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01/10/2012 at 17:21

There has been alot going on here hasn't there! almost everyone racing, except me  & SG.

Well done to crazy SS, an XC then a long trail race the day after! Hope you did have a rest day today at least! Is that the furthest you've ever raced?

Fast HM DT2! Good job! with a cold doesnt sound too fun though, hope it clears up soon.

Glad its coming together BUS, season PB right at the end of the season!

A good time PC2, faster than I've managed on the road this year, Nice trophy for 2nd by the sounds of it!

Gradually getting it back PMJ, bet your Park running this weekend eh?

Dean looks like a good run for 1st XC in 20years. a fairly long course by the sounds of it.

Probably wont be posting much for next week or two, so although pre-report, congrats to Dachs, if I found the right person on the results that is!

Several words spring to mind about the current start of my hip injury, fooked & destroyed being the ones my brain keeps using, very demoralised. thought it'd gone completely only for it to creep up on me after 8miles into my long run yesterday and got progressively worse till I got home at 11.5miles. Looking into hip 'work' as you suggested SG, some of the exercises look like core work and other use those elastic band things tie to various objects, guess I'll have to give something a go. Looks like a decent run at CP is out of the question, which is a bit of a shame for my first 10miler but hopefully be well enough to run. time will tell. catch you guys in a week or 2.

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01/10/2012 at 18:21
Seb from Rugby wrote (see)

Gradually getting it back PMJ, bet your Park running this weekend eh?

Would like to but need to get daughter #3 to the station at 9:30 so no way that works with a parkrun and then Sunday is Japan F1 so 07:00 start in front of the tV means no long run: will need to do a long run Sat pm I guess. Anyone up for Sat pm run? bus, SG?

01/10/2012 at 18:25

Fraid I've only a 5 with strides, and 4 easy on saturday either side of the Wycombe game....

Will be ready to commence the long runs with you next sunday if that suits though...

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01/10/2012 at 18:43
PC2 wrote (see)

fairly long hill at 7k - but no down afterwards, that is from 5-6k.

Badly worded but I meant that the down is 5-6 then the up is 7-9.

01/10/2012 at 19:02

Still doesn't make sense old surely the race starts on the flat, so any hill would have to come back down later?


01/10/2012 at 19:05

Bus, good going on the 10K the mate, im not surprised the maths were going slightly astray at the 9K point, I always tend to look at my watch at that point, not be able to focus on the screen and think, ‘ahh, run faster!

SG, come on son, im thread loyal, theres no putting me out to pasture yet!

Dean, mustve just missed you then, could of down with the support coming down the embankment! Head wind at 12M was not what i needed! Pretty stacked field this year, got to meet the top3 kenyans at the finish as there represented by Justina Heslop who runs for my club, didn’t get a great deal of conversation out of them mind, also one of the few times where i actually looked like i was built like the proverbial brick sh!t house by comparison, there tiny!

Phil, cheers buddy, racing Amsterdam same day as cabbage patch, was using Notts to decide on my pacing stratergy for Dam, 2 guys ive been training with that are also racing at Amsterdam are also in the 72mins HM bracket, team effort for Dam for a crack at sub 2.30, think im borderline to be honest but no guts no glory!

PC2, great work on the podium there fella, always a bonus!

Seb, keep at it fella, you’ll come out the other side eventually mate, as for running with a wasn’t pretty!

Legs feel really good today so managed a couple of easy runs, still full of snot and other gross stuff though, hopefully that’ll clear before the weekend as ive just been given a place for the royal parks half, was originally going to just run it as a marathon paced effort end to a long run (9M easy before hand) however im now tempted to give it a go for a decent time to see what i can hit without being bunged up with a cold, your thoughts?

01/10/2012 at 19:23
DT2 wrote (see)

im now tempted to give it a go for a decent time to see what i can hit without being bunged up with a cold, your thoughts?

Go for it: two weeks out is safe enough, but be sure to take it easy and proper taper afterwards.

01/10/2012 at 19:25

Go for it Dt2 - just ahve a sensible week of easy runs and rest, and get soem fruit and veg and echinacea down your neck to rid that cold!

Seb - can't remember, have you seen a physio about the hip? Definitely worth it if you haven't. When I had mine, I phoned the NHS physio direct and talked them into an early appointment!

Saturday might work Philip, but at the moment I'm aiming for an early Friday long run to Aylesbury before work- a la your VLM training early this year! Will ahve a think...

01/10/2012 at 19:51

Now that last one was clear. Flat 1-5k, then you go down a hill between 5 and 6, then you come up a hill 7 - 9, then flat to the finish....


01/10/2012 at 20:15

I must be remembering it wrong, or maybe they changed something.

I remember the uphill being fairly long, say 3/4miles, but don't really remember any downhill that significant earlier....

However, you've just run it a few days ago, and I last ran it on a hot day 6years ago, so I'll bow to your knowledge!!

That was back in the days I just let the running club dictate my racing schedule.

Was ok for the time, and I loved winning their championship 4 times, but I really hated that the guy in charge would just put some really tough offroad 10k on the schedule in the middle of summer with about 3 weeks notice.

Not good at all for any kind of year planning!

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01/10/2012 at 20:22

Flat, DOWN, up, flat. Its about half a k down, then about 3k up.

Everyone else feel free to chat amongst yourselves


01/10/2012 at 20:24

as above PC 

01/10/2012 at 20:34

Remembering one year of that club championship we had Chiltern Chase, Frieth and Icknield Way all thrown in together.

CC was on a boiling hot day, but the other 2 races were very tough, hilly, offroad, some dodgy surfaces, awful races.

Frieth I can remember going up this mile or so narrow very hilly woody section in the dark, thinking I can only be at the back of the field I'm running so slow...yet came 4th. Goodness knows how the 250 behind were feeling.

An awful last 1/2mile steep hill greeted you at the finish.

Probably Icknield, Frieth and one I did with Bus at Bradenham Woods would be in my top 3 hardest.

It was 2009, and having comfortably seen off the former 2 sub 40, I presumed when fit no course would stop me getting sub 40.

Ended up about 40:50 at Bradenham. Some incredibly steep ups and downs, even though the surface was quite comfortable grass rather than trail, really dangerous descents, and then 2 laps! Finished on a steep hill too. Awful race, when I was just after a little pootle in the woods.

Finished to get a text from my mate saying he'd won a 10k somewhere random in 39:43, with a decent field of about 250 in it!

01/10/2012 at 21:57

You big wuss Stevie! Dangerous descents? Biggest risk at Bradenham was a grass stain! Loved that race - wish they'd put it on again! It was tough mind!!

One of the last times I beat you I think, and certainly the last time I was 2 mins up on Sam in a race!!

01/10/2012 at 23:57

Just back from Berlin this evening.  TIme to give my race report then...

First off, you may remember that I was a little concerned about my start pen issue, as I had been stuck in pen H, along with all the other first-timers, and anyone with a previous time of over 4:30.  This was clearly likely to be a major issue, but I lucked out at the Expo - after I picked up my number, there was a desk marked 'wrong starting pen', with a long queue (some of whom, I know for a fact, had no idea what they were queuing for, but had joined the queue to find out).  I waited patiently, thrust some previous half marathon results under his nose, and he stuck a sticker on my number that upgraded me to pen B (2:40-2:50).  I don't know if he was supposed to, or whether (more likely) he was just trying to get rid of me in view of the queue.  Anyway, it put my mind at rest.

Tried to minimise the sightseeing and wandering around in the 2 days beforehand, but probably did too much.  That was always going to be a balancing act, but I'd long wanted to see Berlin, so what can you do.

At the gun, the pen upgrade meant there was very little traffic, and I managed to get into a rhythm quite quickly.  Plan was 3:59 per km for 2:48, and went through 5k only a couple of seconds off target pace, so felt pleased that I hadn't shot out of the blocks like a moron.  Felt good, but maybe in hindsight squeezed the pace a little much to go through 10K in 39:39, necking my first gel in the process.

The next 5K was again done at a few seconds quicker than target pace, but tried to rein it in a little over the next 5K, back to target pace.  Got chatting to a bloke from Eastleigh, who I spent much of the rest of the race running alongside/ leapfrogging, and was pleased to be able to chatter away at the 20K mark.  Went trhough halfway in 1:23:33.

To be honest, I remember very little of the next 10K.  It all felt so easy, almost too easy. The splits show that I was almost perfectly on pace up to this point.  This made me confident, maybe even cocky, and I picked up the pace around 30-31 K, spurred on by seeing my wife, and suddenly seemed to be overtaking almost everyone. However, the confidence didn't last too much longer, and by 35K (still on target pace) the remaining 7K suddenly seemed like a long way away.  Along Kurfuerstendamm, a band was playing outside a pub, and, as I approached, they ended their song by playing slower and slower, and I felt myself slowing in time with the music.  B*stards!

The bottom line is that somewhere between 35 and 37K the wheels started to fall off.  Although the breathing and everything felt fine, my legs just didn't want to play ball anymore.  Kept a lid on it to an extent until the 40K point, but those last 2K were a mix of jogging and pushing as hard as I could, with what seemed like most of the field coming past, knowing that sub 2:50 was gone.  Seeing the Brandenburg Gate almost inspired me to a sprint finish, but that lasted about 3 strides before reality took over.  Crossed the line in 2:50:52. 495th, according to the results.

So, a little bit off target.  But, 3 minutes in the context of all the things that can go wrong in a debut marathon hardly constitutes a disaster.  So, all in all, I'm pleased, and won't be doing a massive post-mortem on it.  Having got a solid sub-3 under my belt, I will run quicker marathons yet.

Spent the afternoon lying in my hotel room watching crap German TV.  They had one programme which appeared to be home-video quality footage of old folks dancing to an equally elderly swing band, of below wedding entertainment quality.  It went on for half an hour.  Mental.

Well done to all on y

02/10/2012 at 00:01

Bloody message was too long ...

Well done to all on your races, particularly that epic half from DT2.  I will have a proper read back soon.

By the way, 5k splits were:

5 - 19:57

10 - 19:42

15 - 19:44

20 - 19:53

25 - 20:01

30 - 19:49

35 - 20:08

40 - 21:28

42.2 - 10:10

02/10/2012 at 08:08

Dachs, looks like a very respectable first outing to me and you are right to be pleased. You say you are not doing a massive post-mortem so I won't comment further other than to echo the fact that quicker ones are certain to come.

02/10/2012 at 08:29
Hey Dachs... For a debut you should be extremely pleased. I thought the race was extremely well organised and efficient as we've come to expect of the Germans and the support along the route was great.

I had a bit of a reversal of your run. As I crossed the start line, my Garmin had gone into sleep mode which I didn't realise for a good minute. Spent next min or so loading satellites and then realised I'd left Autolap on and in miles - schoolboy errors galore!

Thankfully was running with someone so could keep tabs on splits and was aiming for first half in 1.25 - went through in 1.26.08 and was really comfortable. In hindsight i wish id kept to the plan but hey, theres always next time. I stepped the pace up from here to catch up and did a 1.23.20 negative split, finishing in 2.49.28 (chip). I actually passed someone in a Reading vest on the last corner before we hit Unter den Linden - obv didn't know it was you but all falls into place now.

Anyway, great running and I hope like me you know there's better to come.
02/10/2012 at 08:43

Johnas, good to hear from you, I'd say sub 1hr 20 at Amsterdam this month is a given if you can produce a 2:49!

I thought I was the only one that feared the "sleep" mode of the garmin, that's why I always set it running and stop it about 30seconds before the count down, and re-start then.

I guess the experience of last year's Amsterdam Marathon showed you what to expect, and you made a great improvement on that, 8mins or so?

Dachs, for a first marathon, that's pretty excellente! Doesn't like you fell into any traps a classic first timer might make (from what I've read!). You picked a decent target that was achievable, set off on pace, and only tailed off a little bit. From the times Phil (at London) and Johnas have produced off half marathons a fair bit slower than your current level (estimate 1hr 15 or under), it's clear your 2nd marathon should have potential for great things!

Not that you'll be wanting to think about one anytime soon

02/10/2012 at 09:19

Dachs - to my inexperienced marathon knowledge it looks like a perfect debut.  You had excellent bang on target consistant splits all the way to the last 7k then a slight slow down. but that was natural and was not a fall off a cliff type split. 

Wasnt your HM pb about 83 at the start of this yr and now you split that in your first marathon?   If so, i think you can file 2012 as a bloody good year!  Congrats

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