Over 60s training.

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18/09/2012 at 13:12

look who is here

We, here, haven't expired just yet!!!

18/09/2012 at 13:15

I would imagine you lot are in better shape than me




18/09/2012 at 14:15

Ceal-Not to bad i think as just mainly running 3times a week,one track session,one tempo run,one long run,Ran 20miles last saturday on river towpath @8.20pace a bit quicker than i intended.Just have 2 more long runs of 16&20 miles then its just taper.
Track for me tonight 2x1600 with 400rec then 4x400 with 200rec.Still hope to run sub 3.30 at abingdon but just a bit worried about endurance as my max mileage has been 35 for any week.Good luck with your trail race

18/09/2012 at 14:33

thanks. Yes your max mileage is down but you are putting in the longer runs at a good pace. Plus you are working hard on the other 2 training runs which must count for something. Anyway, it is almost too late to alter what you could have done if you had had the time! 

18/09/2012 at 17:34
Hello Hippo
18/09/2012 at 21:10

Track workout done tonight 2x1600 @ 6.46pace 4x400 @1.30 a rep slight calf niggle but think it will ok

18/09/2012 at 21:17

I believe it's Mick's birthday today - so Happy Birthday to him!

Some good racing from several of you recently. No races for me, but I am 10 days into a 5 x 50 challenge, which involves running walking or cycling at least 5k every day for 50 days. I have run it every day so far, and hope not to resort to walking.


18/09/2012 at 22:01

Sunny but cool enough to have a nice 4.5 miler; mostly off road and a bit hilly.

Welcome. Stop showing off your creak. It's been around for a decade to my certain knowledge.

Nice looking session there.Speedy reps.

Carpet layers did a great job today with the stairs and landing. Kitchen now prepared for redecorating and new lighting installed.

Quite like the sound of your 5 x 50. Interesting challenge.
Mick's too old to have birthdays.

You may be a bit short on miles but the quality's still there.

18/09/2012 at 22:06

Mick may be too old to have a Birthday today. But you are not.


Have you celebrated it yet?

18/09/2012 at 22:09

Nice to see you. Mike and I looked for you at the Victory 5, it could have been one of the 50 x 5 days. But of course you weren't there!! Are you allowed to run/walk/cycle more than 5k?


Some speedy track work from you tonight, I hope the calf survives ok. I have my fingers well crossed for you. 

Edited: 18/09/2012 at 22:09
18/09/2012 at 22:47

JJ's birthday? - Happy birthday !

Hello Hippo, how are things (apart from creaky)?

Hello Diana, don't seem to have seen you for a while either.

Out with the club tonight. Not X-C this time; they have finished that for the winter. We did a succession of short circular runs on steeply sloping roads; the fast runners went 3 times round each circle, the slower ones twice, and I went once and then filled in the time either running up and down a short hilly bit of road, or reversed direction and ran until I met the others coming back.

Tracey - girly press-ups - yes your description is entirely clear, I will try some tomorrow.

18/09/2012 at 23:30

20 miles at a 8:20 pace is a very good session, it bodes well for a good time.

My flight is over night on Thursday so I will be in London Friday and I am staying 2 weeks. 

Happy birthday to you I think. 

5k easy for me today and I can already feel the impact of the antibiotics so watch Pammie, I may well be harder to beat.

Physio session as well and I got a very good progress report. 

Even more good news the part for my bonnie has been finally released by customs.


18/09/2012 at 23:37

Hi Diana,
50 straight days will be some achievement. If you can survive 50 you can probably just continue.

Too old and miss the cake, no way.

Thank you, we went out to a prearranged beer sampling and fish and chips dinner at a local brewery. I messed it up a bit by not being able to drink alcohol due to my medication. We still had a lot of fun as we were with lots of our neighbours and friends.


19/09/2012 at 07:14

JJ-Happy  Birthday to you

19/09/2012 at 07:21

Good morning

5.09M; 1:02:43.0; 12:19/M;
1 - 12:31.6 - 1.00 - 12:32
2 - 12:28.0 - 1.00 - 12:28
3 - 12:50.3 - 1.00 - 12:50
4 - 12:14.4 - 1.00 - 12:14
5 - 11:51.6 - 1.00 - 11:52
6 - 0:47.2 - 0.09 - 8:23



Edited: 19/09/2012 at 07:22
19/09/2012 at 07:30

COR, you are getting nearer and nearer to an av which stats with an 11.

Well you don't drink much anyway, so not a lot lost in your festivities. Good to hear that the anti-biotics have kicked in and are doing their stuff. I wish you well for your flight over here and look forward to meeting you again.


Looks like there were some innovative additions to your training last pm.

Stewart is going to Happy Valley this evening (well actually in a couple of hours time). I presume you have been there too. When do the family come home for good? Or are they already home?


No training today from me. Things to do and places to visit. Weather for sunday's race, so far, looks like rain and heavy winds.  

Edited: 19/09/2012 at 07:49
19/09/2012 at 08:46

Diana-All the best for your 50x5 challenge,make sure you tick the calender.

19/09/2012 at 08:49

Mick6-When are you visiting the uk i will try to be at hyde park as i know you intend to run it.Work permitting that is mick but hope to cheer you on.

19/09/2012 at 09:10

Sorry JJ, belated happies to you too. I spotted that it was Mick's on Facebook, but that doesn't help me with yours!

ceal, yes 5k is the minimum, and I have mostly done slightly more, especially if out with the club. I know Pammie has done quite a long streak, which may indeed be ongoing, but I'm not sure about continuing it beyond the 50 days, as I can feel it in my legs even with the relatively short distance. However, I was pleased that the 'easy pace' I did yesterday turned out to be 10:17 pace, as my easy pace was definitely slower a few weeks back, and I'd done a handicap run with the club on Monday, which turned out to be 3.66 miles in 34:34, so 9:27 pace.

How many plan to be at Hyde Park, and is it on 28th September? I can see busbar hopes to make it, and gather Mick & ceal will be there.

19/09/2012 at 09:14

to answer you question about who will be in the Park. I know MickT is going to try to be there and I believe Pammie and Tracey are coming along too.

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