Monday session (23/9/2002)

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23/09/2002 at 16:11
well I managed the dog walk - although what would normally take 20 mins took an hour! But at least doggie was good and didn't get muddy and also I got some exercise and fresh air. I even had that "legs feel like jelly" feeling when I got back - you wouldn't have thought I ran 5Km last Tuesday - but at least I can still move eh :)
23/09/2002 at 16:23
Cath you've just shamed me into going to the gym tonight, I wasn't going because I'm knackered after the weekend, but that was just an excuse, if you can take the dog out feeling like you do, I'll go do weights.
23/09/2002 at 16:37
What: Rest
Why: 10k race yesterday (I did crap, I was dehydrated and it was very hilly, which is a pet hate of mine). And I feel like I'm getting a cold, and my stomach feels a bit dodgy,.... excuses, excuses, but all true.

Last hard day: Yesterday
Last rest day: Saturday
23/09/2002 at 16:55
Cath, well done. And Caz, you don't need excuses to rest on the day after a race.

I've been good so far - set out to do a slow 5-mile recovery run and did just that without adding any extra loops. It really did feel like a recovery run rather than a training run, though - my legs didn't fancy stepping up the pace one bit. Shin splints absent in running shoes but reappear in "proper" shoes...might have to start wearing trainers to work. I could always pop on a burqa so nobody would see, and get extra points for being sensitive to the local culture.

Might still swim tonight if time permits.
23/09/2002 at 17:34
30 mins hill work on treadmill with the beast presiding. 3000M rowing and soem free weights. enough.
23/09/2002 at 17:35
ooops *some)
23/09/2002 at 18:55
3 miles easy am
4 miles easy pm

Why? - trying to cut down mileage for 2 weeks after Nottingham Marathon!
23/09/2002 at 21:10
Evening all.

What: did 1 hr circuit session consisting of short fast shuttle runs across a football field. These were followed by squats, burpees (sp), star jumps, crunches & press-ups. Finished with a couple of laps of the footy field and jog back to the sports centre. I'm well and truely cream crackedred tonight!
Why: normal Monday circuit session, just didn't realise we were going outside and concentrating on sprint drills!
Last hard: tonight
Last rest day: Sat.
23/09/2002 at 21:11
I wish we could edit out mistakes.
24/09/2002 at 09:36
I wish I could do burpees and star jumps too! Reminds me of school, when I was the unco-ordinated kid who always overbalanced and hit the deck.
07/10/2002 at 09:37
how are you doin?
well i did the great north run yesterday..what an occasion it is..brilliant..
did it in 1-55...a bit slower than my normal,but with the size of the field its pretty difficult to get striding out...
so whats new with you?
07/10/2002 at 09:43
Hi Billy - well done: good time too considering the crowds, I saw it on TV and couldn't believe it - it's amazing anyone even managed speed up to a running pace.
There's not much happening with me at the mo - hurt my foot so am taking it pretty easy just now. No more races on the horizon either - just going to the gym a lot!!!
So when are you next running?

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