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26/01/2013 at 21:23

Ah but Phil, you're forgetting that most of the old times weren't properly certified, so i'd stick with what you've got if I were you and be happy

26/01/2013 at 21:45
Stevie G . wrote (see)

Ah but Phil, you're forgetting that most of the old times weren't properly certified, so i'd stick with what you've got if I were you and be happy

Missed that one out: of course in the old days all courses were long to be safe so 31, 53 and 72

26/01/2013 at 22:10

Don't forget applying your WAVA of your later days to peak age, that'd probably carve a min off too

26/01/2013 at 22:29
Stevie G . wrote (see)

Don't forget applying your WAVA of your later days to peak age, that'd probably carve a min off too

That one doesn't work. My 82% WAVA give me a 54:05 open 10 miles. My WAVA is relatively stable, I was about 80% and have crept up a few % points.

26/01/2013 at 22:30

Most amusing  

To be fair, I'll just round it up or down to the nearest minute to no-runners as it can sound a bit weird giving the exact seconds for every distance! 

Very lazy day today. Apart froma  bit of swiss ball I've hardly moved. Hope this pouring rain outside washes away the remainsof the snow. Driving round earlier, the pavements still seemed pretty treachorous...



26/01/2013 at 22:45
Despite the heavy snowfall in staffs last night, the midlands Xc still went ahead and looked nightmare conditions. Looking forward to Sebs report. Seeing the photos I'm glad I was nowhere near it.
27/01/2013 at 07:16

Rounding up and down times.

Non runners only seem to be aware of one aspect of our activity; or the only one they are prepared to be impressed by, which is sub 3 and marathon.

"you're a runner then?"

"yes, I do a bit"

"ever run a marathon?"


"ever run the London marathon?"


(and now for the knockout punch)

"what's your best time?"

" two.........."

No need to tell them any more. 

SG, I know what your views on marathons are, but a sub 3 is the only way to silence critics outside an Olympic medal.


Edited: 27/01/2013 at 07:17
27/01/2013 at 08:46

Ric, I don't think you even have to get a time, it just seems finishing a marathon impresses them.

I've had that before...nomally along these lines.

Have you done a marathon
Well, you're not a proper runner
But I've done 20 halfs, and well over 100 races of other distances
But you haven't done a marathon
But even (slow old guy in office) did it last year
But he did 6hrs 23
Yeah but he finished it
I could merely finish it tomorrow, but if I did it I'd want to train properly
So why don't you


etc etc. The day you have to justify yourselve to someone who has no idea about running, never runs, and has certainly never raced becomes a sad day!


In other news, did a nice 12miler, 1hr 27.

Was a bit concerned at this tight ish hip, but it wasn't too bad, seemed to warm up after 6miles, and now I've got 3 windows to stretch and strengthen tomorrow.

Hopefully that keeps on top of things.

I remember Sam Amend saying if she didn't run every day she'd seize up. I think this one is one of those type niggles. Have to keep it active, strengthend and warmed up rather than any real rest.

27/01/2013 at 11:07

I had some of the marathon presumption this week, running on a snowy trail about the same speed as a mountain biker, I simply ask how far he's been etc. he asks the same then gives it the old "have you done a marathon" blah blah as if its the holy grail of running. I actually get the same reaction from some of the running club members. When asked why I didnt take one of the club VLM places, I simply explain that anyone can complete a marathon, but I want to run it fast and thats why im building upto it slowly and may attempt one in 2014.

Competed in the Midlands XC Champs yesterday, arriving at the venue it appeared we would be in for a snowy treat of a race. After some standing round pinning numbers on etc, attaching chip! (whats the point in a champs race?) we jogged around the course for a look, At first it didnt look too bad, there was 4"+ of snow everywhere and the racing line had got slushy and abit muddy but nothing dramatic,   further round the course there was a little loop that was more like a normal XC, reasonably muddy and the senior ladies were just coming past and looking like they were struggling and slipping quite alot.

Finished warming up and slipped on the spikes, lots of people had gone with trail/fell shoes. Heading to the start line, my feet had already become Ice blocks! you couldnt help but go through the odd freezing puddle on the warm up resulting in wet socks, but what was the point in changing them, they would shortly be more than abit wet. 

Lined up and bang, off we went, the course was due to be 12km, but we were informed that it had been shortened. Instead of 3 long laps we were to run 1 medium lap and 2 long laps. I thought at the time this was abit of a cop out as the course seemed reasonable.

I started steadily as was my plan, to keep the achilles from flaring up and to give the psycological boost that is passing people throughout. As soon as we started there was snow and cold water flying everywhere from people flicking it up with their shoes, we turned onto the medium lap and it soon became apparent that it was going to be more muddy than expected, the ladies had churned it up somewhat whilst we were finishing our warm up. I was just working steadily, gently easing past a few runners, trying to find the best grip, but there was no difference between the snow and the mud.  there was a sharp dip in the course on a left hand bend and the marshal there was shouting 'stick to the right its easier', I had noted on the warmup that this was a false economy, easier but longer/slower, and so it proved as lap after last I passed 5 people a time by bombing down the steep left  hand side. 

By the time we hit the full laps the course had started to turn into a proper epic horrendous mess. I was working with a group trying not to get dropped and wondered roughly what position I was in, looking at the garmin just checking pace, it was slow! and so we plodded on, a case of survival, that god the course was shorter than normal. As we progressed some of the group pressed on, some fell behind, I just stayed at the same pace with two lads as we came onto the final lap.

I like to talk during a race, it only now occurs to me that no-one else really mutters a word, just me saying the odd comment such as 'this is a proper xc lads'  and 'holy cr#p this is ridiculous' every time a muddy bog tried to swallow me, which by now what almost every step, 6 - 8" mud for large stretches!

The achilles then started to ache  but the fact my feet were frozen/numb probably helped alot and we were on the last lap meant I was just going to push on, the guy in front was too far ahead to catch and I was feeling good so knew I c

27/01/2013 at 11:09 knew I could destroy the two lads I kept swapping positions with, pressed on just before the finishing loop and left them but then with 600m to go we hit a stretch with NO grip, it was like a slushy couple of inches of snow with melting ice underneath, the 15mm spikes even had no traction, I felt like I was going backwards and energy trying to propel you forwards was just wasted, so I just relaxed until with 250m to go the ice disappered and you could some grass /mud under the snow! crossed the line finally!

37th place, 5.75miles (9250m) @ 6:30min/Mile! Very good position wise, not just down to a fairly good run but obviously some good runners didnt run due to weather/ non entry etc. From the pace you can see how crazy the course must have been, my usual XC pace of sub 6mins/mile would have got you 8th place!

Achilles bit sore now, was worth it though. At the end of the day I train to race. Few days off might be required (again).

Where did you see pics Dean? they are being uploaded slowly to but mens pics wont be up for a day or two.

Long post I know but since i cant do a LSR had nothing else to do!

27/01/2013 at 11:58

Nice post Seb. Always hard to quantify an xc performance, but from what's been said about the standard of that league, and knowing the calibre of the front runners, sounds a top effort. Dodgy conditions too.

How is the achilles? I remember getting early running days achilles tendonitis, but largely aren't troubled in that and the calf it the classic gets better as you carry on feeling, due to increased blood flow?

27/01/2013 at 12:56

Sounds like an epic race Seb. Given the conditions you've described (no grip with 15mm spikes ffs!!) then 6;30 sounds fast - probably take off the 30 secs pm for backward motion!

Long run for me this morning. It was good to be back on the road again after all the snow, and great to be running in shorts and t shirt in the sunshine!

Anyway, 15.3M done at 7:02 pace. It was 6:57 pace at 12.5M then I hit Amerhsam hill! 

Pleased with that, as it felt reasonably comfortable (exceot the last mile when my calf was starting to cramp - no drink and quite warm!).  Only downside is that its 2 mins down on the same run 2 weeks before my half PB last year, though shoudln't read too much into that I guess!

Just over 62M for the week.

27/01/2013 at 15:07

seb. great run.  photos are here

from what i have been told the photos still dont show the full horror of the conditions. All things considered a great run

Bus nice work on the long run, fast pace too!

i did a 15m too,  7.16 ave pace over 15m.  80% of the snow/ice has gone overnight but i did go out in shorts for the first time this fortnight!  Takes me up to 69miles for the week, which is my highest ever (i think)

Cortina5    pirate
27/01/2013 at 16:38
Goodd weekend training all round. Seb, you should have asked the mtber how many 24hr mtb races he'd done.

I binned yesterday's long run. I was ok all morning, then felt shattered at lunch. Hadn't had a rest day since the 16th so took the day off. 90km on the bike today centered on Marlow. Got home and did a swift 1.25km in 5min straight off the bike. Looks good for next weekend.
27/01/2013 at 17:09

cheer lads, good long runs from yourselves, disappointed I couldnt get one in but should be able to sometime next week. good long bike Ironcat, might have to get my bike out soon if this injury doesnt clear up.  No SG the achilles only gets worse as you continue. just the odd twinge and ache today which means I shouldnt run. 

Just to clarify SG, it wasnt another Birmingham League Race, It was the Midlands XC Championships, there are three races for the whole country, Northerns, Midlands and Southern and they are sort of the precursor to the national XC Champs. The standard was not so good in the Midlands this year, which is how I managed to end up in 37th, a higher position than I normally finish in the Brum XC League, which clearly should not be possible.

Dean those pics make it look like your normal XC mud type affair, except that is the first lap at the least muddy part of the course Im sure the other pics will be more revealing when they appear.  cheers for pointing me in the direction of those pics as they have quite afew of me at sandwell valley xc which ive downloaded now.



27/01/2013 at 17:19

Great race Seb, you can feel the cold in those pictures let alone see it.

Just over the HM distance for me today. Conditions appeared to be a bit chilly, so dressed up a bit. Only thing left behind were the gloves.

Had been considering a speed session but felt a steady effort would be better. Average pace came out at 6:56. 

Once home I hopped on the indoor bike and spun out another 40 minutes as recovery.

27/01/2013 at 17:52

Nice running Seb, the Northerns were a mud bath too. I've heard horror stories about the course and some very hardy people have used the term 'hardest race ever.'

Dean, did you see Big Stu came 37th!? He beat Anthony Ford (2:16 mara best) and was a place behind Gareth Raven. Two absolute beasts.

19 mile long run for me today, I did a 6 mile stint staring a mile 9 of MP. It wasn't intentional I just felt really good, did a quick mile and carried on. Miles 16-19 were bloody tough, legs went dead, was hungry/thirsty and had no energy. Overall pace was 7:15. Good learning experience, MP miles can make a LSR horrible very easily! Another reason not to do a marathon!

72 for the week, 265 for the month.


Edited: 27/01/2013 at 18:12
27/01/2013 at 18:19
SS Gareth and ford are top top runners. Didn't ford win wilmslow last yr? And raven was selected for England recently I think.
Good work on the lsr. You are bouncing out the long stuff very well

Seb, I know that part of the course where the photos were taken and its by far the more pleasant part of the course. When I ran Stafford common in nov it was a quagmire, I can only imagine how bad it was yesterday at the part of the course they call "boggy area" on the map.
27/01/2013 at 18:21

Ah of course Seb, i did hear the southern had been postponed, and it shows I'm out of touch with XCs, which probably isn't surprising as I've never done a pure "xc". Clearly plenty of MT.

That is quite funny coming higher today than your usual League matches, but it can be a funny old game. All depends on who is around.

Stevie, wow, your training is going into overdrive!? presume you're not racing for a while and this is some kind of base period? As it's looking more and more marathon focused by the week.  19miles with MP is standard for marathon training, but not something many would recommend for up to halfs?!

27/01/2013 at 18:38

Dean - not gonna be that many occasions when my long run pace is faster than yours

Nice quick pre-Wokingham session that Ric. Surprsied you didn't bake if you were dressed up! I had a windproof gillet on to start, but soon had to take that off, even though it was actually pretty windy!  Glad I went this morning though as we had some pretty intense hail storms this afternoon, which are never pleasant to run in!

Stevie See - a big LSR and a big month! You must have some superb fitness at the moment. When is your next go at a PB race?

IC - were you on your own on the bike? I saw lots of groups out this morning.

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