Monday session 13 Jan 2003

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13/01/2003 at 20:03
Evening folks
What-3 mile easy to work, then 45 mins steady home!!
why - need an easier day
last hard- 2 hr run yesterday
last rest- Sat
13/01/2003 at 20:43
Couldn't bear the truth of 2 rest dyas out of 3 so did an indoor interval session thies evening. Cut my recoveries from 2min to 90secs and surprisingly It felt easier than 10 days ago. maybe I'm getting fitter while injured!

Have bitten bullet and go to see physio re knee tomorrow.
13/01/2003 at 20:45
good luck sfh legs
13/01/2003 at 21:08
Best of luck sfh legs, at the physio, you've been very patient with your xtraining I think, glad it's paying off.

Stranded in Turkey - baby boy, gorgeous! Hope you're having a nice family week at home.

Dustin, your weekend sounds great, very good pace on your long run too, obviously staying off the wagon is good training practice.

MM - where the heck's Folksworth?? Probably as well known as Helsby which is tiny village near Chester. Best of luck there anyway, it's an unusual race distance isn't it?

Exhausted from club speed session not to mention defending HRM training in various corners, it has seriously affected my productivity today! So let's call a truce Achilles please, just for a few days.
Did 5*'long intervals' whatever that was, took about 2 mins 20. Just hard enough to feel I;d done something but not too knackering after the weekend.

Night all.
13/01/2003 at 21:11
xtrain 5 mile today & a bit of weights work (slacking off again) bed early tonight - looking to run the morning session at 5.50am that i missed today. (missus has threatened to kill me if alarm goes off and I dont get up - now there's motivation for you..)
13/01/2003 at 21:27
sfh legs -

great news that you're getting back to form - I'd be surprised if you're not a lot quicker once you're up to speed, it often happens that way.

Laura -

sorry I'm affecting your productivity - ignore me, a touch of the Chimps today, I fear (that's what comes of having a day off and getting all antsy about it). have a nice easy week and a brilliant PB at the weekend.
14/01/2003 at 08:59
What: nothing
Why: rest day
Right over to Tuesday...
Plum    pirate
14/01/2003 at 14:39
What; 1Hour 50 for 15 miles
Why; Penance for cr@p Xcountry on Sunday
Last rest; Saturday
Next; Pyramid session on the track tonight.
14/01/2003 at 16:25
What - 3 miles easy run then 1 hr break then 1 hr circuits

Why - circuits regular monday event - decided short run earlier to run off any stiffness from previous day's x-c race.

Next - see what takes my fancy but probably 5-7 miles steady paced run.

last rest - New Years Eve. (But easy runs before/after race or time trials.)

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41 to 49 of 49 messages
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