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16/09/2012 at 16:37

finish line and clock, comfortably under 28, and 27:55on the chip.

Ah bisto, vinidcation for such a long trip, and good to pay the boss man back for his great training. Makes the year feel a bit better with 2 pbs at the 2 pb-able races I've done this year.

Also, met 72 year old Ceal, who's a bit of a legend on this forum, I believe she holds the world record for various stuff, and has certainly been 100% WAVA at one stage. She did 38mins or so, would put some of my male colleagues to shame!!

Bizarrely also found a fellow Sandhurst runner, so shared a nice cool down and chat afterwards too. Small world.

Checked the old McMillan race calculator, and the 10mile and half times it predicts from this time, are actually very slightly slower than what I already have on the table...but we all know how it under estimates short to long, and overestimates long to short...

Therefore, hopefully good times ahead for other distances.

Again, I'd love to do a 5k on this course, or Dorney, would certainly be a sub 17 on the cards....

For now though, might have to think about other distances first.

Great day.


ps splits are a bit hard to make out as I took 8....but I believe, they come out like this after working out the extras etc

5.13,5.35,5.45, then last 2 were 5.53,5.05, but clearly a fair whack of that 5.53 should have been on the 5.05mile

Pleased with 20th position, as this race has been going 60+ years, and the front 19 are quality runners  Think there were 500-600 there, but hard to tell due to the 1st year 10k race.

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16/09/2012 at 18:58

Great race SG, time to maybe start racing more and go after some other PBs.  Sounds like you are in good shape....congrats

also i love the fact you saw the Kenyan and thought im not being held up by her and kicked on

16/09/2012 at 19:02

Hi Steve,
Good to meet you today. A very big well done for your PB. Your times, although much faster than mine, have a similar look about them and I can confirm that my last but one mile was my slowest and the last one the fastest. I think the head-wind had a lot to do with the slow mile.

I can confirm that the 5k course if FAST. I did my 5k PB there, a couple of years ago, on a still summer evening. It was a massive pb so go for it sometime, but because of your long journey, you need to make sure of the weather down in Portsmouth first. You are looking for an evening with NO WIND! 

I was chuffed with my time considering I haven't run a race any further than 5k for a few years and havne't really done much distance training as yet. I am moving off the track and onto road races  until I get fed up of them!!!! 

16/09/2012 at 19:03

The race was won by an Kenyan in 21 mins something. The lady Kenyan did 26 mins I think.

16/09/2012 at 19:11

Hi Ceal,

Dropped a quick 2 liner on your thread as well.

I didn't actually know there is a 5k down there..that's quite interesting, and definitely one to consider. If only for people to think I'm a nutter for considering an hour drive per mile run

I'll have alook on your power of 10 profile, and see what time of year it was....

Kenyan lady was definitely in the 26s, but on checking the winner did a 22.57 which is good enough for top in the country at that distance this year.

 The current course record is  22:43 Rob Denmark. Must have been an international runner.

All time record for 5miles in this country is 22.35.

Dean, ps ta fella.

I was picking my very short lived battle carefully... i didn't even dare being ahead of the Kenyan male winner even for a yard!

I must say, some of the people in front/with me on the start grid were optimistic, I was about 4 rows back, and left a fair few for dead within 20metres!


final position given as i either midread the results, or they added someone in! 484 finished.

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16/09/2012 at 19:17

I think I was posting on your thread at the same time as you were on mine!! I will post this on yours too!

I am pretty sure the Kenyan won in 21 something, he set a course record as did the lady.

I was one of those on the 5th row of the start, just because often the rankings go from gun to finish not the chip timing.

the 5k K's are in an evening, there are about 4 or them in the summer, once each month starting in May.

I travel up to 2 hours for track races in the summer, in the evening, so I don't think you are mad, but I do think I am!!!

16/09/2012 at 19:20

x post! It looks like he set the current course record. Rob Denmark's quicker time was set on some old time course.

They've changed the rankings now...always on chip thank goodness! Many a time I lost out to someone slower, on gun time.

plenty of chances for the 5k then...i think i'll be up for that. Might need to take someone from down here this time though!

16/09/2012 at 19:38

SG, I was there when Rob Denmark; a great international runner, set that record at the Hillingdon 5. In fact when he had about 300m left to run, I hopped into the road as he went past and screamed in his right ear that he could get the record (British record) now go, go GO!! NOW COME ON SPRINT!!!. He took off like a scalded cat, which was pretty quick since he once outsprinted Kalid Skah with a sub 12 second last 100m in a 5000m. I took off home. After all, Denmark may have gained a record but may have ended up deaf in one ear. 

16/09/2012 at 19:41

Great run SG, Nice to go Sub 28!  and a fast first mile! One of my un-accomplished aims for this year  Must be a fast course if someone ran a sub 23!!  Training seems to be working so keep it up!

So PMJ, does the sub 40 mean your in for CP?  You've still got 5 weeks to get some more fitness back.

Did the 10k adventure race last night and came away with the 1st place trophy and £40 of vouchers for a run & tri shop, + a technical tee & High5 waterbottle so was worth doing it just for the prizes!. Wasn't any real competition unfortunately so after the first 800m I was on my own just chasing the lead quad bike for 5 miles! sent me through some nasty stinking algae/reed covered swaps! and ponds and rivers and all that hay bale jumping, cargo net climbing nonsense.

37Miles on the bike this morning so legs were ok for yesterday and hip pain gone, Ric crash on Wednesday was just at 10mph, car coming from behind, moved over to side of country road, looked over shoulder again and front wheel slipped down the edge of the tarmac and I was over as clipped in so cant put feet down quick enough, another novice mistake really.

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16/09/2012 at 19:41

Ric, so it was down to you he broke the record then

Looking at the stats, the record isn't his. Looks like his Hillingdon 5 was 2secs quicker than his Victory 5, but now it's about 4th in the record books.

Was the Hillingdon 5 the same course as the one I ran twice in the early 2000s?ie starts down a bit of a hill, but then you have the hill at the end too?

16/09/2012 at 19:43

Good to win a race Seb. I was gonna say though, you're a proper runner, so I bet you beat some right chumps in that race  Sounds a great haul of a reward for you.

The race today had a terrific momento, like a golden boot engraved with the race details. Bit better than your average medal that could be from anywhere. Used to love medals, but I think i prefer momentos now.

And no disrespect to anyone today, but I saw a lady doing the 10k, who had a belt on, that was ARMED with 4 bottles of fluid! 

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16/09/2012 at 19:49


Your last para has just had me in stitches.

It is one of the first things that I try and get over to a new runner, that it is not necessary to take drink with you for a 10k race. Plus there was a drink station for the 10 k racers.

I am out of here now, feeling both tired and hungry.

16/09/2012 at 20:04

PMJ - good start to your seb says plenty of time for you to keep your "never slower than 60" for a 10miler record going

Seb - nice haul from yet another win! congrats.  Get involved for telford 10k im sure you will score well

16/09/2012 at 20:10

You do get them don't you!

Nicely done again SG, and glad it was worth the trip to Pompey. Well done Seb - good haul last night and back on the bike so soon after the crash is like, well, riding a bike!

Philip - good steady time there and a negative split to boot - looks like you are properly back on the mend, and I suspect that your times will accelerate like mine did after the injury set back last year - hopefully to peak at CP!


16/09/2012 at 20:11

Agreed Phil. If you and Bus come along (Bus can make it his son's bday present!!), it promises to be the most epic thread meet up of all time (combining with the Middle ground thread which has about 6 or 7 up for it)

Luvsa get along too....Seb & Ric F are coming, DT2 will no doubt be there.

UG? Any chance?

Northern boys...think about it as well...DT2 wil put you all up!


ps any one fancy joining me for a 5k version next spring/summer in Pompey? It could be the fast 5k we've all been waiting ages for!!

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16/09/2012 at 20:17

Is this Gosport we're talking about? What date is it? I have the Leeds Abbey Dash on the 18th. Need to get a good 10k under my belt.

Excellent running SG, sub 28 is very sharp indeed. I'd be amazed if I ever get near that kind of clocking. What's with the 10k race? Is that part of the same event? Won in 37:30! Pot hunters dream.

65 miles this week including a 12.5 and 18.5 miles run. The 18.5 hammered my legs. Those extra 3 or so miles really make their presence known! Knees are killing me. Going for my first 70 mile week this week.

16/09/2012 at 20:29

This was more Cabbage Patch Stevie, 21st October...but Gosport is quality too, that's mid November. But i think only Dachs is confirmed for that one. And i'm a very sketchy 25-75 on it.

Never say never Stevie, you haven't necessarily structured your training to the nth degree yet, so there's definitely gains to come.

I knew i should have done the 10k  Just kidding, you don't go and do a famous 60+ year event and do the smaller race, you'd be thrown out of racing!

Plain bizarre though...have never seen the smaller race a further distance. I can only imagine they didn't pick a 5k distance to make sure the fast guys didn't run into roadblocks of slower runners.

Just seems pointless though, as surely if newbies are to enter a race, they'd do the shorter one!

Stepping up the mileage there SS...are you pushing hard after a couple of non pbs? Be careful not to do too much...

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16/09/2012 at 20:47

Good running SG - you're quicker over 5m than me by quite some margin.

Did a 1500m yesterday in a playoff fixture, it was going slow so at 600 I hit the front to push on, ended up 6th out of 15 and 2nd in by B string. 1 second from my pb, and the best tactics for me on the day - had a look and all but about 2 of the 14 have much quicker pbs.

50 for the week. Got a 10mile coming up soon that will be interesting to compare to all your CP times...

16/09/2012 at 20:56

most of us wouldn't have a clue on the track PC2! I take it starting stupidly quick isn't a good tactic then

sounds a good outcome for you....i can only imagine you're up against some quality if you're coming 6th.

Is that Tadley? I know they have a 10...not sure when it is...i'd find it weird being there but not doing an XC

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16/09/2012 at 21:04

Great 5 mile time SG. Worth the trip I'm sure.

PMJ - Sub 40 after a long layoff is good going.

I had entered Maidenhead Half a few months back but wasn't going to bother with all the time on the bench lately. Made a last minute decision to just go and run to see if the knee/back would hold up to 13 miles. Started back with the 1:40 hopefuls and took it easy for the first km to see how the legs felt after 5km on Friday and Surrey relays yesterday. Everything seemed in working order so decided to run at just under marathon effort for first half. Halfway time was 45:10 or so. Started to wind it up at 7 miles to closer to HM effort. Everything seemed to work fine and no signs of pain from knee or back. Second half was in about 40:55 on my watch for approximate chip time of 86:05. Hopefully this is now the end of my injury problems for a while.

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