Over 60s training.

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13/04/2003 at 22:19
I watched a lot of the FLM in all its shapes and forms. Looked for your number JJ but of course its the proverbial needle in the stack!

Despite not quite doing as you wished you still did us proud. It looked hot enough down there. Its still great getting to finish for anybody.

And how did you manage to find Pussy in all that lot! Smashing to be able to run together with someone from this forum.

All in all, terrific stuff.
13/04/2003 at 22:44
And you still achieved another PB. Great!
14/04/2003 at 07:54
Now I am more awake, I realize that you knocked twice as much as Paula off your time, that cannot be bad!!

I am still amazed you made contact with Pussy, like LI says great for two people to meet from this elite forum. We wait to hear how the rest of her run went. When you parted, who ran on ahead?

How do you feel today? I think watching FLM yesterday confirms what I have always thought about running a marathon, ITS HARD!
Did you have problems with the legs yesterday, ie cramps anywhere?

When you have time and energy we hope to hear more about the race from you.
14/04/2003 at 08:07
As for myself, disaster. As you know I had the two small granchildren last week, exhausting in it's self especially when you have to include an elderly mother whenever possible. Well from day one I was fighting an upper, lower, middle (you name it) respiratory infection, so even if there had been opportunities to run, I could not have. Well, when all went home on Saturday afternoon, I let go and felt ghastly and ended up in bed for whole day yesterday with a fever. I feel a panic comming on because I have not been running. I really miss it. Today I feel better, confirmed by my resting pulse being almost back to normal. I know that I will be tempted to go for a very gentle 3 mile jog today.

Things are not hanging well for my next half marathon on 11th May. I have had interrupted non existant training for last two weeks and this week already is not normal. Sorry to go on about it but you guys are the only ones who will understand what is going through my mind.
14/04/2003 at 09:40
JJ Thankyou for your pearls of wisdom! I will wait another day before I go out and give the legs some exercise, mainly because of the coughing up (yuck) which has gone on since I got up and because you say so! I have to say I am very tempted but will resist for 24 hours.

I hope that my mycrofibres are very appreciative of the rest.

More news of you please.
14/04/2003 at 09:56
Well done JJ and Pussy!

JJ, I saw you at the Mudchute but you were too fast for me to say hello. Wow, what a pair of fine legs!!
14/04/2003 at 10:19
JJ and you want me to go through that pain one day too! I am sure your trip to the physio wil be extrememly painful but very beneficial too. I can identify with the arms and shoulders aching after a race, be it only half the distance. My injuried shoulder often hurts more than the legs.

Keep drinking the liquid, I sometimes find taking a sachet of dariolite (no idea how to spell it) works as a quick fix. I guess the dehydration was the cause of the tissue damage. The things we do for kicks.

How much sponsorship money did you raise, if indeed you were running for charity this time round?
14/04/2003 at 22:19
Like Ceal says we have all that to look forward to? I remember the only longish race for me was when 50 years old doing a half marathon and I felt ill for an hour after. Mind you, once I'd come round it was great to know it was done.
Hope the physio sessions will soon make you flexy again. But, you certainly inspire.
JJ is probably right, its good to have rest days just as much as the training. So you will be okay on the day.
Where are you? We are eagerly waiting for your story. Two Over60s together for a few miles!
Me? I've had a l o n g rest since the 10k. After 7 days, got myself out to do 5 miles lake and hill run this morning. Even Margaret joined me at start and then went jogging herself for 2 and a half miles. I wonder if she'll ever get really interested?
15/04/2003 at 12:14
Well I took my body out for an airing this am. The first 5 mins were hard then it seemed ok, will tell more tomorrow. I went out for 63 mins, so hopefully that was around 7 miles. I did not cough once, but once I stopped running the fits of coughing started! I noticed a lot of pollution in the air today as a result of no rain for a while. there was brick dust from some new houses being built, bonfire smoke and general dust and muck in the air. Legs felt free and easy and I felt better mentally to be 'out there'.
15/04/2003 at 12:25
JJ your message just beat mine by seconds! I heard yours come in as I hit the submit button. I like the sound of your training plan.

I guessed that Pussy was very neat and trim. I am slim with long legs and tallish, just under 5'8. But I would not consider myself trim and compact. More skinnyish, with bits sticking out here and there!! My husband is 13 years younger (2nd, married 13 years ago) and he started running with me a year ago and ran the half marathon with me in Wales last Sept, I trained him and ran in front of him every session and then he beat me by a minute on the day. Such a gentleman! He does not like running in the same way as I do, so he did not run outside in the winter, just 20 minutes or so in the gym, once or twice a week. However, he has started to run outside again, and is up to 6 plus miles. Does you other half still run Johnny? Encourage Margaret LI, it's nice running with ones partner, we find there is time to discuss things that we do not have time to discuss at home. Its good.
15/04/2003 at 12:28
2hrs 57 for an over 60 sounds miraculous, obviously age has nothing to do with it, if you can stay injury free! I really want to say B----y H---!
15/04/2003 at 12:29
Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where are you? Come out from under the chair. Please?
15/04/2003 at 15:39
JJ do you know how many years he has been running, longer than us I guess/hope. But then you won't know, you are just looking at the results. How was your official time?

How are the legs today, how was coming downstairs this am? Are you hungry? I would imagine so.

Do you really think we can compete with that 2 hr 57! I think that a sub 4 hour run is a GOOD one, but Sub 3 hours that is something else. Thats sub 7 minute miles. What country did he come from?
15/04/2003 at 18:04
Definitely U.K. Legs are still stiff but much better than in previous years. Time was 4hrs.8mins. I'm afraid I'm always hungry which is one of the reasons I like running.
I don't think we could ever be in that league. He's probably run all his life and at, or close to, top levels. He is likely to be fully retired and treats running like a professional athlete would. Incidently, I seem to remember that the world best for a V60 is in the 2hrs.30 something bracket. FLM elite time for V60 is 3hrs.31 or better. You get a guaranteed place for that! Now you know what to go for!
15/04/2003 at 18:38
Any difference in time for men or women for a guaranteed place in FLM. Not that the answer makes any difference to me!

Glad legs feeling a bit better.

Have you any idea what time Pussy did?

I feel tired this pm after my run this am. So will most likely take you advice of no running tomorrow. It's hard mentally to take. But I guess todays run returned my confidence by about 20%.
15/04/2003 at 19:26
Don't know about 2hr.57min for Marathon as I would struggle to do the half in 2hours!
But like you say,JJ, that guy is on a higher plane, done it for years and never let go and those types tend to be relatively a lot more flexible I guess.
Had a steady plod on gym treadmill this afternoon, 5 miles, enough after yesterday.
Margaret has just asked me, are we going for a run tomorrow? Lets see how long that lasts! BTW she is same age as me,well 64 on Easter Sunday actually, is half an inch taller 5ft.7in. and pretty slim. Ceal, we also remarried 12 years ago,almost identical to your situation!

Margaret slept poorly last night due to her legs hurting through stiffness after Mondays run. So, I told her thats part of the training effect.

Now wheres that cat (Pussy) got to.If you know her number, JJ,maybe she is listed on the web race results somewhere.
15/04/2003 at 20:22
Ceal. Yes there is a different time for women but I don't know what it is. As you said, it's a bit academic.
LI. Good plod. Two days in succession: are you turning pro?
You are right to explain that it's nothing to worry about. I'm locked pretty rigid. It's caused by microscopic damage to fibres that are not used to working at that level. As the fibres regenerate while resting (using protein from eating), your body assumes that it is going to have to continue working at that higher level and so it regenerates the fibres a tiny fraction stronger. So you keep the build-up going and everything steadily gets stronger.
It applies to your heart as well. It too gets stronger which is why your resting heart rate slows down as you get fitter. It doesn't have to work so hard to get the same amount of blood round your system. Of course, as you breathe more heavily so your lungs are forced to open up and they too work more effectively to convert oxygen into a form that your bloodstream can take to your muscles.
Tell Margaret that if she runs she will be using calories at the rate of 100 or more per mile. It's the most effective way of burning calories that exist - except for a few extreme forms of exercise.
Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but it's so simple and there's a whole industry out there that has a vested interest in making it as technical as possible. I'm an iconclast.
Note the 'resting': if you keep over-exerting the fibres they break down under the strain. It's called overuse injuries.
16/04/2003 at 07:35
Yes I knew all you have just stated, however, I would have struggled to have expressed it so eloquently and consisely. Maybe you should be writing articles for RW!

Today, I still feel tired, confirmed by my resting pulse, which is up 5 or 6 beats, with resulting frustration.

What is everybodies resting pulse? Mine is around 48/49.
16/04/2003 at 20:42
Well, what a lot of chat boxes you lot are. I go away for a few days and the computer is covered with messages. Sorry not to have got back to you sooner but in Cornwall we tend to do things `drekkly' which is slightly less urgent than manyana. Actually work has called and I needed to placate a very upset pussy cat who thought that his people had been locked in a coal shed somewhere for a few days. Thanks to everybody for your kind wishes. I was gobsmacked when JJ cruised alongside and introduced himself. Hey, Ceal, he's a bit dishy. Very tall and distinguished - which was a bonus in the crowd because when we got separated I could home in on him easily. I think we actually ran together for the bulk of the race and thank you JJ for your metronomic pacing. I am afraid I got carried away when the second lot of RW sub 4 pacers went past. Decided to go with them for a while but knew that they were intending to run 8.45 m.m. and at that stage I had no wish to go at that pace. JJ and I were sticking to 9mm. Actually JJ if you compare our splits they are virtually identical until 30 km. I have yours printed off! I am sorry you didn't make your sub 4 but you can't complain about a PB. I wrote in one of my first pieces that I thought that a sub 4 was a dream too far. You all encouraged me and, guess what, 3.58.11! I was relieved, thrilled, knackered and chuffed all at the same time. I was fifth in the FV60 (or the Mad Old Bat category as I prefer to call it). We were all fairly close with the exception of Melody Schultz (a yank, of course, with that name)who streaked home in around 3.15.00! What hope for us Ceal? We will have to find a marathon where she isn't running. Incidentally, in answer to your question, the qualifying time for us is 4.35. Incidentally, I hope you are feeling better. I am also 5`8", weigh 8 stone and have a resting h.r. of 48/50. We could be twins!

Sorry I am going on a bit. But one thing I really learned in this (my 3rd) marathon was the importance of mental strength. Steady 9 m.miling was not too hard as JJ will confirm but I found that when I got to `halfway' - i.e. 20 miles - I had to dig in mentally much more than physically because it became imperative not to slow down an iota but equally not to speed up. I had really set my heart on this sub 4 and was in grave danger of panicking and trying to speed up a fraction. In the heat that would have been fatal. When I got to 25M I had 11 minutes left on the clock but had a couple of minutes in hand because my time didn't start for nearly two minutes after the official start. So I knew that if I stuck to 9 m.m. and believed in myself I would make it. As I approached the finish the clock was showing 3:59 plus seconds and eventually the dreaded 4. I crossed at 4.00.08 but knew that my two minutes put me inside the 4. Had it been the old system where our time started when the hooter went I would have been gutted! In a way, JJ, I think you were better off missing it by a few minutes. Imagine missing it by seconds. You would never sleep again as you relived all the points - such as our virtual rock and roll session! - where you lost that second. Incidentally, we talked about the rest of you and had a pact that we would lie about our times. But we haven't, honest! Heavens, haven't I made up for lost time. Thanks again to everyone and especially to JJ for his company. My running number, by the way, was 56660 if you want to see my splits. Ignore the christian name - I am never called it. I only ever use my second name but unless you are either Greek or Cornish you would not be able to pronounce it! Stick to Pussy.


16/04/2003 at 22:14
In the top five FV60 ! What can I say, tremendous stuff. You were not far behind our JJ then really.
It'll be a long time before I contemplate a Marathon possibly do a half next Spring. Meanwhile working hard for the next 10k in May.
Well done both of you, exemplary results for over60s sector!
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