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31/12/2012 at 17:01

Wow - don't look at the thread for 24 hours and see what I have to catch up on! Will work on the summary, but before I do - some good racing performances, especially Matt's!

As for my last runs of the year: Saturday was a treadmill session - I think I nearly broke the treadmill in the hotel it was shaking so much! Quite pleased as I managed to crack out a 19:05 5k, despite the first 1k being a warm up. Most pleasing was 4th k in 3:35, and last 1/4k in 3:29 pace (not sure whether it counts the same on a TM though!). Completely different run yesterday - along the Malvern Ridge. 9.5M and 2200 feet of climbing in 1:38 (includes some time looking at the views including an extremely flooded River Severn!).

31/12/2012 at 17:46


  • Total mileage: 2505 (darn it Ric, if only I'd known ) my biggest year by nearly 400M
  • Total ascent 187,000 ft (had to have height  in SG!)
  • Races run: 27 (3 fell, 7 off-road, 17 road)
  • (Road) Distances Raced at: 5k, 5M, 10k, 7M, 10M, HM,
  • PBs: 5k 17:59 (18:19)  HM 1:18:46 (1:19:33)  10M 58:44 (58:48)

 Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

  • 10M PB, despite very windy last 2 miles
  • Half marathon PB
  • Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race

Bubbling under: 1st V40, massive trophy and £50 vouchers at Bramley 10!; County Bronze medal at Wycombe Half; weekend of Lad's Leap Fell Race including long run with Seb; course PB at Ridgeway after a 6 year wait!; trip to GSR with SG.  Oh, and getting through a whole year with no (serious!) injuries!

Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

  • Not going sub 36 at 10k
  • Not going sub 29 in 5M
  • Not even getting close to scoring any points in the English Fell Running Champs!

Thread Members

  • PERFORMANCE: Lot's of great moments from everyone on the thread, inlcuding Stevie See's sub 36, Seb's various off-road wins, Dean's fantastic progression overall, similar with Dachs times, SG's 10M times validating all his work and commitment to his coaching programme but, as others have said, the overall standout has to be Philip's 2:50 at London, for the shear standard of planning and execution. Scariest performance has to be DT2's 14M tempo at 5:40 pace!!
  • POSTER: Again, difficult to call as everyone brings something to the thread and the race reports get better by the race, but Stevie See for his continual presence and relentless positivity, Dachs for making me laugh and SG for making me cry!!
  • ONE TO WATCH: Tricky again, as we've all got big things ahead of us next year (I hope!).  Dach's, Dean and SG are going to get some big PB's, Stevie See is also going to have a breakthrough year and I reckon Seb will make a giant leap forward if he starts doing some long runs (!) and translates his off-road prowess onto the roads but I will plump for newcomer Matt given the times he's done on some patchy training!

Race Results

  • 7 1st V40 prizes and 12 top 10 overall (had to make a shelf free for some trophies!!!)

2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

  • A proper 5k!
  • Sub 29 for 5M
  • Sub 36 for 10k
  • Sub 1:18:36 for Half Marathon (proper 6 mm pace, rather than the 10 secs over at Paddock Wood!)
  • Sub 2:50 for Marathon
  • Top 50 in Coledale Horseshoe
  • A new fell race (or two!)
31/12/2012 at 18:44

SG - great stuff, your thread is a different world to mine with its paces, sessions, Po10, assessing race results etc...........but its a good read although it seems like I take part in a different sport to you lot. I did 5 races this year, two of them were A races (VLM and a Sept 1/2 IM) and the other 3 were C races (IoW 1/2, Solent 1/2 and Hayling 10) that I deliberately ran untapered on tired legs that had biked a long way the day before, I also rarely run quicker than 8mm !

31/12/2012 at 19:27
dean richardson 7 wrote (see)

......2011 PB. 2012 PB
5k. 18.09. 15.57
10k. 35.34. 33.03
Hm. 83.44. 74.15

Wow, what a progression to live up to in 2013!  Will be interesting how far you can take it. I can see a minute on that half to go just on the other 2 times...  those track sessions you did when your pbs were at the slower end of the scale jumped out straight away as being something special...

Stevie see wrote (see)

Race Results


10:24 – 10:08


17:58 – 17:23

5 miles

30:13 – 29:24


37:10 – 35:51

10 miles

61:42 – not raced.


81:13 – 81:43

2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

3K – 9:49 (be Cheshire Champ again, see who turns up!)

5k – sub 17:10 (May)

5 miles – sub 29mins

10k – sub 35mins (by November)

10miles – sub 59mins

HM – sub 79mins (By September)

Another quality progressive year. 5k&10k look your big targets for the year, I think the other targets will go quicker than the shake of a gnat's nadger.

Had forgotten that 17.1mile race! Gloriously ridiculous distance! And Leeds simply sounds an amazing race. If I've had to rely on excuses to why Chichester/Eastleigh/Silverstone/Track/running down a steep hill haven't given me a 10k pb, I might well have to get involved at Leeds....

The Bus wrote (see)


  • 10M PB, despite very windy last 2 miles

 trip to GSR with SG. 

Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

  • Not going sub 36 at 10k
  • Not going sub 29 in 5M
  • Not even getting close to scoring any points in the English Fell Running Champs!


2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

  • A proper 5k!
  • Sub 29 for 5M
  • Sub 36 for 10k
  • Sub 1:18:36 for Half Marathon (proper 6 mm pace, rather than the 10 secs over at Paddock Wood!)

Mixture of the trip to GSR and you getting a pb made that a year's highlight trip/race for me. Getting our mugs on tv, and the terrific after race care/celeb meeting just topped it all off. Ta again DT2!

I have no idea on sub 2:50 for marathon...that event has other factors then just turning up fit, but those other aims look a given to me. Sensible, and doable.

If we can't find a 5k before May, with Charndon looking the one to do. (chaps ahead of me at Aylesbury 5k May and Downes, did 31-50sec quicker there), we'll have to have a gang smash to a (whisper it whisper it)  PaRk  Runn. (i think that's how they brand them, eh Hilly/BR/prf )

31/12/2012 at 19:40

Ta TR, i'm biased but I think this is probably the best training thread on here for quality.

We don't have the real top end guys like the Sub 3 thread has (not til DT2, Dean and Dachs get up there), but there's too many posters on there and way too big a range in abilities.

The other chaps on this thread are all on the up, and all quality.  I feel like the guy in the footy team who isn't as good as the other players, but holds his place on effort and commitment

Just as an example of this I'll be to bed pretty early tonight, in preparation for a particularly MONSTER tempo tomorrow.

3x(10mins HMP, 10mins Steady).

I aim to do this round a 0.8mile loop, so I'll be smashing round there for an hour, probaby doing 10-11 laps.

After a fair period of light track work, and maintenance type training, this signals the start of a 5week build up to the Big Feb races. And tomorrow will be pretty intense...although I'm sure the Steady 10min sections will feel like cigar out fare

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31/12/2012 at 20:06

Agreed this thread is very illuminating...

01/01/2013 at 09:26


01/01/2013 at 11:35

SG - in terms of quality stuctured training then I guess you're right, but then you folks are targeting fast 10ks etc. The beauty of the sub3 thread is the amount of folks that have joined in/been inspired by the sub3 thread to indeed go sub3 (and more). I hope you get to bag a few more PBs this year. I might see you at Chichester.

01/01/2013 at 13:59

Sub 3hours is certainly a quality benchmark. Although chaps on here who I've beaten over shorter stuff have smashed miles under 3hours, I'd think that'd be my first target if I ever did one...

Let me know if you do Chichester, we'll have a pre/after race chat!

Started this year's training with quite a demanding session.

14miles, including 1hour alternating in 10min slots of HMP and Steady continuously.

The thing that stood out was how slow steady pace (6.30+ miling) felt.

Was tightening up a bit near the end, but probably not surprisingly with that length run, with that level of intensity.

Walking about fine now...and off to the "Big game", of Wycombe V Exeter

01/01/2013 at 16:03

Happy New Year All!!

Good session to start the year SG. I notice that 2013 begins with you talking about a marathon as "if" and not "never" - bit of a shift in thinking?

Was dragged out by the family for a new year's day walk thsi morning, so missed the opportunity for a long run in the first decent weather we've had for a while. Hopefully will get out in a bit, but won't be as long.


01/01/2013 at 16:06

Happy new year everyone!.  

If there's a prize on here for drinking the most then I would possibly bag that one!.  Out until 4am and only just coming round!.

Blimey, some fantastic reading here and what stood out the most is the rate of improvement from most of the runners.

Johnas - unbelievable improvement on your 10k time of nearly 4 minutes off relatively low annual mileage when compared with others.

Ric - Congratulations on your 6 first vet 50 prizes, obviously in great shape.

Warren - Great times from 5k to marathon along with a top improvement in the year.  The 2:45 marathon time is fantastic.

Ironcat - Thanks for the mention in the earlier post, will defo be sticking around. Huge respect for anyone that can put themselves through and iron man.  Fantastic improvment on the HM.

PC2 - Quality times at all distances from 400m to HM.  Again some top improvements from relatively low annual mileage when compared with others.

SG - Nice chunk off your 10m time and inspiring to see such a dedicated individual in both running and facilitating this thread.  Sub 35 has definitely got to be on the cards this year.  

Dean - Thanks for the mention in the earlier post. Astonishing improvements and quality times at all distances.  That HM time and improvement in the year is just jaw dropping!.  Defo one to watch for 2013!.

SS - Good level of improvement at all distances.  Sub 35 seems achievable if your rate of improvment is consistent with last year.  Be good to see you in some of the local races again this year with hopefully similar 10k race times again.

Bus - Steady improvement at all distances with some cracking times.  Congratulations of the seven V40 prizes, something to be proud of.  Would have thought Sub 36 10k should be do-able after a 58m 10m time. 

Must get myself out for a run myself at some point!.

01/01/2013 at 16:50

SG, what a way to start the year! That session was a beast! I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling slightly worse for wear this morning and thinking my 7 mile easy run seems like a tall task! Great night last night though, well worth the pain!

Happy new year all. Let's make 2013 a good one!

01/01/2013 at 17:27

SG - agreed, I'm low 2:50s and you folks are all faster than me at shorter distances. You probably should aim sub 2:50 first go I would have thought. I defo have a number for Chichester (and Stubbington) but the kids sports might cause a priority over ride so we'll have to wait when it gets to race week (of both).

01/01/2013 at 19:28

Darren, sort out the drinkins please son, we're all tee totallers who live monks in these parts...or is that just me

SS, sure was. Was still feeling the hip when i pottered out a gentle 3 later. A sleep will be sensational tonight!

TR/Bus...would all be conjecture, as even if i fancied one (which i don't) i expect i'd discombobulate physically if i tried one.

Bus, are you back at work this week now...any work from home days?

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01/01/2013 at 19:33
13.6M in the dark for me. First half was pleasant enough, but Sunday's hills caught up with me and it ended up as hard work and a bit of a slow shuffle to finish 7.46 pace! Still, long run out the way and will now take it easy for Cliveden on Sunday (flooding permitting!!)
01/01/2013 at 20:04

Bus, was on power of 10 looking through future races, and noticed a "Beaconsfield 5". First thought was oh there's somewhere else called that. But no, April 1st, Burnham Joggers race, around some estate apparently

Beware April 1st I know...but looks legit.

Reminds me of being told we had an all expenses paid footy trip/tour to given as April 1st.....all of us thought, hmmmm we believe you not. But that actually happened.

Edited: 01/01/2013 at 20:05
01/01/2013 at 20:14
Only been on this thread a short while so not fully up to speed with everyone's achievements and ive only been racing for 10months myself so cant compare last years. I know that there is some serious times and training goes down on this thread! Hopefully it'll help me pick up tips and hearing other people's experiences can hopefully help me.

-Years Mileage. Not sure at all. I only bought a garmin in the summer and have only started logging my weekly mileage 4 weeks ago.

-Races run. 16

-Distances Raced at. (First year of racing) 5km, 10km, 10 m, 13.5m, 17 mile.

-PBs (not including first attempts at a distance).
5k - 16.33
10k. - 33.56

Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year
- got to be breaking 34 mins for the 10k. After my first race in February and running 36.16 I'd never have imagined I could knock over 2 mins off that time.
- entering my first 'proper' fell race in November (the tour of Pendle) and finishing 8th. I turned up without any fell shoes as I didn't have any and a club mate lent me some money so I could buy some around 10mins before the start after they'd stopped laughing at my trail shoes. 17 miles with 5000ft of ascent and id only planned to do it as a training run to accumulate some miles.
- breaking 17 mins for the 5km. Managed to do it at the Burnley park run then on the road. I'm still one of only 2 people to go under 17 on that course. I think Dean may know the other fella.

Top 3 Disappointments of the Year
- getting injured around 4 weeks before Chester marathon.
- dropping out of my first ever xc race the other week with the sh@ts around 4 miles in.
- Losing out in a sprint finish in my first 10mile race.

They're only minor disappointments as I can't complain with the 10months I've had.

Thread Members. I've only been reading this a short while and I just pretty much jumped in at the end so off what I've read recently.

Best thread race performance
- Deans 33.03 10km or Ironcat5's Ironman. I tip my hat to anyone who completes one of those.

2012 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)
- after only reading for a short time it's obvious to see how SG seems to keep things ticking over nicely.

2013 One to Watch
- after seeing the pb's that Dean has demolished this year Ill plump for him.

Race Results
- 6 x 1st places (3 in the club summer series and 3 at the parkrun)
2 x 2nd place
3x 3rd place
5th, 8th, 9th and 71st.

2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)
- to hopefully keep improving. I've turned down a free club entry for the London marathon as I want to concentrate on lowering my 5 and 10km times with a bit of luck. Later in the year I want to do the Snowdon international, the Ben Nevis fell race and hopefully have another good run in the tour of Pendle.

Staying injury free would be my main one!
01/01/2013 at 20:17
mattl wrote (see)

- dropping out of my first ever xc race the other week with the sh@ts around 4 miles in.

Sorry I had to chuckle at this! And i should know how annoying that is after littering half of the locality over the years! In a race though, only once...when overdoing the hydration on a hot half marathon!

01/01/2013 at 21:06
Mattl- you mentioned I might know the only person faster than you on the burnley are right I train with Marc and he has been in great form, I languish in his wake. He is capable of a sub 15 5k IMO so if he was flat out on that race you are in very good company.

Looking back over the reports it is clear everyone has had an excellent yr. some big jumps from newboys and plenty of prize winning from those that have been around a while(I'm looking at you bus bling!), loads of miles trotted out to a point mine looks part time...I only have 2/3rds of stevie g total, how do you fit that all in ? Long curve for stevie see and stevie g that after yrs of training still hitting PBs. Some talented long stuff too from johnas, warren and iron cat. When it's my turn for a marathon there is plenty of knowledge to tap into. On the subject of marathons I was asked last night when will I do one, I mentioned I was already qualified for 2014 vim, which made my mind up about my 2013 ultimate goal...I have to get a sub 75 this yr so I can put it off until 2015!
01/01/2013 at 21:14

dean, i don't know jack about marathons, but how do you quality for a marathon 18months away?

thought a sub 2:45 or sub 1:15 half qualified you for the next year's marathon, not 18months away?

As for mileage, it's about what you're used to. 50miles feels like a part time week. 60+ feels the right level, and 70+ feels a strain.

It's funny though. I see the intensity some of you lads do your track stuff at, and I wouldn't handle that in a 60mile week....most of mine is easy.

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