Over 60s training.

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20/03/2013 at 09:36

Great race report and result Columba.

Also, all sorts of good training going on. I am still keeping with the daily running for the time being, and now up to 81 miles for March, which is high for me, and a LOT more than January or February, when I ran less during the wholw month. We've had no more snow thank heavens, but it has been cold and damp (or wet) a lot, so not at all inviting.

aws, did your dad also talk of activities or lack of them 'not getting the parsnips buttered'? I'm not sure where I got that one from - doesn't sound like something my parents would have said.

20/03/2013 at 09:40
aws - great run
20/03/2013 at 10:22
Good morning,

Good going, just shows what a big part the weather makes to our training.

An impressive mileage for march. Your parsnips proverb means actions speak louder than words doesn't it. I have heard the expresssion many times in the past. I think it must be a northern or a midlands expression.

I think, in order to get faster that you perhaps need to increase the strength of your legs and your core, rather than running more miles.

I would suggest the same to you as I have mentioned to Columba. You seem to be able to run your races without much running and get the same time. More strength would get you a faster time. But Rome wasn't built in a day.

How was the hash last pm, snowy, wet, cool, which?

I think you will find that most modern workouts routinely include aerobic work with the abs exercises to help get ones weight down and strenghten ones abs. I remember as long ago as nearly 30 years when I did my aerobic training and teaching that we were taught just what you said in your last post.

Yesterday I was pushed for time so only did a short heavy kettlebell routine, around 20 mins or so.

Today I did 55 mins of lighter kettlebell stuff which finished of course with the exercises for the abs and yes, I was out of breath during the abs workout.
20/03/2013 at 10:30
My visit to the Physio yesterday was quite positive. He thinks that maybe I did have a minuscule vertical tear to the back of my Achilles' tendon. Most tears to this area are horizontal. If this was the case then it could have affected my walking stride which didn't help matters at all. A vertical tear is not as painful as a horizontal tear, but can be just as difficult to heal.

He was pleased that the start to my pylometric exercises has gone well with no reaction to the tendon. We discussed running, and decided to strengthen the tendon more first.

I am to try to get a second hand trampett and do my jumping type stuff on there so that there is no impact to the tendon. I don't want to damage it again by starting to run too soon. Apparently my tendon is quite springy and relaxed but it does still have the lump on the outside of it. I am told this may always be with me!! He did some work on any adhesions that may be lingering in that area.

I think John B may have come to the rescue and is lending me his trampett, we just have to devise a way to meet somewhere for the hand over.
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20/03/2013 at 13:59

Diana - The parsnips saying is, I think, equivalent to 'this won't get the baby washed' which is what Dad would have said.


20/03/2013 at 14:28

good day

furniture moving for a friend this morning - combined cardio and high intensity workout

good news from your physio - I have never heard of a vertical tear in the achilles and am not sure how it could form as it impluies some form of extreme lateral stress on the tendon which I gues you would have rememdered happening!!!
Strangely the fat abs workout has disappeared from the website so they must monitor my comments very closely 

going well - good base developing

Last evening was dry, cold, snowy and very muddy in places as we slithered through the Pinewoods before finding firmer ground.
1 mile run to the venue then 5.2 miles done and several pints of Deuchars IPA, due to the proximity of the pub to my house, along with chip butties and pork sausages, made it all worthwhile

20/03/2013 at 15:09
I googled vertical tear in Achilles not long ago and low and behold Jenny Meadows suffered a vertical tear in her tendon last year. But of course her injury was much more serious.

The only thing I can remember which might have contributed towards my injury is that I have a distant memory of slightly twisting my ankle on my uneven trail, but recovering instantly and smugly thinking I got away with that one. But my memory is very vague. It may not have been that incident at all. But may have been---------
20/03/2013 at 16:23

thought I would goople it myself
Jenny was only the 38th person to be diagnosed with this - the 37th was Alistair Brownlee so you are keeping good company!!

I also came across this article which perhaps fits with your lump on the achilles 

getting down to 19 minutes would be quite easy -it's the few seconds below that cause the problems ......

20/03/2013 at 16:25

link disappeared achilles

20/03/2013 at 17:27
Thanks for that link. My Physio said much the same and I have instructions to gently massage it with a hot stone (he has invented a hot stone wand which one puts into hot water before use) every 3 or so days to keep it soft and pliable.

Actually, the lump doesn't hurt much at all, in fact very little. But I feel it restricts the Achilles and Physio agreed that when he moved the tendon to the left (medially) there was a little restriction.

The article has confirmed we are moving in the right direction.

One has to beat the bodies own healing process!!!!
20/03/2013 at 17:47

My father used to say "Fine words butter no parsnips" - but he grew up in the south of England, not north or midlands.

And my mother used to say "This won't buy the baby new shoes".

Snow nearly all gone today. Ran nearly 7 miles, including a 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid (minutes, not distance). Those times JJ has quoted to me look pretty ambitious; I can manage 10 minute miling for the 2-minute and 3-minute bits, but not for anything longer. I'll take note of Ceal's advice re strength of legs and core.  

20/03/2013 at 20:17


No doubt you are right,  I do need more strength not just because my weight is still only 9 stone.  Charles Atlas in his day would say I'm a weakling    No, I should really be getting back to core work as so far I don't do anywhere enough.  Also leg strengthening may arise from doing more hill stuff again.  Also must try making more use of the kettlebell.      I did find it rather hard to keep going for several minutes,  need to gradually increase working with them.

Sorry you are still having that achilles tendon problem,  hope you  will soon "gaffer" it !

It's nice in a way to be 1st in age group but I would have been first if I finished last (if you see what I mean)   

I can understand you not being keen on running in this cold and damp weather.  And you do have lots to do with your other interests,  gardening, meetings etc.  But I expect you will soon be back into it once we have more seasonal weather.


Impressed with your running progress.  7 miles is a fair distance,  haven't done that myself for what seems ages!

20/03/2013 at 20:28

More dreary skies, light drizzly sleet and rain but little wind.  Not bad once the muscles get warmed up.  I felt surprisingly fitter during my run today, don't know why!  I guess it's a question of good and bad days, we can't feel good all the time.  I had mackerel and beetroot plus mug of green tree about 90 minutes before setting out.

A few slight interruptions in the form of some school parties,7 to 10 year old kids on 4 wheel trikes enjoying their afternoon with the additional idea of shouting  out multiplication tables!  A couple of young riders on horse back during the 5th mile; I always slow to a walk while they pass the other way.

Times better than Monday....11.23,  10.32,  10.16,  9.47,  11.07.    total 5.5m again.


21/03/2013 at 07:31
Good morning,

Your pre training lunch sounds as if it did its job.

I am going to London today to view the Manet exhibition at the RA. I am meeting sharkie. I hope to make it this time around, remember, I didn't last time due to illness.
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21/03/2013 at 09:22

Good morning

nrd (scheduled)

4 degrees with a chilly breeze.


21/03/2013 at 09:59

good morning

brave man running after that meal - good going 

nice to see we agree about your body!!
enjoy the exhibition - it shoulr be very good

Cold, bright morning here - 3C with a brisk breeze in places, lovely running weather

8.06 miles done in 66:26 (8:15m/m) and avHR132 (67%WHR) and amax of 151

Mile                   Time                 Av HR               Max HR


1                        08:09.5             117                    127

2                        08:27.7             131                    140

3                        08:03.0             135                    143

4                        08:26.3             131                    137

5                        08:24.1             133                    137

6                        08:20.8             134                    140

7                        08:14.6             137                    143 Hipps HIll

8                        07:55.1             139                    148

.06                      0:26                 132                   151


enjoyed that though my back has stiffened a bit - more exercises needed


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21/03/2013 at 14:05

Good Running impey and t-s,looks like your in for some bad weather in the next few days.

21/03/2013 at 14:19
TS - is nice when you really enjoy your run Not enjoying mine much in this horrible weather
21/03/2013 at 14:23
Went out for a 14 mile run. Run into the wind mostly on way out and got the advantage on the return.

Average pace 10:51
21/03/2013 at 18:25

well done - you ran well into the wind, must have cost you some energy!!


I am supposed to drive to Banbury tomorrow for a meeting - the weather forecast is dire!!! - payback for a nice day today

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