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09/12/2012 at 18:41

Bus, Cooray must only come close to a pb when he's in a really high standard race. Noone anywhere near these parts can really match him apart from Phil Wicks.

We'll take note of this, and I reckon we start looking at Chichester and or Eastleigh straight away. Eastleigh I remember leaving entry too late once, so I'll check it now...

09/12/2012 at 19:30

Yeah, it's a shame that bloke we saw wasn't Mr Wicks!

As we do at these times (!?) I've been doing some analysis! Cooray's time was 1:10 slower than at Risborough 10k whereas mine was 23 secs faster - not sure what that means (except nothing!) but I'll interpret it that my equivalent time today was 34:50

Eastleigh is 24th March, Chichester is the week before Wokingham (3rd Feb) - today's time would only have got me 75th  at Chichester or 89th at Eastleigh!!!!

09/12/2012 at 19:51

Sounds like a bit of the Chichester one is on an airfield too. But won't be as much as today.

Have a look though, and we'll get an entry in, and take pot luck we're both fit and well then! No clues on the site about whether it fills up early.

Slight up at the start apparently, but last 2km downhill! Sounds good.

Eastleigh definitely sells out, but lets deal with Chichy first?

read some of the reviews for the "soulless" type comments from clearly slower newbies, who are obviously after some epic Safari, watching Wilderbeast elegantly sweeping through the plains or something!

It's a race for fudge sake., is good!

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09/12/2012 at 20:13
Stevie G . wrote (see)



read some of the reviews for the "soulless" type comments from clearly slower newbies, who are obviously after some epic Safari, watching Wilderbeast elegantly sweeping through the plains or something!

It's a race for fudge sake., is good!

Indeed it is SG.

Never been a running tourist myself.

Tend to avoid far away races if I can ever since a high speed blast to Gosport on the tail end of a snow storm resulted in a personal worst.

The newbies will one day realise the only thing different in their globe-trotting races, is the grade of tarmac. And the price.


09/12/2012 at 20:17

you have XC for testing yourself on wacky footing, and training runs to enjoy the scenery.

I'm probably not old enough to "enjoy scenery" just yet though.

I do love a good race hoon. Makes it much more of an event, and usually fosters a better performance, as you know driving a big distance and not giving it your all is a right disaster.

I'm sure i'll get back to my cynical ways of targetting bootleg races one day, but for now it's fast flat and high qualuity stuff only.

After all, it;s your pbs that people are interested in in years to come, not coming 2nd in some 4.3miler where you're up against a bunch of kids and oldies.

09/12/2012 at 20:44
Stevie see wrote (see)


Deano, did you brave Leek? I saw our Mikey came 4th ahead of Stu! Oh and you'll have Nick McCormick for company at Telford!

I did, having been laid up for a couple of weeks with recurring bugs (cheers kids!) i set off slowly and was probably down in the 30s on the first lap.  In fact a local i have been beating recently had time to stop and do up his laces and carry on still ahead of me.  i just trotted along and "enjoyed" killer hill, on each of the 3 laps. biggest hill i have taken on in any race xc or road. 

I worked through the pack overtaking on the hill mostly as many suffered.  Got up to 13th but didnt throw the full house in as i was hurting and didnt want to jepordise what little chance i have at telford.  I quite enjoyed starting slow and overtaking on the hill in front of the loud crowd gathered having a bit of banter with them.   Finished 6th overall in the series and My club romped the team prize so a nice little trophy for my kids to idolise  

I am still hopeful i will be over this bug and be ok for telford next week....who knows.

SG & Bus - echo other comments good times in windy conditions

Dachs - nice win, your speed will return soon enough

Seb - not sure you recieved the love on this thread your birmingham XC placing of 51st last week deservedFor me that was up there as good as anybody here has run this yr on any surface. and there is plenty of decent performance to choose from.  Congrats mate.  i know 51st isnt as sexy sounding as a 4th place or whatever but i know how mustard the competition is. Any race with 2 full teams from loughborough uni and birmingham uni plus all the other top clubs is going to be hard to place high.

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09/12/2012 at 20:56
Stevie G . wrote (see)
Phil, you're back a bit closer to being fully back old and Bus were talking about a road trip to Chichester or Eastleigh next spring, you in?

Looks like the injury is movign on so back into training but will hav to adjust plans. Lat year I did HX sandwiched between 19 and 20 mile runs and this year not quite the same so distance is out so maybe even Wokingham Half is off and will ocncentrate on 5k, 5 mile and 10k for a while.

The Bus wrote (see)
Eastleigh is 24th March, Chichester is the week before Wokingham (3rd Feb) - today's time would only have got me 75th  at Chichester or 89th at Eastleigh!!!!

Eastleigh is off, same day as Southern 12 stage Road Relay and we are looking for a solid team performance. The 12 strage is 6 long legs (7664M or just short of 5 miles) and 6 short legs (5053 m or a good 3 miles) and the winning teams are a shade outside 4 hours ( so 40 minutes for the 2 legs (8 miles or 5 minute miling) and to advance to the natinals you need about 4:20.

09/12/2012 at 20:58

Good racing guys!, big shame about the wind, and boy was it windy in places on my little run today, Dont just just hate it when you feel like your going so slow! but your not, its just the increased effort required to maintain pace. I doubt I'll run Telford at the weekend if its windy, starting to dislike road races so If its not PB conditions can't be bothered. XC is the current focus. Deano where are you so we can play Telford mind games? I saw you ran Leek today, any good?

Feeling sorry for you Chingo  lots of progress then a nasty groin strain that won't go away, Do you think it was a case of too many miles too soon or just an error in calculating VLM recovery? I would seconds Bus' approach, multiple physio's opinions and some sort of vigorous strengthening program. Hope you'll be back out to play one day. take care.

 edit: doh I took so long to post deano posted!

Cheers for the Brum league comments mate, I still believe its THE toughest XC league in the country, and I also believe they are some of my best running performances ever. All building towards the county champs, fingers crossed  the inter counties awaits, its going to be close... you towing me round at Telford or disappearing in the distance with a blistering 1st mile?

Dachs the .Seb is because some tw*t already has Seb.

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09/12/2012 at 21:17
.Seb wrote (see)

Dachs the .Seb is because some tw*t already has Seb.

Cracked me up!

Check my dot out....I was originally Stevie G, then for a long while had some old blog website in my name....only to find some foolarse had stolen the name in the meantime, and made like 15posts before permanently disappearing.


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09/12/2012 at 21:38

Seb, I'd have to agree the Brum league looks harder than anything I know of. If a man of your calibre is placing 51st and calling it an excellent performance it must be good. Hope you make the inter counties mate, you'll be on sky sports then! Famous. I must admit your 51st passed me by as like Dean said the position doesn;t tell the true story of the performance.

Dean, great work at Leek, I think the way you raced it was the best possible way. Many have gone out hard on that bad boy and paid the price. Was it the full course with the up, then down then straight back up the BIG hill? First XC league done and a big trophy? Can't complain eh? Good luck for Telford, I know a few from my club are considering it. If not plough on with the XC season and next spring you'll be fit as a fiddle! As it looks I'm not going to be fit for the Cheshire's but I'll see. Alsager is the one I'm gearing for, if it's not an ice rink this year.

09/12/2012 at 22:13

SS - full course, you basically run down the hill out of control to turn 10m to the right at the bottom to come back up it again.  im lucky that Stoke are so strong, but i have been a counter in every race for them so i have done my bit towards the trophy even if i havent quite hit the times my road pbs hint at.  to be honest telford is in the way a bit...i would happily go into xmas mileage with no race to think about but it exactly represents 1yr racing so feels like a good bookend to my 1st yr.

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10/12/2012 at 07:26

Some pictures from Andy Reading: what is wrong with getting up front at the start guys, nowhere in sight:

 and bus was ahead of Sam at some stage but I bet she got him in the end.

 Few comments on facebook about bus having a sun-bed.



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10/12/2012 at 08:03

That first pic puzzled me for a second, but it's actually a picture of the little jog to the real start line.

They line you up on the field, and then take you what must be 600metres to the actual start! So myself and Bus are simply out of shot, as we jogged in with Sam, who is clearly visible on the left.

After all, Cooray isn't even in the pic, and he won comfortably! He was wise, waiting at the start line!

10/12/2012 at 09:20

That pic is just after the off - you can just make out the timing mat. Not sure where Cooray is (unless he'd already built a 10m lead!!). It was a bit of an odd start though - I almost missed it as there was no preamble, and was still moving up to the front when they said "go"! Personally, as it is chip timed, I'd always hold back a bit at this one to avoid going off at a stupid pace - it was still a 3:20 first k.

Yeah, Sam did pip me in the last half k, but only by 2 secs. If I'd be running for a sub 36 it might have been different, but I had no real motivation to push at that point given a PB and even course PB had slipped by. Didn't even puke on the line!

Sun bed? I was thinking how pale I look at the moment - it's a long time since Madeira!

SG - have you noticed how dead still the wind is today? Grrr....

10/12/2012 at 09:30

Good running nevertheless by both SG and Bus. You can have some confidence that shiny new PBs are in the offing when you can get to another quick course, just a shame you couldn't squeeze them out in 2012.  Certainly sounds like SG is on for a reasonably comfortable sub-35 at some stage.

Eastleigh - I'm intending to be there.  The plan is that this is my 'A' spring 10k.  Won't be in the right form by early February for Chichester I don't think, plus Chichester is a significantly further drive for me than Eastleigh.

I appear to have picked up a new niggle - my left hip, about where the top corner of the pelvis is.  Sore to the touch, and painful to run on to start with, although it starts to subside after a couple of miles. The amount of injuries on this thread, someone's bound to have had this already.  Any ideas?

10/12/2012 at 10:01

Bus, odd indeed then. Cooray must have had a big lead already, but you me, and his teammate must somehow have been hidden!?

Dachs, hip stuff seems to be creeping into this thread...the things I find very useful for the hip are things like deep forward lunges, which really strengthen the hip flexors, and lyying on your side bringing the top leg up and back. about 40 of those.

an ache that is a worry as it seems such an odd place to try and strengthen!

10/12/2012 at 10:21

Dachs - similar area and symptoms to my hip problem last year, which turned out to be ITB issues. Sorted it with foam rolling across ITB and hip, plus standing ITB stretches.

Philip - where were those pics from?

10/12/2012 at 11:20
The Bus wrote (see)

Philip - where were those pics from?

Thay are from Sam on facebook.

10/12/2012 at 11:22

Thanks - will try and take a look (if I can work it out!)

10/12/2012 at 12:10

you probably have to be on her friends list in fairness...

Young Gareth was the one saying about your tan. I almost wrote how you'd certainly "tan" his hide in a race, but thought better of it

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