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24/11/2012 at 21:35

Yes, well done Columba and Diana! And you too Mick - must be great to have got a 10-miler under your belt, and at a good pace too.

At the last moment I decided not to do the 5k park run this morning. I was all changed and scraping the ice off the windscreen to set off but the road and pavement were both icy and I decided not to risk running more or less flat out on frosty and icy paths. Just don't want another fall for a while. So in the afternoon when everything had thawed I went for a 10-mile run and enjoyed that instead. 

I plan a 6.5 mile run tomorrow to bring the week up to 31 miles, so a little easier than the last three. Wednesday was a tough club hill session but apart from that I haven't been running too hard. 

25/11/2012 at 01:37

Columba - this link has become something of a challenge for me. I have managed to get it to work in Firefox and Internet Explorer although it failed at the first attempt with both. I discovered that the addition of # at the end of the URL did the trick with both FF and IE and still works with Chrome so this might be worth a try.


I'm now depending on your tenacity to give it one more go and if it doesn't work this time then I'm confusled.


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25/11/2012 at 12:27

good day

Adizeros have a long list of good points but  a x country shoe they ain't. Not surprised you were hanging onto tree roots - it must have been a bit like being in a Formula 1 car on slicks and being caught in the rain!!!

another toughie in those conditions - well done

nice to see you back up into double figures for a run and a goodly pace too. Sometimes a group can be good motivation........................ to eat breakfast.
My %age WHR for the 5K run was  68% and a max of 82%

they start early with flattery don't they??

good decision!! A long run on a sunny day sounds good  

Long day in London on Friday but, despite all the tales of awful weather on here, it was a very pleasant day  and I even had an al fresco lunch in warm sunshine.
Woke up early on Saturday and slipped out - literally - into a world of  hard frost and icy paths. However Adizeros handle these conditions quite well and I sort of cruised round my 5k course in 24 minute dead with rubbish HR readings

1m 7:44 hr 71/96 - oh no it wasn't!!
2m 7:52 hr 116/140 - nope
3m 7:44 hr 130/148 about right
.1m 1:05 hr 143/149

which was surprisingly fast given that I wasn't pushing it at all on the slippery pavements

This morning saw a complete change in conditions, strong wind and incessent rain that had started last evening, turning fields and gardens into lakes and paths into torrents. So CCJ time at last!
I decided to run the hillier route for the first time  this comeback hoping that the slopes would help to disperse the water but all they did was make if flow faster!!!

5.2 miles done in 43:01 with avHR 130 (65% WHR) and a max of 150 (81%WHR) 

1m 9:28 hr 112/133 all uphill and my lack of aerobic fitness is soon found out!!
2m 7:40 hr 124/131
3m 7:53 hr 134/141
4m 7:59 hr 138/148
5m 8:34 hr 143/150 Hipp Hill and a bit of a struggle up it
.2m 1:26 hr144/146

I think I passed Noah!!!  

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25/11/2012 at 14:12

Your avg % WHR are very low. For me anything under 70% is recovery level effort, that is very easy. If you are running sub 24 mins with a recovery level effort, your aerobic fitness is much higher than you suggest. Based on that a race level effort for 5k should get you close to 20 mins !!
You have got to find yourself a 5k race.

a birthday dinner last night where I ate way too much so feeling a bit bloated. A rest day today, just walking the dogs.


25/11/2012 at 16:55

was it your birthday or just in attendance? if the former many happy returns - if the latter, no sympathy

I have just spent a vry frustrating several hours trying to put up a new light fitting in the hall - a not inexpensive Italian modern glass chandelier type. all wnt well until I tried to adjust the three stainless steel support wires that hold the chandelier in place. at first glance it looked quite easy - just push through and tighten the cone shaped insert up and the three ball bearings mounted in it grip the wire - except when one pushes the wire through the ball bearings jump out!!! Has anyone tried to find a 1mm ball bearing in the pile of a carpet??!!! I am not happy.................

It's the fact that my HR drifts up quite easily to higher levels that indicates to me that there is a way to go yet. 150 = 81%WHR and that is well into lactate production zone which I wont shift from the muscles just yet. 3 miles is about my range just now but even after yesterday's short run I could feel it all the way round today.
I'll have a little dream of sub 20 after some red wine tonight 

25/11/2012 at 17:49

A "tough lady" I am not; but a sort of psychological inertia ensures that once into something I carry on. "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread", - I probably wouldn't have attempted it if I'd known what I was in for. Not in Adizeros anyway.

TS - If you passed Noah on Hipps Hill maybe it should be renamed Mount Ararat?

As regards the lost ball bearing, have you tried a magnet?

Aws - still no luck with that link, but I noticed that after I'd clicked on it the # didn't appear. So will try again, copy-and-pasting so the # stays in.

This morning's forecast was for early sunshine and later rain, so I took a leaf out of Aws's book and ran before breakfast, and very pretty it was too, with the sun rising into an almost cloudless sky. I took another leaf out of Aws's book and kept the speed down below 13mm over the 4.78 miles run. 

25/11/2012 at 19:39

Just attending, I'm old enough for now.

The chart below shows two 5k runs I did this year, one at a recovery pace and one pushing hard.


 The green curve has an average %WHR of 65% and the other 89. Neither of them are flat but there is a substantial difference in pace, 1:30 per k or 2:20 per min.

If you can achieve the same difference for the same increase in effort, hello sub 20 min 5k.



25/11/2012 at 21:40

O'kay Mick - you are just the person I need to talk to!

It's my birthday, and my husband has just bought me a Garmin 610, and now I need to know how to use it.

I'll take it for a test drive this afternoon. I know nothing about heart rates and of course this comes with a heart rate monitor. Can you give me a heart rate for dummies tutorial - what do I have to do to get started

25/11/2012 at 22:37

Happy birthday Christine 

26/11/2012 at 08:03

Good morning

5.16M; 1:08:46.9; 13:19/M;
1 - 12:33.3 - 1.00 - 12:33
2 - 13:03.5 - 1.00 - 13:03
3 - 13:18.3 - 1.00 - 13:18
4 - 13:41.4 - 1.00 - 13:41
5 - 14:04.2 - 1.00 - 14:04
6 - 2:06.3 - 0.16 - 13:00

I wasn't going to report this, but I decided to do so just so you could all see how hard it was, all except for the first mile which was easy and good. After that the wheels came off big time or I hit the wall or both or something. I can't explain it but as hard as I tried I couldn't coax any more out of the legs and the times got steadily worse. Notice I don't say 'my' as I've disowned them. In fact I'm inclined to think that TS has worked a flanker and palmed me off with that set of old codger's legs that he had hanging around.Grrrrr!

Belated Happy Birthday Christine. 610 eh? It must be exactly twice as good as my 305.


26/11/2012 at 08:22

Good Morning,

I can't click into your web site either. So the challenge is still there for you to achieve. I wonder why your running was so very different to your normal pattern of 12.35 mm pace. Maybe you are cooking a virus of some sort. I hope not. But we all have days when it all goes wrong.

I love the embroidery words.

You pulled that 10 miler out of the bag and ran at a good pace too. I hope your heels don't object too much.

I most certainly couldn't have run in my Adizeros in conditions such as you encountered last week. I hope you have an easier ride with the Inno's. Although I would imagine that conditions could be worse when you go to pick up your mobile.

Sensible decision about the race.

There is no stopping you, except, perhaps the weather.

Many belated Happy Birthday Wishes. that last year seems to have gone by very quickly indeed. Enjoy your Garmin 610. Maybe that is the same as TS's new Garmin, but I am not sure that it is.

You are one touch cookie.   

26/11/2012 at 08:33

Not much running has been done by me recently, I did run on Friday when I did 5 x 400's with 200 recovery jogs. I did them on my trail which is not really suited to 400's. But they got done and were sandwiched between a warm up and cool down and resulted in 6.34 miles being run in total.

I do hope it stops raining when I manage to get out today. I envisage no more than 5 miles ran easy being done today.

I had a hectic weekend, arriving a the Running Show at 9.00 on Sat and 10.00 on Sunday and leaving for home at around 4.00 on Sat and 5.00 yesterday. We had the stand to take down yesterday. It was interesting and boring all at the same time. I met some very interesting people. There is a strong possibility that I will be asked to speak at the next one on training for Masters/vets/seniors/elderly. Take your pick on the word to be used.

I am racing in Hyde Park on Friday and whilst I am there I will be interviewed and filmed by a Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) who are making a film for their TV on  top athletes and nutrition. It has come about through my Sponsor (Neovite). I am dreading it, I feel quite nervous and embarrassed too. I think my main problem is that at this moment in time I am not sure exactly what they want from me. But some of it could become clearer later in the week. I have spoken to their agent a couple of times, but hope she will contact me later today.  Yesterday they were interviewing one of the Professors involved in the research behind the effect of Neovite on the body, he lives in the SW somewhere. Today they are going to a Farm to film the milking of the Colostrum and are hoping to see a calf being born. Fat chance of that happening to order!!!

I am feeling very tired after the weekends events. 

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26/11/2012 at 09:40

good morning

happy birthday - and enjoy the new toy.
First step is to charge it up!!
Next step is to put the HRM strap on and adjust it tightly to get a good fit and contact. Wet the contact areas with water first that may help.
Next step is to switch it on, see that you have got a GPS fix, go for a run and forget about it !!!
Once back after the run,have a shower, sit down with a cuppa and look at the data from the Garmin. See what your HR outputs are in relation to the effort you perceived/felt on the run. That will give you some rough idea of relationship between effort and your HR. Do it over a few runs - there is no rush. If a race comes along, like one of your 5K's, then so much the better as that will help give some indication of maxHR!!!

Next stage is the easy one - find out what your resting HR is. Put the HR strap on and sit quietly for a while or in the evening whilst vegging out watching the TV .
See what the lowest HR figure is. You can even wear it to bed if you want to be really dedicated but the beeping may annoy hubbie and make him regret buying it for you!!!
Once you have got a good idea of RHR and MHHR we can move on to sorting out  training zones for you - but there is plenty of time for that 

after this morning Noah had been drowned - Mt Ararfat or not

there are lies, damned lies .......................and statistics!! 

busy weekend for you.
Now going to be big in Japan - can I carry your bag when you have to make the trips out there to build upon your fame? The Japanese have a different attitude to age and your achievements are likely to be taken much more seriously out there by a wider audience.

That reminds me of some photos I saw ................

26/11/2012 at 09:41
26/11/2012 at 09:51

Thanks what delightful photo's. I like the one where she is soaking in a bath of whatever fruits.

You can carry my bag anytime, anywhere 

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26/11/2012 at 09:54

disgusting out there this morning. More heavy rain overnight surcharged all the streams feeding off gardens so that pavements were awash or mixed up with masses of sodden leaves to diguise just how deep the water was underfoot!!!

I still have the slow legs aws - you must have got another pair as I trudged round 5k in 25:09 with avHR 162 and a max of 192 - rubbish HR data again.

1m 8:09 hr176/192
2m 8:11 hr 158/175
3m 8:03 hr 155/181
.1m 0:45 hr 143/146

all HR data rubbish apart from the last 0.1 mile so NZC you do have to beware of false info!!! 

26/11/2012 at 09:57

I liked the one of her doing the garden  - an object lesson for keeping fit at 88!!!!!

BTW my Garmin is a 410 - yours has a touch screen as wellas a bezel so it is very hi tec!!! 

26/11/2012 at 11:03

Well done on your 10 mile runs Graham & Mick.

I don't follow football, but imagine you didn't like yesterday's results, Graham, while many of my friends did! About time things improved for Southampton after a poor start following promotion.

aws, some runs just seem to be hard, as ceal says. Hope it isn't a lurking virus, and things return to normal on your next outing.

A tiring week-end for you ceal. I'm sure you'll interview well, as you always seem to.

Love the sound of the bib, JJ.

I went out for my run when it looked a bit brighter yesterday, but that didn't last! As it was so wet, I stuck to gravel trails in the forest, and managed exactly 7 miles. No mud to content with, but got soaked to the skin again. Quite pleased with the pace on an undulting route
1) - 1m - 10:20(10:20/m) 
2) - 1m - 9:46(9:46/m) 
3) - 1m - 9:26(9:26/m) 
4) - 1m - 9:49(9:49/m)
5) - 1m - 9:48(9:48/m)
6) - 1m - 10:05(10:05/m)
7) - 1m - 10:08(10:08/m) 

I then watched a very exciting final Grand Prix of the season. Couldn't help feeling for Alonso, but what a recovery by Vettel after a 180 degree spin in the early stages.

26/11/2012 at 11:05

Happy birthday NZC! Enjoy learning how to use your present. I don't use all the features of my garmin, and keep meaning to learn new things to do, but enjoy it nevertheless

26/11/2012 at 11:34

Snap. Good running yesterday in the wet!!

Snap to you too, with the weather conditions and the results of them.

But we mustn't complain too much when many peoples homes are being flooded.

I wanted to try out my new trail shoes today. This meant running on pavements first and I found this quite a hard ride. Then I ran around my football pitch a couple of times. Well there was no mud because I ran most of the way around it in ankle deep water. I decided that was enough grass/water running, it raised my heart rate rapidly with the effort that was needed to keep going. Then I ran through streams (actually puddles) to get to the trail. Like TS says the water was pouring off the fields into ditches which are full. I didn't avoid any puddle or mud at all.Which is good for me as I don't do mud as you all know. The deep puddles kept the shoes reasonable clean. My legs look disgusting. I must get to the shower now.

I ran an undulating 5 miles in 45.20 mins, av pace 9.01 mm, av HR 129, MHR. 141. My HR was high to start with, as a result of feeling so tired I think/hope. My legs felt extremely heavy and I very nearly turned back after 400m's. But carried on. My low back is feeling very stiff this morning, and yes I got wet this morning.  

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