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28/12/2012 at 07:50

Good morning

6.04M; 1:18:59.2; 13:04/M; 5°C


28/12/2012 at 08:00

No posts yesterday! Where is everybody?


28/12/2012 at 10:45

good morning


Hi aws- hope you and Angela had a lovely Christmas - and indeed everyone on here.

aaahhh the dreaded holiday cold  - I seem tohave missed out on it this year but everyone else in the family have had it 
Time to try out the merino tops but it's a bit warm for them just now!!!!!

definitely a hint - out you go 

W have had the family staying for two days o 4 g'kids to amuse gets a bit wearing but table football, Scaletrix and a mass of plastic eased the job quite a bit. However making pancakes for breakfast for four hungry mouths complete with runs up the kitchen tossing them was very tiring!!

Sipped out for a very tired and heavy legged 3 miles yesterday and 4 miles this morning in 32:17(8:03m/m) and rubbish HR data 

1m 8:33
2m 7:38
3m 7:41
4m 8:23 Hipps Hill

Hard work  all round - I suspect a few extra pounds may have slipped on - well quite a few extra actually

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28/12/2012 at 14:30

Back in the land of the living. Had a major cold and cough all over Christmas and spent too much time sitting in M25 traffic jams. A 90 minute journey yesterday took 4 hours.

Hope all had a great time.

The pic is probably the best you've posted.

Maybe it's got to the point when we have to consider it could be a rubbish heart rate?  

28/12/2012 at 14:47

oh dear - and I hate the M25!!!
Guess who has just got a major project next to Heathrow!!!

.......... or a rubbish heart

28/12/2012 at 15:24

I just heard an interview on TV news with some sort of financial advisor talking about the US Fiscal Crisis (caps de rigueur) and he said something that could be (loosely) interpreted as: "Politics is all about who gets the blame" - I like it  


28/12/2012 at 17:40
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas

We had Christmas dinner a home on our own, only the 2nd time in 25 years. It was lovely not to rush about and sit around in pj's until midday but did miss going out. Bernard was in work at 4am on Boxing Day checking trains before they went out in service. As he went in early he was home just after 8am. I went for a 3.25 mile slow run. Was meant to go round mother-in-laws for dinner but she cancelled an hour before hand so we ended up having takeaway pizza.

Yesterday evening I went running club and did 5.5 miles.
28/12/2012 at 18:32

Back home this afternoon having had a really good Christmas; saw all the children (though not all together) plus of course grand-daughter, now 15 months, very lively and an absolute delight. Train journeys unaffected by flooding, except that the Swansea-Paddington train on the outward journey was slightly delayed, waiting for passengers from a different and cancelled train who were going to have to reach their destination by a circuitous route.

Reached my 700th mile (in 2012) on Boxing Day, - nearly 6 miles on Wandsworth Common. Loads of runners out, not to mention walkers, cyclists and small children beaming happily on brand new bikes and scooters.

Aws - lovely waterlily picture.

Diana - well done on 1,000 miles, - you did the same last year, I think?

TS - awkward customer neatly side-stepped!

28/12/2012 at 23:25

692 miles for the year. I won't reach 700 unless I do 8 on Monday which is highly unlikely. This is the third lowest mileage of all the ten years I've been running and reaching 700 won't change that, only last year and year 1 were less. It's also the third slowest overall - only years 1 & 2 were slower. Looks like I need to pull up a few socks. My AG seems to be around 49%.

Thanks to all who expressed a liking for the picture, comments are always appreciated.


29/12/2012 at 09:22
I'm on 754 miles, way of last year but have a foot injury.
29/12/2012 at 10:29

I have been too busy enjoying myself to post!!

We spent christmas with our S London family, it was a hive of the best germs going, from sneezing, sore throats through to Whooping Cough and all that entails!! But that didn't stop anybody from having a great time.

Then we returned home for Betsy and co to stay with us. I had to give Betsy a wide berth yesterday because I had woken with a mild head cold, hardly surprising given the Christmas bugs we were subjected to. But it is a very mild bug like the weather. Betsy is still suffering from discomfort and pain from her op but it is getting less as each day passes by,

I have eaten FAR too much, I was too greedy, but all meals were so very delicious. Weight has certainly been put on and that will not helped by 2 recipes books that were given me for Christmas. A Wagamama book and one called Jersualem which is of course a middle eastern cook book. I am trying out recipes over that next couple of days. Yum.

We had a thunder storm early on Christmas morning, after Father Christams had done his stuff, it was accompanied by both thunder and lightening and a LOT OF rain. Plus a LOT more rain since.

I have only run 3 times since I last posted, each time I covered 5 miles only. Mostly slow although I think I did make an average of 8.35 mmilling a couple of days ago. I got very muddy both times, having to either leap over or through large puddles and slip around on mud covered leaves.

I have just added up my miles ran for the year, I knew it would be low, but I did make over 1000 miles. I came in at 1117 miles with a few more to come, only a few.

I don't think any of us will have a very high mileage this year for various reasons. I think Graham might head the list, although he had to have time out too.

I can confirm that I have won the LFOM race for the 6th year in a row! The last race of the year was held yesterday. I didn't race of course. My av age grading for the 6 best races is 98.2%
29/12/2012 at 10:41


Sounds like a good time had  by all with exception of the colds and sniffles etc we wre off 2 days  back boxing day

Well done Ceal on the championship

Milage 872 there it will stop not run in December at all but not worried Start again on Tuesday I blogged about my plans for 2013 no real racing plans just to have fun with my running thats all work sundays now so races will be limited


29/12/2012 at 10:42
You have all but run 700 miles this year andI don't think that will be lowest number of miles ran by other O 60 thread peeps. You ran 6 miles the other day and I noticed that they were very nearly sub 13 mm, very very nearly.

You seem to have been doing loads of travelling, work, g-child playing and eating. Like you my weight gained over Christmas will make each run harder work!!!!!!

Your christmas travel didn't sound good, neither does the cough and cold.

Well done one your 1000 miles. I hope your cold disappears soon. It must have been great to get the conservatory finished in time for the festive season.

I am very sorry to hear you had to cancel your much looked forward to break away. I hope you were able to restore normality to your home by Christmas Day.

With reference to your question about over striding. I have a habit of doing that too. Especially near to the end of a race. To overcome this I suggest you try to lift the knees more which will in turn lift the heels behind you, making it more difficult to over stride. When one is getting tired at the end of a 5 k race try taking smaller steps by making your arms work faster, this should enable you to run faster and certainly it will stop you over striding.

You sound indeed if you had an excellent family christmas. Plus I think you were very lucky to have a hassle free journey both there and back.

I think you need to have a year with NO marathon in order to get rid of your PF. I guess that you must be free of your christmas cold now if you are running again.

Wherever your are I hope your are getting down to thinking about putting in the miles again in 2013. Where did you spend Christmas.

I think I remember reading that you did a very creditable 10k race just before Christmas.. Conditions can't have been perfect by any means. But you pulled out all the stops as usual

Did you spend christmas with your mum?
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29/12/2012 at 10:47
A cross post with you!
29/12/2012 at 13:26

ceal, many congratulations on your six LFOMs in a row. What an achievement. As for mileage, you're just going to beat me! Taking into account my plans for the next 3 days my 2012 total will be 1119.6. With time out for my eye trouble early in the year, and then more for the shoulder injury, I trained for a total of 36 weeks. So an average of 31.1 miles a week.

As well as the very wet Saltwell 10K which I've already commented on, I did another soggy and wet Parkrun on Christmas Day. 21m 15s, so not too bad in the conditions - the half of the course which isn't tarmac was quite muddy in most parts and lots of puddles everywhere.

There's an 11K race I plan to do on New Years Day. It's the replacement for the annual road race on that day from Morpeth to Newcastle (14 miles), which had to be dropped a few years ago because the road closures etc were just getting too expensive.

29/12/2012 at 16:12


Back from Lakeside just to meet friend and have pizza

Though TS if i have any resolutions in 2013 it will be eat moe Fish n Chips. Alf Tupper rules ok

Ceal do plan on running more but not getting fiixated on a specific number Will race and hopefully do more lfotm


29/12/2012 at 18:12
You are certainly doing well to be racing in these very wet conditions. 21.25 mins on a soggy course ain't half bad at all! All the best for your 11k race on NY Day. No New Years Celebrations for you!

Footie results looking good for the year end matches.
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29/12/2012 at 18:13

evening all

reporting in after another NRD - and another wet one as well

Photos just received from friends in Switzerland show them perched on their roof with snow covering the house!!!!!

good resolution - fish 'n chips!!! The Tough of the Track indeed 

an 11K is a far cry from the 14.1 mile race that used to attract the cream of British runners - and the most runners with a hangover!!

well done on missing the worst of the weather problems and having an excellent family time

even that reduced mileage will still put you in the top 10% for your age group - but socks need pulling for next year

sounds like you had an excellent family time like me - exhausting though isn't it??
Congratulations on your LFOTM success again - watch out for trip wires next year!!

I wasn't going to bother to calculate my annual mileage until everyone started posting theirs - there has just been too much down time - but I finally looked at it.
A surprising 716 miles to date so I may just keep ahead of aws if I manage to squeeze in another couple of  runs. There were a depressing number of weeks with a zero against them and many which scarcely got into double figures so it's another one to write off - time is running out even if I'm not!!

29/12/2012 at 18:30
The wind here last night was very strong with some very heavy gusts. This was in evidence when we ran down our trail this morning. We encountered a very large tree which had fallen in the wind and was blocking the width of the trail. Cyclists were given an added obstacle to their ride. Plus me of course too!

It was still pretty windy when we ran in the late morning.

I ran 5k (3.11 miles) in 24.51 mins, average pace 7.59 mm, av HR 131 MHR 154. More downhill than uphill.

5.21 mins, 8.37 mm, hr 117/126
5.08 mins, 8.17 mm, hr 127/130
4.50 mins, 7.47 mm, hr 127/132
4.52 mins, 7.50 mm, hr 137/146
4.37 mins, 7.27 mm, hr 148/154

I then took 80 secs recovery and continued to run home. Of course I stopped my watch on both the occasions that I had to climb over the large tree which was covered in ivy.

My return run was pretty much a tempo run, although not the normal pace of a tempo run. It was 1.95 miles, in 16.59 mins, av pace 8.41 mm, av HR 141, MHR 150. More uphill than downhill

5.15 mins, 8.28 mm, hr 133/142
5.29 mins, 8.50 mm, hr 144/146
5.30 mins, 8. 42 mm, hr 144/150
Then 43 secs at 7.56 mm, hr 149/10

Total mileage for the session 5.06 miles.
29/12/2012 at 18:35
Yet another cross post with you. Yes g children are indeed tiring, especially when one of them is whooping in the night and another one crying with pain on another night. But they'd seem to bounce back in the day time leaving the oldies feeling rather jaded. But I wouldn't be without them at any price. Neither, I know would you!
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