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19/09/2012 at 11:24
Working hard depends on what your training for. So my "working hard" last week was 10x1mile in 6mins because thats a relevant session for the marathon.

If someone wanted to break 17mins (5:29pace) for a 5k then I suppose they might do 5x1200m at 5:20pace for example. So working hard is allways relevant to the race your training for.
19/09/2012 at 14:32

Thanks Dachs (I think?!).

I'm doing South Bucks 10k Philip.

Long run today - will decide on road or off-road later, but eithe way, I feel about as much like doing a long run today as eating an earwax sandwich...

Hey ho, getting out and doing these things when you really don't want to is what commitment is all about I guess!

19/09/2012 at 15:08

Dachs, I wouldn't place limitations on how fast you can do that marathon. There were a couple of runners I knew, Dave McGregor and Colin Steptoe who just blasted the distance like any other. They had to all intents and purposes the same racing speed from 10k up, I understand their reasoning was that once they had established the ability to go the distance, it was just a case of blasting it the whole way. Sod the wall, they'd run out of road first. Check their creds on PO10. Prepare to be amazed.

19/09/2012 at 16:12

See what you mean Ric.  Dave McGregor's PBs are just plain bizzarre (though very impressive!) - he has a 3 marathon times less than twice the time of his half PB! How does that work??

19/09/2012 at 16:27
The Bus wrote (see)

See what you mean Ric.  Dave McGregor's PBs are just plain bizzarre (though very impressive!) - he has a 3 marathon times less than twice the time of his half PB! How does that work??

I read it like this: at his peak (2003/4/5) the guy is clearly targeting a spring and autumn marathon so those are his A races and the half marathons etc are B races when he doesn't taper and may even start top piss about with pace somewhat. You find a lot of people like that: this year when I ran Finchley 20 I was passed by a numeb rof guys in the second half who had goen round two laps easy and then two laps hard. You will find guys doing a 7 mile run and then running a half afterwards so the day is 20 and not just 13.

19/09/2012 at 16:53

I'm not sure quite what Dave and Colin were up to, as to the best of my knowledge I beat them every time I raced them unless I was injured. There was one occasion when I managed to get Dave but only because three hours earlier he'd got off a flight from New Zealand. However, the London Marathon was something else. They must have been saving everything for that.

19/09/2012 at 17:39
Ric f- did they just say sod it lets just hope we do it without hitting the wall or did they do a very high mileage for a few years and consistently so they basically knew they could do it.
19/09/2012 at 18:16

what is it about new trainers that turns me into a kid shiney new xc spikes were delivered today and i cant wait to try them out.

Havent worn spikes since 1992

also the spikes that came with them are only a 6mm,  that seems very short for xc, so off to the shop tomorrow

19/09/2012 at 18:17

Yes, they knew they could do it. As far as I know, Colin did a 20 miler every week. Dave did 80/90 miles/wk. I don't think hitting the wall ever crossed their minds. There was a level of confidence involved that translated into 'long race, short race, what's the difference? I do however think that there is a particular intensity that will find you out though, I mean, you don't take off like you're doing an 800m.

19/09/2012 at 18:25

Now that I think about it, the best marathon runner I knew on account of him twice breaking 2:30 off only 45 miles a week was a guy called Gordon Swindells. Again it was a case of being able to nail the distance/3 hour run consistantly in training. Once that was in place, it was just speed work but nothing massive volume wise. 

19/09/2012 at 19:50

Reminds me of a guy who used to work at Up and Running in Aylesbury. Back in the 90s the goal was simply to see how far you could take 6 MM pacing, so his half pb was just under and his marathon spot on...

Agree re new shoes Dean - shame we can't have them for every race

14.2M on the road tonight, involving two sizeable hills (the one from the Rye to the top of Daws Hill Lane and Cryers Hill for the locals - I actually ran past both SG and Philip's houses!). Overall pace came out at a very modest 7:23 thanks to these two and a couple of smaller undulations. Despite the slow pace, it felt very hard! Definitely need to up my long run distance in the build up to the Marlow Half!!

19/09/2012 at 19:53

All this marathon talk is just scary "an easy 7 then a HM ... messing around doing sessions within a 20 mile race" Nut bags the lot of 'em!

Deano, which ones did you opt for?

11 miles for me, last 1.5 @ MP. Felt like 10k pace and now I want to die. Friday can't come soon enough!

19/09/2012 at 20:32

SS - the yellow and black asics hyper xc.   They are even brighter in the flesh!


19/09/2012 at 22:14
Ric f- it is tempting to try that one day and just see how I can keep 6min miles goimg for. Still a great effort though.
20/09/2012 at 08:02
The Bus wrote (see)

Back in the 90s the goal was simply to see how far you could take 6 MM pacing

I was caught up in that, hence my sub hour 10 mile state. I also got to 20 in under 2 hours and blew up badly trying for a 2:36 marathon when I could have had a 2:45 with considerable ease. I remember going through the mile markers in sub 6 and kept on thinking: "This is too fast but feels easy so it is bound to be OK in the end"

20/09/2012 at 09:21

Ric, much as I appreciate the confidence (and the anecdotes) I think I shall avoid just blasting this one and seeing where it takes me.  This thread had enough cautionary tales at VLM to mean that I'm going to be a little circumspect on my first.

Track last night for about half the session - 400s, off 1 minute recoveries.  Aim was to start at 10K pace and take 2 seconds off each time until you can't manage it anymore, then start again.  I did 11 of them in the end, so approximately half my normal rep volume.  81, 81, 78, 76, 72, 71, 70, 70, 79, 73, 69.  That last one is about as quick as I think I can go over 400 in a rep session, so don't have anything like the basic speed of a Rob or a Dean.  Something to work on improving after the marathon.

20/09/2012 at 09:21

Seb - not sure if you have heard but the midlands relay for this weekend has been cancelled....there has been a e-coli breakout at sutton park.  Looks like you can concentrate on your holiday

Edited: 20/09/2012 at 09:23
20/09/2012 at 09:30

Dachs - wise words regards your first marathon. Whilst all your training stats point to you getting something in the low 2.40 i think going easier and building in the 2nd half for around 2.48-2.50 should be more enjoyable and you will learn a lot more for your next go. 


20/09/2012 at 12:12

Did my own session of 8 x 0.25ml off 1 minute recoveries. Measured with the Garmin gadget, the run was a narrow loop, there and back, run on grass with a slight gradient also. Started with 82's and without any noticeable increase in effort ended with 79's.

Road Relay at Aldershot on Sunday. Doing 3rd leg out of four for the V50 team. 

20/09/2012 at 13:58

some good runs going on as always!

8mile run yesterday, few little niggles hip and glute, then a 360mile drive, getting home 1.30am.

Pleasure is often followed by pain, and so today's little trip to the dentist was the flip side to yesterday's pleasure.

Basically the session was 45mins, with 5x2min intense drilling, 30secs recoveries, and a 5min cool down, being told of the follow ups I'll need.

Damm Lucozade and diet coke, I blame you for it all! Looks like it'll be juices on rare nights out in future....or tepid water!

Will have to limit the "hard stuff" like Lucozade for big days like pbs!

Edited: 20/09/2012 at 13:59
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