Over 60s training.

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13/10/2007 at 20:07
a good start
13/10/2007 at 20:09
I am sure JJ will have an opinion but as he is busy watching or preparing to watch rugby I will give you mine.
First your 2004 and 2005 times are very consistent, your 5k time would give a predicted 10k time of 59:25 whereas your actual was 59:40. I would not say that it was soft based on your old times.
However both your recent short distance times indicate that you could set a new PB at 10k by a significant margin, 58:56. Your recent 10k time offsets that but I know that you have not been well this summer so I would recommend caution. I would suggest that you set an easier target as rebuilding your confidence is a very important step to improving your times.
I would shoot for beating your last time of 66:30, I would set a goal of 65:00 that is 6:30 kms. If you go through 5k in under 32:30 try stepping up the pace. Whatever you do keep the first 2k slower than a 6:25 per km pace.
JJ I am sure will give you some advice on how to prepare for Feb.
Great on stepping up, just stay focused and healthy and your PB will come.
13/10/2007 at 20:14
Great news but I am not surprised. If you look at the chart you will see you 5 mile time is soft based on a prediction from your 10k times.  That is 40:43 compared with 41:20. I think that when your official time is in we could extrapolate down to a 5 mile PB.
13/10/2007 at 21:45
Well done England.....the frogs are squashed out
13/10/2007 at 21:50


Its rather a strange one this 6 miler with not being a 10k as such.  In any case, with the course being hilly and multi-terrain its best left as an odd annual event. I'll post lap times later on.

13/10/2007 at 22:00

Well we dunnit !

Is that good or is it good?

I bet you know who to support now !


13/10/2007 at 22:03
Is everyone alright
13/10/2007 at 22:41

Just a bit dumb struck, Pammie. We gave silly points away, got outplayed and sill made it to the final - could it be Englands year ?  Bet TS's knee's are sore tonight if he made all those tackles again !!

Impey well done on a course PB, it'll be interesting to see your splits.

Had a really interesting 1.5hrs with Angus Fraser at Lords yesterday, OK he didn't know all the facts that the tour guides could have given us but we got all sorts of insights into both his world as a player and journalist.

No run day for me as I had my flu jab, hopefully should be Ok for a regular Sunday run tomorrow.

Mike T

13/10/2007 at 22:45

Thats a relief glad there is some life out there.

I've got a problem now

England is in the Final, next Saturday and i'll be working, no access to TV or the internet                  

14/10/2007 at 01:28
Updated chart, sorry it is just a link but I cannot get it to work on dialup.
Updated chart
14/10/2007 at 10:02


Where is everybody?


14/10/2007 at 10:03


Danson Park, Bexley
14/10/2007 at 10:13

Thanks JJ and MickC - I now have a goal. I think it is challenging but realistic - to return to a sub-60 10k sometime in 2008.

Pammie - Oh No! - I don't suppose you could work with concealed headphones and a pocket radio?

I'll be in Amsterdam next Saturday ready for the Half on the Sunday. I'll have to find a sports bar somewhere that's showing the final - that shouldn't be too hard - but staying off the Amstel beer while I'm watching might be difficult.

My aim for Amsterdam is to jog round in comfort without needing to walk, enjoy the atmosphere and support MrLW who is doing the 5k in the morning. I'm not bothered about times for this one, as I'm sticking to TS's aerobic base-building schedule for now.

My course record is 2:15 in 2004 - I was all set to smash my 2:09 pb set in Blackpool that summer, when at mile 10 I had a sharp, crippling pain on the outside of my left knee. I limped to the stadium finish and my ITB didn't heal properly for another 6 months.

14/10/2007 at 10:21

Morning Aws,

Your painting sign of winter to come! Though forecasters reckon it'll be a mild one it's nice to see a bit of snow.

Dull,drizzly conditions here today but still mild.

Yesterday's trail time was 52m.53s which compares to previous years times of 60m.10s in 2002, 56m.45s in 2003, 54m.50s in 2004, dnr 205, 53m.27s in 2006.  Lap times don't look very  impressive but then it is a varied course with some tough climbs and very little tarmac.

8m. 01s.
8m. 19s.
9m. 16s.
9m. 30s.
8m. 44s.
9m. 03s.

Official result still to come, but Garmin times appear genuine.

14/10/2007 at 10:23

And good morning to you, Lynne. We crossed posts I think.

Off out to take Sam for a doodle walk.

14/10/2007 at 10:25
Just spotted typo above....2005 not 205 .
14/10/2007 at 13:22


Long 'ahem' run done today a whopping 5.81 miles. It was a warm day today so shorts an a vest top and i was still baking

5.81 miles = 1hr 20 secs avg pace 10:23 (best pace 7:53)

HR avg 146

1 - 10:35 (139)
2 - 10:29 (147)
3 - 10:22 (150)
4 - 10:21 (148)
5 - 10:27 (148)0.81 mile 8:03 9:57 pace (151)

14/10/2007 at 13:52

Afternoon all

Thanks for the updates on the chart. (More on that later) Glad to see a few more colours being added.

Yes, I'm sorry we won't meet at Beachy. I have been offered a lift, though, and am starting to waver a bit. It's difficult for me to get staff cover for Saturdays, though.
We have a few targets which are very close. VirtUal competition!

14/10/2007 at 14:01

Busy day at work yesterday then rushed home to change, meet friend and eat before seeing Milton Jones (comedian, has a show on Radio 4, lots of puns). Had 2.5 pints of beeer, which is quite unusual for me.

Got home, went to bed, didn't sleep (had also had a very strong (but lovely) coffee yesterday morning). Got up at 6.45 to load bike into car and drive 11 miles to Thornbury for running club bike ride (pushbike, Mike, TS).  The first easy-paced ride they've done. By the time they'd gone half a mile I'd lost sight of them and thought "Sod it, I'm going back." Couldn't get wheel off bike to put bike back in car. There followed a long series of trilas and tribulations. I got home ok (eventually). Ride leader rang to apologise - he's a lovely guy and woud have felt bad. Lessons learned.

So - not run, no bike ride. New week starts tomorrow.

14/10/2007 at 14:14

Good morning, a rest day for me today.
You are sounding nicely focused.
If you want snow I will soon have lots to spare.


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