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08/12/2012 at 15:23

Hi all,

Chingo, sorry to hear things are not improving. Hard to believe that the groin is taking so long to heal properly. You'd think after strengthening exercises and regular physio it would show signs of healing. Is it just a case of time, or could there be something that perhaps needs more attention? You hear of these footballers having groin ops to sew them back together. Keep at it mate.

I've been off for 3 days resting (only missing 2 days running). After a very painful run Tuesday I had a massage Wednesday and Friday (ouch and double ouch). Gave it a 40 min run out today @ 7:45 pace. No issues, just felt lethargic and like Bambi on ice. No sense of my knee giving way on me like previously though.

Diagosis is it is the pirformis which is like a stone and needed a fair bit of 'cohersing' to loosen. My hip attachment was also best described as a 'pot noodle' and my quad as 'a bag of rusty spanners.' Wtill try a 7 tomorrow and ease into a full week from Monday, saving quality for Thursday.

08/12/2012 at 16:01

Four miles for me today at @ 7:30 min/ml. No problems relating to back. Being cautious all the same.

Clocked up another 60 mins on the indoor bike and a variety of exercises to strengthen weak areas.

I'll see how I feel when I get up tommorow. An excursion around the woods could be in order. 

Ss, good luck with the recovery program.

My in house physio has deemed that putting full weight via his elbow into my butt muscles is required. It does work up to a point. That point being where I'm rescued by his mother.

08/12/2012 at 16:34

Ric, that's what I've had. My mate held himself up using only his elbow whilst shoved into my butt cheek, where he held it for about 30 seconds of agony, then repeated it several times.

08/12/2012 at 20:31

Ss, when forced into dealing with this type of re-hab alone, I've made use of a good length golf club, eh!

No, what I do is jam the head end of the club into a secure position at around butt height, and then position the rubberised handle right on the spot while leaning into the thing.

I've found I can move the handle around to really get to work on the tight areas. Best thing is being able to control just how much pressure to apply and where.

A slipped elbow can really give you some jip.

At times such as these, I assume you use the description, mate, in the loosest possible way.

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08/12/2012 at 21:19

Eh, what happened to my earlier post?

I'd made a whole pile of excuses in case the sub 36 doesn't come off tomorrow! Chief of which is the latest weather forecast - a bloody strong wind, which seems to only be in the Bicester area. comes from a direction which will be a right pain and peaks at the time of the race!

That treatment sounds more like something a tory MP would pay good money for than physio!! Good to see you both seem to be on the mnd though....

08/12/2012 at 21:37

Relax Bus, come what may, may come. OR something.

If there's any excuses needed between us, I won't let us down.

Conditions, trying to match Cooray, already hitting the year's peak at those 10milers, going back tothe town of the ex and the "other one" 16months on for the first time causing mental trauma...we're covered pal

08/12/2012 at 21:38
Stevie see wrote (see)

My mate held himself up using only his elbow whilst shoved into my butt cheek, where he held it for about 30 seconds of agony, then repeated it several times.

as for this...... whatever you do behind closed doors young Stevie!

08/12/2012 at 22:32

Not to mention all the cake, pies and roast dinners I've scoffed since GSR whilst the Mrs has been doing recipe development! I'm a good kilo heavier!!

Still - that should stop the wind blowing me away then


09/12/2012 at 08:19
Good luck guys! Proper post later...
09/12/2012 at 11:58

Hope everything's gone OK for the racers today.  Looking forward to seeing the results, PB's all round hopefully.

I finally got down to Woodley Parkrun yesterday, which is the one that recently started up 20 metres from my front door.  Essentially, I like to think of it as a parkrun in my front garden.  Hadn't managed to do it since it started through a combination of injury, illness and other stuff.

Plan was to break 17 minutes and be the first to do so on this course, and thus (probably briefly) be the course record holder.  However, it didn't quite turn out like that.  Managed 17:29, for a fairly comfortable first place, but not exactly close to what I was looking for time-wise, and a whole minute slower than the PB.  I've been plagued this week by a complete lack of pace, which has reared its head in both my tempo and reps, which I attribute to still having some underlying sickness from last week.  At least that's what I hope it is.

Still, the plus side of it being so close is that the whole thing takes less than 20 minutes, so I shall be back.  Plus I now have a parkrun win on 3 different parkruns, so it gives me a decent basis to start a collection.

14-ish this morning.  Had some company for most of this one, which was nice, made it seem a lot less of a slog.

.Seb, does the full stop in your new name have a hidden significance?

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09/12/2012 at 13:03

Hey ho Dachs - I win's a win, and plenty to take forward from.

Quick post, as bath and lunch await. As feared the wind turned out to be a bit of a show stopper as far as PBs are concerned. It was going OK for the first 7k (as far as I could tell given the k markers were all over the place, with splits going from 3:08 to 4:22!!!). Anyway, the killer was 8k - a whole k into a really fierce wind on the most exposed part of the airfield. I estimate it cost a good 20 secs. Final time was 36:24, but knowing in the last 2k that I wasn't on for sub 36, or even a PB, I probably could  (should?) have taken a good 5 secs off that. Hey ho, on the plus side it was a season's best and a nice morning out with SG anyway....

09/12/2012 at 13:35
Dachs wrote (see)
Plan was to break 17 minutes and be the first to do so on this course, and thus (probably briefly) be the course record holder.  However, it didn't quite turn out like that.

I just checked the records there, Danny Norman is #1 and is a reasonable runner especially over 5k which he does quite a bit ... and Ryan Brookling is #2 and he is an odd runner, does a lot of parkruns and very few other races and hten he seems to PB: maybe a worthwhile tactic.

Handy Cross x-c for me this morning, first run in 2 weeks, 2 minutes slower than last year but pain free running has to be good.

09/12/2012 at 14:26

Quick post at half time in the big game.

As per Bus really, the story of today was a couple of long spells of wind, one somewhere lateish on was particularly strong. You know it's windy when you hit a still km like we did 5 to 6km and it was this is lovely

35.24 (confirmed) wasn't a bad result today. Raced it well enough, felt fine, just can't beat the conditions sometime.

I guess the progression from last year is the pleasing thing. Last summer a 35.20 felt like an amazing time, now, slightly slower feels quite disappointing, but deep down you know it's completely wind related.

More later

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09/12/2012 at 15:37

Fair quality of field for a small local race mind - my 36:23 was only 29th and 14th V40.  In 2008, 37:22 gave me 15th!

Less than a minute behind now SG - I'm closing the gap 

Philip - good to hear the race was done with no pain. Means you can now focus on getting back up to par I guess. 

09/12/2012 at 15:44

yeah i'd overestimated where i'd come...i was presuming "around top 10", but 18th.

Finally taken that ridiculous 36.44 off the PO10 record though!

The 3 ahead of me who got "Pbs" today, must have come on in fitness since their other efforts as that wasn't close to pb material today.

The footy result has made today a great day tho!

Phil, you're back a bit closer to being fully back old and Bus were talking about a road trip to Chichester or Eastleigh next spring, you in?

Dachs, nice park run job. A win is a a win!

09/12/2012 at 17:59

quiet on here, so let's have a longer race report shall we?

Bus had told me Andy Reading 10k was a pb potential course, and with other options scarce this time of year, and not being desperate to do the ultra hilly local XC series race today, seemed a good option.

With a 35.09 10k split within my last 10miler, a sub 35 seemd pretty doable, even in my "play it down" type outlook.

Got to the venue, and Bus's warnings about it also having a lot of potential for being pretty windy unfortunately was looking obvious.

One of those races that has a fair chunk on an airfield.

After a bizarre long walk from the lineup area to the actual start, it was all very startling when the instruction was given to start,

Completely caught me out, and I had managed to start the watch too early.

Meants it was a 3.17 first km, and a 6:59 split for the next 2km combined (yep, one of those days the timing is a complete balls-up).

So by that stage, nicely on course for a pb, but there the wind started up, and km4 was suddenly 3.42.

Then we were into the airfield, and the wind had really got up. It obviously affected the chaps putting the markers out, as the 5k sign was too early, as a false 3.17 km reading showed.

5km to 6km was so windless it was amazing after the previous 2km. However, the goons had laid the marker out so late that it actually came at 6.25km. So an early 5km marker, and a really late 6km, meaning perhaps the longest km in the history of 10k racing. 4.13 for that  "km"

By this time, i knew that a sub 35 was going to be impossible, and a pb would be an ask.

The maths was also getting a bit tricky, as the 7th "Km" was 3.08, but obviously short. The wind was pretty strong for akm at this stage, so i was glad to get the heck out of the airfield when 8k came.

My fingers weren't managing to take splits for the last 3km, so it came out as a bizarre 10.56 combo in the end, which probably shows how windy one of those km was , as i was nicely under 3.30 for the last 2km which were still again.

Saw the clock tick 35.20 as i was about 15metres away, so no need to kill myself to zoom in, and presumed i'd got 35.26.

However, the chip has come out 35.24 meaning a ridiculous 4 secs off the official pb.

Never mind, like Bus said a good trip out. Story was pretty similar to mine, and even Cooray, Olympian marathon chap and a club mate reckoned it was a minute slower than it could have been,

Not 100% on that, but on a better day definitely a sub 35 as a minimum is there. And it just shows how things change in running. Last summer I was cock a hoop at a 35.20, roll on 18months and a 35.24 feels disappointing even with obvious factors to explain it.

At least it wipes the 36:44 off my power of 10, as my other 3 or 4 35:xxs have all been blinking ARC races.

Good litle trip with Bus, would have just been an arse on my own. Probably wouldn't do this one again, unless weather was looking particularly generous, and I was desperate for a road 10km.

Despite some areas of rough, tight turnings and last 100metres on grass it could still be fast without the wind.


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09/12/2012 at 18:03

Well done guys on the races.

Race I should have done, was yesterday but seeing how my club didn't have a full team it was an easy decision not to do it and risk making the niggle worse, especially since its nearly gone.

The only other runner from my club entered for the race also opted out on account of a similar niggle but mainly on account of being told there was only the two of us entered and we needed three for a team.

Had a look at the result today. The guy who won was a member of our club until a few months back and had decided since he'd retired from competition, he'd rejoin his old club. Right! 

And what a surprise, there was a guy from my club after all. In 5th place who wasn't apparently entered for the race on account of being injured. I noticed he wasn't injured in last weeks Chiltern league.

Academic really. But if I hadn't been crocked, I'd have done the race anyway. But the other guy who bailed out wouldn't have raced on account of us not having a full team.

People have resigned over less. I'll just carry on with road races.

Training today.

60 mins in the woods, 45 mins on the bike. Chain-sawed a tree up in between.

SG, well done on that result, especially as it was dug out of aches and pains.

Did a 10k once where the last but one 1km split came out at 2:12. I wish!



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09/12/2012 at 18:32

The wind really is a sod isn't it? Not a lot you can do about it either, the thing I hate most is I don't enjoy racing when it's windy (unless it's XC), after that HM this year I'd just DNS I think! Good runs though today by both of you and nice to get something slightly realistic on the power of 10 for SG.

I DNS my trail 10k today, I'm dreading the results and seeing the winning time being 37:xx and knowing I'd have won. Did 50 mins in the forest today and my knee is sore again a few hours after. P**sing me off now. The county XC champs are looming and I won't run if I'm not fit.

Euro XC was decent today nice to see the Brits mixing it up a bit too.

Deano, did you brave Leek? I saw our Mikey came 4th ahead of Stu! Oh and you'll have Nick McCormick for company at Telford!

09/12/2012 at 18:36

Thanks Ric. Is that chain-sawing as specific strentgthening exercise recommended by your in-house physio for the back problem then

Like Eynsham, it's a shame Andy reading doesn't have entry on the day - one you could just turn-up and PB when the weather is looking to be spot-on!

Cooray was over 2 mins down on his 10k PB, but I don't suppose we can claim that as the wind factor! I suspect a large chunk of his was down to no-one of similar calibre to run with. It's funny though - how would any of us feel going into a race and coming out 2 mins down? I suppose the win takes a bit of the sting out mind...


09/12/2012 at 18:39

 Love that split Ric! Sounds some interesting messing about at the race you didn't do then! You're right, a bad experience can put you off bothering to turn out for a club.

I'll have a special message for that lovely chap who got me taken out of the 10k results last summer next time I do the same race as him.

Stevie, hope things clear up. Afraid my only outer knee ache experience was cleared up with some stretching and shoe changes. I'm certain those would have been your first port of call.

I was telling Bus I've got a bizarre new injury, non running related, probbaly due to office work, left wrist aches, might be RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome (i think they callit),

ps i put left wrist...and i'm right handed, so save your jive talking

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