Over 60s training.

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15/09/2012 at 22:30

Excellent result. Hope the age group prize was a decent one after a tough race.

15/09/2012 at 23:57

Thanks - didn't go to prizegiving - but I'm not sure there was a prize - just the recognition of achieving 1st in my catergory.

16/09/2012 at 02:51


NZC - congrats on finishing a tough marathon and to win your age category Superb Certainly sounded tough

16/09/2012 at 14:48

NZC, well done brilliant time and a first place - The Legend should sit well .

Mike T

16/09/2012 at 15:02

Ok first race for year, three days of eating toast due to stomach issues added to a rather apprehensive eMpTy on the start line. Team mates were encouraging but it really was a suck it and see effort, hoping to get round in about 40 mins. Splits were:- 

1) - 1m - 7:20(7:20/m) - 158bpm avge - 166bpm max - 126cal
2) - 1m - 7:35(7:35/m) - 162bpm avge - 165bpm max - 129cal
3) - 1m - 7:49(7:49/m) - 163bpm avge - 165bpm max - 129cal
4) - 1m - 7:46(7:46/m) - 163bpm avge - 164bpm max - 128cal
5) - 1m - 7:58(7:58/m) - 163bpm avge - 166bpm max - 127cal
6) - 0.02m - 7(5:38/m) - 166bpm avge - 166bpm max - 2cal 

Last mile was quite hard as it was back into the wind, moderate to what it has been in some years, but enough for me to drop to 8's. Very tired on the track but had to find a sprint, well loosley, finish as the announcer said that certain lady world record holder had just entered the track and could have only been a little behind me.

It was great to meet up with old friends again and have a quick chat.

Oh, yes garmin time 38.35, ave 7.42, ave hr 162, age grading 65.83. Reasonably happy with that, I think that the HR gives the bug game away as it is a little out from what I would expect.

Mike T 

16/09/2012 at 16:03
Empty - well done xxx
16/09/2012 at 18:09



What an achievement. You have every reason to feel very proud of yourself. You say you won't do the race again, well you have no need to!!! Your race report made the race seem very short indeed and made the impression that the race was easy! You skimmed over many hard fought miles. Being First Legend is something to hold close to your heart.  I hope you have slept/sleep well and that your recovery is swift.


There is some good weight and core work being done by you. You will get results for sure, but it may take 6 weeks for the full benefit to emerge.


thank your for reading my interview, I didn't get any notification of what I was going to be asked and so when put on the spot it was not easy to get my brain into gear! I presume that if you are suffering from a bug or an allergy that it will pass. I can't remember how old you are, but know that you are not as ancient as JJ and  myslelf therefore you will not yet need quite so much recovery time as us. However, you may want to re-think the time you spend in the Gym versus the time you spend running. I am certainly not suggesting dropping your Gym work at all, but maybe just drop a little of it and see if it makes any difference. But although you are having a bad time at the moment, you do seem to be sort of in control.

How exciting to see the riders pass by, I do remember last year that you mentioned that you witnessed it then too.


When is your first X-country race? 


Great race considering you were not feeling at all A1. Pretty steady HR.even though it was higher than it would normally be. I hope you don't feel awful tomorrow because of the race. Do you have to work tomorrow? 

Edited: 16/09/2012 at 18:11
16/09/2012 at 18:16
Ceal - now using 1kg weights.
16/09/2012 at 18:16

Oh yes Ceal. Unfortunately part-time is full-time this and last week  and 4 day until at least end of September.

Mike T

16/09/2012 at 18:38

MickC - thank you for mentioning Ceal's interview, reminds me that I had intended to read it and haven't yet done so.

Your mention of cycling in a big pack, and the need to spread out when going downhill, has given me the explanation of why the cyclists were rather spread out when I saw them. Last year I watched them come through the town, where the ground is more or less level, and they came through in a close bunch; but south of town, which is where I watched them from this year, they are indeed going downhill.

I think you set yourself very high standards, which may be why you feel so crestfallen when you aren't achieving as well as you feel you should. Maybe this is because you've run, cycled etc. all your life. Me, I still get a kick out of realising that I've reinvented myself as a runner so relatively late in life, and I don't expect too much.

NZC - well done on such an amazingly good race result, -  you were wondering whether it was even worth entering, and then you won your age-group! - Bit of a poor show not getting a prize, though. There were age-group prizes in the Lake Vyrnwy.

What is the pipeline? Is it literally a pipeline, such that you all have to run one after another and can't overtake?

Tracey - I've heard of 30 day shred. It sounds a bit fearsome. I can't do press-ups either. What are girly press-ups? Maybe I could do those.

MT - On the basis of nothing but toast for 3 days I think that was a remarkable result (you said you lapsed into 8s, - but I see no 8s).

16/09/2012 at 18:42

Well you may have spotted in Empty's race report that I, too, was racing today. I didn't mention it because I wanted to keep myself calm about the race and treat it as a low key event.

Stewart has gone off to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks, but not before he very kindly drove me over to Portsmouth for the Victory 5.

I had not raced a 5 mile race since 2007, so I was not sure quite how to pace a race as far as that, having done nothing longer than 5k for the past 3 years at least. I decided to try and keep the effort even once I had got into my stride and do nothing heroic.

I started the race about 5 rows back on the track  and so was with the big boys, however, I found the start quite slow as we eventaully move off the track  onto the cycle track which of course has a camber on it then out onto the sea front. It is a fast flat course but of course being on the coast there is always wind. Well as MikeT said it was nothing compared to some other races that I have done along the part of the race that is along the sea wall. coming back along this section was into the wind and I found that quite hard. I kept trying to run behind a big man but they kept running too fast for me. Once I was back on the track I was able to up the pace and try and catch Mike. We had met in the park and exchanged some words, like I am running a pace I don't think I can sustain!!

I don't know my official time, I didn't stop my watch, I saw 38+++ mins on the clock and if I look at my Garmin read out, it would appear that I did something like 38.52 mins. I hope that I got under 39 mins. I was targetting 40 mins, so I am thrilled to have gone under that.

My splits are in K's thus making a 5 mile race look a lot longer than it is!! 

I think 38.52 mins, av pace 7.46 mm, av HR 153, MHR 158 

4.49 mins, av pace 7.46 mm, HR 144/150
4.37 mins, av pace 7.26 mm, HR 151/154 --- I think the wind was behind me
4.49 mins, av pace 7.46 mm, HR 153/156
4.47 mins, av pace 7.43 mm, HR 155/157
4.52 mins, av pace 7.50 mm, HR 155/158
4.52 mins, av pace, 7.51 mm, HR 155/158
5.03 mins, av pace, 8.08 mm, HR 155/157 -- keeping effort same but pace drops
4.45 mins, av pace, 7.39 mm, HR 156/158
I don't have the last little bit to make up the 5 miles, due to not stopping my watch.

It certainly was a race with a difference for me, I almost enjoyed it. But not the last mile+ into the wind. I caught up with lots of running/trackie friends and it was good to see MikeT. be it only brief, but I understand he will be joining us at the end of the Month.   

All in all I am well pleased with myself for racing a distance in excess of 5k on not a lot of distance training.

Well would you believe it, I have just looked at the Rankings on Runbritain and find my result is there already and I ran a chip time of 38:47 mins, I am thrilled. I took 5 secs to cross the line.

My time puts me at the top of the UK rankings for LV70 by 2:19 mins.

Oh yes, I won £10 and a £10 voucher at the local sports shop, my first thought was oh I shall have to spend more money to use a voucher for £10. Then I remembered that I desperatley needed new running gloves, having lost mine and so it came in useful when we stopped at the said shop just around the corner from the track to make the purchase.  

Edited: 16/09/2012 at 18:45
16/09/2012 at 18:53

well done Ceal...nice to meet you today.

Currently changing my pic at the moment, but it should be up by tomorrow!

16/09/2012 at 19:01

Well done Ceal, - you kept very quiet about that one! Top of the rankings again! Whatever, you do, you shine!

Having just come back from your interview, I should like to ask: How do you find the British Masters events? Is there a website?

16/09/2012 at 19:13

I think I was posting on your thread at the same time as you were on mine!! I will post this on yours too!


http://www.bvaf.org.uk/index.asp I was actually referring to joining an athletics club and racing with them as nobody minds who comes last as long as they finish the race and pick up points for their club. Many road runners know nothing about track racing and it is open to everybody.  So anybody can be called on to do any discipline on the track or in the field.

Anybody can race in the Masters World T & F Champs, there is a wide variety of standards in the older age groups, and in some of the younger ones too. The only thing you can't do is win a medal if you don't make the standard time set by the World Masters Org.

16/09/2012 at 19:20

Columba, I dropped into the 8's (albeit just) until I heard of Ceal's arrival on the track and managed to pick the pace up - I have been passed by Ceal before at the end of a race

Blimey Ceal, that's a massive margin to be at the top by on a 5m race.

I should have mentioned that Darrell ran the Victory 10k, a new event to run alongside the long established Victory 5, he ran around 45 and was a bit disappointed. He doesn't run enough to have an idea of his pace so I think he started off too slowly as he'd left his Garmin at home - backed up by the fact he finished like a train in the last 300m.

Mike T

Edited: 16/09/2012 at 19:21
16/09/2012 at 19:26

Ceal, the winner was a little slower than you thought, 22:56 chip time, but I was shocked to see on power of 10 that he's 18 years old!

So he may well be able to get down to 21s. Definitely has a chance of beating the all time UK record, which is mid 22.

16/09/2012 at 19:46

He looked very young when he picked up his prize. I wonder how much money he won? A lot I hope. He looked a delightful young man/boy.  

16/09/2012 at 19:48

I heard a guy called Tom Payn (no e i think), who is a terrific runner in his own right (won Gosport half 2010 in about 1hr 07) brought both that chap and the woman's winner (also U20) over from Kenya.

He went to a training camp designed to get him in good shape to have a crack at the Olympics, but i don't think it quite pushed him to that level. His young runners could be the best in the country though for sure!

16/09/2012 at 19:54

I think you were faster than you thought

Tom P sounds to be a very good person. It's a pity our runners don't follow the same schedule, according to Michael Johnson any of our runners could compete with the Kenyan's if they did the same training.

I am out of here now, being both tired and hungry.  

16/09/2012 at 20:28

Ceal/Mike - well done on your 5 mile races.

Mike - I bet you did get a bit of a hurry up if you heard Ceal was right behind you!

Ceal - I love how you guys have the powerof10 website, it really must motivate you. We only have this sort of thing for the seniors/juniors, and of course if you are a fast young vet you might be able to get into those rankings.

It must be so pleasing to click on your name and see all your achievements at a glance.

Columba - the pipeline is a track in the bush that carries the main water pipe, it is clearly visable at times. The track is gravel and wide enough for runners to be able to pass each other going one way or the other.

Thanks for the well-dones, as you know it is always a bit of a flat down period after a marathon, and Mae is rearing to go!! Took her for a short walk yesterday, think she'll be wanting a bit more today.

Edited: 16/09/2012 at 20:31
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