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07/10/2007 at 15:47

Afternoon all

Tracey great PB and a big, big margin as well - brilliant

Chouette if you beat previou course time it must count as a good run, particularly as you've not been well.

Congratulations to Lizzie on her second place, you must have enjoyed being able to atch for once Maggie.

Yesterday's run was 4.03mi in 36.17 at 9pace, ave 143HR and 73% WHR.

Today's run was with the Joggers and lasted 6.57mi, with a hill, in 1.3.32 at 9.30pace, ave HR 136 and WHR of 68%. Legs felt much better today, still a bit tired but getting there

Best part of the day so far is that Liz made it to church, so hopefull she'll be able to get past chronic fatigue and get out a little bit more now we've had this "breakthrough"

Plan for next week : Mon rest, Tues 4m, Wed rest, Thur with normal club group, Fri rest/massage, Sat 4m with a couple of faster bits, Sunday run.

Mike T

07/10/2007 at 16:06


Well done on your course pb

07/10/2007 at 16:24
Mike that is great news about Liz 
07/10/2007 at 16:26
Good morning all,
Managed to watch a recording of the Toronto marathon but I didn't see either of us. a very exciting finish, not me throwing up but the winners sprinting for the line.
Great race, I have updated the chart and now added some predictions for your other targets. sorry but can't post from home but will do it as soon as I am back in the office.
07/10/2007 at 16:40

massive pb , well done, just shows what 20 mile runs can do for one. I hope Kierrah recovers from whatever very soon.

Pleased to hear that the LSR has been completed, I am sure that an extra k will not affect you in any way at all.

Neat running again today also good comeback mileage.

At least you weren't slower on the same course as last year. It will have been an excellent aid to your training for your next race. Too hot?????? Surely not. Well done on your 2nd placement in age group in the race.

more miles under belt, but more importantly more miles enjoyed by running them in lovely autumnal conditions.

I hope family health problems and associated care issues are soon to be resolved by s-i-l being declared fit and well again.

Many, many congrats to Lizzie on her 2nd place. What a pleasure for you to be able to watch Lizzie perform so well.

you seem to be recovering very well indeed.

Hi MIckC
down in Denver.

Hi to Impey too, I believe that you have raced a 10k today too. Wondering how it has gone.

07/10/2007 at 16:48

I have had a somewhat busy day. Sorting my Mother out, the home have confirmed that they think she is using some sort of emotional blackmail because I am going on holiday. Not easy to deal with, ( and I should be used to be it, but never am) and  I just have to get on with holiday arrangements, and hope she will be ok. She seemed fine today, not at all like yesterdays behaviour. But she will be 91 yrs old next Saturday, so I have to make some allowances! I will be visiting her tomorrow with all her Birthday present, so in effect she will be celebrating 2 Birthdays.  

We did go for a run early this morning. Only 8 miles, when I had wanted to run 12, but never mind. We ran along the new trail which we found last week. It was  a very pretty route. It was along an old railway which runs all the way down to Shoreham on the S coast. Unfortunately, because it is a cycle path, they (whoever, they are) kindly put down some thin tarmac as a treat for the cyclists, there is a small layer of very fine gravel which is mostly lying along the side of the road. So I ran on that hoping it made the surface not so hard on the joints.

07/10/2007 at 17:10

ceal the situation with your mum is very hard, if the home think that her behaviour is manipulative you have to be tough and carry on with your plans, celebrate her birthday with her tomorrow and then have a very lovely holiday 

07/10/2007 at 17:13
Hi everyone,

A big well done to Tracey, Chouette, Lizzie and Liz. Great achievements.

JJ, what a good run you had.

Where is Pammie? And Impey? I didn't know he was racing today.

I hope Kierrah is better.

Why is it that I have to wait about 20 minutes to post so I can get hold of the smileys?

I will not bother anymore...
07/10/2007 at 17:22


I am back now

Tracey - Well done on your pb i knew you were on something special when you passed me . Hope Kierrah is feeling better soon

As Tracey said her loo queue was moving faster than mine and Kaz's we got to the start just as the runners were being moved to the start so we nipped in where we could am guessing it took 15-20 seconds to cross the start line

Not much of a race report, Garmin died just before the start so ran the race on feel so no splits or HR for you. All i know is a man behind me mentioned the 5km split to his friend (27;45)
As i had not run this far in ages endurance was an issue so i took the first 5km easy and not do anything silly yes i could have run faster but if i did would i pay for it later. I just wanted to do the distance and throughly enjoyed the race, encouraging a few back of the pack. Around 7km started to pick pace up and managed a sprint finish at the end.

So 1st 10km since Jan 2006 so terribly pleased. As i crossed the line clock said 58:12

Met up with Tracey and Kaz afterwards, Then Kaz and me went to have Fish n Chips along the seafront. Well it had to be done.

07/10/2007 at 17:48


Next I want to get my 10 mile time down.

07/10/2007 at 17:53

your 10 mile time will have come down, for sure.

I hadn't realized that you hadn't raced a 10k since 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done on completing the distance in a race when your endurance training hadn't been quite up to scratch yet.

I forgot to add that I am so pleased to hear of Liz's burst of energy today, maybe you need to go away more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only joking, of course.

07/10/2007 at 18:19
Hippo had a good race today
07/10/2007 at 19:01
Well done Tracey, a very nice chunk knocked off your 10k to give a new pb.
Very good run,Pammie, considering it's first 10k since Jan'06 you did well.
Chouette you ran ok, faster than last year so it must be a course PB?
07/10/2007 at 19:18

 The 10k Clumber(Sherwood Forest),

 Have a feeling the turnout was a lot more than the organisers expected. Loads of runners didn't get opportunity to finish properly.  As I approached  the finish I could see canopy with clock and knew at least I'd got a course pb but had to stop 20 or 30 yards before the line and join the other 60+ competitors waiting to walk over finish line and move tortoise-like on the one and only funnel before reaching the result recorder. It was doubtful that times were recorded and if they were they'd obviously be many minutes out !  I felt sorry for the person writing all the numbers down, it certainly wasn't her fault. In fact, there should have been at least 3 funnels cope with the rush of such a popular event.

Overall I worked out my time as 52m.26s which compares to the last best Clumber time of 53m.15s.

Mile laps:-

1m.58s. =0.23m

There was  the usual crush start (as in many races).  Was a nice day for the race and I enjoyed this as good training practice too.

07/10/2007 at 19:43

JJ - you're right, at the start of a race, there are so many sick and injured runners but once the gun goes off, they're away!! Your come-back is looking good.

Chouette - well done on running your 5k faster than last year and 2nd in your age-group.

Tracey - congrats on smashing your 10k PB.

Ceal - sorry you are having problems with your Mum - enjoy your holiday.

Pammie - well done on your 10k since Jan 2006 - I find them hard - you did really well.

Impey - good chunk of your 10k PB too - well done.

07/10/2007 at 19:44


Well done on your course pb. My race is the same, tortoise-like to the tunnel and waiting for time to be recorded. It is your watch time that counts. My race had 2,OOO people in it. They really need chip timing, for the finish at least.

07/10/2007 at 19:46


Thanks everyone

Chouette - Apologies i meant to congratulate on your race so a big well done to you, any time better than the previous year has to be good no matter how small.

Impey - Well done, i'm more impressed with your splits, thats brilliant,

07/10/2007 at 19:46

Pammie well done on your first 10k since 06, a good solid time you must/should be pleased.

Impey what a shame the number of entrants caught the organisers out, that really shouldn't happen, but at least you had a good run and a course PB.

JJ I think recovery is going well, just trying to build back up slowly over these first two weeks and then up the quality over the following two weeks leading up to GSR.

Mike T

07/10/2007 at 19:48

Well done Impey, it is a shame that the finish was not better organised.

Well done to Pammie too!

It is not just young blonds that like plastic flowerpots, our redhead Cass still has fun with them although generally now she can see where she is going! Of course it is even more fun if they start off with a plant in them! 

07/10/2007 at 20:33

Evening all

Norunday. Norun week almost. Went to trade at a race today.

Congrats on your superb pb!

Congrats to Lizzie!

Congrats on the first race in ages.

Congrats on your run and keeping your patience with your mum.

Congrats on your run. Glad you're back out running again.

Conrats on a well-executed norunday.

Congrats on your return pb mileage and also on your blond doodle.

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