Over 60s training.

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19/11/2012 at 09:25

good morning

Sometimes TV makes a major incident out of something that is quite minor just because there happens to be  pictures available.

On the other hand there was something on the news about a 25th anniversary of the Kings Cross fire disaster. It was only through a combination of circumstances that I missed it - I was booked on the 7:30 train back north but a friend could not meet up for a drink and so I got the 7:00 otherwise I would have been right in it.
My family did not know that and I knew nothing of the fire until I got home to much relief all round!!

sorry I still need 'em - see below!!

wellies are good but they chafe a bit around the calf.
Need to get that rhythm of road running going - it takes a while. I do find my Adizeros really help with maintaining really good posture and foot strike  - otherwise it hurts!!!

swings and roundabouts - but now you will feel guilty about that new pair of shoes you were going to buy 
thanks -yes pace was ok if modest by recent standards but good to be back. However after a hard days gardening clearing up leaves and border debris in the lovely sunshine this mornings run was a bit tougher 

3.1 miles, usual route, in 25:53 with avhr 130 and a max of 160

1m 8:33 hr 113/129 liked that!!
2m 8:26 hr 134/148  
3m 8:06 hr 140/146
.1m 0:48 hr 154/160 push on lst bit of hill to get under 26:00

progressive I suppose one could call it 

19/11/2012 at 10:34

Hope that you are over your nasty virus, TS, and will be back to the speedy running. We are recording the Killing, as we find the subtitles too much to cope with at that time of night!

Sympathise on the extreme mud, JJ. I did a slow 7 miles across the forest yesterday, and in trying to jump over rather than run through one of the many puddles, slipped in the mud on landing and landed on hands and knees. I have washed everything erather than throwing anything out.

Great AG NZC - congratulations.

Glad it was a good wek-end at the awards dinner ceal, despite lack of make-up for the occasion! Our dinner dance was very enjoyable, and as I'd offered to drive, I was clear-headed (but tired after the late night) the next day.

I like running with my club when I can, but agree with busbar - it can be hard to fir in with following a marathon schedule. We train on Monday & Wednesdat nights, so I did usually do my long run on a Saturday, so that I could still go.

Our club subs are £20 a year, and we do have access to a community centre with loos and showers, though there are only a couple of people who very occasionally shower there. The AA subs are included in that fee, so very good value. We don't use a track though.

Lovely colours in the tiger painting aws.

Welcome back, and glad itr was a good trip Columba.

19/11/2012 at 10:35

Happy Birthday Tracey!  

19/11/2012 at 10:45


19/11/2012 at 12:19


Columba-Good that your back safe and well

Been busy last few days with family so just read back briefly,

Seems to be some good multi terrain runs going on.

Ran the hm yesterday but didn't race it as such,to be honest i don't think i could have even if i wanted to.Perfect weather conditions and a real good course,decided to run with a friend who wanted to get sub 1.45.Luckily the race has three groups of pacers so we just started behind the sub 1.45 pacers.

The second mile was 7.34 so a bit quick but time in the bank.We just sort of drifted ahead of the pacers about mile 6 i just left it my mate to run how he was feeling.Happy to say we finished in 1.43.25 which was a 2minute pb for my friend so he was delighted.To be honest i felt the pace at times but kept quiet so it wouldn't affect my friend.Real nice long sleeve tshirt at the end as well,now i am just doing easy running for a while to try and get a full recovery

Ceal-Spurs result is not what stewart would have wanted    

19/11/2012 at 12:22

Were you very late after your dinner and dance? I am hopeless past midnight these days but you are a lot younger than me.

Stewart keeps asking me if I have done any gardening (I haven't) and now I feel guilty because I keep telling him that everything is just too wet for me to get out there, and you spent a lot of time yesterday doing a lot of clearing up and you did it whilst you were convalescing. I don't have that excuse.

Did you do a lot of work with gouache in your teens?

A sensible approach to the run, and a helpful one too. Your friend must have been dead chuffed. You are right Stewart was not a happy bunny.

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19/11/2012 at 12:33

I did a another tempo run this morning,. I know I did one the day before yesterday but I wanted to fit it in at the begining of the week rather than at the end. But this time I ran it down the trail which made the run not as fast as doing one on the pavements. Also it was a tempo run with a difference, ie, the first 2.5k were downhill and a second 2.5k return uphill and that I knew would hurt. It did.

I ran a warmup in 17.45 mins, 1.87 miles, av pace 9.30, av HR 118

Took a 2 min recovery then ran--------------------------------------------------------------------

3.11 miles in 24.40 mins, av pace 7.56 mm, av HR 145, MHR 158


4.53 mins, (7.52 mm) av HR 130/137
4.48 mins, (7.43 mm) av HR 140/146
5.04 mins, (8.09 mm) av HR 148/151--I turned round in this K, lost time doing this.
4.57 mins, (7.58 mm) av HR 152/155
4.57 mins, (8.00 mm) av HR 155/158

Another 2 min recovery, then ran home, 13.30 mins, 1.42 miles, av HR 131

Total mileage for the session 6.4 miles.


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19/11/2012 at 12:37

Is everybody else still wearing shorts? I still am doing so but I am not sure the cold weather and wind are doing the skin on my legs any good. The guys have hair on their legs to protect them from the weather elements.  I do dislike having a covering over my legs. but know I will be donning my running tights when it gets much colder than it is right now.

19/11/2012 at 14:06

We got home about 1am, ceal, which is VERY late for us! I've started wearing my capris, which keep my knees a bit warmer. I rarely wear long tights - more likely to layer up with tops, and wear gloves and a head-band or hat.

busbar, what a good morning's work! Not too taxing a run for you, and being able to support a friend to a PB. I've twice had someone do that for me, and believe me it is very much appreciated.

19/11/2012 at 14:12


Tracey Happy Birthday

Ceal don't do shorts yet to find a pair that doesn't make me chaf. So usually wear capris, but in my tracksters today and long sleeved top but felt  overdressed

JJ close call for Mrs JJ
TS you too for all them years ago

6.79 miles today

1) - 1m - 10:47(10:47/m) - 117cal
2) - 1m - 9:58(9:58/m) - 118cal
3) - 1m - 9:47(9:47/m) - 120cal
4) - 1m - 10:16(10:16/m) - 118cal
5) - 1m - 10:03(10:03/m) - 119cal
6) - 1m - 10:19(10:19/m) - 117cal with brutal hill
7) - 0.79m - 8:36(10:55/m) - 92cal stop to cross road

Decidd to run through a nature  park today  which is near  but hadn't before despite living here a year was nice lovely  dirt track took me to a nearby village and ran all the way round back home


19/11/2012 at 16:15

Good morning all,
The weather here is very pleasant, warm 5c during the day and cool at night -8c. I know that sounds cold but the days are dry, bright and sunny with no wind. Very pleasant for running.

For someone who is still recovering that is a good run with a strong finish, time to target a race.

You don't seem to have any trouble knocking out a 10k distance.

another tempo, I agree I think you have a secret agenda.
Defintely tights weather here, the air is very dry already and hard on the skin.

1:43 is a respectable time for an over 60, that must be over 70%. It is still too soon after your mara to find it easy.

welcome back.

My race was a total mess yesterday.

The race was held at a local golf course and was scheduled to start at 8 which meant that it would be cool -3c ish. It was put on by a local running shop and was well attended 400 or so.
The course was not posted so no one had any idea where the course went but we were told it was well marshalled and lots of cones.
The start was not called so only half the people had gathered at the big start sign when it was started. I was running with a friend but he had still not come out of the club house where most people were waiting and keeping warm.
I took off as I was right at the front expecting the fast guys to come out and stand in front of me but no one did.
I was in the first 20 or so by the first junction and the marshalls were waving everyone to the left so I just followed. It turns out that was the wrong way.
Things were going well and the first k passed in 4:36. By the second we were back to the start and we were waved through. I was a bit suspicious as there were cars parked on the trail and we had to run on the grass to get around them.
I was still feeling strong with a second  and third k of 4:47 .

We again arrived back at the start this time all the other runners had come out of the club house and were blocking the way. I had to stop to get pass and heard an annoucement that we had all gone the wrong way and that the race was going to be restarted. 
Runners we still coming in from the first start when the second start started. I had found my friend by now and he said that when he came out the first start was disappearing down the trail so he ran after us but stopped when he got back to the start as it was obvious by then things were screwed up.
We worked our way from the back to where there was a bit more room and then just treated it as a tempo run at sub 5 min ks as my legs were no longer in a state that I could resume my previous pace.

It was disappointing as I was feeling very strong and would have made a 23:30 ish time, but I did have an 8k at below at below 8 min miling.

We were offered our money back but few runners bothered as it was a fund raiser for a goodlocal charity.

Heels reacted a bit so I am taking a day off today and will chop wood instead. Might as well make use of the extra weight I am carrying around.

19/11/2012 at 16:16

Happy birthday Tracey, I don't know how old you are but you can't be 40 yet you look so young.

19/11/2012 at 20:25

happy birthday - hope you get a lie in!!

nice pace to go round a HM in  - sounded quite comfortable for you and now you can have a bit of a relax!!

disaster in organisation!!
you started off really well so you must have been more than a bit miffed to get stopped and restarted - what a mess!!!!
overall times was still pretty good though - so it's looking good for you 

I am still quite a way off racing though I may try a Parkrun in  a few weeks to see how it goes - if it ever dries up enough to make it pleasant underfoot!!

the trouble with puddles is that one never knows how deep they are so a jump may be the best option even with a squashy landing.
Another cheap club!! 
bug just about gone thnaks - still off food a bit  though 

I might be able to manage yor tempo  run but nt the running bits before and after!!!

Good session and very nice pace on rough ground

I don't think it has been as wet here as down south and the hard frost helped crisp things up  a bit.

I am in between shorts and tights at the moment - if there is a white frost then it's tights otherwise it's shorts. I tried my Decathlon merino top on Sunday and it was fine at -4C with  a techie tee on top to keep the breeze off - very light and comfy.

good distance there  - sounds like you have discovered a nice new trail to run.


19/11/2012 at 21:00

No running. Legs are fairly stiff in spite of stretching.
Wearing tracksters nowadays.

Many happies. Have I missed the party and cake?

Very public-spirited of you to put yourself out for your friend. To put the time in context, most M60s would kill for a 1:43.

That was a real Fred Karno's circus. These guys run a business????????

Looks like you and me are running at about the same pace.

I could manage the warm up and the final home run. Couldn't do the middle bit though.
Don't avoid the gardening. It's good for running with lots of lifting, bending and stretching.

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19/11/2012 at 21:33

Happy birthday, Tracey, - hope you had some nice presents.

What a tough lot you are. I've been running in tights for a few weeks now.

Aws - Tyger tyger burning bright. Did you work from life in a zoo, like the Douanier Rousseau?

Mick - What's that Law, something about "Anything that can go wrong, will"?

I also suspect a secret agenda on Ceal's part.

No running today, was in Aberystwyth working. I walked the length of the promenade, - the sea was as rough as rough, very spectacular. Tide was going out, but at its height it had obviously been all over the prom, and left gravel, pebbles, shells  and a few quite big stones on the pavement and into the road.

19/11/2012 at 21:49

Anyone know an easy to use website design package? I want to play.

I ain't tough.
It's Murphy's Law aka S*d's Law.

19/11/2012 at 22:29
Thank you all for birthday wishes

Mick - unfortunately I'm the wrong end of 40 I'm 48 today.
20/11/2012 at 09:22

Good Morning,

It is a disgusting day here today. Dark, grey, wet and windy.

A good mileage from you yesterday. It is always pleasant to find a new running route.

What a total cock up, you were obviously flying. When is the next chance to get a 5k race in before it gets too cold to race that distance properly?

I have never found that gardening and running mix very well for me. I have enough bending and streching when doing house work to keep me going. I don't do lifting!! In my experience, I have found that if my legs are stiff, yes stretch them, but the most likely part of the body that one needs to stretch to alleviate leg stiffness is the hip area and the lower back.  


When you have all worked out my hidden agenda, do you think you could let me know what it is then I could perhaps try to carry it out!!    



20/11/2012 at 11:03

Ceal-Good tempo run yesterday. i think your secret agenda is to turn up at the rio olympics and win the double 800&1500

Mick6-You didnt need that,what a shame especially as youwere going well.

Pammie-Good run there and on those brutal hills i switch to what i call my shire horse mode which is very,very slow

Not running today as calfs are very sore,but i am still wearing shorts but it will change 

20/11/2012 at 12:18

Thanks. I like the sound of your secret agenda for me. Do you do self massage for your calves?

Today's run was a fairly miserable undulating mostly off road 7.19 miles ran easy in 68 mins, av pace 9.33mm, av HR 123, MHR 138. The first K was very slow at 10.37 mmilling, I had a few roads to cross I found the weather most uninspiring and I got very wet.

However what I was pleased with is the way that my heels are still well lifted at the end of a 7 mile run and I am starting to feel tired. In other words I am not plodding nor am I shuffling along.  

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