Over 60s training.

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27/08/2012 at 09:03

Good Morning,

How lovely to hear from you again. I thought you had totally abandoned us! What are you training for right now. You have the summer to look forward to and we are going into winter soon without having had a proper summer. Not sure it is wise to run so fast after a race, but it just sort of happened!!

I , too like your run this morning. Especially the last mile. A great negative split, I am ignoring the 1 sec totally.

don't think that a shamble has let you off eating the Tuna sandwiches. I know when I race in Hyde park, I work too hard on the uphill bits then can't sustain the pace on the down hill and waste all the energy I have just put in running uphill.

An encouraging race from you. Especially the last K. When you come to Hyde Park in Sept please can you bring the book I lent you with you, unless you are using it of course.

I may run today, I may not. I can't tomorrow, therefore, I would like to if I can, but have a  number of tasks to finish before I can even entertain the idea.

27/08/2012 at 17:26
Did 15 miles with my friend this morning. It felt like hard work. This is the first time I've looked at my splits.

Average pace 10:54
27/08/2012 at 17:51

Good work again. .

27/08/2012 at 18:07

It is good to hear from you again. You can be sure that I am looking forward to my trip, but I have to be careful as Pammie, with the progress she is making, could be leaving me behind.
How are things now that you are not experiencing earthquakes?

15 miles, yes that sounds like hardwork and looking at your splits, especially the last few miles 

You seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

I had planned to run today and then workout at the gym. I was riding my Bonnie there when it quit, the engine just shut down. I was on a motorway so I had a long walk pushing it tot he nearest off ramp.
After fiddling with it I managed to get it going but it stopped  again a mile further on. It seems to be an electrical problem, probably a loose connection somewhere, so I started stripping it down at the side of the road when a truck pull up to help.
It turned out that the driver was a Bonnie rider too so he gave me a local contact to get someone to come and pick it up. He then gave me a lift to the gym and we exchanged numbers to arrange a ride as he was retired as well.
I also managed to get a lift home from the gym but no run yet, maybe later.
It always amazes me that people can be so helpful to complete strangers. 

27/08/2012 at 19:12

Good to hear from you.I guess we need an update!

 would have thought a long wak pushing the Bonnie wa a decent enough workout for today. Nice guy to stop and help out.

Great run once again. When's the next race?

I can't eat the tuna sandwich. It's waiting for aws's suspended sentence to kick in.

I think the real answer to not running fast downhill is a lack of fast twitch fibres.

27/08/2012 at 19:28

Had an eclectic mix of activities today.
Did a 4 mile walk/run off road with the doodle. Bought a Tom Tom GPS for MrsJJ, bought two mirrors for the hall, ordered some carpet for stairs and landing, bought a new landing light, ordered a new mattress and headboard, dug up and replaced a plant that isn't earning its keep. Set up the GPS. Bought a 1930s Art Deco model of a beige greyhound for the hall table at an antiques fair in a nearby village.

27/08/2012 at 19:51
JJ - there was an interesting piece on retired people that spent as much as 8hrs a day ever day doing the gardening.

NZC - am doing Beachy Head Marathon on 27 October.
27/08/2012 at 19:52
Mick - sorry to here about Bonnie. But you've made new friends
27/08/2012 at 19:53
Ceal, I've messaged you
27/08/2012 at 21:07

Ceal - I had to pop in to congratulate you on your 98%

I'm training for the Auckland marathon - 28th Oct. Actually all I am doing is increasing my long run each week!

Tracey - good long run, looks like our marathons are a day apart. Beachy is a tough one isn't it, with beautiful views?

Mick - I can see you might be a bit worried about Pammie - always good to have some competition! Great story about the fellow Bonnie rider - sounds like you have made a new friend.

JJ - Looks like you've been having a bit of a spending spree!


27/08/2012 at 21:51


NZC/Mick lovely words but don't think ~Mick has much to worry about my endurance is ok just the speed aspect is lacking

Mick excuse my Canadian geography but are you near Oshawa only i came across this one of them if i lived closer it would be one i'd do looks cool Sorry to hear of your Bonnie trouble hopefully soon sorted

Tracey Great run 

3.23 mile recovery run today 10:24 pace did feel hard guess yesterday still in legs plus the 8-10 miles i probably walked a well to and from race and to and from work plus work


27/08/2012 at 22:33

Welcome back, NZC!  - and best of luck when it comes to the Aukland mara.

Ceal - no, not this week and not next. Lake Vyrnwy half is on 9th September.

Mick6 - you asked if I have a target. I've only done one half-m before, and that was last year, in Hastings, which is hilly, whereas Lake V is largely flat, so it's not unreasonable for me to target a PB.  What I'd really like is a 70% age grading. Have had a couple of 68%s before, but nothing higher. 

Migraines - very nasty things, and a surprising number of people are sufferers. Boo to the Bonnie breakdown, but good outcome in the end.

Pammie, Tracey, Ceal - you are all going great guns. Not to mention Aws, - all 12s, not a 13 in sight (JJ can put that sandwich back into the fridge). 

Graham - you are near where my brother lives if you are in the Eastbourne / Beachy Head area.

27/08/2012 at 22:52

Nice pic, Aws. Somewhere flat in England. Lincolnshire, perhaps.

Forgot to say, - yesterday it was Younger Daughter's birthday (her 24th), and she, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's parents, her boyfriend's sister, two unrelated friends, and I, all met for lunch. We were coming from 3 different directions, - Warwickshire, Bristol and mid-Wales - so met at a village called Much Birch, a few miles north of Ross on Wye. Daughter arrived with her left arm wrapped in cling-film. She'd treated herself to a tattoo. "What, a real one?" I said in horror. Yes, a real one. Well, what's done is done. "Don't blame me", said the boyfriend. "It's got nothing to do with me". (But he has a couple of tattoos himself, so he is setting something of an example).

As tattoos go it is quite tasteful and attractive, though it does occupy the whole length of her inner left forearm. It's an abstract pattern, rather reminiscent of twining plants, delicate and filigree-like.

27/08/2012 at 22:54

The lunch lasted four and a half hours, by the way. If I'd known how long it was going to go on, I could have had two glasses of wine instead of just one, and still been ok for driving home.

28/08/2012 at 08:52

Good Morning,

I think your credit card had a hard hit yesterday.

Your lunch sounded great. I would have had the same reaction as you over the tattoo. Not something I really admire. Although there are some very delicate/pretty ones about and the inside of the forearm is a unobtrusive place to have one. BUT they are there for life!!! Sorry I got confused as to when L V half is, of course it is in Sept, I wasn't thinking clearly. I think I saw that you wrote that you were tapering and I jumped to the incorrect conclusion.

Jeepers, is it a whole year since you last ran the Auckland marathon.

A poorly bonnie has brought you a new friend.

I didn't run yesterday and won't get a chance to do so today either, I am out all day. But no worries I should be able to fit in a hard one tomorrow to make up for 2 days rest.

28/08/2012 at 16:23

For weeks I've had no notifications of "replies" on this thread, and now about ten came through all at once!

Been to Aberystwyth this morning to discuss changes in working conditions. The changes are such that I'm not at all sure that the game is worth the candle.

Back in time to go out with the running club tonight.


28/08/2012 at 19:23


Good of that guy to help you out.  Having something in common like the Bonnie must have helped I guess, sounds like a genuine guy anyhow

Thats what I call shopping !   Kept you very busy yesterday.

Its been a loooong time since we heard from you but good to see you on again.  Good luck with the Auckland in two months time.

5.5 miles recorded today.  After a  wup, couple of fartleks, a medium hard 4th mile round the lakes felt ok. After the 5th ran a warmdown and had chat with the lady owner of sausage dog "Mac" .   Mile laps....12.31,  10.35,  10.26,  9.49,  10.28 and 12.19 paced 0.51m.


28/08/2012 at 19:39

Yet another busy day. Did some gentle running on the doodle walk and for a treat she had two lots of swimming; in the river Medway and a lake.

Ripped up the hall carpet, underlay and gripperrod to reveal the original poor quality wood block flooring which is a peculiar chocolate colour. Tomorrow we search out some decent lightish oak flooring to match the staircase. Found a lot of burglar alarm cables which will need to be properly hidden too.

Two days rest will be ideal.
I don't have a credit card. I use a debit card. I wouldn't use a credit card as a means of obtaining credit. The rate of interest is too high.

If you enjoy the work it's worth keeping a small amount going even if you make next to nothing out of it. Just make sure it doesn't cost you more than you earn. The brain needs exercise too.


28/08/2012 at 21:14

JJ - good to have a debit card - means you've got plenty of money Sounds like you are really getting stuck in doing lots of good work on your house, and  keeping doodle happy - when was the last time you stretched those long legs out?

Thanks for the welcome backs everyone.

I ran O'Hagans 5km again last night - 22.17, last week it was 22.42, so moving in the right direction.

28/08/2012 at 21:59

NZC - you're a very fast lady. I couldn't hope to do a 5k in that time.

JJ - I don't have a credit card either, and for the same reason.
The changes in working conditions are such as to make the whole process much more iffy, - outlay necessary on various items which have previously been provided by the Uni, and no guarantee that any clients will be forthcoming.

6.95 miles X-C with the running club this evening; besides the accustomed features of squelchy fields, mud, and a stream to be splashed through at ankle depth, as a special treat we had a heavy rainstorm (having started out in bright sunshine) while we were out on the exposed hillside, which soaked us through and reduced my vision to nearly nothing with raindrops on my glasses, and then the glasses steaming up.

Somehow I still managed to enjoy it.


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