Over 60s training.

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06/10/2007 at 22:11
I couldn't get my post to submit, but with the red writing that one gets I could read JJ's post behind the scenes as it were, becasue it was not yet posted on the thread.
07/10/2007 at 01:59
Ok Impey 1:24 it is.
ceal, thanks for asking but my legs feel fine and that is after 7 days of running including the half that I blew. It is encouraging. I have a 10k planned for the end of the month so I will up the intensity over the next weeks. I will not taper for the race as I am considering it a training race rather than a PB effort. Still hoping to make London at the end of November if I can line up my customer visits.
07/10/2007 at 06:30

Thanks MickC. Great kilometrage (is that a word?) from you last week.

Morning everyone!

Good luck to all racers: Pammie, Tracey and Kierrah (sure I've forgotten someone...).

Excellent pix.  I too loved the one with the soft-focus tower blocks although the angle made me feel quite queasy. Also good they took you crossing the line with the clock above. You don't look as if you're suffering much at all, although I'm sure the camera doesn't tell the whole story there.

Thanks for the reminder about strides.
I am setting off shortly, so hopefully will have plenty of time for a long warmup. That does seem to make a big difference to me.
Don't feel in the greatest shape though. Ho hum.

Later folks.

07/10/2007 at 06:52

Yes JJ & Ceal, the country is in mourning!

Went out for my long run and there wasn't a car on the road - everyone was watching the game. We called into a couple of places to get updates - not good! Very happy result for England though.

Feel sorry for the NZers who went all the way to Europe and bought tickets to the final! They would not have been happy!

I struggled from the start of my long run but got it finished - all 33km of it - running time 3.03. It was supposed to be 32km but the group I was in took a wrong turn and added a  bit more!! Don't know if it is good or not, I'll have to wait and see. Just might be another nail in the coffin!

07/10/2007 at 07:32

Good morning all.

Leaving at 8:30am to go to Southend.

07/10/2007 at 07:51


See you there Tracey, leaving soon myself

NZC - Really sorry about the result

07/10/2007 at 08:08

good morning

your run was just what was needed to raise the lid quite a bit - time to get out now
Big rugby turnaround - quite immense commitments from both English and French teams to playing what was in front of them - not the talk. It is moments like that in sport that make it so compelling though I think I may have damaged my knees further as I twisted and drove through every tackle

I couldn't send a lady those emails........... though actaully I was verey polite and just thanked by Aussie friends for their team playing the perfect game to suit England..........Not that they had much choice!!!
Will look at Garmn 50 later

Another perfect autumn am here so I may just attempt 5 miles

Hope the conditions are as good where you all are racing - its PB weather!!!!!

07/10/2007 at 10:43

attempt completed

"Bliss was it to be in that dawn
But to run was very heaven"

apologies to WW.

eased round 5.1 miles in 44.34 and avHR142 (74%WHR) and a max of 158 so the spikes are coming down a bit

1m 9.07 hr132 easing into it and uphill
2m 8.14 hr138 nice downhill stretch
3m 8.46 hr143
4m 8.57 hr146
5m 8.58 hr151 hipps hill

now if I had been running on perceived effort I would have thought that was quite easy as my breathing was relaxed throughout but HR tells another story! This was my regular 5.1 mile course, although I ran most of it on grass instead of tarmac, but previoous averages would have been 40:30 and avHR130 so I will temper my enthusiasm with a dose of reality - and sore knees!!!

07/10/2007 at 10:54



As if you want to know that ..-)


07/10/2007 at 13:14

Lovely day but NOT pb weather here - way too hot.

I did a ghastly 26:18 - a mere 5 seconds faster than last year but half a minute slower than pb. Only good news: 2/5 in age group.

More later.
07/10/2007 at 13:42

Afternoon all. Had a brilliant race. Just as Bernard was parking the car Pammie rang me to say she was there. Walked into the park and saw Pammie and Kaz, but had to join the loo queue. Then went to the start of Kierrah's race, saw her start and then walk back into park to join loo queue again. Next think have phone call from Kierrah, saying she felt sick and was walking back.

Forgot to say I meet back up with Pammie and Kaz in loo queue. My queue was moving quicker than there one. Just as I was walking to start, I saw father and daughter from my running club.  Lined up at the sub 40 mins, on right hand side so as Bernard could take my photo.

Start my race as the gun went. I start is marked in yellow on the road and it is difficult to see with 2,000 runners. Start running, then walking then slow running until turn on to sea front road. My first k was in 6mins, then my Garmin pace was around about 8:30 min miles. At the turn around point I caught up with Pammie, then see got away from me as I stopped for two slips of water. Caught her up and over took her, still doing 8:30 - 9min miles, until the last 2 k's when the wind pick up.  Time on my watch for crossing finish line 56:06. My previous pb time was 58:48. So I am a very, very happy bunny

07/10/2007 at 13:55

Fantastc Tracey! A real improvement, and a reflection of all the training you have been doing. Did Kierrah finish ok, or feel sick on the way round?

Hope Pammie did ok too.

NZC, well done on your long run, and commiserations on the rugby result.

Chouette - good going to beat your time for the course, especially as you said in an earlier post you weren't feelong 100% didn't you?

Good runs from TS and JJ. I'm forced into a rest day with aws, I think. I had grandson till late morning, grabbed a spot of lunch in preparation for an afternoon run, but then learned I'll be needed to collect grandson from hospital, as SIL is being kept in, and Hayden will be bored and restless after a while, so I need to get him so daughter can stay. May possibly get out later, if Hayden is collected, or my husband gets back, but there won't be time for high mileage.

07/10/2007 at 13:55

Well done Tracey 

Back from Gillingham, it is a bit of a trek around the motorway but no traffic problems.  I was a 'reserve' judge and wasn't needed, so for the first time in a very long time I watched a competition    Lizzie was second   

07/10/2007 at 13:59

Diana what is happening with s-i-l, do they know why the lung is not re-inflating?

Tracey was Kierrah allright?

TS reality can be harsh 

Good running JJ 

Chouette 2/5 sounds good though especially if it was a humid day 

07/10/2007 at 14:09

Kierrah is alright now. She had the runs yesterday, sorry for the details.

Congratulations to Lizzie

07/10/2007 at 14:53

Tracey, that's superb - all those mara training miles paid off!

Well done Lizzie!

07/10/2007 at 14:59

My race splits. No HR data, as Garmin went funny and gave me a MHR 240. I would be dead with that HR.

56:06 -  6.25miles







2.11 (8:34mm) for .25 mile.

07/10/2007 at 15:03
Total miles this week 3O:35 miles.
07/10/2007 at 15:05
Excellent running Tracey 
07/10/2007 at 15:10

It has to be a sub 55 mins next time.

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