My first Long run

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16/05/2004 at 20:03
Right people, silly question from me time, I'm sure it has been covered a million and one times, so for this I am sorry (I don't hang around on this thread as I never seem to do a lot of running)

Anyway today, as I'm not rowing for a couple of weeks, had the bright idea that I'd do a nice long run of 10 miles (my previous best was 8 miles)

I strapped the trusty heart rate monitor on and kept a pace which was pretty much 70% to 80% of my max heart rate throughout (obviously 80 near the end) (I know this as the HRM has bells and whistles) my overall average HR for the run was spot on 150

So is this to fast for a long run? the last time I did any running at all was in March before the clocks went back and even then I only run once a week over the winter. I'm not sure if my time matters as I'm more concerned if the %age of my MRH is too much but I ran around in 67.52

Also as I don't do long runs I had a pint of water before heading out and bit of fruit and some nuts, should I have taken some water of is it short enough to avoid carrying it around?

I know 10 miles is probably too much to jump right in with but I guess it can only get easier now, my body is certainly not used to that time on it's feet

Thanks in advance

16/05/2004 at 20:05
The thing about the fruit and nuts, I meant to say should I have had some thing of more substance first?
17/05/2004 at 09:04
Boing, sorry just curious about the answer to this one
17/05/2004 at 15:41
Please surely some one can tell me if I was running at too fast a pace (ie too high a heart rate)

I know my legs are killing me today but I was expecting that anyway due to the lack of running that I've done recently

so is 75/80% ok for the long run?
17/05/2004 at 16:57
Hi SalfordRower

I am no expert, but I have mostly read that the LSD (Lond Slow Distance) run should be run at around 60-70% of WHR.

It all depends though IMHO on the reason for your running. If you are seriously training for running races and trainig by HR then it probably was a little too fast. However if you are just running for fitness or cross training form rowing than it is probably less important.

If you had of ran at a slightly slower HR the run may have seemed easier. Don't think it would of helped much with teh soreness though as thats probably DOMS after putting in 10 miles when youe legs might not have been used to the distance.

20/25 minutes spent soaking the legs in cold water of cold water and ice would have helped with freshening up your legs and your legs would have felt better today.

Hope some of this helps,

17/05/2004 at 19:33
Cheers MK,

the run was just a break from my rowing training, (I have my exams coming up so not in the boat for 2 weeks) I'm determined to have a pop at a HM at some point when I can find the time, I guess this means I could finish and with a little practice do it in about 1.35 I hope (that'd be my target anyway)

I'll have another go at the weekend and keep it at the the range you suggest, i think the time on my feet is more important, my legs are still a little sore but feel a lot better after 40 minutes on the rower just before

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6 messages
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