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IronCat5    pirate
22/11/2014 at 21:20

 tightness again? 

Yesterday at 14:48

XC today but it was a lack lustre performance from me. 91st overall and my previous worst was 50th. Started slowly and just slowed down as the race went on. I have a niggle in my left buttock and I think it is probably time to take a few weeks easy to sort out the niggles before pushing on again next year. Makes the whole decision process of juggling a XC season with marathon preparation over the coming months much easier.

Yesterday at 15:30

That was proper XC though, knee deep puddles and who put that hill at the end! I finished 5th 2 places better than Datchet despite Dachs turning up to push me down a place . After 3hrs+ cycling in the rain yesterday I am looking forward to staying dry for a while.

Yesterday at 16:11
It's been nearly 2 years since my last xc race and you're not selling it very well! Sounds a tough outing and a good result for you Andrew. No point in making the niggles worse Phil like you say.

Did a bit of a session yesterday where after an easy first mile I alternated between steady and tempo pace although never quite hitting what should've been 5.30 or just under for the tempo. Pretty much hit 6 min or just under for the steady and around 5.35-5.40 for the tempo. 5 x steady and 4 tempo so brought up 10 in just under 59 mins.

Followed that up with a day supping cider watching the football and the boxing and woke up on my living room floor at 5am. Think I fell off the sofa as my shoulder was sore. I'd planned a hilly 15 miler and was going to do it this afternoon but when the daughter fell asleep about 10am I was under orders to get it done off the missus which coincided with just finishing a bacon,sausage and hash brown on a bin lid. Ideal .

I normally enjoy my Sunday run but it took some doing. Ha.
Yesterday at 16:37
Matt, I've done that session before. It was unbelievably tough. Good work. Less good work on the waking up on the floor.

As Andrew alludes to, a last minute change of plan meant I could run XC after all, so I had a couple of hours to work out where it was and get into the racing mindset. Tough, tough, tough. Ended up 3rd, some way behind 1st and 2nd, both of whom I'd normally be able to hang with on the roads. Still rubbish at XC, need to sort this out somehow. This was proper hardcore XC, though, like trying to run through a swamp. I've heard tell of the Sandhurst puddle before, but it seemed to be the entire course this time. Horrific. Finding a rhythm impossible, and I need a rhythm to run well

Will just have to swallow my pride for a few months until I can get back to the roads and be where I think I should be.

Well done Andrew, great performance. Sorry to hear about the struggles PMJ.
Yesterday at 16:39

Matt - what are you like! Top quality 10 miler (at just under my PB pace!) and then injure yourself in a cider fueled sofa incident  Mind you, doing a hilly 15miler straight after a full English is good ultra training!

Andrew - very good result that! Nice one...

Philip - hey ho, can't monster them all (as a former parishioner of this thread might have said!). Hope the niggle eases off quickly - you doing HX XC next Sunday then?

Glad I didn't race today. Did an 8M road run (swim?!) which was intended to be a bit of a progression job. Managed to get some reasonable effort miles in, including a quality hill, but the leg was becoming sore again, and felt as bad as a few weeks ago by the end - bit depressing really, as I thought I'd turned a corner. It seems 2 back to back 50M weeks was pushing too hard, but I thought I'd built back up sensibly (for me). Fingers crossed it's only a minor set back. We'll see I guess...

Yesterday at 16:41

Tough race Phil. Sounds like mine of a couple of weeks back. There was knee deep water at that one too. One difference being it was included on purpose. I assume someone thought that would be funny. 

No racing for me but several decent length runs into double figures. In the rain too, but not knee deep.


IronCat5    pirate
Yesterday at 20:27

Today was old school XC, not like the more frequent frozen but firm & dry Sandhurst courses (other than 2012).

Saw PMJ's results and hoped it was just the conditions. Hope niggle sorts itself out and you're back on it. Pace wise I was similar; starting like a loon but degrading every second I ran.

With the conditions as they were my aim was to beat my 2012 time of 39:23 (109th) and I crossed the line at 39:22 (144th), so happy with that. I raced in 2013 but cannot compare to then! Positioning is difficult to compare year on year so I'll see in which percentile I finished when the full results are out. As usual looking back I think I could have given more, but I doubt I could have at the time. Lost a load of places on the final hill and clawed them all back on the final sprint.

RH soleus is tight, but achilles is OK

Ric, including WU & CD I went in to double figures today albeit km. Something I haven't done in a long time.

I thought I saw Dachs as I was heading towards the buffet but assumed I had water in my eye as he wasn't going to be there. I'm sure we'll see you at some more XC in the new year.

Won't be at HX, Mrs & I should both make it to RRR if it is dry so the kids can stand and support.


Edited: 23/11/2014 at 20:27

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