Over 60s training.

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01/02/2013 at 06:36
Went club last night and ran 3.89 miles in 39:45
01/02/2013 at 06:41
Good morning,

It's raining, what's new!

Tee here to your Mr Motivator comment!

Is your weather humid?
01/02/2013 at 07:50
Ceal - it's not windy thou
01/02/2013 at 09:05

Mick - that's an impressive lot of miles for January. I only managed 54. Would have been more but for the weather, but not that much more. Don't have access to a treadmill, but doubt if I would have the patience to do much on one.

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01/02/2013 at 10:42

good morning

nasty break that for Katy. 
I guess I have learned over the sporting years not to put a hand out when falling but to try and roll on the shoulder.
Mrs TS has just come out of hospital after having  much of the medial and lateral cartilages removed on one knee and the bone ground smooth so she will not be running anywhere for a while. She can't understand why it has happened to her and not to me   !!
I now have my nurse's uniform on 

very good progress for you despite the weather variations  - hope it settles down soon. It must play havoc with the wildlife as well having such fluctuations.

all this talk of hot weather running fills me with dread as I have just realised I have to up my mileage during the summer months - though if we have a summer like last year it shouldn't be too much of a problem!!!!

I liked your variation on P&P - very apt for a modern world
I am not sure what character is formed by running in extremely windy conditions but well done for completing such a distance.

only second childhood????

I shall look forward to your Mr Motivator imitation 

ankles can be b*ggers can't they. It certainly sounds like one of the ancillary ligaments/muscles rather than the achilles and I hope it settles down soon.
A holiday sounds just fine now!!

I have been dashing around quiter a bit. Used my new satnav for a drive to Banbury  . It has an interactive feature that takes into account reported traffic conditions and redirects accordingly which means decisions have to be made when one has to go off the normal route - trust the machine or not?? anyway I did and avoided major delays on the M1 in both directions - very impressive bit of kit.

Had a short run out this morning before donning nurse's uniform.

Usual 5K route in 24:03 (7:48m/m) with avHR142 (74%WHR) and a maxHR 154 as I pushed it a bit

1m 7:38  av 128 max 141 -maybe a bit too aggressive
2m 7:59  av 146 max 150 - it was
3m 7:47  av 149 max 154
.1m 0:49 av 153 max 154 

Hard work and I have lost some pace on the altar of distance

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01/02/2013 at 16:09
TS - nice speedy little run.

Bernard did 4 miles went he came home from work.
01/02/2013 at 16:35

I have found that I have got more use to the treadmill and using ceal's technique of continually ramping up the pace, it has become bearable.
Unlike TS, I need to maintain at least 30+ miles a week before I can consider introducing any serious speed work. I have been running since high school and know that I can't just jump into from a low mileage base. Doesn't work for me, I end up with sore and tired legs all the time and with the obvious high injury risk. 
I can tell when I am ready as my legs feel relaxed and my running is much more comfortable at 30 miles a week.

The long runs do drain the speed but I find that for me that doesn't seem to occur until I start the 20+ k distance which is not far in marathon terms. Again for me it seem to be associated with how long it takes me to recover from the long run. The recover lingers and impacts any speed work I try and do.
My routine usually has me taking a rest day after my long run and assuming that it is less than 20k I can do a speed workout two days later.


01/02/2013 at 16:37

-26c with windchill so indoors again, but only short as I have my long run tomorrow.

2013-02-01T14:46:23ZS Treadmill

Treadmill5.6k, felt strong.

Run Duration = 29:32,  Run Length = 5.6 Kms or 3.5 Miles

Average Run Pace = 05:18 per Km or 08:32 per Mile, Age grade =  64.2 %

Average Run WHR = 70.2 %,  Max Run WHR = 83.1 %

Average Run Cadence = 83.7, Average stride length = 1.1 m

Lap  Duration   Kms      Miles    Per Km    Per Mile    AWHR     MWHR  Cadence  Slength

 01     06:00     1.0        0.6      06:00      09:39      52.8%     64.1%      83.0       1.00

 02     05:31     1.0        0.6      05:31      08:52      64.8%     70.4%      84.0       1.08

 03     05:08     1.0        0.6      05:08      08:16      71.8%     76.1%      84.0       1.16

 04     05:04     1.0        0.6      05:04      08:10      76.1%     78.9%      84.0       1.17

 05     04:59     1.0        0.6      04:59      08:02      78.9%     81.0%      84.0       1.19

 06     02:48     0.6        0.3      05:00      08:03      81.7%     83.8%      83.0       1.20

01/02/2013 at 18:36

Rain in buckets today then the sun came out briefly this pm.

I had similar repair ops to MrsTS on both knees. It worked beautifully.No further knee problems.

I always reckon it's rugby that teaches how to fall properly. It becomes a reflex action. Not to be confused with falling over and not spilling a drop.

Clearly you have an impressive bit of kit there!

You don't seem to suffer from DOMS?

01/02/2013 at 20:26

The wildlife are amazing, it doesn't seem to bother them much. A lot of animals go dormant in the real cold and then come back when it warms, squirrels are an example. They build nests and will stay in there for weeks but as soon as it is a bit warmer out they pop.
Deer struggle with the ice if it gets too thick and this makes them vulnerable to wolves and coyotes. They switch their food supply in winter to pine and spruce needles which can sustain them. We have a lot of spruce and pine so they are not short.

I can't remember what DOMS stands for so I guess I don't.


02/02/2013 at 02:11

Mick - I never remember what DOMS stands for either except I know it is sore legs after pushing it a bit too hard, like when your legs feel like they have rocks in them after a marathon.

Torque Steer - thats not fair, your 5km run was faster than the 5km parkrun I did this morning!

I ran Cornwall Parkrun  - 24.33

80.18% I'm 2nd on the age-grade - got taken down by a 14yr old boy last week! Hence my return today,  Really felt it going up the long hill, thought I might have to have a little bit of a vomit, but I didn't.  luckily it was at 8 am, and I hadn't had any breakfast! Too much info I know, but that is how I felt. I made quite a bit of noise as well, in the last 1km, I think the girl in front of me would have been thinking, "if you are going to drop dead, do it now!"

Ceal - yes it is hot and humid - I'm over it!

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02/02/2013 at 07:37

Good morning

6.05M; 1:18:48.3; 13:02/M; 3°C

Quite ornery.

TS - I hope you meant "changing into nurse's uniform" or you might have been quite a spectacle


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02/02/2013 at 10:50

good morning

DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness - ie it hurts more the day after exercise  

I am not running very fast - just up tempo in order to keep my running style smooth. It will  quite a few weeks before the 400's reappear !!
You are doing virrtually the same pace on the treadie which I certainly could not do
Interesting about how the wildlife adapt - I would have thought that  such swings would be beyond ready adaption but then nature always has an answer.

snap - I was running on Cornwall Road !!
your last K sounded a bit fraught!!!
I don't think I had your hills to contend with  - I cunningly choose a route that only has 21m of rise/fall in it overall.
Nothing worse than those little kids scampering past is there ?? They can change pace so easily

there are a few more problems to overcome but I remember your good experience at getting back after the op 
Were you referring to my nurse's uniform or the satnav??
I think you may be right about rugby because one's hands were inevitably occupied with something else when falling so the body got used to   finding a  comfy landing. I also did some gymnastics and martial arts which are all about breaking falls into controlled landings.

Two plumbers are currently drilling holes through 15" solid brick walls for a new 4" soil pipe - nice not!!!


02/02/2013 at 11:39

Christine, nice AG and good placing too. Can't be an easy course if it's got a long hill in it.

Mick, I had no idea wolves came so near urban areas in Canada. 

Had a run planned this morning but there was a hard frost overnight and it's left black ice. Having walkd very gingerly to the shop just now I've decided to have a rest day unless it thaws later, which is unlikely in shady spots as it's still very cold.  Sunny though, so no complaints. Managed 35 miles last week.

02/02/2013 at 15:49

Glad to see you back, I see Tenerife warmed up to 80f since you left

My January total was even lower than yours,  50% less in fact....27 miles.  Then again I did have the bp problems which put me off from attempting to run!

I like that nice age percentage!  Well done on a great 5k time,doesn't sound like an easy race with hills in it. Never mind about any of those kids passing, it's easy for them being so young obviously though I know it feels offputting

First run out since my 74th birthday and actually 3 weeks since the last outing.
Covered a steady easy going 5 miles taking "baby steps" at start of the warmup mile.

Miles times....12.10, 11.29,  10.46,  10.51,  10.53  plus a 3/4 mile walk back to car.

02/02/2013 at 15:49

TS - "Get well soon" to Mrs. TS. I think knee ops can take a long time to recover from, and be pretty painful for a time, so you may have to go on being Florence Nightingale for a while.

NZC - that's a high AG. I doubt if I'll ever get one that high, though I live in hopes.

Mick6 - I have read that deer along the west coast of Scotland go down to the shoreline in winter and eat seaweed.

Not long back from an interval session. 1.6 miles warm-up to the lake, then 10 times along one straight side of it - Garmin measured it variously as anything from 481' to 502', probably depending on exactly when I pressed the lap button. Times varied from 51 seconds to 54 seconds, speeds (in minute miling) from 9:04 to 9:59. Walk breaks between intervals varied from 1 minute to 2 minutes. Ran home by way of a cool-down. It was sunny but there was a cold wind, straight into my face on the outward journey but not so bad on the way home.

02/02/2013 at 16:47

Well done on the intervals. When I first read it I read 480m in 51s and was very impressed but then I realised that it must have been feet.
It would be a long walk for the deer here as we are about as far from the sea as you can get anywhere.

Anything over 80% is very impressive so I wouldn't worry to much about a youngster beating you, if you are hitting those kind of numbers. The only time I had to be sick on the run was after drinking gatorade at the start, huge mistake. I have been sick after a number of times.

Thanks for the DOMS explanation. I use to suffer from that a bit but not since I started using recovery drinks. 

02/02/2013 at 16:58

Snow and cold this morning so back to the treadmill, groan.

2013-02-02T13:42:38ZS LSR
Treadmill16k, felt strong, but still too much drift.
Run Duration = 88:34, Run Length = 16.0 Kms or 9.9 Miles
Average Run Pace = 05:33 per Km or 08:55 per Mile, Age grade = 65.1 %
Average Run WHR = 72.5 %, Max Run WHR = 82.4 %
Average Run Cadence = 83.0, Average stride length = 1.1 m

I felt comfort all the way but I was a little disappointed in the HR drift.


 After warming up I maintained a fairly steady pace with a small nature break around 5k. Looks like I need more base building than I thought.
My cadence did drop off again so my stride length increased to compensate, maybe that required more effort but I did not notice anything and could have easily carried on or picked up the pace.

Finished the week at 55k, just less than Graham's 35 miles. I will catch him next week. 

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02/02/2013 at 17:31

Mick, right! You're on! 

02/02/2013 at 20:29

Great rugby this afternoon, particularly England/Scotland.  Impressive power and fitness too.  I would have enjoyed playing in that one.

DoMS stands for delayed onset of muscle soreness. It's when your legs feel stiffer on day 2 after a hard run than they felt on the day after. You have to try quite hard to get it.

We get foxes and a moggie from up the road.

Best we leave your kit out of things?

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