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10/02/2013 at 13:37

1:15:41 today   

2mins 12 off the pb. Thanks to the big man Moraghan as always.

We'll have a right old knees up later going through the minutae, especially when Dachs and Crispy turn up. Johnas cruised round at MP too...barely looked like he'd run!

Dean, crazy man, sometimes your body is telling you to stop. Stop running immediately. Dibs for continuing, hopefully it's nothing.

More later, but for now, it's strengthening then bath then eat!

10/02/2013 at 13:49

excellent run stevie

10/02/2013 at 14:03
Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

same for you and Wokingham: you have enough pointers to know what you can do: you have knocked off a bunch of WAVA gradings in the 77% region and that is a 76 half so don't piss about with 5:57 when you need 5:48 and 76. I don't think 75 is on the cards for a while yet but it is there one day for sure.

So spoke the prophet: I said you need to go out and get sub 76 and you did. Of course we all know SG stands for sand bagger, but well done anyway.

Cortina5    pirate
10/02/2013 at 14:08

Well done SG. Got there just in time to heckle you, and I think Dachs across the line.

Strange day at the finish line. A lot of people romped home easy, looking like there was no effort involved. Most of these PB'd and are rightly classed as sandbaggers.

Some people struggled and missed PBs by a wide margin. After an hour of wet cheering I went home. Still cold.

10/02/2013 at 14:38

I've only just de-frosted!  I was one of those that struggled today Ironcat. I was even pipped at the post when I really should have fought back  - having missed the PB and even a sub 1:19 there seemed no point though (shame on me!)

Dean - sorry, poor choice of words in my last post having only skimmed through the posts today - I meant good recovery in the race rather than the recovery, if you see what I mean. Does sound like a little time off might be an idea to recharge thsoe batteries.

SG - thanks for the lift and, as said earlier, very well done on that time. Sometimes, when you are on great form like that even the conditions can't stand in your way!!

Also, what a run from Dachs! Quality stuff, and an amazing progession over the past two years - you've taken 19 minutes off your Half time, I've taken 19 seconds! Shame I didn't get to speak to you, but at least I know what the back of your head looks like now 


10/02/2013 at 14:49

sandbagger!   If it's a battle between being labelled that or being one of those types who predict a way too fast time and fail, i'll certainly take the SB term

Splits as follows

5.40,5.51,5.40,5.43,5.45,5.41,5.37,5.46,5.42,5.53,5.57,5.56,5.52, 32secs

Funny old race, didn't smash the first mile like usual, and bid Dachs farewell into the distance at half a mile.

Mile 2 must have a bit of an up, as that suddenly went down in pace for no tailing off, but then we were off and rocking, and each mile I just checked in line with the marker, and aimed to make sure the next one was under 5.50.

Magicly it was all going very nicely, raining a bit, and a couple of fairly windy bits aside, i was pleased with the splits as we went.

Anyone who has done Wokingham knows that there are 3 or so motorway bridges to incline up from 10miles on, but this year, despite getting faster, the whole course seemed to be undulating, with the obligatory more ups than downs!

I can't remember when I got in a great little group, but there were 7 of us, and I could just sense this was key to stay in.

So this proved, as I got to 10miles at around 57.32 or so, when I'd only done 57.27 at the GSR, and the 10mile pb is 57.09.

However, this was clearly the challenging part of the race, as the inclines are short but steep, made more so by the now high levels of wind and rain!

I could also feel a few bits tightening up.

However, like most of the race I was feeling fairly in control, and the whole experience was turning out beautifully.

Unlike other years I wasn't suddenly surprised by a rival in the latter miles, and miles 11, 12 and 13 were still around the old pb pace anyway.

Hadn't done any Maths as i'd gone along, and although I'd taken the split at each mile marker, I wasn't looking at the actual cumulative time.

I didn't even allow myself a look at 13miles, so was delighted to see the clock have 1:15:xx on it.

Again, like last week, I couldn't see for a while what the other figures were, but was delighted to see it was only in the 30s, and chip time finally given as 1:15:41

Beautiful...hasn't quite sunk in yet. I always viewed a time with 1:15 as a massive benchmark, and I never necessarily thought it had to be under...just on it!

Over the line, and straight into Dachs and Crispy (we'll hear from their epic runs later), and I could barely speak, and just kind of gave Dachs a bit of a limp hug, and a more dignified handshake for the Crisp meister.

Which reminds me, Mr PC2, we all saw you posing like some boy band softie for snaps pre race! We all saw

Delighted to get that done, and the cool down half mile was a right tight limp fest!

Conditions weren't exactly picnic out fare, but certainly didn't warrant not turning up eh Ric!! (ps know and appreciate your other reason, but you'd already pulled out by then ) Hope all is well in the other situation by the way pal!

Phil, i knew a pb was on, we all knew, but allow me some joy in surprising myself and others eh  

Mcmillan actually reckoned a 1:16:12 or so, as did the Howard Grubb calculator on 77.71% WAVA, so to go 30secs under that is mad!

I expect McMillan will quote me a ridiculous 5 and 10k off that now, something like 16.30 and 33.50 i expect

10/02/2013 at 14:54

Bus, hard luck, but like I said, it's odd saying it after a good pb, but those weather conditions were a bit testing in the last 3/4 miles! And like you've said, once you can feel you're coming off pb pace it's hard to force extra effort.

Iron, sorry, missed you pal! You should have swept over!

Apologies to all bar Bus really, it was so darn cold at the end, that we had to nip off, get dressed up, and away...definitely wasn't the weather to be hanging around

roll on the warmer months for longer post race banter!

10/02/2013 at 15:24
I'm trying to write a race report on the computer, but I can't write anything because of this f***ing Nike advert. Will keep trying, because composing one on my phone will be a massive pain...
10/02/2013 at 15:35

Rightio, that appears to have gotten rid of it.

Firstly, massive well done to the man himself, SG.  You played a blinder there, and kept your usual frantic first mile well under control, and reaped the rewards later on in the race.  The fact that this was your 21st half marathon and you're still PBing is impressive stuff indeed.  Thought you'd break 1:16, but that's a decent margin under it, and, tied to the conditions, think you can look forward to some more decent chunks coming off it, particularly if you felt controlled throughout.

Now for the rest of the PBs eh?

Dean, sounds a nightmare.  Cross-country doesn't seem to have been very kind to you, so get back on the roads where you're at your best, smash some massive PBs, and go back into next season's XC full of confidence.  Having said that, you've shown very impressive determination in getting back up and running, and pulling something out of the bag at least.

SS - your impressive training paces are boding well for a very good 2013 indeed.

Bus - sorry it didn't quite turn out as you wanted.  Those weren't fantastic conditions at the end, and the only thing that kep me going through them at pace was the knowledge that a fast time depended on it.  Having said that, you were hardly a million miles away from a PB, so I think it's there for you on the right day.  Sorry we missed each other, I did keep an eye out for you pre-race but we missed each other.  And I was in a hurry to get to the tent afterwards.  Next time maybe!


10/02/2013 at 15:53

OK, so to the race.  Despite the prophecies of doom, the weather pre-race, although wet, was relatively mild and wind-free, so I felt confident a PB was on.  Plan was set off at 1:15 pace, and see how long I could hold on.

Went out at what felt like a reasonably restrained pace.  Missed the first mile marker, but since I knew I was ahead of SG by this point that it must have been reasonably quick.  Kept going, feeling smooth, and hit 2 miles in 11:16.  At this point, a little group of 5 started to form, including Al_P from the Sub 3 thread, and this group kept together for the next 8 miles or so.  I thought to be honest that a larger group might form targetting sub 1:15 - there was a bigger group ahead but they seemed to be going significantly faster, so stayed with the group we had.  I've struggled to stay with groups in the past, either going off to fast or falling off the back, so it was nice to share the work.

Next few miles passed fairly metronomically, without much happening, at 5:35, 5:37, 5:43, 5:44, 5:39, 5:43, 5:38.  Our little group now started to catch up the bigger group ahead, but, as 10 miles approached, the pace started to feel like much more of a struggle, as the wind and the rain suddenly became much more insistent and problematic.  Turned into the long straight towards the finish, and full into the wind.  Unfortunately, this was precisely the point that I fell off the back of the group, so had no shield from the wind, and realised it was going to be a long way home.  Nevertheless, tenth mile was 5:47 going through 10 in 56:45.

From this point, it became a case of gritting my teeth and grinding it out, telling myself whatever I thought might work in terms of keeping myself going.  Realised my form had gone, and my arms and legs were all over the place, but kept fighting.  Mile 11 was the slowest of the race in 5:53, but that was the one with the motorway bridges and the wind full in my face, so I was able to speed up again with a 5:49 and a determined 5:44.  Turning the corner, I saw the clock in the low 1:14s, and realised I was going to make it unless my legs fell off on the straight.  Crossed the line in 1:14:46 on the watch, over the moon to have broken 1:15, but very wet and cold indeed.

So a great day's work, probably the first race where I've felt 100% happy with how it went since last summer.  Feeling good about 2013!  However, my nipples are still cold...

Good to see SG and PC2 at the end having performed so well, and also good to meet Johnas briefly in the tent.  Sorry I missed you Bus.

10/02/2013 at 16:07

cracking splits there Dachs! You're certainly back to top form with that outing!  Certainly gives confidence for a sub 34 at Eastleigh now!

These quality field races are the way to go for sure!

10/02/2013 at 16:25

Hats Off, to everyone who's got out and raced this weekend.... Some cracking results you guys are knocking out... Six weeks into 2013, and some of you must have past your targets already....

10/02/2013 at 16:26

Dachs, as SG says, it wasn't a day for hanging around chatting at the end that's for sure! We'll catch up next time 

I'm glad to see your splits reflect the way mine went with the sections of wind and motorway bridge (though obviously a lot quicker!). I had my usual problem of not being in a group at any point, which didn't help with the wind! There wasn't a breath of wind during our warm up! For what its worth, those gradual inclines and bridges do add - corrected gramin gives 260 ft of climbing all in. Not that it made any difference to you two!

Also good to see Johnas at the end, looking fresh as a daisy!

10/02/2013 at 16:52

Well run Dachs, champs start for VLM 2014.

10/02/2013 at 16:59

Has something changed with the McMillan calculator? It used to give your supposed times capable off one result.

Now it doesn't seem to.

10/02/2013 at 17:22

Not been on here for ages for various reasons. Too much work, too much going on in family life and some pretty shabby running going on. But after seeing the Wokingham results I just had to come on here and offer some congratulations on some fantastic times today.

Dachs - sub 75 is flying! Many congratultions on a fantastic time and the qualification for a VLM champs start in 2014.

SG - taking 2 minutes off your PB is some going indeed! Well done on what you must be seriously chuffed with.

Bus - great effort. As you say, not a PB but well done on achieving your quickest on this course and on another day I'm sure the current PB is dead in the water.

10/02/2013 at 17:23
Nice to put names to faces today. Brilliant runs by SG and Dachs - really great seeing you reach your targets.

Don't be too disheartened Bus - you weren't that far off goal in some tough conditions in those final miles.

As Bus kindly commented on meeting him at the end, my 'jog round' was pleasant and extremely comfortable. Target was 6.15 miling but averaged 6.10 in the end due to a few fast miles at the start (as is usual) and then a couple sub 6 at the end when I got bored! 2 mins off the PB (chip1.20) despite being an MP run so signs looking good for VLM
10/02/2013 at 17:23


Trouble is now you have 78.2% WAVA, all your other look slow, and that 5k tiem needs soem serious re-alignment: 16:30 is what you need not 17 and change.



10/02/2013 at 17:32

That's not a problem Phil, that just re-opens another round of re-adjustments

Are you still up for a potential madcap midweek tri to Portsmouth in the summer, if Charndon 5k is the only other option of a fast course? Think they do them May to August. Bus you too?

10/02/2013 at 17:41

Macmillan still works, but you seem to have to choose each distance individually. I use this one:

Bluenose74 wrote (see)

Hats Off, to everyone who's got out and raced this weekend.... Some cracking results you guys are knocking out... Six weeks into 2013, and some of you must have past your targets already....

My target for this year was slightly ambitious - to get a PB at every distance from 5k to Marathon  Failed at the first hurdle . Nevermind - might have to do Gosport or something! Thanks for the kind words Johnas/Warren - oddly, I'm not too cheesed off, all things considered and I took a couple of scalps!! Also, the WAVA calculation comes out better than my pb time last year, so there are some advantages to getting older 

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