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07/02/2016 at 18:40

how you travelling people get any decent training in I don't know. Iron Taiwan, Phil- Russia/America etc quite regularly.

I had one short spell up north and it's almost ruined me.


ps nice 60 for you too Phil.

Edited: 07/02/2016 at 18:49
07/02/2016 at 19:33

I just wait until I get run over by a car or something and have a couple of days off.

Well done Phil and Bus, glad that hammy held up, enjoy your taper.

I almost joined you proper runners this week, 59.4 miles following a 54 & 55. We won't talk about the weeks before those, mostly 20's and 30's.

Nice to briefly say hello to you today, Pete. I don't think it was me that started slow today, it's more everyone else that starts so quickly. My first mile was pretty much my average for the race. It makes it a lot easier not being overtaken.

Bit of a result for me today, my teammate has been beating me since the middle of the last XC season. I was slowly closing on him but he always has a strong last couple of miles. We came to one of the last hills and he started to pull away again but I told myself not to chase him and stay out of the red, I could tell he was pushing hard up that hill and as soon as we got back onto the flat I started to eat up what was about 20 metres.

As I got within 5 metres he looked back and held out his hand, I suspected he may yield quite easily if I ever managed to get on his shoulder and so it proved. Just took 4 races to find out.

I pushed on but I had worked quite hard to catch and pass him putting a 5:45mm in and didn't have enough to catch the RRR in front. I finished in 4th but maybe a bit closer to Graham than usual. 

I know it wasn't a mud bath, Pete but there were a few good hills. I thought it was a good improvement on last year. I did think it was only going to be 5.1 miles so the extra 0.5 caught me out a bit.


07/02/2016 at 19:45
Stevie G wrote (see)

how you travelling people get any decent training in I don't know. Iron Taiwan, Phil- Russia/America etc quite regularly.

Travel and training are easy: a normal day is split between work, commute, family and training. Go away and suddenly the family slice is gone and commute is often trivial so the training can take a bigger chunk.

07/02/2016 at 19:51

Great run AG and you're right most of us start too fast. I find  the courses often narrow to single track pretty quickly though (like today's) so you need a handy position. Results are up already and you must have run at a fantastic 36 10k pace as I did about 40 10k pace which I'm pleased with for a XC and way better than my Tadley slog through the mud.

Agree your TVT club put on a top quality race and the course has something for every type of runner; probably the best this year even if those tree stumps in the middle of the course are a hazard. 

SG; you're right I'm too boring with times; should throw in a 38 parkrun like Phil


07/02/2016 at 20:05

It certainly helps to get near the front, I find that the slower fast starters go quick enough for the first 0.5m then its time to pick them off. I quite like overtaking it's part of the fun. 


Cortina5    pirate
07/02/2016 at 20:17
Phil's summary is what I have experienced. It can get more complicated when it is a conference or some such event. I suspect Taiwan will be manic so it will be early mornings.

I normally get overtaken for the first half of XC then start to pick places up consistently until the finish. I do start close to the front to avoid the bottlenecks.
07/02/2016 at 21:03

Nice racing AG, but cause me some serious anx that you cans top on 59.4M

Philip - good 20. Whera re you in the schedule now? I've kinda lost track!

I don't do much travelling for work, but when I do go to new places it adds a bit of freshness to running. Yes, you have to plan where to go and sometimes struggle to squeeze it in, but it breaks up the same old routines, which can only be a good thing.

Devon next week SG for the first of my multiple holidays this year . There will be less than normal now though, as I am on a new work contract with 5 days fewer leave

07/02/2016 at 21:43
The Bus wrote (see)

Nice racing AG, but cause me some serious anx that you cans top on 59.4M


Saving it for next week, Bus.

09/02/2016 at 19:05

how have they managed to weasel you down by 5 days Bus? Were you on an already inflated figure, say 30-35 worth? Or have they greased you with more money from all those fines they love giving out?

Enjoy holiday 1/7 anyway

Finally got a run in, first in 11 days! A mere 4miles, not that slow, but did a little coughing after.
No worries about the cold going, but I am very much hoping and praying that the sort of ache in my side is cold related, and not the equivalent of what I got mid spring last year that started the whole run of fun off, and just in the other side. That'd be unfair!

anyway, 4miles very much felt plenty today, so will try a 6 tomorrow, and take it a day at a time. Not sure how this week will pan out, but am relaxed whether it's as little as 25, or as high as 50. No point rushing this stage


09/02/2016 at 20:01
The Bus wrote (see)

Philip - good 20. Whera re you in the schedule now? I've kinda lost track!

Not quite sure. The aim is London and the initial plan was 16 weeks starting with 2016 but the ITB issue meant I adjusted that to 12 weeks starting Feb 1 and I still haven't really got going onto serious long runs with significant chunks at MP.

ITB does seem to be settling down and today was easy and faster than the last few weeks so all looking good, but sub 3 may be too fast too soon.

Cortina5    pirate
09/02/2016 at 20:41

I seem to have picked up a sore throat. Earlier I'd advised a coachee not to attend tomorrow's session if they had a sore throat as it would not be beneficial. I will, of course, still head out for my easy long run tomorrow AM.

I hope it's not the thing (can't remember spelling) again SG. Good to be back?

I suppose Bus donated one of his 250 days of holiday to the other staff members.

09/02/2016 at 21:35

Lots of coughs and sneezes about currently. Surrounded by lergy ridden people at work and home so don't rate my chances of getting through Wokingham scot free.

30 down to 25 SG, plus flexi taken away, so effectively two weeks less holiday a year . Can't really grumble given what others get, and not much choice in the matter anyway, but a bit of extra cash and a company car by way of compensation (sorta). Iron - I don't give them any time for holidays - how would I get time to go away if I did???

Fingers crossed the ITB holds up Philip. Should do if you've caught it in time and re-evaluating your London target is definitely the sensible thing to do.

Cortina5    pirate
09/02/2016 at 21:38

Shocking Bus. Have you been TUPE'd?

I hope the extra moolah covers the tax on the car. And NEVER take the fuel card option! We drive absolutely everywhere to make a dent in to the fuel card - I have to do 2 tanks of private mileage a month to break even. I chose a very economic car

09/02/2016 at 22:07

Nice work in beating your clubmate there AG.  I was almost tempted to come and give it a go when my kids' rugby was cancelled, but I have a perfect record of zero TVXCs this season I didn't want to sully.

Likewise, nice XCing Pete.  I also saw you'd made the trip to Woodley.  Didn't realise that bit of the park was that muddy, but I suppose I keep to the paths when I take the kids to school.

SG, good to see you back.  Nice 20 PMJ.

Been thoroughly enjoying this wind as you can imagine.  I think what pisses me off most is when I can barely move forward, then I look up at the trees and they aren't even moving.  Wind affected my 17 with 12 @ MP on Saturday, managed 5:55 pace, but it was pretty tough.  11 with 2 x 2.5m @ HMP today as a last HMP session before Wokingham, average 5:32 for the HMP bits.

10/02/2016 at 07:19
Still a decent enough session there Dachs. It might be too much to ask for the wind to stay on race day though.

Nice XC there AG and Parkrunning Pete.

Hopefully the results are good news Ric. Was it an endoscopy you had? When I had mine I just had a spray of some banana flavoured thing to numb the back of my mouth.

Speedy to return to you too Scott. Looking really strong at the minute too. Bit of a shitter to miss Eastleigh too. Are you doing Highgate 10000m? I think I'll be doing it as I'm going to tie it in with a trip to London to visit my brother in law.

No Lake District trip this year then Bus? I used to get 22 days plus bank holidays and people used to say I'd miss the holiday pay once I was going self employed. What holidays???? Works a lot more bearable nowadays, doing the same job for the same company on a lot more money, no tracker on my van so managed to sneak off for some runs a bit early.
Decided to do a fell run the other day in 60mph winds 1800ft up on a hill. At one point I was leaning that far forward into the wind and rain to stay upright, the wind suddenly dropped and I went head first into the tussocks. Some tough hills (1600ft of climbing) in the 7 miles and a couple of miles were at Phils 38 min parkrun pace but my HR was at 170bpm which is usually 5.45 pace.

3-4 months working in cambridge on the university development starting on Monday. Nice place I imagine so I'm or to fussed about going away. Just need to try and find a good balance with training and working 12 hour days.
10/02/2016 at 08:56
Two quality sessions Dachs.

Bus, solid 16 miler - Unsure how you avoid breaking something with those niggles

PMJ - Top 20

Good result AG!

Pete- Good result too

Nice to get the run in SG - didn't realise it was that long a break

Matt - Eastleigh I'm gutted about, it'll mark 2 years since that 33:00 and frankly it kills me. Seems like so much time and progress has been wasted. Highgate is the big aim for me, hoping to then come down in distance and run some track, I will try get to Watford too, I want to, or have to run the island games qualifying time on the track this year and that'll be perfect chance but also probably my only

I get a generous 6 week holiday allowance but am generally not allowed weekends off, bank holidays and certainly not half terms off!

Mixed week for me, session Saturday parkrun then 5 min recovery then 5 X 600 (90s)

16:21 then came in between 1:52-1:55 ish - Was happy with that as it was fast than any 5km I did in 2015 and on what they say is the slowest Soton course going up the hill twice. Run Britain has it ranked highly in "adjusted" best times. Of course this is nonsense I care about time

Smacked the ankle at work Saturday and didn't think much of it till the Sunday 8 miler and despite running through it and very well - seemed to have a jump it fitness - said before I run at c75% HR. Generally 7m/m pace but over the weeks and months it's hovering 6:30-6:40s now. Anyway got back home and it was black and blue, swollen and tender to walk on, so a combo of a stress reaction from the hard session plus the knock and then running on it sunday

Has meant I've not been able to run of course and an attempt at cycling lasted less than 5 minutes as I was giving me a ripping sensation on the inside of the ankle. Have done two elliptical sessions though just 30/25 mins

Luckily NHS physio today timed perfectly which was my last appointment for my plantar faciitis which seems to be going, all be it very slowly. Hopefully will get much better insight to what's happened

Hopefully I'll be ok to tick over till my operation and resume running, otherwise that 2-3 weeks post op becomes 5-6 if I can't run between then!
10/02/2016 at 14:15

Haven't checked up on the results yet ML. Doesn't matter, I'm going to die anyway. One day.

I had the spray in the face and then they (medics) saw fit to knock me out with some injection of something. 

Holidays! .

Anyway. training today. 

I've sort of reverted to a basic plan of  two or three sessions per week and one long run per week. Other stuff is included.

Session today was a mixture of 400m and 800m. Pace was slightly slower than 6 min mile pace. HR held in the upper 160's for these. 

Looking towards a Half Marathon. Doubt if I'll be anywhere near 6 min pace. 6:15's if I'm lucky.


Cortina5    pirate
10/02/2016 at 14:42

Easy 8 today. Still feeling bleaurgh and will probably convert tomorrow's speedwork to an easy session.

10/02/2016 at 17:10

Last proper training run for Wokingham for me too; 6 miles at HMP (done as 4 laps of the track round the inner of Ascot racecourse) with a 1.5m WU and CD. Hit the target 6'24 pace pretty easily for the 6 miles but the problem always comes trying to do so for 13! Let's hope for weather like today on the 21st, a rare still and dry day.

Used the Asics DS for their longest run so far today and plan to for the 1st time in a half at Wokingham; does that seem a reasonable call?

10/02/2016 at 18:23


Please don't run a Parkrun the day before Wokingham. 

That's a reasonable call.

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