Monday Jan 30th Training

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30/01/2006 at 21:47
Goodness nrg-b, that sounds complicated and tough!

Ok for a little bit until I get bored, which I do quite often with pics.
30/01/2006 at 21:49

Hilly, what does it feel like to be voted training thread totty of the week!? Haven't got pics turned on, maybe it's time I saw what you all looked like.

MikeS, sorry you were disappointed with your performance, that's very demotivating.

SiT, really hope it's not another dreaded SF.

Sfh legs, nice to see you posting again.

Spans, congrats on XC performance, sterling run!

NZC, I live in the Lake District, Cumbria. Hope you make it across to the FLM one day; you always sound busy with extended family how lovely.

Pammie, good luck with Dublin plans, good one for a 1st marathon I'm told.

Minks, shame about snarling landlady, how embarrassing.

Re MP3 players, still waiting for fairy godmother to appear with ipod nano, though I listen to music almost constantly so running is about the only time my ears get a rest. My tastes are less retro than BR's though!

What: 2 hrs @ climbing wall. Really aching now, we had a stupid challenge going top roping (blasphemy!) every route as fast as possible, good stamina workout, zero technical gain probably.
Why: don't usually run Mons anymore, and we're doing bleep test no 2 at the club Wed so got to be well recovered.
Last hard: Sat
Last rest: Fri

Trini, re race costs I sent a moaning email to adventure race organiser about the expense, and got long explanation back about how they made a loss last year and offering me the 24 hr race at cost of my own choice!! Must try this more often.

Enjoy ice box Stellina, we've demolished almost entire batch of Cranks cookies here that teen SR made as she was off school and bored.
30/01/2006 at 21:54

Hilly the Totty, I do circuits once a week only, but bodypump (LOVE) twice. I know what you mean about pics, I would change mine every week or so if I had anough digiral images. I get so bored of them!

Were the biscuits good Scar? well done at wall climbing!
30/01/2006 at 21:55
sorry typos, eating toms and olive sandwich as I type.
30/01/2006 at 21:57
I've changed my pic once and that took me 2 hours (and the help of the head of ICT)...
30/01/2006 at 21:58
30/01/2006 at 21:59
SR, I'd prefer to be voted for my training:o) I'm nothing special on the looks side, believe me, I just look after myself with regular hairdresser appointments, skin routines etc.

You have a very attractive face yourself!

Don't envy you your bleep test-good luck!

Right I'm off to the land of nod, night all!
30/01/2006 at 22:12
Hilly: Not really, hamstring exercises using swiss ball are simple. Make it harder by doing one leg at a time.
30/01/2006 at 22:27
Evening runners (and running totty!),

Didn't want to go out tonight. Sat there putting it off for an hour. Glad I did. Only supposed to be an "easy recovery run", but finally regained the "bounce" that's been missing from my running for the last week or two. For once, the litter strewn underpasses and non-responsive runners and gangs of yoofs didn't bother me all. Really enjoyed it.

SiT - if you can run 12km on it, can it really be a SF? My experience of them is that you can't easily walk, let alone run. I hope it turns out to be something less serious.
30/01/2006 at 22:47
SR - Lake District - how beautiful - the place of poetry.
We went there in '74 - so long ago...
We lived a year in London in 1974 and just before we came home we did a trip around, England, Wales, and Scotland - it was lovely I was pregnant with my daughter then, but we decided to come home to have her.
Yes, we are very fortunate that we can enjoy our extended family.
30/01/2006 at 22:59
Back late from work again. Mind you I did manage to squeeze a 30min run into a gap left when a patient cancelled

So: am 5.5 easy; pm: 3ml+ steady
30/01/2006 at 23:57
What - rest

Haven't read the thread (apart from last 2 pages) - SR your pic looks about as much like you as mine does of me.

I've been to the Vetch and didn't find it too bad, I think so long as you aren't mob handed away fans normally welcome you into their pubs.
Blisters    pirate
31/01/2006 at 00:05
We all know that Hilly is a teeny bit self conscious, and apt to make her photo disappear if we applaud it too much.

I shall just put my vote in the "please keep it" box, without making any overt comments. (Stonker of a trophy though, innit?).

Zero training for me today, as being Parent in Charge. Having been in the loft I now itch like a dog with fleas.

Simon. I do hope it's not what you think. You'll have to take up swimming.
31/01/2006 at 01:58
erm lyrics?

"And tequila makes her clothes come off" :o) by Joe Nichol

Apologies for lowering the tone - but that's often what you get with C&W.

had thought about choosing

"It's half past twelve & I don't care its 5 O'clock somewhere"
31/01/2006 at 02:30

Yes just say you are a close friend of mine you will have no problem with locals so you can eat your hovis;-)))

I an not a fan so no idea I had such power over local hoodlams
I knew you were joking

Liberty Stadium- took them over a year and a heck of a lot of money to come up with is a company that bought the right to have there name plastered over the thing...was called Swansea Stadium and locals still call it that at the moment.

Stadium looks very impressive and there are some retail shops linked to stadium so bring extra money and you can get some shopping done.....or come visit me in my running shop;-)))))
31/01/2006 at 06:50
If I walk along with a running shop bag they'll assume I'm local then...

31/01/2006 at 07:18
I think 2 bags and you have swung it;-))))

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