loneliest marshall, before turning to drop right down into the valley and heading back. I was  now walk/running. The girl and sweeper were within earshot.

Back onto the tarmac and began the thousand foot ascent (walking).

More tea and tablet at Aid station at 26.5 miles. Shortly before the top of the hill, I was overtaken by the girl behind who had obviously got her second wind. However, I was well ahead of my personal target and certainly wasn’t up to chasing her!
Over the brow of the hill, back into a slow run, now encouraged and accompanied by my personal pacer (AKA sweeper) – Thankyou Michael!.

I managed to keep the slow run all the way from then to the finish including the short incline a few hundred yards before the end.
Wave from Elspeth (who finished in 6h11) and shouts of encouragement from finishing line which I crossed at 7h03.
Last but still an hour and 20 minutes faster than Dirty 30 .

Finish line was fortunately only a few yards from car.
Soup and chillie at race HQ half a mile back down the road.
Nice meal that evening in Killin before long drive and ferry back home on Sunday.

Walking but stairs problematic today.

02/12/2013 at 13:56
02/12/2013 at 16:22

You are one tough cookie OH - and mad as a box of frogs

Swim for me today rather than the planned turbo as an unexpected window opened so I jumped through it.

02/12/2013 at 16:33

I know the lyrics :??)

What: a bit of cycling and a bit of running
Why: ticking by
Last hard: Yesterday
Last rest: October 14th (Old habits die hard)

LMH - I am doing a 10km and a half marathon targets are 37.xx and 82.30 current shape is 18.xx for 5km so work to do.
02/12/2013 at 18:27


Great report, OH. Well toughed  out!

Soundsas if you are heading in the right direction, Gobi!


02/12/2013 at 18:37

NZC - nice track running, well done.  

OH, great report, really enjoyable, you toughed it out big time - well done.

After my 4 this morning, 6.2 this evening in 48 mins.  Good to get a double run in today as I ate too much at the weekend.

02/12/2013 at 19:04

OH - great report - you are very brave!

What: 6km Cornwall Park

Why: recovery - thought felt completely had it - water blasted my daughter's deck today so really just didn't feel like doing anything. Feel pretty much the same this morning. Maybe it is just old age

02/12/2013 at 19:09

NZC: old age? How dare you! You're just a young dude!

02/12/2013 at 20:34

I'm sure you'll soon be where you want to be Gobi.

Sounds like cross training to me NZC.

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