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29/12/2012 at 21:14
The Runner SS highlights is an outstanding runner and is class personified. He just has a habit of running too many low brow races. I bet if you asked him he would tell you he probably ran them as tempos but picked up some money for doing them.

Nice session warren, fast stuff
29/12/2012 at 21:16

Ridiciulous session Warren, chaps like you make me feel like i'm just messing about here.

Ric, good to get a mix of top events with quality fields, and lower quality fields to come higher in. The variety works well, quality field for better time, low field for the high places we all need to validate our continued efforts to the cause.

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29/12/2012 at 21:31

Every now and again at open meetings on the track I end up in a race with me, women and children - never can tell who's going to turn up.
Also I used to do a lot of the junior versions of the local races, in 2003 (I was 16 and had been running maybe a year) I did an Active Amps 5K in Richmond Park, to my suprise I won it (no time on my records but I did a 19.11 the next week) - it was only a while later I realised what the 'amps' part was, and why there was so many runners with prosthetics! Still, it was an open race with plenty of people with two legs, and you can only race whoever turns up on the day!
I havent won anything since then except the odd track race, but again the quality is debatable.

29/12/2012 at 21:49
Darren Russell wrote (see)

Was pleased to pb in a 5k park run this morning which didn't expect at all due to: a diet consisting of crisps, booze and chocolate for the last week, running 10 miles late yesterday, the crap weather, an off road course with 3 short hills/steps and going off course at one point!.

Never can predict how a race will turn out!.

Did a quick google and 17:39 for 5k parkrun PB is on the money and looks like a ding dong for first place.

A lot of the marathon thing is about learning what works for you. In 2011 it worked quite well and I did 2:57. This year I added distance and did 2:50 but seems that the distance didn't agree with me, so will revert to the 2011 tactic with more speed work. The 2:50 thread is suggesting a lot of progressive 10 milers so they come out at about 65, 64, 63, 62 and 61 minutes for 10 miles with the last mile at about 5:30 pace. I will then do my longer runs slower so I am out for longer time but less pounding on the feet.

Stevie G . wrote (see)

Phil..if you're dotting around...fancy joining me for a leisurely shorter sunday run tomorrow?  Early obviously, but's not supposed to be fun.

If early is 8:30 am then yes, but not 7:00 am. Learnt yesterday that I have to go to the USA to see their Department of Defense so suddenly a gradual start to New Year has become 2 lost nights sleep on air planes.

30/12/2012 at 06:54

Phil, a 5.30 last mile of a 10? That'll feel ripe on the legs

Just picked up your post, afraid I'm literally out the door soon. Just a 9 today, did a 14 the other day.

This week I've converted double easy runs into 1 daily single. Just makes sense, and keeps it fresh. Same again next week, so if yourself or Bus are around anyday let me know...probably depends on your trips, but we can work something out I'm sure.

If you can keep the excellent marathon time/better it, and not have the really frustrating niggle hit 2nd half to your year, you'll have a great year...fingers crossed!

Crispsy...made me chuckle..a win is a win though!!

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30/12/2012 at 08:28

nice 9. feels so quick compared to a normal sunday long one.  And feels a lot more relaxed the the odd lunch hour long one...knowing the time isn't constrained.

Without spoiling, the end of year summary too much, today's run brought up the 3,000 for the year

Wasn't planned that way in the slightest. But now sit on 3000.5 to be exact with 1 day left of 2012.

30/12/2012 at 11:48

A win is a win - especially when there hasnt been any since!

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30/12/2012 at 12:00

Exactly PC. I treasure my 3 wins, even though 2 of them were 5ks when 10ks were on, and the other was the well known distance of 4.7miles!

It''s been changed to a 10k now, and must be one of the hilliest courses ever, as well as being MT, as the guy who won it this year took over 40mins, but has done 34.34 elsewhere a month or 2 on.

I've added it to my "vague August racing" list, along with the Murder mile in some random Welsh town, the 1miler up a steep hill.

Probably best filed under "i'll never do either, but will keep mentioning it each year"

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30/12/2012 at 12:50
Well that was wet and windy! Felt like I was going into the unknown a little bit as I'd not ran a 10k since the summer and it felt ridiculously tough so decided to go off steady and follow someone who I could try and stay with who was a 34/35 min runner.

First two miles were 5.45 pace and then I ended up with the bloke tucking in behind me as it was bloody windy! The usual doubts creep in and I was feeling it at the 5km mark which I ran in 17.21. Thought if I could hold it for the next half I may end up with a PB. Started to notice other runners from the xc and races I've done who are normally way in front and I started to gradually go past them.

Don't know how the bloody hell it happened as i was feeling it at halfway but seemed to get stronger and stronger as it went on. Not got the official time yet but the gun time I think was 34.01 but now waiting for the chip time which I'm positive is sub 34. Absolutely buzzing and a great end to the year.

Knocked over 2 mins off since my first race in feb so fingers crossed 2013 brings more of the same!
30/12/2012 at 13:11

Sounds a great 2nd half...a negative split in a 10k is pretty excellent. I always wonder with people who do those, whether they are purposely holding back first half, or just smash through the pain barrier in the 2nd half.

Checked last year's results, certainly an epic field...6 or so under 30, 60s under 33ish, 100 under 35!

Again shows if you want a fast time surround yourself with real quality...hopefully the 2 south 10ks in Feb/March will bring me similar (though not that quick!) joy

well done

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30/12/2012 at 13:22

Mattl, brilliant result.

You've discovered the benefits of avoiding a 'starting blocks' start.

I tend towards a restrained start myself if only to counteract the adrenaline, though the number of occasions I've become stronger and stronger during a race I can count on one finger. And that was only because I'd blown up first, so not quite so effective results wise.

Sub 5:30's is really escaping the masses, so well done.

Re: SG, I've run negative splits myself but its not really a case of holding several seconds back in reserve, more about avoiding a lactic acid accumulating burn up over the first 2 miles. The difference pace wise is around 5 seconds per mile rather than 15 or 20. 


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30/12/2012 at 13:28
Think the winner was over 30 this year. Not sure whether that was because of the conditions. I can't complain!

Probably the first race apart from my marathon last year where I was unsure how I'd cope with people keep going past me as the races ive done havent been of this quality. When tired I was thinking it'd be disheartening. Strangely enough with going off quite steady after about 3kms not one person went past me. It certainly helped watching people get closer, it gave me that extra lift.
30/12/2012 at 13:29
Cheers Ric. A few well earned pints are in order now!
30/12/2012 at 13:30

Its why I like 10 milers. Watching speed merchants come back.

30/12/2012 at 13:35

it's worked for you fellas, but I wouldn't be able to reign it in at the start really. I like a jet propelled start, and then it eases into the correct pace.

It's good at burning off rivals who probably thought they'd give you a race.

Also when you know you're fitter than before, it lets you get some time in the bank, and mentally helps you as you're going rather than thinking, I need to make up xx seconds later...when normally that's the last thing you want to do...

Quite excited by some February racing...only 5&6weeks away until a couple of real fast races.

Will post the 10 or so questions for a sumary of the year by about 6pm. And then, all the regulars can complete it for their own year over the next day or so after it.... always good to look back at a year, as we're all so focused looking forward!

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30/12/2012 at 14:33
Philip_M_Jones Santa comes but once a year but when he does he fills your stockings. wrote (see)

Did a quick google and 17:39 for 5k parkrun PB is on the money and looks like a ding dong for first place.

Cheers Phil, checked the winner out and he's ran a 31 min 10k this year so struggled for first place on this one!.

Excellent marathon time from you, I realise what determination, effort and pain must have gone into that!  Completely understand about the progressive 10 milers as I think part of my problem last year was that I churned out a lot of long runs but then limited my quicker pace runs to say only 8 miles.  Think I also need to do a half marathon this year to as it's a race I've never done.  

Fantastic time Mattl, you must have some talent there!.  Was thinking of having a bash at that 10k but never got round to booking in.

I'm intrigued by your 10 questions SG and will be sure to have a peek later on!. 

30/12/2012 at 16:51
Great time matt. Sets up 2013 nicely. Some fast times beckon
30/12/2012 at 18:03

Phil, are you around tomorrow? Just got a 7miler at easy to fit in. No need to do at any ridiculous time either...

I know it's a working day for a lot...just depends if it is for you!

Whoa, read a post by a guy who has done 90+ miles in singles this week, and has done them 6:30 pace, because his knee hurts when he does them slower.

That's a new one...

right, give me 20mins, and we'll get some kind of template together for a year end cosy thread love in

Edited: 30/12/2012 at 20:08
30/12/2012 at 20:26

Right. here's the 2012 questionnaire type format....think it over, and we'll all post them in tomorrow sometime...


  • Years Mileage
  • Races run
  • Distances Raced at
  • PBs (not including first attempts at a distance)

 Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

Thread Members

  • Best thread race performance
  • 2012 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)
  • 2013 One to Watch

Race Results

  • List pbs at start of year, and end of the year

(for the chaps who are strictly into the Vets, and pbs not so relevant, how about totalling Category Pots won instead?)

2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

 Might be quite interesting, might become a chore of utter tedium, but hopefully more towards the former

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30/12/2012 at 21:31

SG - I wouldn't call my session yesterday ridiculous at all. It was 2 mins off your 10 mile pb so u would have breezed it if u had been there too!

Great time there matt. U clearly have serious talent and 2013 will see u flying.

Good parkrun effort too Darren. 

This morning's 21 miles weren't too pleasant seeing as I had done the tough session barely 12 hours before. Posting from my kindle so I'll leave the 2012 summary for work tomorrow.

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