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02/02/2013 at 22:30

Those Votwo events are pretty pricey IC and I guess most triathlons are! I toyed with the idea of doing the 10k today, but looked at the wind and thought my £20 would be better off in my wallet 

My left calf is a bit tght too Stevie, after all the recent road stuff. Sure it'll pass for us both!

02/02/2013 at 22:38
The Bus wrote (see)

Just looked at the Abingdon entry - £36 

A lot of money, and in return? Just under 3 hours of pain

I'm looking at Newcastle Town Moor marathon, the week after Abingdon. At £15 it is a snip but then there is the issue of a 500 mile round trip. Just under 3 hours is not pain, just over 3 hours is pain.

IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

PMJ - what kind of effort was your parkrun?

Still low effort. Time was 20:38 so still very easy just to get the legs ticking over. I reckon I must have lost 8 weeks. I used to reckon it takes 2 weeks to recover from 1 off, so by that thinking 4 to 6 months to get back, but logic also says that I have been back for two weeks and I am better than I was after 7 weeks off so any ideas on time to get back? I reckon a month from now I will be able to train fully and a month after that be somewhat competitive at the Maidenhead 10 but my record of never over the hour will surely fall.

03/02/2013 at 07:23
I was training for Chester marathon Phil and missed the best part of 6 weeks running. Eventually had to pull out as I was still unable to run by the time it was race day. It was a foot problem I had but I tried to do plenty of miles on a spinning bike to keep ticking over.

A few weeks later I tried a park run and although I ran 17.49 it was by far my slowest time and felt the toughest run I'd had. 10 weeks after getting back running I then ran a 10k PB. Not sure if the bike had worked wonders? How long had you been injured?. Hopefully it won't take you long to get back to full steam.
03/02/2013 at 07:44
Good luck SG!

Team relay for me today. First relay I've done and its 3x 5km loops on trail/fell so looking forward to it. I'm running the first leg so I should see the best of the conditions under foot.
03/02/2013 at 09:41
Have a good one SG.

Well done on the break through Iron!

Nice to hear you're running Phil.

Happy Sunday everyone else

On subject of Fell running, I ran with a visitor on our club night before Xmas. He was visiting his sister who runs with us. He lives in Lake District and we got talking about fell running as I was reading Feet in the Clouds at the time. He mentioned that his picture was in the book. I thought nothing of it and chatted about how I loved the chapters on the Fell running 'Legends'. When mentioning specifically what an unbelievable legend Joss Naylor was, he just dropped into the conversation that Joss is his Father in Law. Cue the next 30 minutes of some amazing stories.

Tough session for me later. Have to nip out of moving house for 2.15 hours with 3x 15 mins MP in last 60 mins. I ache like bugger after unloading 2 vans up 3 floors yesterday so not looking forward to it (which is a bad start already!!)
03/02/2013 at 11:30

Now that is  quality story Johnas! Colin Dulson? He organises the Ennerdale Horseshoe amongst other races. Good runner in his own right.

Philip, just under 3 hours would also be a pain-just under2.55 would be Ok, but just under 2.50 would make the effort worth while!

Matt, yet again I'm jealous of your race

03/02/2013 at 11:43

mattl the injury has been on and off for ages. Can't quite put a definitive reason on it but it I got my first pain in my right foot after Wokingham Half last year so Feb 19th 2012. I have run 1300 miles since then so not all gloom and doom but it seems to have been a minor injury and then I compensated and ignored and each thing I did to avoid one thing cascaded another and I was too thick skinned to stop and rest properly.

The Bus wrote (see)

Philip, just under 3 hours would also be a pain-just under2.55 would be Ok, but just under 2.50 would make the effort worth while!

Virgin London marathon 2014 I am driving the sub-2:50 bus so anyone who wants to go sub 2:50 just needs to start ahead and stay ahead or start alongside and not slip back. The thing with your Abingdon plan is that you won't get entry into London 2014 with that plan and your GFA from 2011 will have expired.

03/02/2013 at 11:52

Yeah, but IF I do Abingdon it would be at least 2015 before I do another one anyway, and if I go sub 2.50, I wouldnt feel the need to ever do one again!!

Cortina5    pirate
03/02/2013 at 12:15
The Bus wrote (see)

Yeah, but IF I do Abingdon it would be at least 2015 before I do another one anyway, and if I go sub 2.50, I wouldnt feel the need to ever do one again!!

I don't feel the need to do a standalone mara. Though as we discussed during the week, only people that run marathons are runners, even if they take 9 hours. I'm pencilling in another IM in 2015.

Thanks for the info on the 10km guys; for both this and a 5km it would be about finding a good PO10 friendly UKA race of each distance, probably in Autumn. One has to have the times rubber stamped!

8 miles slow XC with the club to run off yesterday. Looks like an afternoon washing cars then an evening with the foam roller.

Any news from SG yet?

03/02/2013 at 13:43

Congratulations SG! Won't spoil the party by giving away the time  

Looking forward to the full race report now....

03/02/2013 at 14:16
The Bus wrote (see)

Congratulations SG! Won't spoil the party by giving away the time  

Looking forward to the full race report now....

Quality field when he doesn';t even make page 1 of the results.

03/02/2013 at 14:22

A tough 16 in 2 hours today. Not very exciting.

Off to find the Chichester 10k results online...

03/02/2013 at 14:23


Need to stretch, bath and eat, but will be back on later to revel in it.


03/02/2013 at 14:38
Congrats Stevie. A jolly big chunk to knock off the pb., that's probably worth 90 secs off over a half....
Cortina5    pirate
03/02/2013 at 15:16
Stevie G . wrote (see)


Need to stretch, bath and eat, but will be back on later to revel in it.


Good going!

03/02/2013 at 15:35
Great run SG! Will look forward to your report.

A rather eventful relay for me today. I ran the first leg on a 5km loop mainly in a wooded area and then open fields. Two decent climbs in it and pretty much led from the start. Climbing up the first one I got a shout off a mate who runs for another club and was spectating that I'd gone too early. . . . . Cheers for the support!

The lad then caught me so I stuck with him. Both him and the lad behind me ran for the same club who in fact organise the race. What could possibly go wrong?

After the two big climbs I managed to drop one of them with the other 20 metres behind. A fellow club member watching shouted its all down hill from now so I had a good blast down the tight and twisting paths.

Then approaching a gate I notice a group of 20 or so runners led by a group of females coming towards us??? I eventually cross the line in first place with the other two lads behind. It became obvious that the large group had gone wrong and missed the second climb completely out but they were approaching the gate where we met from the right way.

It turns out in the end that the lad behind me noticed we'd in fact also cut around 300 metres out of the course but decided, what the hell. . . .thanks pal!

All in all pretty much the first 30 runners on leg one all ran a different variation of the course. Myself and a few more cut 300 metres out and the others cut the best part of a mile out. There's some PBs been ran today on a tough hilly off road course. leg ones times were discounted but I know for a fact that people on every leg were running different routes to each other. A lad who started leg two out of the top 5 came home first and took two mins out of a 15 min 5km runner.

All in all a lot of effort for no reward. Haha
03/02/2013 at 15:45

SG, another barrier breached. Well done that man!

Mattl, let me guess. There were comments passed about after that; interesting, event.

03/02/2013 at 15:49

Right, so Chichester. That South coast type region seems to be blessed with good fast courses, and I'd heard Chichester 10k was another, fast and flat, with great quality field.

Got down there and a little drama with the number/chip. Envelope and number matched, but on opening the chip it had a different number! Spent 15mins sorting that out, so got another number/chip entirley.

Originally I was in the results as "runner 1332", but was pleased on Bus's post above to realised they'd put my name in later. However, as there's no club name, they haven't quite got me onto PO10 yet. That'll come soon I'm sure.

So, the stats

34:43  (3.23, 3.21,3.29,3.32,3.32,3.33,3.31,3.36,3.24,3.17)

Course profile was basically a fair 1/2 km climb to start us off, inclines at 3ish and 6k, and a sharpish short climb at 7k. The downs to make up for these ups must have been fairly subtle!  I was told the last 2km were "downhill", which got me through mentally, but then I found 8 to 9km was totally flat! And 9 to 10k was more gently down, rather than the level of the "up" in km.

It's probably important to say it was reasonably windy in places today too...I always mention it when it hasn't gone well, so only fair I do when it has gone well!

The carpark was huge, and embarrasingly I had to ask a steward where it was...even though it was about 100metres away

Nice warm up done, and my body left it until 3mins til the start to get the "last minute baggage" off board. Phew!

What was striking about the start was how fast the front went off. Bear in mind it was up a not exactly gentle climb, I was soon miles behind, and probably only just about top 100 at that stage, with a fast start!

However, pleased to bank time, 3.23, but the acid test is always how the second one goes. 3.21 doing fine.

Remember hitting 5k at something in between 17.20-17.22, and having bypassed 2 inclines. Some windy patches, but not as bad as Andy Reading which was consistent and in your face.

I remember thinking if I can get to 8km on target pace, the last 2km will be comfortable as they're "downhill".

When the 6km incline happened, I thought that would be the end of the ups, so was a little gutted to see this high, but short rise at 7km! Got a bit tasty wind wise around there too.

I was also battling a young lady who had some very strong breathing patterns!

I also started battling this very bizarre styled chap who seemed to monster past like a freight train, calm down, lose places, then do the same again. I don't know if he was doing some kind of bizarre efforts session, or just has the pacing ability of a clown. (he beat me so maybe i'm the clown )

Getting to 8km felt like a lifting experience, but some brain addled maths suddenly made me fear I was going to miss 35. I was on around 28, and suddenly thought, HELL i have to do 2km in 6mins! But clearly I had 7mins to play with,...

So 8km started, and I was thinking "downhill, come to papa."

But the downhill was nowhere to be seen, and suddenly it was 9km.

9km did at least have a downhill, but more subtle than the inclines and climbs earlier! However, I did clock the km pace at 2.59 at one point.

I was in that mad "am I going to beat 35 mindset though, as your brain doesn't seem to be able to work stuff out at times of high effort. I was thinking, I've got 45seconds to do about 0.3km and really wasn't sure, and I still wasn't when I was 30metres off the finish as some old bloke was standing obscuring the  seconds on the 34:

Luckily, I got in pretty comfortably under 35 in the end, and pure re

03/02/2013 at 15:59


Such a good standard that Phil Wicks, international only came 3rd!

And 34:43 as Phil said was a mere 71st out of  1666 runners.

Interesting to compare to the Southend 10k in October , which I came 12th in with 35:41 out of 1255 runners!

Having run Chichester 10k it's an odd one. Obviously it must be a fast enough course for top runners and the likes of me to come and have a pb go, but the 4 inclines, and the level of wind, surely mean that there's faster courses out there.

Hopefully Eastleigh is one in 7 weeks when I have another go at 10k

Dachs and Stevie good guesses, Dachs wins it though, 4secs out!

Edited: 03/02/2013 at 16:06
03/02/2013 at 16:15

Nicely done that man! Good bit of adrenaline boosting drama just before the start to get you pumped too! Was that Emily Pidgeon who was the heavy breathing woman? I thought it was supposed to be a fast course - glad I didn't go all the way there just to get another 36:xx - especially as I wouldn't have been able to blame the inclinces or wind with you  going sub 35

Staines is supposed to be fast....

Matt - sounds part laugh, part fiasco!



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