Over 60s training.

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04/02/2007 at 08:09
Impey - if you pop in, enjoy the XC.
04/02/2007 at 08:19
Tut tut!

enjoy the races folks
04/02/2007 at 08:46

Hope your wish come true.


Good luck with your race.
04/02/2007 at 09:01
Gooda Morning folks,

May have missed you if you are already on way to darkest Dewsbury :-)
Still wishing all the best for your speed. I have the feeling you'll do us proud !

Good luck to other racers too, not really clear what the events are. We can all appreciate the great conditions today, that is a fact :-)

Thanks Chouette and Sharkie xx.
04/02/2007 at 09:16

Good luck today.

04/02/2007 at 10:01
Sub-45 will be a cake-walk (no pressure)

Enjoy the mud-plugging. Now that's a proper winter activity!
04/02/2007 at 10:40
Morning all

Bit late I know but run strong TS and Impey.

Early morning run with Joggers, another beautiful crisp morning able to look out across to the downs ( once we'd reached the top ) with the misty skyline merging with the hills and the sun streaking through - makes getting up and out early worthwhile.

11.91mi in 1:46:04 whch is 8:54 pace, a good solid run after yesterdays relatively fast run.

Off out soon to see Darrell play footie, hopefully, and then taking my 3 out for a birthday meal - first time I've been able to get them all together since my birthday.

Have a good day everyone.

Mike T
04/02/2007 at 12:22
Enjoy your family meal, MT.

Sounds as if we all have pleasant weather for training and racing.

Sun shone on my 8.5k, down to the village and back via farm tracks among high open fields, away from the hunters. Meant to concentrate on keeping heart rate down but forgot about it after the first couple of kms. Average 64%WHR and av pace 7:44 (some rough ground and longish hills).
Brings the week to 58.6k (36.4 miles) - not bad considering I had two days' rest after my initial aborted post-lurgy comeback.
04/02/2007 at 12:33
Good afternoon all (just)

Ran this morning. Group were doing 15-ish miles, I set off before them and they passed me at about 5 miles. My aim was to do at least 10 miles. Felt very tired after 7 or so and decided to cut it short, so finished on 10.87.
It was ok - I came home feelig exhausted but uninjured so will now take it easy for the next couple of weeks.
JJ's comment about smelling the roses made me think that mine hadn't been that sort of run in many ways even to the extent that when I hopped over a stile I landed in "slurry." New trainers, too.

back later.
04/02/2007 at 12:34
44.5 for the week.
04/02/2007 at 13:25
slumps in corner!

64% WHR is fine and great weeks mileage

not surprised you had tired legs after your efforts during the week.

I see you got your new trainers well christened:-))

another good long run at steady pace after a hard session yesterday
04/02/2007 at 13:38
Dewsbury 10K

Bright sun, hard frost, no wind, perfect conditions.

Chipped race but I wsa determined to get a good start and got to the line in plenty of time. Unfortunately a huge number of runners arrived and just pushed through from the front so another carp start.

I actually took 40 seconds to cross the chip mat at the start which was partly because the road was funnelled doen to make sure everyone got over the mats.

went a bit mad after that

1m 6:42 hr141
2m 6:58 hr157
3m 7:18 hr158 b*gger what happened
4m 6:53 hr156
5m 6:57 hr157
6m 6:57 hr157
.3 1:48 hr161 and max of 166 = 88%WHR

for a total of 43:38 chip and Garmin time. Av Hr 154 = 75%WHR

Last 0.3 really hurt as I locked in combat with some youngsters in a sprint finish - they lost:-))

Finished just behind the delectable rear of Nell McAndrew. I would like to tell you it was deliberate policy but unfortunately she was just too fast for me:-)))

Finished 371 overall ou of 1000+ and 7th M60 which as this was a Yorkshire Championship race I guess I must be thankful for small mercies!!!!
04/02/2007 at 13:43
finishing bit equated to sub 5m/m pace, which I did not think I still had, so it was worth it for that experience alone:-))

I do believe, however, that I have lost the desire/motivation to really hurt during a race. It was pretty controlled after the first mile and legs are ok now.

Must get my sinuses sorted out - the snot production is becoming a real limiting factor to breathing.
04/02/2007 at 13:59
Hey TS,
that's a bit alright isn't it? Great result, love the sprint finish - double treble cor to that.
04/02/2007 at 14:35
Very impressive. Targets acheived - sub 44, sprint finish and a good view!

My massage/osteo-something-or-other-but-not-path man suggests the following for sinuses: (I am going to regret starting this as I'll wish I could see you all trying it)
Put right arm over head so that third and fourth fingers will "hook" over eyebrows at either side of nose.
Pinch the bridge of your nose (on the bone,just above where bone and gristle meet - where your specs sit) with fingers and thumb of left hand.
Pull down with left hand and up with right hand - quite sharply.
04/02/2007 at 15:10

Blick heck you were flying. Well done.
04/02/2007 at 15:35
Splendid running and placing, TS.
Expect you will be opening a suitable reward later. Or maybe you already have 8-D)

K2 - had to remove glasses to hit the spot, then couldn't read instructions...

TS - have you tried cutting down dairy products?
04/02/2007 at 15:38
04/02/2007 at 15:38
I'm losing my touch.
04/02/2007 at 15:39
......or not.
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