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30/11/2012 at 17:50

Friday is my day off running each week so dinner out with the wife in one of them fancy gastropubs tonight... steak and beer is always a good reward for a solid week's training.

Have a great weekend one and all

30/11/2012 at 18:25
The Bus wrote (see)

Coudln't help thinking after my tempo the other day that it felt really hard, was only 4 miles and was 10 secs per mile slower than I need to do next Sunday! Hey ho - I'm sure the old RDM will help!



The Bus wrote (see)

Coudln't help thinking after my tempo the other day that it felt really hard, was only 4 miles and was 10 secs per mile slower than I need to do next Sunday! Hey ho - I'm sure the old RDM will help!


That's because 4miles at a tempo calculated off your desired 10k pace is a really  hard session

When I've got used to new pace zones, I find 2miles at current tempo is a pretty hard run. Doubling it, and using desired pace is...well just bonkers!

I'm just thinking about whether i could run 4miles in a row in the 5.40-5.45 zone in training.

I know the answer to that....and it aint yes

Johnas, the genius of fixing your own schedule. The M dog keeps me honest with some good old fashioned quality on a friday!

I feel like this week has been really low training for some reason...yet i'll end the week on  Sunday with 57! So not exactly dossing. I suppose it's the 3 week nights in a row with only a single run, making it wed, thur, fri, sat and sun with just 4 runs between them

Still...the work is in the bank...just one more road race this calendar year. All or bust.

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30/11/2012 at 22:22

I'd agree with that, though my (hard) tempos have always been at least a bit closer to race pace historically. I'm happy to lose 5 secs a mile, but 10 is a big gap!

Johnas - sounds like a good regime to have Friday as the off day - it's definitely a good day to kick back and I've REALLY struggled for any motivation today (and failed!). That said, sometimes it's a good feeling to do a double on a Friday, knowing you can let you hair down in the evening...


30/11/2012 at 22:35

you're made of stern stuff old Busly!

I was pleased/amazed with a 3m HMP, 90sec 3more miles HMP session a while ago.

I guess it's easier when you're due a breakthrough, then it is after a breakthrough. A similar session to that now would be 5secs a mile harder.

01/12/2012 at 10:21

Busly - quite like that. maybe a new forum name?!

Also depends on how much tiredness you have in your legs. I don't know whether it's an age thing or what, but I rarely feel fresh and fast in training these days, even though all but one of my races this year so far have been course or distance PBs. 

Right, off for my long run in a minute. Looks nice and crisp - perfect for an XC....

01/12/2012 at 10:21

PS Who's racing this weekend?


01/12/2012 at 10:40

Busly, (better than The Bus, but not as good as Bus Boy!)

Probably a bit down to the way you have to juggle your runs/plan them late around other commitments. When you have a limited time to get key sessions in, or have to juggle, and perhaps do them at non perfect times, it's inevitable that'll catch up a bit.

However, come race day like you say you're going great guns, probably because you  force yourself to do it spot on in the day or 2 before.

It's rare these days I have too much fatigure kick in. That was why early this week felt so strange. But I guess in hindsight, it was the huge effort at XC on Sunday, followed by a demanding 2/3 days after.

However, should be in good shape for the next race day.

Want to get 1 more road pb this calendar year, then it'll have been a pretty good year.

The vague plan each year is to pb each distance I race.

As we stand I've had 5m,10m and HM pbs, spot the distance I need to pb....
I'm not as fussed about 5k this year, as the one version I ran was a comeback race, and had those 4 mini hills on each lap! An odd, but charming little race.

Off for a single in a it, just a 5miler. Then Reading v Man Utd is my evening treat, courtesy of Mee Meep helping out with the ticket. Will certainly be excellent only having to drive 25miles to see them live rather than 168m+tram trip!

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01/12/2012 at 14:21

That's a result - can't be that often you get such a short journey to see them play!

Must admit, I've been sensible before most races this year, which has helped. In previous year I would do often do something like a 17M hilly xc on the Friday and wonder why I wasn't sharp on the Sunday!

Reasonable long run today though - 9 minutes quicker than the same route last week!! Helped by a day off yesterday and conditions underfoot were a bit firmer.

01/12/2012 at 16:27

Evening all,

Knee has calmed down via a days rest and 12 hours sleep (and plenty of the dreaded black roller ). Had a nice 16.5 today @ 7:29 pace. My hands were freezing, so strange setting off at 2 knowing you have to hurry or run home in the dark! Hate it.

Will get out early for a easy one round the forest tomorrow, get off the roads as I fear they are adding to the ITB issue.

SG - when's this 10k? Your 5k is gonna' get a right kicking when you find a quick race. We are spoilt rotten for then here May to Aug there are about 6 quality fast races a stones thow away.

Bus what's next on the agenda for you?

01/12/2012 at 16:34

Same race for SG as me next Sunday - Andy Reading 10k, near Bicester. It's a fairly fast course (as long as its not too windy) with a reasonable field.

Good long run Stevie. I know what you mean about the dark - I was thinking of doing mine this afternoon until I realised it would mean I couldn't have lunch!

Do you do squats for your knee?


01/12/2012 at 17:44
The Bus wrote (see)

Must admit, I've been sensible before most races this year, which has helped. In previous year I would do often do something like a 17M hilly xc on the Friday and wonder why I wasn't sharp on the Sunday!

Have been listening to Andrew Lemoncello on marathon talk. He has canned the easy one before a race and reckons it is best to train hard up to a race and hit it fast and then rest afterwards. Odd listening to a guy who runs 30 miles in under 3 hours as an "easy long run" and talks about "jogging 6 miles out, racing a 10k in sub 30, and jog back" as a medium long run and yet if you look at the GSR, his aname and SG are on the same page 1.

01/12/2012 at 18:04

I've a lot of respect for the Leomon, he's had some shocking injury trouble but keeps coming back. He's even still got his hand in the marathon, running in Japan tomorrow. Best of luck to him.

Bus, I do 2 things to improve my running. I run, then I sleep  I don't do the core/lunge/squats thing or x-train. Drives my sports massage guy mad!

01/12/2012 at 19:32

welcome Johnas!

Friday is my day off too, or it has been for the last 5 weeks, seems to work well. Something I'll stick to for a while and see how it goes.

Looks like afew of us are doing 10k's in the next few weeks.  You two at Bicester, and Dean & I at Telford the week after. Although I didnt see Dean at the XC race today and he hasnt posted recently, so hope all is ok?

Nice long run Stevie see, keep up the good work, Not enough core work from me either, need to sort it out. though If I lose enough fat the six pack will still show and make it look like im a core workout monster !

Raced today, Birmingham XC Division 1, fairly brutal course, 6miles & about 400ft of climbing! quite windy which made it feel very cold, wore gloves which helped. Set off fairly quickly, and so the middle of the race hurt, but pulled it together to finish strongly.  Splits tell the story of the course. 3 laps, 2miles per lap (obviously) 5:46, 5:42, 6:15, 5:45, 6:15, 5:45. so the hill didnt slow me too much in the first mile. and metered the effort out quite constantly. didnt feel like that though. Another very good result, same position as last race, 51st. Knackered now. Glad last time wasn't a one off. roll on Telford 10k ...Gulp

Out on the piss tonight, will try not to go overboard otherwise tommorrows LSR will be affected. enjjoy your night guys.


01/12/2012 at 20:22

Looking at those splits on an XC Seb, you deserve a few beers tonight! Good racing!

Stevie - I used to feel the same way about stretching and all the non-running nonsense until age and related wear and tear meant my back gave up and I was told I would never run again unless I sorted my core out properly, then my knees both went the same way! The back takes a lot of work to keep stable, but the knees are dead easy. Just 3 x 20 squats a week to align the knee cap and Bob's your uncle!

As for Lemoncello, I guess it must be a different game at his level with regards to resting up before a race!


01/12/2012 at 21:47

I just heard his interview on MT and he just pops it in he went for a 'resonably' hard 30min 10k run and a 30 miler before a marathon. Crikey!

02/12/2012 at 08:53

utterly freezing 12 miler today. Hooded top, gloves, yet never felt warm at any stage.

Hip felt slightly weak, tho the cold probably numbed it a bit!

And i discovered that eating late, and 2 sets of baked beans in 1 day isn't a combo that helps a morning run. I'll learn one day, like i did the milk!

02/12/2012 at 11:06

Third day without running for me today.

Freezing conditions don't suit me so not missing much.

Sore spot in back refused to recover while running so indoor bike gets plenty of use.

According to the read out, I've clocked 240k in the last week.

02/12/2012 at 13:32
I was also out early this morning. Off at 6.30 for 23 miles. First 16 at nice and easy 7.10 pace and picked it up to mp for the last 7. I had base layer, long sleeve top, ballet tights, gloves and beanie so was warm enough. Difficult when I started to lift the pace as the roads were very slippery in places.

Off to sharm el sheikh on Thursday for a 2 week all inclusive stay so will be escaping the freezing weather.

Nice xc there seb. Hope anyone else who raced had a good one.
02/12/2012 at 16:16
Great xc from Seb, looking forward to seeing that translate to some very speedy PBs on the roads.

Welcome Johnas. Again!

I see everyone battled with the cold as well today. Went out for a 15 at 7 am this morning. Just a base top and gloves in addition to the normal t shirt and shorts. Was fine. Not a bad run, started slowish, but probably averaged about 6:45-6:50 pace overall. Pleased that felt so comfortable. Nice to get back, having spent most of the week off ill.

Hope SG's date went well...
02/12/2012 at 16:19

SG - no fixing my own schedule. I'm coached and do what I'm told! Currently 8 runs a week with Fridays as my rest day. We agreed this at the start and works well for me as it means im rested for hard session on Sat morning and LSR is then on Sunday.

Thanks for welcome Seb. Nice consistent running there - whatever stamina & endurance training you're doing is working well it would seem.

Birthday party 100miles away for me yesterday so hill session at 8am in the freezing cold - 10mins @ threshold (5.50 miling), 10x 45 sec hills @ threshold (90sec recoveries) and then another 10mins @ threshold (5.52 miling).

Then marshalling duties at the Crowborough 10k this morning so as SS (nicely paced long run there fella) and Bus mentioned, rushed home to get an after lunch run before it got too dark - 15 miles @ 6.55 min/mile. Time for some darts on the telly box now and a beer. I give 20 mins before I'm asleep. Night all!

Cross post - hey Dachs. Some top running mate since Berlin - impressive stuff so soon after a marathon!


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