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30/04/2012 at 13:26
Well done maxpower, from what others have said and done on other threads it seems that hitting any sort of target is an achievement in itself. Hope you are treating yourself to a few nice things this week and at least a few days off or mor eand then easy ones afterwards.
30/04/2012 at 13:31

Cheers Phil. I have just spent lunchtime in the jacuzzi at the gym! Next race is Coniston Trail Half Marathon in July. I am running it with a couple of guys I went to Uni with in 1990, so it should be more of a social affair.

I was retiring from marathons after this one but they have decided to do a Preston Guild Marathon in October. The guild is only every twenty years and as a local I am now almost obliged to run it, plus I don't see me doing the next one which would be 2032!

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30/04/2012 at 13:45
maxpower, anything useful we can learn from yesterday other than some days it isn't pretty and you have to grind out a result? I did the Worthing Centenary marathon in 1990 but expect I won't do the next in in 2090. Typical council thing: they run it in the middle of summer as that is when the celebrations are happening: could have done with a bit of that rain you guys had yesterday.
30/04/2012 at 14:44

Even pacing isn't an option in 20 mile per hour wind!!!

I had a quick chat with a 2:4x marathon runner I used to work with and his last minute advice was 'given it will be into headwind all the way back in, today is one of those to get minutes in the bank!'. In the end I just tried to stick to my pace plan for 3:45, which I did until mile 19 and then when I felt completely sick of the wind I just kept telling myself that I just had to keep going and I would get sub-4. Obviously this shows I slowed over last 10k but never ground to a halt which has happened before. I put this down to starting long runs before Xmas and doing 6 x 20 mile runs, 2 x 18 and a few 16. Also, did a marathon pace run of between 10-13 miles most weeks.

30/04/2012 at 15:35

And the trouble with being in that part of the field is there's no one wide to shelter behind!

Well done on the PB Max Power!

 Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

bus, others, what races have you got coming up? I am doing Marlow 5 on the 13th, Wargrave 5k on the 15th (meep meep?) and then SAL on the 19th and then a few fun runs alongside those (handicap, Beat the Banana)

All a bit up in the air at  the mo...

Either Pednor 5 or Chalgrove 10k on Monday (depends on my son's footie commitments)

Either Marlow 5 or Fairfield horseshoe the weekend after (most likely Marlow)

Dash for dad 10k on the 17th June

Penn 7 or Thame 10k on the 24th June (proabbly Penn as its just round the corner)

Either Hughenden 10k or Risborough 10k on the 7th July (Probably Risborough)

Wycombe Half

30/04/2012 at 18:05

Phil, wont be at Wargrave 5k, even though its my clubs. Found a quick looking 5k the same night that Alchester are putting on. As there arent many, if any quick ones around here i couldnt resist.

Well done on London, great pacing! 4 sub 3 runs was some going.

Luvsa, great run in crap conditions yesterday as well!

30/04/2012 at 21:39

well done to Maxpower and luvsa on your marathons, weather was truly terrible so good on you manning up and running and putting in some great performances

Sounds like your having a tough time Bus, at least you got home!.

my browser is playing up so its difficult to post, keeps opening this stupid advert malarkey,

got loads of races coming up, something like 10 races in 10 weeks. the racing season is truly upon us. 10000m track race on Thursday night, 10k road race next wednesday followed by a 5000m track race on the sunday then a 6mile road race the wednesday after. was feeling up for the racing until the last two weeks, which have been terrible due to work only 21 and 20 miles covered. shame when things were going so well. still I know im in fairly good shape so its all good.

PMJ - thought about Banbury 5? fast PO10 5miler.   

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30/04/2012 at 21:54
I'm running Chalgrove 10K on Bank hol Monday, Bucks 1500m or 3K the following weekend and possibly the Prestwood 10K the weekend after. Ridgeway relay leg 6 on June 17th. Will be going to Watford open meets as well at some point.
30/04/2012 at 22:22

Oh yeah, forgot about Prestwood 10k! Also forgot Coombe Hill run on the 3rd June and the Chesham Jubilee 5k on the 4th (though possibly not both!)

Seb - it's not your browser, this Canesten advert has been messing everyone about for a while - very annoying!!

30/04/2012 at 23:17

Bus-You were right!  Right knee been sore all day but now settled down, so no recovery run for me

Tuesday it will be.  I tend to suffer more after a tough track session than after a race.  Quads usually feel mashed for a couple of days. 

Official time for yesterday was 3:12:56 & 168th.  The gap between gun & chip time was 7 mins 27 secs

mee meep wrote (see)

Luvsa, great run in crap conditions yesterday as well!

I've just got one reply to that Meep: "C'mon URZ!"

01/05/2012 at 00:04
Looks like I'm having a very conservative few months in comparison to others - Woodley 10k on 13th, Wargrave 10k on 10th June, then three in July (Yateley 10k race 2, New Forest 10 miles and Frome Half Marathon) and the Yateley 10k race 3 at the beginning of August.  I did think that was quite a lot when I signed up - I don't anymore!  I dread to think how many races Stevie See may have lined up...
01/05/2012 at 08:41
mee meep wrote (see)

Phil, wont be at Wargrave 5k, even though its my clubs. Found a quick looking 5k the same night that Alchester are putting on. As there arent many, if any quick ones around here i couldnt resist.

Can't argue with that, looking at 2011 results in po10, top 17 were all PB or SB
Seb from Rugby wrote (see)
PMJ - thought about Banbury 5? fast PO10 5miler.   
It is tempting, it is fast, it is where I lived for a few years and raced a few time in the 90's, I will see how the next few races go and decode, May 31st deadline for entry.
01/05/2012 at 18:26
Pednor 5 anyone?
01/05/2012 at 18:54

Another PMJ inspired marathon performance?! They need to get you on marathon talk Well done max, as has already been said it wasnt the greatest day for it so well toughed out.

9 miles yesterday for me with the club, felt like the first proper run back since VLM. Trying to perform something of a reverse taper, so this week 35-40 miles with perhaps a LT tempo tomorrow as the first quicker outing then intervals saturday morning. 2 weeks should be a sufficient gap...especially as you southern boys seem to be launching into races already.

Nothing until christleton 5km for me on the 18th of May, its been almost a year since i didnt run a pb at an official distance so want to try and keep that run going for as long as possible...tho it will have to end at some stage Wont be able to squeeze too much quality in before then, but 16.4* should be possible.

Ug - yep the bandana is worn more rambo than 1950's housewife style Basically how the tennis players wear them....

01/05/2012 at 20:32

a slightly different approach tonight...3 * mile reps but with a mile jog recovery (approx 8min) was targeting 5.15 pace but they came out in 5.07,  5.05,  5.03.  So very happy as it was noted by the coach i looked comfortable enough and wasnt eyeballs out etc...  Of course i dont know what it means in the long term as it was a big recovery although if the truth be told it was too long and i just wanted to get on with them.

Chingo - good to see you getting involved in christleton, now if we can convince stevie to run and not spectate we will have the full set of northern monkeys on show

another thumbs up for Max - obscene conditions and a good time

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01/05/2012 at 21:25

Chingo - did it feel good to be back running "properly"? Just build up lsowly - don't want to lose the marathon fitness by getting injured

Dean - nice mile reps there...

ricF I might be doing Pednor. It's a nice race, and very local (though not PB material) but I'd like to do the Chalgrove 10k on the same day - STILL waiting to here from my son's football club if he's playing in a tournament that day - Grrrr!

 Is Banbury fast? Says there are hills on the website?

No running the past two days because of calf, but 1M swim yesterday and added an extra 5M on the bike tonight in increasingly rare sunshine (vain attempt to burn off a lunchtime fry-up!). the calf seems to be progressing well and I'm tempted to try an easy run tomorrow lunchtime.  My OCD side needs me to somehow string together 35M this week to maintain 50.0M average per week for the year!

01/05/2012 at 21:49

Dean, I'd love to run it but can't, it really is too close to the Manchester 10k (2 days)! Strange session there with a mile recovery, I think the mile would have driven me mad and like you, I'd have wanted just to get on with it. Or take the mile rec a bit harder (7 min/mile?). But those splits are top notch so no grumble RE the outcome quality wise.

I ran at Trafford tonight, took 9seconds off the 3k PB, so now down to 10:15 but it's still not clicking right. Plus it's VERY humbling getting monstered by 17yr olds (boys and girls!). That's kinda why I like atheltics - no egos and I know full well they must have trained hard to run better times. It's an improvement though, I need some track spikes though! Looking to do 2 more sessions this week Thurs and Sat hopefully.

02/05/2012 at 08:40
The Bus wrote (see)
 Is Banbury fast? Says there are hills on the website?

Don't recall any big hills, and the tracks on Garmin seem OK:

and results show a good smatter of SB and PB

 If you fancy it, we can split a lift.

Stevie see wrote (see)

 I need some track spikes though!

What do people think about track spikes? I have several pairs of track spikes and wear them for chase but for 3000 and 5000 I just use racing flats. Are they an advantage?

7 miles yesterday, 2 easy, 3 hard which came out as average 6:10, 2 easy. Speed is coming back but I need to get the 3 hard to under 6 m/m in training. Odd, a few years ago I was hunting 6 m/m as a race pace and now I want to do it every day in training.

ricf, no Pednor for me, still a little early.
02/05/2012 at 09:50

The classic Handy Cross poo-bin fartlek for me last night. 6x 1K laps of the field with the efforts varying between 150 - 400m with recoveries at probably 7 min/miling pace. Felt good with no after affects from marathon.

I run track races in my xc spikes which seem fine. Obviously with shorter spikes fitted.

Thought I was looking at Lunaracers the other day but they were actually lunaspiders LT+ 2's. Might get a pair and try them out at a 5K first. My weekly mileage will probably drop now down to 30 miles.

Saw SG out running last night!

02/05/2012 at 09:52
Stevie - good work on the 3000 last night. Looks like the start of another PB burst.  I think you are wise focusing on Manc 10k,  I hear you regards speedy kids.  I have done , for me, some nippy sessions then on my warm down watch the 16-18 yr olds quite literally float over the track.  It puts my effort into perspective...although lets see how fast they are after 3 yrs of uni and some old school drinking games.  If it wasnt for the B in a snakey B i wouldnt have had any vitamin c in those yrs.
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