Over 60s training.

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12/05/2013 at 17:34

TS, quite agree - more to come from you yet, no doubt about it. But you're already doing enough to show most of your age group (and a bit younger) a clean pair of heels. As for football, I don't think we'd have had much to complain about if we had been relegated but very pleased not to have been!

ceal, intrigued to hear about your evening..


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12/05/2013 at 17:37
There is still quite a bit of swelling and quite a lot of pain. But I do understand that it can be very painful. This fact I endorse! It is difficult to get a comfortable position when I sit or lie down. I may take NZC advice and get the fluid aspirated. But would rather the inflammation had gone before I did this. I am sure I won't be able to visit my Physio next Week because I can't drive as yet. This, is , by far the most debilitating injury I have suffered from. It will be 2 weeks on Tuesday. Next report will be on Wednesday! Stewart is in Leeds next week until Friday, so I am a bit stuffed.
12/05/2013 at 18:39
We have been quite tired today,we went on the Golden Arrow, in the Bluebell Railway, Pullman Dinning car last evening. It starts from Sheffield Park, but one can catch the last train from E G and straight onto the dining train. Then we could get off the train at the end of the evening at E G, which is a stop before the end of the journey.

The powers that be knew that we were going to do this and we were told that the station master has to be there to let us out because the gate is locked. We, indeed, saw the station master before we alighted the train and checked with him that he knew we would need letting out later on. He said yes he had been informed and would be there.

He was NOT there. He had been called out to help with an electrical fault at another station and had forgotten about us!!!! It was very cold, luckily not raining. We stood outside feeling very cold for half an hour whilst various staff tried to rescue the situation.

Then we sat on the train for another half hour. It must have had a huge knock on effect on everybody including the service staff and I guess the washer uppers at Sheffield Park at the final destination and of course all the other dinning passengers.

Eventually, they found a key to another gate on the other side of the track and we were led over the track with old fashioned lamps being held to light the way and instructions not to step on the sleepers as these were very slippy. The leaders were dressed in guards uniforms. This was quite an exciting adventure. I almost thought I was making a film, even though I was a bit hop along.

Hurray, we could get home at last, only 1:20hr late. The station master, I would imagine will be given a bit of stick. He is a volunteer. He was not contactable because of the lack of mobile phone signal. Our telephone number was taken and apologies were issued many, many times.

The other option to walking across the track was to take the train back to Sheffield Park and they would have a taxi awaiting our arrival to bring us back to East G. That would have added yet another hour to our evening! We were offered as many drink as we would like if we had taken that option!!

We had a good evening with our friends, beautiful ambiance, great service, but disappointing food.
13/05/2013 at 07:49

Good morning

5.09M; 1:08:02.9; 13:23/M; 11°C


Ceal - That sounds like a mixture of disaster and adventure rolled into one. Calls for a new word - 'disadventure' or 'adventaster' possibly, or maybe not - even. Pity about the food.



13/05/2013 at 09:34

Aws - "misadventure"?

Pammie - good about the changes at work.

Mick6 - enjoyed your race report, - particularly amused that "Grumpy" turned out to be in a younger age group so agewise not in competition with you!

TS - 16 miles on the moors and a target for cyclists! - really impressed; and pleased that you're so pleased with it yourself.

Nothing much to report here. Should have been a LSR yesterday but there was a "parish concert" on at the church in the afternoon and by the time I got home after that it was a bit late so just ran to the town lake, once round, and back; 4.17 miles. Shall be doing 10 miles next Sunday (not an official race but a "run" organised to raise funds for a local cancer hospice); hope I can manage it but if not I can always walk bits.

13/05/2013 at 09:38

good morning

as AWS said - a bit of a disadventure . were you in "posh frock" type of outfit as well? I have visions of you tottering across the railway lines in full evening wear!!
I have been on one of those heritage train meal excursions - the journey was great, scenery excellent but the food very average

The swelling sounds pretty brutal if yuo can't drive yet and of course the fluid is the body's reaction to the trauma trying to protect itself. I owuld leave it a while longer for that very reason.
Automatics are good when one has a crocked leg - it only takes one foot to drive them!!
Tell Stewart to pack his winter clothing!!

Back to winter this morning -  6C and a strong wind made it feel much colder - in fact snow is forecast for the high ground!!! 
Intended to run an easy 6 miles then realised after I went out that I was due to run this evening as well as the Yorkshire Hash are holding their own commemorative run in Harrogate this evening and I said I would go along to it just to make sure they upheld the fine reputation of the area!!

So cut down to 4 miles in 35:22 (8:43m/m) withavHR 123 and a max of 138

1m  9:13  116  133
2m  8:14  121  130
3m  8:19  127  131
4m  9:01  133  128  Hipps Hill 

I had worn compressoin tights to aid any fatigue recovery  but frankly I was glad of them because of the cold and when the rain swept in my short sleeved tee was totally inadequate!!!!

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13/05/2013 at 09:43

Columba - misadventure normally means death!!

Thanks  - there were loads of cyclists out but no runners. I think the MAMIL are all trying out the Tour de France (de Yorkshire!!) route for next year

I am sure you will comfortably manage 10 miles next week - you have been doing many longer runs of late

13/05/2013 at 10:26
Yes I was wearing a posh frock, not a long one though.

. I did make a visit to the Dr's this morning, he wasn't too sure what was going on with my knee, but whatever, he advised rest and quad exercises, plus a compression bandage. Seeing that you wore your tights this morning, made me remember that I have some and would be good to wear right now. If it doesn't clear up go back in about 3 weeks time for some investigation. I have done one of the quad exercises he recommended, the straight leg raise. I can do do this better with my injured leg than my other!! He did say that there may be some wear and tear issues involved, not pleasant to hear! But of course I had thought about that myself too. An x ray would show that, do I really want to know! Oh yes, he wasn't keen to aspirated any fluid because of of the risk of infection being introduced. I agreed with him over that.

I like both of your new words.

I am sure that you will manage the 10 miles.
13/05/2013 at 17:50

Evening Columba thanks  I've done this job before  but as extra now  it will be the main task things are changing in the trade and not everyone will be happy

4.62 miles  through the country park again 2 min run 1 min walk lots of horses in the paddocks a very wild west feel but no John Wayne on the horizon


Took it easy today  as will tomorrow and see how I feel on Wednesday Then Thursday will try a complete run may try a parkrun on the 25th

13/05/2013 at 19:31

That was a good quality 16 miler for this point in your training, I am not surprised that you are pleased with that. It is a shame you still have 10 miles to go.

I hadn't taken much notice of my AG rating in the race until you pointed it out. I looked back over my electronic records for the last  8 years and it turned out to be my best 5k AG, although not by any means my fatest. I have to be pleased with that even if I was disappointed with the time.

You are obviously very patient, if it was me, posh frock or no posh frock, I would have been off down the tracks within 5 minutes.

An easy 10k today at a recovery pace. It felt good despite some reaction from my heels due to Saturday's race.
My next race is in 2 weeks, it is my targetted 10k. It is part of the National Capital Race weekend where 43000 runners take part in four different distances, 5k, 10k, half and full. The 10k goes at the same time as the 5k so it will be around 18k runners. 
The 65-69 AG  in the 10k is a little soft although there will be over 60 runners in it. In the last 2 years the winning time has only been 48 minutes so I have a real chance of winning it assuming noone new turns up.


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13/05/2013 at 21:06

Excellent race considering you haven't actually been doing any training for 5ks.

Another fine run. Any reactions from the legs?

You are really in the wars with that knee. Your GP is clearly trying his best but I don't think he's too used to female runners of your age.
Exciting times on the Bluebell Line.

Hope your 10k assumptions work out. Clearly your 5k shows you're in with a good chance.

14/05/2013 at 07:50

Morning all

Trying decided whether to run 4 or 5 miles today.

14/05/2013 at 10:18

good morning

there is something about this site that keeps making posts disappear - very annoying!!

.....don't remind me 
that sounds like a very big field for your forthcoming 10K and the mix of 5 and 10K runners could prove interesting - as NZC found out recently!!!
Your very good 5K race will have sharpened you up nicely for it

Has Commander Hadfield become as big a name in native Canada as he has elsewhere?
His Space Oddity included here is a classic and also makes one wonder at the size of the space station

Incidently I recall you saying thatyou sometimes cannot access sites such as the BBC iPlayer. Have you tried using a VPN?

sounds like the wild west

legs are fine thanks and another 5 tough miles last evening with over 400' of climb gave me more for the day than I would normally do. Blimmin' cold though - near freezing towards the end.
More recovery time before a  run tonight

Looks like a 5 mile day today

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14/05/2013 at 12:24

Mick6 - What a huge race, in terms of the number of runners, I mean. I wish you the best of luck in beating the other 59 in your age group. You've done all the work, it only needs a smigeon of luck.

I am visualising you hastening across railway tracks in a posh frock...

A little railway line called the Heart of Wales runs through the town where I live, and once or twice a year it does one of those heritage journeys with a meal included. They use a beautiful old steam engine, so always worth going out to watch.

Pammie - horses seem to get very excited when runners run past them; sometimes they join in.

Ceal - hope no "wear and tear" involved.


14/05/2013 at 18:26

Commander HadField is big here but in a Canadian way. By Brit and American standards Canadians seriously under state their heroes and celebrities. He will be welcomed back with a few flags and a handful of primary school children and a 30s spot on the evening news.
I can get around most country blocks on the Internet by using a local proxy. They are free, just slows the response down a bit.I don't have access to anyone's VPN since I retired.
As long as whatever I buy is downloadable I can buy stuff restricted to the UK such as ebooks, apps etc, but I rarely buy them as I can usually get them free somewhere.

I ran another recovery run along side the river, 9k.
Do you ever have those days when it just is soooo good to be alive, healthy and retired. Today has been such a day. I ran along my river trail, the one I posted a while back, with a brilliant blue sky, the trees all in their spring colours, the white water on the river roaring away and the birds all twittering trying to overcome the noise. I virtually had the trail to myself apart from the odd chipmunk dashing across my path. 
The gym was very quiet so my workout was all unhurried and relaxed. 
I then rode my bonnie home along the country roads again very quiet allowing me to play around on the corners and to go as fast as I liked along the straights.
I have a few chores to run this afternoon but nothing that will dampen this beautiful feeling.


14/05/2013 at 19:24

Popping in yet again!   May has been a flat month for running generally.  We had a week's holiday in South Wales, no driving thank goodness as we used Shearings  to take us to the Imperial Hotel in Tenby. Enjoyed a couple of excursions, including that day when we went to St.Davids and got a thorough soaking in the horizontal rain that accompanied the strong gale force winds.  Truly a horrible day, couldn't walk around in it but took refuge in St.David's cathedral followed by a quick dash to a cafe for coffees. Then it was time for the coach to take us to Haverfordwest for another drenching !   Marg and I traipsed across the centre and finished up with a hot soup and roll in Morrisons, we felt so perished,  a simple meal but quite warming.
Best day we had was the walk to Saundersfoot by road, later we took the pretty tough coastal path back to Tenby.  Almost got lost halfway back in the forest as we couldn't find the Acorn sign until we added another mile on our jaunt by retracing our steps!


You are having a tough time with the knee. Hopefully it won't be bothering you for too much longer.  Discomfort is bad enough but not being able to run is nae good either !   The Bluebell railway was a big let down, especially the station master. No wonder there were many apologies and free drinks .

I'm glad you have had contact with "Spud" and that she is okay.  Is she still living in Eastern U.S.?

Super running.  Loads of training towards the goal of marathon racing.  But I don't know how you manage it so well.  What a tireless man thou art .

I read somewhere in a previous post you asked " is green tea - decaf."   I guess it is not but I 'm getting used to it anyway !

Parkrun on the 25th.  I suppose you mean a 5k parkrun site and not Serpies you might go on.  I love these 5k parkruns, short and sweet but challenging against others or against oneself !


Pleased to see you keeping up your running.  You must still be very fit.


Congrats on your first place in your age group.  



14/05/2013 at 19:25

Sorry that was rather long and I didn't comment on all posts. 

14/05/2013 at 19:37

As I said, May has been poor so far for running and weather but this last weekend I re-started some training.

Saturday was the first day of Rother Valley 5k parkrun and I volunteered to marshall for this one. In fact, I shall be doing quite a few of the marshalling as well as the occasional race.  As they get more volunteers then maybe increase the runs.

Ran and walked 4 miles in the afternoon as it was first outing since May.1st.

Monday ran an undulating trail, a steep roadside outside the park, then thru park gates to the easier flattish route I am so so familiar with (hundred of times!).
Mile times 12.25, 12.12, 10.09, 10.41, 10.29.   5 miles in toto.

Today a repeat of Monday's exactly but times slightly slower altogether.
Miles  12.41,  12.26, 9.56,  10.43, 10.22.  5 miles again.

I do now realise how so much harder it is to run in the mid 70s than it was when I was racing Halfs, 10 milers and 10ks in my late 60s.  Age certainly does tell on yer .

14/05/2013 at 20:06

Interesting mention in today's Times. Research in the US shows that 3 hours general gardening has similar physical benefits and calorie burn as one hour in the gym. I wondered why I feel tired after gardening, two long dog walks and a run.

Very sensible way to restart.

My findings in relation to running at 70+ is much the same as yours.

I rely very much on physical signs for clues about how my running is going which is why I asked about your reactions to the run. If you can do a training run as you reported and had little or no after effects then your training is working very well.

14/05/2013 at 20:19


Impey  Great  start and yep parkrun (non serpies) I've only  done 3  and volunteered once but last one was in October  (I think)

Did a  couple of run walks yesterday and today  still on my 4.4 miles minimum did a minute on off today as was exhausted  long day and night yesterday but was on off them a lot better once out

Columba These horses were far too busy  munching grass

Work soon then that's me till Sunday

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