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27/10/2012 at 19:34

2nd XC race today in the staffs league - was a hillier affair than last month.  Finished 12th (-2 positions on 1st race) but i beat a some who beat me last time but unfortuntely some faster types showed up and planted themselves in the top 10.  I went off harder and was involved in the race but unfortunaltely i lost valuable time on the 4&5th mile as i tired and slipped back. Rallied in the final mile or so.

Was 6.82m, an ave of 5.51 pace which was a few seconds faster than last races ave despite this being much hillier.  Felt i raced better so some improvement but need to find stength from somewhere so not to lose the middle of the race.  We won the team prize again (im the 5th counter out of 6 in 12th). in fact our 11th finisher was 31st.

SG & Bus - good luck tomorrow (stevie - gun it! death or glory, you have nothing to lose go for a mid 56 and see how it goes)

DT2 - Wow! great result.  your range across 5k to mara is very impressive.  Whats your top distance?

27/10/2012 at 20:26

Good luck to the GSR fellows tomorrow.

DT2 - glad you're happy with that performance - whilst it wasn't your target, that's still a stonking time by anyone's standards.  Sounds awesome to finish in the stadium too.

Good stuff by Dean too.

So, as recommended by the physio, tried my first light run in 10 days tonight.  In the end, I couldn't feel anything at all with my foot until the very end of the run, and then it was only a vague awareness of the area rather than any pain.  Very happy with that.  Have an ice pack strapped to my ankle now just in case, and I suppose tomorrow morning is the moment of truth, but things are looking up.

Edited: 27/10/2012 at 20:26
27/10/2012 at 22:03

Thanks chaps. Impressive pace that Dean on a hilly XC course! Dachs - glad to hear the foot seems to be on the mend - fingers corssed!

Right, off to bed....

28/10/2012 at 13:18

Watched a reply of the start of the GSR. Surely that wasn't SG taking off just behind the elites? 

Passed on a possible race today. Strain from last week not fully resolved yet. Didn't want to risk real damage; or dnf, along with an 80 mile round trip. So 90 mins out and around the woods very early, almost dark; which I guess was why fireworks were still going off. 

28/10/2012 at 13:25
I bet it was SG! On the left hand side if your watching the tv 5 or 10 rows back. I reckon I also caught glimpses of him and bus finish as Jo pavey was being interviewed. Couldn't quite see the right time clock though!
Just off out for a run now...
28/10/2012 at 13:26

It's a bit chilly but the wind is about as still as it gets down here today so the chaps might have run some nice times. 

28/10/2012 at 15:44

Seb - you are spot on! I was caught on camera doing the usual Bus retching just before the finish line - slowed me right up in front of 1000s of spectators and nearly cost me a new pb as I crossed the line in 58.49, but chip time gave me 58:44, so 4 secs under - phew!!!

Not sure where you are TR, but the last 2 miles (and some sections elswhere) were into a bugger of a wind! Maybe not a full on gale, but fierce nonetheless and had a few of us playing silly games trying to draft! 1M inland and there was no wind to speak of.

Full story later, including photos with celebrities, but off for a bath now....


28/10/2012 at 15:49

Certainly was me guys!!

Very short summary now, as I have to stretch, and watch United at 4pm.

Stats, 44th out of 17,036 (!), bit slower than last week, 57:24 on my watch, 57:27 on the official results as they seem not to give the top 50 chip times. Maybe that'll change.

You guys were right on the wind for the last 2 miles, I've never run into wind like it. Therefore, losing 15-18secs isn't too surprising.

Met Sally Gunnell...and if I can get the photo small enough I'll post it. Bit blurry, but can make it out, just!

Hit 10k quicker than my pb, 35:07, and was going nicely. Miles 8,9,10 were a right dirge, as the splits will show later.

Quality race though, free massage (much needed), food etc in the Bupa Tent., so thanks a lot to DT2 for sorting it out.

Met a couple of celebs too.

28/10/2012 at 16:28

Great running guys. Your finish times would be worth much more under ideal conditions. High winds can be a right sod. The worse I ran in was in the Ricky 9 miles. It was hitting 30mph that day. In fact, when the leader Derek Brown of Chiltern Harriers passed a gap in the hedge along the Chorleywood Road, the crosswind that hit him was so strong that it spun him around to face the way he'd come. The look of shock on his face. I was second in that race but only because Peter Stainer who was with me got clobbered on the leg (with an almighty thud and shriek of pain) by a wooden mile marker which was torn from the grasp of a marshall by the gale. 

28/10/2012 at 17:23

Thanks Ric.

Just watched the TV coverage - you can just make out Stevie at the start and at the end while the Jo Pavey interview is on, but yes, there's the classic shot of me trying not to retch and holding my stomach as I cross the line!

Had a bit of an issue at the start - very little time to warm up (too busy using the plush VIP toilets!) and for some unknown reason I had a standard orange wave number rather than the yellow stripe "fast paced club runner" that Stevie had. With 15 mins to go I tried to work my way through the orange wave from about half way in, but realised I was getting no-where, so jumped the barrier and tried to re-enter at the front of the wave. The marshall sent me back with a flea in my ear, but I persevered and despite getting a good telling off, he eventually persuaded let me in,  - to the annoyance of a fair few who'd obviously queued for a while to get there!  Just as well he did though, as even here, just 5secs back, there were lots of runners who shouldn't have been here (ncluding some old bloke who kept elbowing me in the shoulder with some bizarre warm up routine!) and the start was a bit chaotic - I saw one guy take a nasty tumble as I weaved my way through slower runners.

Middle part of the race was pleasant, but uneventful, other than a slightly soul destroying pont where after being distracted by watching the elites (and Stevie) coming the other way after a 180' turn, I thought I'd hit 5M, but it was only 4!!  I knew at (the real!) 5M point I was on for a PB, so long as the last 2M weren't really bad, but just focussed on trying to keep each mile at around 5:50 for as long as I could, whihc lasted until mile 8, where you turn onot the seafront and into the breeze (lovely taste of salt in the air!). They give chip times for 5k and 10k, both of which are faster than my official PBs for those with 17:56 and 36:03.

The pain of the last two miles wasn't helped by having new racers on, which I'd only ran 6 miles in - blister on the arch of both feet! My splits tell the story themselves really: 5:43, 5:43 (averaged - missed 1M) 5:42. 5:44, 5:53, 5:46, 5:49, 5:52, 6:01, 6:02.

Nice massage after helped  - I was first in the queue - as did some hot food and drink in the nice warm VIP tent listening to Andrew Lemoncello being interviewed.

So, overall - pretty pleased with a 4 sec PB, and hugely grateful to DT2 for sorting it out. Also, SG - thanks for driving all that way!



28/10/2012 at 18:56

Yep, top man DT2, what a monumental free day he sorted us out with! The race, the BUPA tent, the free food, hob nobbing with celebs, Sally Gunnell, Euan Thomas, and I think, Vicky Binns who used to be in Emmerdale! We also got a private little talk from leading British runner Andrew Lemoncello, who came 4th today, Wow!!

Good to have your company Bus. I do a few random little 80mile jaunts, but for a race like this it made it a lot better.

Right, let's have a massive report shall we?

Bus n me binned our slightly foolish ideas of eating at home then meeting up, in favour of meeting at 6.40ish, and planning an eat break 50mins down the motorways. That way the key 3hour before run slot was hit, and we'd be closer to the venue.

Made some good time, getting nicely parked up in one of the furthest away from the start carparks by about 9pm, with a 20min walk to take care of, but in the knowledge that it would be easier to get away.

Walking in, we noticed a massive field literally by the start line! We thought, they won't get away any time this lifetime!

Then time was suddenly getting on, and I must admit we were getting a little stressy. I was a little worried my chip was the wrong way round, Bus was a little worried his was digging in, so we vaguely were looking for new cords to re-connect them, looking for the BUPA tent to ditch our stuff and change, and also trying to find where on earth you start, all amongst 20,000 runners, and general staff milling around!

Briefly met Jools from the sub 3 hour marathon thread, but with time running out, and remembering you do actually need a warm up, and a pit stop, time was thinning away!

We binned off the idea of sorting the chips, they  would do, got into the BUPA tent DT2 had laid on, despite having no actual ID or bands, changed and got out.

Bid Bus good luck, and it was individually left to try and get a warm up in, amongst so many people, not quite knowing where the start was! I probably got about 1.5miles in which would do.

With about 15mins to go I lept the barrier and waded through the "orange" zone, with no obvious route to the "yellow" zone.  However, i weasled my way through.

I think they worked to a rule of sub 58 for yellow, and sub 60 front orange. No way would a lot of the women, and oldies be that calibre. In fact it was quite striking how so few looked deserving of that start point. Bus could certainly have joined me in there for sure. I was even joined by a Sandhurst lady I'd never met who admitted she was after sub 1hr 08!!!

Best bit of the day for me, was doing some strides around the elites, with the massive crowd next to me. Felt terrific!

3 of the elites were introduced, and then it was business.

I was about 3 or 4 rows back from the elites, which must have numbered about 30-35, and we were off.

Watching back on tv it looks an utterly monumental startline! Where I was though, i got a great free run, and we were off.

First mile or 2 are quality support,  5.26 and 5.42 to get things cracking.

The crowd then dies down a bit, and you run past some HMS massive ship, not Victory, some other one, massively impressive though!

5.39 and 5.42 next 2 splits, with 17.23 for the marked 5k spot. Incidentally i went through 5k in 17.23 in my 35:20 10k pb last summer...i remember that figure well!

Then a little spell where you switch round a roundabout and get a look at the elites.Clocked Bus what looked like not much distance behind on the other side, but impossible to quantify what time difference. Either way it kept me honest!

We'd walked past mile 5 earlier, so was looking out for it with relish.

Miles 5 and 6 were hit in 5.28, 5.53 (i measured 0.95m for mile 5, and 1.03 for mile 6, so not as uneven as they look).

28/10/2012 at 19:05

A short posting, must have been a short course

28/10/2012 at 19:08

I used to live just off that seafront at about the 8 mile mark. When that storm of October 1987 hit the country I sure knew about it. 

28/10/2012 at 19:11

That would have taken the brunt of it!!

28/10/2012 at 19:12

(bloody realises I've lost half the report...and re-writing)

10k was shot through in 35:07, so that pb of 35:20 has to be smashed soon!

Mile 7 felt good, working in a gang of 3, for a 5.38, so nicely on pace even for a new pb.

However, i knew miles 9 and 10 would be tricky, but even split 8 (1.04miles) came out at 5.53, it was a bit windy itself.

However, mile 9 was the windiest mile I've ever experienced. A chap was drafting me closely, and I could tell why, you could barely move.

I could then feel how achy my glute and hip were. I'd actually forgotten for the first 8miles that they ever were sore, something that worried me this morning! Gale of a wind, and laughably they tell me last year was worse! How!

a 6.05 mile here killed the chance of a pb really, but i getting in sub 57;30 was still important.

The start of mile 9 started with no wind amazingly, despite being down the same long straight. The chap behind headed off, and I didn't have much power as the wind starrted again. 800 to go through to 400 to go seemed longer than the previous 9miles! 

However, glory, and on my watch 57:24, but in the official results 57:27.

Bizarrely no chip times were given for the top 50! Presumably because they class that as a race, and they want to give those results on places, not someone being higher on chip time. Didn't really matter today, raced it hard, and but for some monumental wind could have beaten last weeks.

Post race was magnificent! Terrific massage, really smashed my glutes and hamstrings for a good 15mins, and I honestly came out walking freer than I'd arrived at the race!! Then some free food in the BUPA tent, photo with Sally Gunnell (and Bus who dived in after laughing at my fanboy behaviour). Even got the lady who took the pic to email to me, as both mine and Bus's phones were too pony to take pics!!

Then Lemoncello gave an interview while we tucked into free food and drink! Amazing!

Really good day out, boosted by Man Utd winning at Chelsea for the first time in 10years in the league! epic!

Just have to work out how best to fit in 5k, 10k and half marathon pb attempts whilst still hot to trot!! No excuses with 10k any longer after taking 13secs off it within a 10miler!

28/10/2012 at 19:18

ps clearly we got parked up by 9am, not 9pm

and pps had written great to see Bus get his pb after being unlucky to miss the CP last week. I'd say GSR is the faster course, but the weather makes it slower than CP.

GSR course, with CP weather at the Maidenhead 10 time of year would be ideal

28/10/2012 at 19:34

Great work chaps well played, I live inland a few miles, I have watched the footage now, you got off lightly wind wise. You were only losing 10 to 15sec/mile into the wind. It could have been 60sec/mile. I wouldnt enter again for a while as thats the "still" day used up for a few years !

28/10/2012 at 19:37
The Bus wrote (see)

That would have taken the brunt of it!!

I lived on the top floor of one of those large houses and was woken in the early hours by the building swaying about and the sound of next door having its roof torn off. Since all the electrics were out I couldn't see too much. In the morning I discovered that a wardrobe had 'walked' halfway across the floor. Not the sort of wind to run in, the debris being thrown about could have done some real damage.

Still, that was the place where I really got into running. Useless for training mind, too flat.

28/10/2012 at 19:40

TR, if that's a light wind day, i'd hate to see proper wind. Made the last mile at Victory 5 a few weeks ago feel like the wind was behind me!

28/10/2012 at 20:42

Blurry, but good to record it at least!

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