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14/09/2012 at 15:02
Stevie G . wrote (see)

is that the age group that isn't a proper age group Phil? ie 35 and over ? 

Yep, it is the toy boy age group: we used to call them mini-vets. Had a week of anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment training at work. I am not sure about the first bit but I am really good at harassment and bullying now.

14/09/2012 at 15:14

Sounds fun Phil....nothing like some over the top PC example of which beingyou're not allowed to call someone "old" in jest in their birthday card at work now, because that's discriminating and or bullying!

14/09/2012 at 18:06
We call them sub vets in sa. I much prefer toy boy though! My wife will laugh at that one. I've got 10 more months before I reach it.

After not running for almost a month and finding 8 min miles a struggle last week I wasn't expecting much at our work 5km race today. Pulled a 17:42 from somewhere.

Anyone else doing Surrey relays in Wimbledon park tomorrow?
15/09/2012 at 11:01

Wycombe parkrun this morning for me simply as I was up and am racing tomorrow so a gentle 5k never does any harm. Time came out pretty much as last week so just inside 20 minutes but way easier so last week I was puffing whereas this week I was holding back. Worked out well with a group of 5 fast ones heading off so I followed at a safe distance. A couple came past me in the first km including an annoying runner with head-phones and load music so I was back in 8th. At about 3km, annoying guy was coming back to me and I passed him before the 4km and brought it home from there for 7th.

Had a nice chat afterwards with David Blackman who was at the magic mile I did last week so we recognised each other and chatted and found mutual acquaintances (he is a middle distance V45 so knows RobT). His story is quite interesting so a few years ago his coach said he wasn't a long distance runner (he knew he wasn't a marathon runner after hitting the wall at 13 miles) and he was a middle distance so in his early 40s he took up track and joined a track club and now he is sitting #9 on the V45 all time mile list (behind RobT in #1 spot) but he is having a shot at improving that tomorrow at Southampton and if he can scrape a second or two he will shoot up the list.

15/09/2012 at 12:44

Usual early morning excusion around the woods and over the golf course. Felt strong the whole way around, found yet another quality golfball; do you have any idea how much those Titleist ProV1's cost? Made a slight diversion from my normal training line to check out the source of concern of a group of golfers. The guy hanging from the tree appeared to be dead, so I checked him out since no-one else had the nerve. Nope, no signs of life and stone cold. Medics and police already on the way so back to the training. After all, I've a race next week. 


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15/09/2012 at 13:36

Not exactly your usual morning excursion really then was it Ric! No need for that sort of discovery on your morning run.

As for the V45 mile all time ranking my old training partner and county XC teammate is in at #4.

Fell off the pushbike again on Wednesday  sustaining road rash to the hip and some painful hip joint discomfort for Thursday and Friday, kept running but probably shouldnt have, pain subsiding now, just in time for a little 10k 'twilight adventure race' tonight, Undefeated this year on this sort of course so hoping to make it 3 out of 3, I'll just treat it like a tempo and if the competition is stiff (Chap with 17:07 parkrun won last time)  give it the full beans.

Good luck for tomorrow's 10k  PMJ.

Dean - Was it you who mentioned Telford 10k? I've had a look and it appears fast and a small quality field in the 'elite' race so I#ve entered, MUST break 35mins this year so it'll be my last chance!

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15/09/2012 at 15:41

Seb, I'm surprised that its taken 25 years and 40,000+ miles to find one. I make light of the occurrence but I can tell you there was a considerable jolt of adrenaline to disperse after the discovery.

By the way, what was the nature of the crash. I fell off a few times but only at slow speed. In fact, on one occasion I was balancing on the pedals while waiting for some traffic lights to turn green when I spotted a fiver in the gutter. I fell off. But I got it.

15/09/2012 at 16:14

Gruesome ric. Must have left you pretty shaken - it would have done to me!

Must admit, it's something I've often thought might happen given the type of places most of my off-road runs take me.

15/09/2012 at 16:34

Bus, Hi. I'll admit only slightly. I'm pragmatic almost to the point of indifference. But the fact is, when there's a state of emergency and someone needs to actually do something, then that's my department. I act when most stand and stare.

15/09/2012 at 17:28
Seb from Rugby wrote (see)


Dean - Was it you who mentioned Telford 10k? I've had a look and it appears fast and a small quality field in the 'elite' race so I#ve entered, MUST break 35mins this year so it'll be my last chance!

yes, it was my first race. I think its very fast lots of finishers inside of 32mins, a down hill start too! It is out and back so their is a hairpin turn round a cone which can slow you down briefly.  Your only problem could be the weather as it can be very cold/icy traditionally in that week.   Im defn doing it and am chasing a sub 34. 

RobT is doing it as well.  Also if chingo gets back to shape im sure he will be tempted! 

16/09/2012 at 08:27

Bumped to top of  spam.

Cortina5    pirate
16/09/2012 at 09:31

So what is the age group above 23 and below 40? Open? It's quite a wide stretch.

Hope you're recovered from the shock RicF.

Seb - like Ric my best was a slow speed fall. Trying to remain upright at some lights in Wokingham, until it went wrong and I had the slow speed topple in to the gutter. Wouldn't have been to bad but it was outside a packed Costa. Pride very damaged!

In other news my ankle feels stronger, and the race pack for Cardiff has arrived. If I go, it will be in an 'untrained' form, other than the Ironman training this year, and the recent spike in cycling to keep me sane whilst I don't run.

Ankle is taped up which seems to provide much more support that a neporene support bandage.

16/09/2012 at 10:01

I did that at some lights in a very busy Wandsworth High St when I first got my SPDs - most embarassing!

First 60M week since June this week, and first tempo for a very long time today - it showed! 1M warm up then 5:59, 6:02, 6:21 and 6:16. Although the last 2 were a bit hilly, and my legs were tired they still should have come out a bit quicker and it felt really hard at the end! Weird to think there was a time when I would weekly go straight out and do 5-6M tempo with no warm-up (fool!) at a faster pace, yet my race times were slower...

I'm intending adding in a tempo per week in non-racing weeks and building by a mile a week in the run-up to Marlow half.

Looking forward to today's race reports. Excellent weather down here for it - cool, still, overcast and slightly drizzly.

16/09/2012 at 10:59
Having a nice rest day today after 102m for the week. Managed my best ever long run yesterday with the following:-
26.7m today at 7:09 ave pace 26.2 in 3:07 an a few seconds.??
11m at 7:20pace??
3.1m race (1st) In 21:00mins??
6.9m at 7:20pace??
6.2m progressive with last 2mile in 12mins. So very very happy with that.??
Really enjoyed the whole of todays run. Absolutely buzzing.??
Left knee started playing up at 26.7m so decided to stop running there and then an walk 0.5mile home. Happy to just rest up now though if need be.
16/09/2012 at 11:35

Excellent long run Andy! Must be full of confidence now? Not sure I've ever managed to "enjoy" a really long run myself though - more like endure!

Personally I'd be inclined not to repeat that distance more than once before the marathon - big risk of injury and/or burn out, but on your weekly mileage it might not be an issue. See how you recover from this one...

One question though - what's with all thsoe question marks in your post

16/09/2012 at 12:48
The bus- I dont know to be honest, theyre well random they are.
16/09/2012 at 15:32

Right, i kept this on the low, but I had a cheeky meander down to Portsmouth today, just the 80mile drive, for the Victory 5miler.


Long and short of it, new pb of 27:55, 10secs off.

Well pleased by that, and will post a full report later!

16/09/2012 at 15:42

Nice one SG - look forward to the detailed report....

16/09/2012 at 15:55

Well run there SG, keep chipping away at that 5 miler and sometime people will admit you are a half reasonable runner. Same comment as I made to Dachs, get it down to 27:30 and you are clsoser to 5 minute pace than 6.

I did my first serious race (i.e. one you pay to enter and not parkrun) today since time off with injury. It was a club champs race and that meant I needed to do it: normally I would have sat it out. Scores on the doors are 10k in 39:36 which is 6:24 pace: to put that into perspective I did VLM at 6:27 so it is really 6@MP. Still, I did the first 5k in 19:54 and the second 5k in 19:42 so a negative split (though the course is basically uphill for 2 km, down for the next 3 and then a flat 5k loop). Did a parkrun yesterday in 19:56 so both 5ks were faster, but that was low key so the race mode helps.

16/09/2012 at 16:35

Steady comeback there Phil, but you've done something I think I've only done at the Wycombe 10k...a negative split.

I did think about you after my race, and think "Phil's going to wheel out his line about 5.30 pacing for 27.30 isn't he"

Right, let's have a bit of a report, if only to keep the spam NFL footy game threads off the top of the pile!


A couple of weeks ago I asked the M Dog whether I was in pbing shape, and thus able to do the Victory 5miler. Being 160mile round trip, I wasn't going to go if he said no. However, he wasn't sure like me whether I was or wasn't, so we went for a late decision.

Last week's sessions made the mind up, and so it was on.

Unlike last year where I had a pretty fat pb, where a big pb was guaranteed, this year was more unsure.

When I first mentioned this race about 4months back, Phil, and my pal Bood were up for the trip, but over time Bood lost interest as I had a bit of a niggle, and Phil succumbed to his own niggle. Therefore, sods law dictated it was a solo journey!

Good conditions, with just the typical wind, being right on the water edge for a couple of miles. Did my longest warm up ever for a race, actually a full 3miles for once, hitting MP for the last 3/4m. Couple of strides and we were ready to go.

The race starts with a lap of a track, so it's impossible to start conservatively. I pushed my luck overtaking a Kenyan woman within 100metres but she soon re-overtook, and I never saw her again all race!

The mile 1 marker was ridiculously badly placed as I had 4:23 or so on my watch, but stopped the watch again at the true 1mile mark, for a first mile of 5:13.

So we had a good start with mile 2 coming on around 5.35 I later worked out.

Therefore, I had that "i'm on for a nice pb" feeling. Mile 3 is a bit underwhelming, a couple of small ups and downs (by a flat course standard), but no scenery, and no sense of where on earth you are.

Had a nice group of 3 of us, but at this point I was a little  fearing they weren't going to be keeping the pace high enough to stay on the pb trail.

3miles came around 17, which made me worry a little, as that'd be 5.30 pacing to get under 28, and I'd experienced the decent level of wind on the back straight from 4miles on on my warm up.

However, i can now be sure that the 3mile marker wasn't accurately placed, but the 5k marker was (they started a 10k race this year as well for the "less serious and newbies" for some reason....a longer distance, how bizarre!).

So 5k was hit on 17.23, but I knew there was work to do.

3 1/2miles or so, and we were back on the kind of mini pier next to the river, and time to work hard as the wind was reasonably strong into our faces. The guy next to me (with headfones on!) was trying to use me as a wind break, and at one point seemed to be trying to get so close i feared we'd be in the darn river!!

I was looking at my watch and it was giving me readings as wild as 5.40 to 6 min miling pace, so I stopped looking at those and just worked hard.

The 4mile mark was ridiculously late, it must have been about 0.2miles out, but i wa prepared, and it didn't panic me, and finally what I was waiting for, into the gate, and the "400 metres to go" sign. The start of this was around the back of the track, but the last 200metres was on the track.

I looked at the watch, and I knew even a 1:30 400 would give me a pb, and that's slightly under HMP, so I knew I was home. Only thing to make sure of was not tripping on the metal rim to the track!

Managed that, and also managed to be shocked by some kid who accelarated past amazingly, to steal one place. I must have been way down the 5s in pace, so he was flying!

And that glorious

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