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Yesterday at 22:33

Baddeley ran sub 4 mile on sat too.  He is running well...but maybe not enough to get to major champs now

Yesterday at 22:38

Sub-4 used to be a world record, now you don't even get an England vest. I blame Cameron.

Cortina5    pirate
Yesterday at 22:41
PhilipMJones wrote (see)

Sub-4 used to be a world record, now you don't even get an England vest. I blame Cameron.

Nothing to do with Cameron. It's the fault of the older Brexit types *retreats*

Yesterday at 23:09

Defn brexit voters...or Donald trump 

for those that like this sort of thing.... Video of Simon and my race last night.   I'm the chap in white who gets a fast start.....Simon is in the red and black striped vest like Dennis the menace.


 And for the real enthusiasts here is baddeleys 3000


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Today at 00:59
Cheers for the vid. Feel a bit better now that if I had been on the inside a bit more I would have done a couple of seconds quicker. And I actually started treading water in about the last 120m, closer than I thought around the top bend..until being blasted out of the water in the run in!

Tonight did about 9.09 for an undulating 3k relay course at Stevenage, so feeling more positive. Shame we were 4th, so no bling!!

Edit....great PB Cortina!
Edited: 29/07/2016 at 01:01
Today at 09:59

big pimpin Irono.

And a thread faceoff for Dean and Simon. I used to do those, just way slower. Sounds a good result for both though, and I bet you were both fresh as a daisy about 10mins later.

Simon, equally nice late night post just gone

Sub 4 mile? Cripes. Wonder what the breathing is like on that!

Got in the habit recently of just deciding i'll do track Tue n Fri, but deciding when  wake what I fancy, be it one of the 12 sessions of my schedule, or like today, a freestyled one.

Went with a pyramid sesh which were very rare in the Moz days.
5k of reps, so 200,400,600,800,1000 and down again

Didn't get hung up with any targets, so just ran as it came, with only pre set idea, that i'd take 1min recovery around the 200/400s and 90secs the rest.



Not entirely sure if you're aiming for the same on way down as up, or quicker, but pretty much covered the latter anyway. Did take 8secs too long recovery by accident before the 2.34, but not sure that influenced it. Just that my first 800 was a bit casual, that sort of "i can go however i like and still smack it" and then realising you can't, and a good go for the second one.

Saw Big Trev and Sam up there when I was nearing/just finishing. They're such pros, they didn't even wave or speak. That or they hate me 

Today at 10:03

Footy watching season starts soon, so what might work well, is when i'm off to an away game, and needing to be up fairly early anyway, i might get a parkrun in.

Get a few of those in close together, and then judge whether a 5miler is doable/beneficial. Clearly i'd get round, and no doubt go sub 30 etc, but still just need to convince myself a bit as its exceptionally easy to fall out of the mode.


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