Over 60s training.

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08/02/2013 at 18:14

We have a major storm moving through the area. It is not too bad here, -12c, very high winds and 20 cm of snow, but Boston and NYC are getting an incredible dump, 60 cm and more.

I had a bone density done when I turned 65. My doc said he wanted a benchmark so that he had something to compare to when I got much older. It was quite interesting as the technician made measurements at a number of points and I got to see my insides.

Good luck with the run.


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08/02/2013 at 18:15

09:47 AM Friday, February 08, 2013

Treadmill8.3k, major storm. picked up pace for last mile. Felt very good and smooth.

Run Duration = 46:24,  Run Length = 8.3 Kms or 5.2 Miles

Average Run Pace = 05:35 per Km or 08:59 per Mile, Age grade =  62.4 %

Average Run WHR = 66.5 %,  Max Run WHR = 79.0 %

Average Run Cadence = 82.4, Average stride length = 1.1 m

Lap  Duration   Kms      Miles    Per Km    Per Mile    AWHR     MWHR  Cadence  Slength

 01     06:29     1.0        0.6      06:29      10:26      49.0%     58.0%      81.0       0.95

 02     05:44     1.0        0.6      05:44      09:14      60.8%     65.7%      83.0       1.05

 03     05:31     1.0        0.6      05:31      08:53      65.7%     67.1%      83.0       1.09

 04     05:31     1.0        0.6      05:31      08:53      67.8%     69.9%      82.0       1.10

 05     05:33     1.0        0.6      05:33      08:56      68.5%     69.2%      82.0       1.10

 06     05:26     1.0        0.6      05:26      08:45      69.9%     72.0%      83.0       1.11

 07     05:22     1.0        0.6      05:22      08:39      72.0%     74.1%      82.0       1.13

 08     05:11     1.0        0.6      05:11      08:20      74.8%     78.3%      83.0       1.16

 09     01:34     0.3        0.2      05:04      08:09      77.6%     79.0%      83.0       1.19

09/02/2013 at 08:45
Good morning,

Firstly I received a message from JJ yesterday evening:-

At the moment I can't post anything on the Over 60s thread. If I try to key a letter I get defaulted to a Nike advert. I've given RW the details but in the meantime I remain tongue tied.
Apologies to all.
John J

I would guess that he will have problems until Monday, because I don't think the RWorld IT team will be working at a weekend.

That storm certainly manifested itself in NYC and Boston. I expect more will be reported later when you all get up. Another steady Treddie run from you.

As I can feel every part of my body right now, I think I may well have a rest day. I love being able to feel my triceps, it makes me feel that, for once, they are being worked.
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09/02/2013 at 08:56

Good morning


Ceal - JJ's problem is likely to be a virus and not RW's fault. They may not be able to address the problem. I will email him to suggest he seeks help on the internet. As you're in touch with him you might do the same.


09/02/2013 at 09:00
Will do as you suggest.
09/02/2013 at 10:37


Ceal - I have the same problem as JJ (again) i tweeted them rather than emailed them as it worked quicker last time but no probem. I'm guesing JJ has IE. as i get a similar thing with that

However with chrome  the advert is  still there but can post without it opening new windows

Thanks for your concern eye no worse than last night am a bit sore  but thats to be expect  guess it will all ease in a few days

09/02/2013 at 13:57

Hope the balck eye is getting better and that you're getting plenty of sympathy.

Strenuous flexibar class on Weds got all my back, core and shoulder muscle working. No bad thing.
Run with our beginners group last night - 3.6 miles, my longest run this year. legs ok. Mid-back a bit stiff today but suspect it was as much from flexi as the run.

Daughter and toddler down for the weekend. Earluy night tonight needed!


09/02/2013 at 18:01

Aws - hope all's well with Angela's bone density. Weight-bearing exercise such as running is supposed to be very good for maintaining bone density, - but may not be much good telling her that!

TS - laughed at the battle going on between your mind, body and yourself at the foot of Hipps Hill. I'm amazed you can go up it so fast. When I run up a steep hill my pace drops to 14 or even 15 minute miling.

Following the competition between Graham and Mike with interest.

Pammie - Ouch, ouch. A good thing nothing broken, though.

LSR of 8.87 miles earlier today. Now aching gently and feeling like doing nothing at all. However, the kitchen is full of washing-up so I'll have to do something.

09/02/2013 at 18:04

Hello all,
Storm has passed and a beautiful sunny day with little or no wind. A nice dump of fresh snow which I have fun with my dogs shovelling off the paths around the house. It is very dry and light snow so no big deal even when there is a lot of it.

Your class sounds like fun.

Mileage finished up at 64.5k for the week, that is just a shade over 40 miles so happy with that. Rest day tomorrow.


09/02/2013 at 20:58

Mick, well done! Think you would have beaten me anyway, knee injury or no injury. 

09/02/2013 at 22:56

Good to see a bit of competition between Mick and Graham.

I got out yesterday - just under 10km and today 24km so pretty pleased with that.

10/02/2013 at 11:53


JJ/Ceal anyone else foun a way to post in the forum via philpub in website bugs

Quote someones post and post it. Then go back and edit it. This seems to work. A bit of a palaver but least it works Its happening to quite a few people and its not the first time

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10/02/2013 at 13:28
Thanks for the "quotes" idea. It works but it's a bit of a palaver.

Good mileage for the week given your rather cool winter conditions.  You get a brand new tuna sandwich with added horsemeat as the prize for the highest mileage.

If Bernard wants a target I rode a 100 mile event in 4hrs 8 mins. in the early 60s.

If the kitchen is full of washing up you may find it difficult to get to the sink.
If your legs are complaining give them a rest.



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10/02/2013 at 14:21

good day

- except it isn't - started off dark, cold and wet and is now even wetter!!  However rugby to warm one up shortly

you have shrunk!!!!

that was a good mileage day yesterday - you could always think about doing the washing up   which is doing something but not very much
As distances increase I always find there is a constant dialogue going on between concious and unconcious thought processes and sometimes the mind enlists the body to pretend it is in a bad way - of course sometimes it is!!!

nasty fall - I hope the bruises ar fading fast 

one milestone passed then 

well done on your mileage total despite the overuse of the treadie  - that's a lot of staring around a gym!!
I caught part of a film yesterdy whilst waiting for the second rugby game to start  which was based upon the Avro Arrow fighter plane developed by Avro in Canada and whose development was terminated by the government with much controvosy and the end of Canada's aviation industry. I thought  much of it was fiction until I did a search on it!!!

that ws a very impressive back to back mileage  total - 34K would have Mick6 and Graham gasping for breath

It was cold, dark and wet with precipitation alternating bewteen hail, sleet, frozen rain and snow - and sometimes all four at once - all borne on a cold easterly wind which threw the hail and frozen rain to ratttle on my CCJ like buckshot - lovely 

anyway 10.02 miles done in 85:48 (8:33m/m) with avHR 133 (68%WHR) and a max of 153

01m 9:40 125 138 all up hill
02m 8:07 128 133
03m 8:24 131 142
04m 8:18 135 145
05m 8:31 132 142
06m 8:50 133 138
07m 8:44 134 141
08m 8:19 138 150
09m 8:04 139 153 part of Hipps Hill
10m 8:34 140 144 Hipps Hill  

This time I did not even think about the steeper path up Hipps Hill but selected the easier option straightaway.
that was an ok run apart from miles 6 and 7 when I let the pace drift a little as I thought about the longer distance I was committed to. First time over 10 miles for months if not years

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10/02/2013 at 15:03

TS - really impressed by your 10 miles, especially at that speed!

And NZC - all those kilometres - that's very high mileage - and in summer as well.

JJ - hope you can get things sorted so you can post direct again.

Cold, windy and pouring with rain here. Am staying in. Cleared the washing-up and am now creating a lot more by spending the afternoon cooking and freezing things.

10/02/2013 at 21:32

Columba - you sound very busy. I've never been one to cook and freeze things. They never get that far - always enough mouths around here to eat it all!

Torque Steer - nice 10 miler - good pace too.

Yesterday's long run was easier than the week before, not as hilly. Only drawback is during the summer the run starts at 7am, so I have to be up early to get ready, drive into town where the club is located, and parking spaces are few, so you have to get there about half an hour before you need to - just to get a parking space. Next week it will be 26km. One good thing about their build-ups, is that they are short - only 14 weeks to the marathon, so not too long to get distracted. They seem to assume that most people attempting a marathon have already run a half or 21km, but last week one guy in our pack said it was the furtherest he had ever run.

11/02/2013 at 07:19

Good morning

2.45M; 34:15.2; 14:00/M; 0.5°C

Half an inch of fresh fallen, soft, melting snow made this treacherous going underfoot so I cut my intended 5miles short. I actually thought I was doing 5k but clearly made a mistake in the route and it finished up even shorter than that. By far the safest place to run was in the clear tracks left by passing traffic, but I couldn't stay on them long because of the traffic passing. The melt produced a load of slop so I finished up with cold wet feet - not my favourite condition for running. This is also the first time I have run without losing any weight. I always weigh myself before going out and when I get back and can lose 2lb on a 5 miler, but this run - zilch.

Have fun everyone.


11/02/2013 at 07:19




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11/02/2013 at 09:42

Aws -like the picture. I suppose the brown in the foreground is where the breakers were churning up the sand?

I never thought to weigh myself before and after running, though I am always interested to see how many calories Garmin thinks I've burned. But I suppose the weight loss is mostly due to fluid.

NZC - re the cooking/freezing, - my household now has only the one mouth to fill, since all my children are living at a considerable distance. Rather than cook a daily meal for one, I will cook enough for 2 or 3 meals and freeze what I don't eat.


11/02/2013 at 09:47

good morning

"foam rollers" are they?
Your underfoot conditions sounded dire  

thanks - hills must be overcome  though I am not very good at them yet - not enough leg strength.

I am a bit like the member of your pack on your long run  - not gone over 10 miles!! Fortunately I have quite a bit longer than  12 weeks to build up .
So you have another marathon lined up ?

This morning brought 1" of fresh snow and cold conditions so it was quite pleasant to run on if a bit slippy in places. Tired legs from yesterday so took it cautiously for 5 miles in 44:29 (8:49m/m) with avHR 131 (66%WHR) and a max of 144

1m 9:32  120 135
2m 8:35  128 137
3m 8:39  134 139
4m 8:26  133 139
5m 9:12  140 144 Hipps Hill - I gave in gracefully 

Helped to back up yesterday's run and in fact I probabluy now need some more runs at a steady pace to help change the metabolism a bit so that more fat burning takes place earlier. Pleased with HR on this run though fatigue shows in the last mile!!

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