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Today at 19:54

Ouch indeed! Glad you're OK thank goodness. Far too many idiot drivers out there. Plenty of idiot cyclists too, to be fair, but the big difference is they are not in charge of a ton of metal moving at high speed so are generally only a risk to themselves!

Looking doubtful for TVXC tomorrow - Mrs need car for child ferrying duties. She was going to walk, but isn't happy 'cos the weather is going to be so bad

Today at 20:08
Yes glad you're pretty much ok Andrew. Almost the same happened to me 2 weeks ago but I was only dawdling at about 10mph on an MTB and just stopped millimetres from the car that turned right into me. The driver offered a friendly wave though so presumably that solves everything! Bus, do you live close to the route from the M40? Could maybe pick you up en route if you do want to run though not leaving Ascot/Bracknell area till 9.45 so timescales a bit tight.
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Today at 20:22

A good run ParkrunPete

Enjoy the brewery tour Bus and best of luck for tomorrow Scott.

The last car crash I saw was similar to AG's inasmuch as the car in front of me flashed a RH turning truck out of a school turning (LH turn only). The oncoming car didn't get the memo. 2 cars and 1 truck. Plenty of witnesses.

Day #3 of my L2 tri coaching course today. Having not run (or done anything at all) for 3 weeks, today was a test for the LH achilles as 7 of us gave 10minutes of run drills each. All seems to be good after 1 hour of drilling. Just polishing my swim plan for day #4 tomorrow (last minute). Then that's it in terms of classroom until April's exam and practical. In the interim it is more practical sessions and collecting feedback.

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32,661 to 32,663 of 32,663 messages
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