Over 60s training.

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14/05/2013 at 21:31

Had a day off yesterday, pretty much blobbed out! Will run with my friends this morning.

Torque Steer - looking good, any races on the horizon?

Mick - your run sounded wonderful.

JJ - that's why I don't run on a gardening/lawns day - I find that it enough!

Impey - 5 miles is still a long way. I think when we changed to metric my mileage dropped. Now a short run is 5km and 10km is quite a long way.

Ceal - hope your knee sorts itself out soon. Sounds like you've got heaps to keep you occupied.

14/05/2013 at 21:53

5 1/2 very uncomfortable miles tonight with the running club. Still, I don't run to be comfortable. It had been raining all day, and we went X-C over wet grass, through mud, across boggy squelchy fields, huge unavoidable puddles, impromptu streams where normally there are none... Long before the end we were all soaked to the skin, and the rain got heavier and heavier and a cold wind sprang up. Took me an hour to feel warm again after I got home.

There were only 8 of us, - usually about 12 or 15 or even more. So I can preen myself on being really hard core.

15/05/2013 at 07:10
Good morning,

The conditions for your last run sounds absolutely DIABOLICAL, you are made of tough stuff. I hear that there has been a weeks worth of rain,somewhere in Wales, over the last 24 hours.

Hello. What a pity you had such unpleasant conditions for your Welsh holiday. I love Tenby and the surrounding area. I see you are getting right back into you're training again.

You are training consistently and well.

I think the 3 hours gardening to which the article refers to is your sort of gardening, not mine! I don't think 3 hours of kneeling gardening would qualify!

With regards to chasing down the railway track. We would have done so too, if we could have got out, as a result of doing so. however, all the large metal gates were well locked with padlocks and barbed wire at the top of the metal fences.

I did enjoy reading your 'happy' post. Your 10k race is certainly a large race, have you done it before. Do you anticipate getting held up at the start of the race?

You didn't mention if you decided to do 4 or 5 miles!

I wonder if you had the torrential rain we experienced last evening for your hash session?

The weather at the moment is very reminiscence of how it was a year ago. Rather a depressing thought if it carries on in the same way.

My news is that there has been an improvement in my knee. Wearing my compression tights helped big time. I drove 5 miles x 2 yesterday. Not very far, but a start. I think I am going to risk my hours drive to my Physio tomorrow. If I have to stop and return because I feel I can't make it I shall just have to send a cheque for a missed appointment.
15/05/2013 at 07:48

Good morning

5.11M; 1:04:46.7; 12:41/M; 7°C

That was good - two lumps of fartlek each mile seems to make a difference. Not big lumps, couple of lamp posts stuff.


15/05/2013 at 09:39

Aws - there's an idea, I must try that. 

JJ - did the article say what sort of gardening was being considered? - I take Ceal's point that an hour of heavy digging will surely use more calories than an hour's gentle weeding and dead-heading.

Ceal - I will admit that if I'd known what last night's run was going to be like I would have settled instead for 3 miles along a road. But once you're up in the hills with the running club, you're up in the hills with the running club and nothing to be done about it except stick with them. We ran past my house on the way back, and I thought seriously about dropping-off at that point, but I'd have had to make my way back to the lake later for the car, which might have been even worse.

15/05/2013 at 11:20

good morning

sounds like a wet holiday !!!
I think one must be careeful not to get into a cycle of "I'm getting older so I must do less". The training process certainly takes longer to get discernable benefits and one has to ensure there is enough rest and recovery to maximise those benefits but they do come. It has taken me 5 months to get where I would have got to in 3 months 5 years ago partly through caution but also partly because I recognise that I have to recover sufficiently, particularly in the early days, before increasing training load.

wish I had been with you - sounds a perfect day 
Nice sensible attitude towards your astronaut

that certainly reaped substantial improvements in your times - give it a couple of days before repeating and make it a regular feature and you will see benefits

very hardcore indeed - all weather runner. What doesn't kill us........etc.
Nothing worse than running past one's house and feeling the pull to just peel off and say "sod it" !!!

Good news about the knee responding to the compression tights - I should have worn mine earlier.
hope you make it to the physio today
Missed the rain last night - it started just as we finished and poured down all night

It is pretty light on races around here - there is a 10K, whose course goes past my door twice, in July which I try and turn out for in any condition and there is a HM up in the Dales which is reputed to be the hilliest in the UK in late August/September which I may use as a marathon prelude. Need to fit in a couple more from somewhere but I am not race fit yet

Yes - physical signs of tiredness and over use I am always very alert for, but hey, they  do not always show as last night evidenced. I felt absolutely fine until I started running and then found I had no oomph at all and it would not come so I meandered along at the back having a chat and was pleased when the 5 miles or so were up!!! Clearly I am not ready for two sessions a day just yet!!

Set off this morning a little apprehensively after last night and clad in CCJ against rain and wind - glad I did so.
After I eased into it it became quite ok as a recovery run from the recovery run and I did 7.2 miles in 61:57 (8:38m/m) with avHR 128 (63% WHR) and a max of 139 

1m  9:09   117  127
2m  8:24  123  132
3m  8:35  129  136
4m  8:30  133  137
5m  8:14  131  136
6m  8:43  135  139  Hipps Hill
7m  8:31  133  136
.2m 1:34  134  136

That was the first time I have run that far at that pace and not seen both my avHR below 130 and my max  HR not drift above 140 so my aerobic fitness is improving a bit and the very relaxed run last night meant I was more recovered 
Clearly my Alf Tupper fish n' chip supper last night had the desired effect


Edited: 15/05/2013 at 11:24
15/05/2013 at 11:24

Impey, shame about the weather for your holiday but I'm sure you made the most of it.  We had a week many years ago in Saundersfoot and rented a house with a lovely view of the harbour. It had a terrace with the same view but needless to say the weather was never good enough to make use of it! Good to see you running and getting back into it.

ceal, very pleased to hear about the improvement in your knee. I hope it's raised your spirits about it a bit.

Columba, what an horrendous run! Racing in those conditions is bad enough but to train in them...well done for sticking it out. I bet you enjoyed a hot bath afterwards.

I've got a 2 mile club relay race this evening. We've got the horrible rain now that you had further south yesterday but the forecast has sunny intervals and a lighter wind by this evening thank goodness.

15/05/2013 at 11:27
Good stuff today.

Tomorrow is Physio journey! Well something made you recover from last night's no umps run, so must have been the fish and chips. I won't argue with that!
15/05/2013 at 17:03

I don't believe it - the sun has come out, but it's still bloomin' cold so it may be ok for Graham tonight..

So cold in fact that I have just booked a holiday in Cuba for next month !!

whoops - you were so early posting I thought it was from last night!!
It was either the F&C - or the beer!!!

15/05/2013 at 17:06

forgot to say well done on volunteering for the Parkrun duties and I hope the new venue turns out well. Is that where I ran a 10K with you some years ago?

I tried locally a couple of weeks ago and they didn't want me as they had enough!!!

15/05/2013 at 17:20

Good luck with the relay race and the weather.

I hope you get to the Physio and that you can pinpoint exactly what damage has been done and why it happened. With your great fitness and tone, I was surprised to see this size of a problem brought about by a gardening session.
In all my years of running I have never had a knee injury but I am still very scared of anything to do with joints.
Yes I have run this race many times, all events from the marathon to the 5k. It is very congested but the corral system works well and the road is wide. You just have to avoid the temptation to weave through the pack if the crowd you are in feels too slow. It does eventually open up a bit.
It will be a record crowd this year so you can never be sure what will happen.

That was still a good average pace for such a low WHR %. You are making great progress so when is the first 20+ mile run?

You are running some tough courses, are you training for one of these survivor/warrior/death march events?

I ran a 10k today with 5k of it in the blue zone. Legs were not all that happy with it but my HR was nice and flat even if I dropped off the pace a bit.


15/05/2013 at 17:23


Gym9.9k, 12c, cloud, tempo run, legs a little tired due to 5k race on Saturday.

Run Duration = 51:38,  Run Length = 9.9 Kms or 6.2 Miles

Average Run Pace = 05:11 per Km or 08:21 per Mile, Age grade =  68.4 %

Average Run WHR = 73.9 %,  Max Run WHR = 85.3 %

Average Run Cadence = 87.6, Average stride length = 1.1 m

Lap  Duration   Kms      Miles    Per Km    Per Mile    AWHR     MWHR  Cadence  Slength(m)

 01     06:10     1.0        0.6      06:10      09:56      48.3%     58.0%      88.0       0.92

 02     05:37     1.0        0.6      05:37      09:03      60.1%     63.6%      89.0       1.00

 03     05:19     1.0        0.6      05:19      08:34      65.7%     70.6%      88.0       1.07

 04     05:14     1.0        0.6      05:14      08:25      72.0%     76.9%      88.0       1.09

 05     04:50     1.0        0.6      04:50      07:48      77.6%     79.7%      89.0       1.16

 06     04:57     1.0        0.6      04:57      07:59      81.1%     83.9%      87.0       1.16

 07     04:46     1.0        0.6      04:46      07:41      83.2%     85.3%      87.0       1.20

 08     04:53     1.0        0.6      04:53      07:52      83.9%     85.3%      87.0       1.17

 09     05:04     1.0        0.6      05:04      08:09      83.9%     85.3%      87.0       1.13

 10     04:42     0.9        0.6      05:00      08:03      83.2%     85.3%      86.0  &nb

15/05/2013 at 17:32

TS, some blue sky's appeared in the last hour and the wind's dropped a bit so not quite as unpleasant to race in as it would have been earlier. Very envious of your Cuba holiday.

Mick, you're bound to still be feeling the race in your legs. That's a good pace with tired muscles.

15/05/2013 at 19:32


TS Finishing work this morning  on me bike I cycled down the road sun on my face thinking this feels great  turn the corner. Holy moly brutal headwind not as nice

Did you hear they had snow in Devon/Cornwall? Yep in May

Columba Sounds like a brutal course you are hardcore

Nothing for me today  being sensible  legs not  cooperating  but  last weeks mileage more than I've done in a long tiime

15/05/2013 at 22:26

It's been very cool today.
The gardening report mentioned something like "general" gardening which I take to mean a mixture of activities that involve using different muscles on a fairly continuous basis. It certainly doesn't work if it's one gentle type of activity like dead heading the roses.

You are right; very hardcore. 

Shows what difference a bit of extra effort makes. Well done.Keep slowly increasing the length of the faster bits.

The most significant sympton of the age degeneration curve is that it's exponential and not a  linear progression. Of course the curve is personal but it is always exponential so it gets steadily more difficult to train properly and there is no way to combat the slowing down.

16/05/2013 at 11:09

good morning

very good pace after your 5K - sometimes the effects of running at a high tempo as in the 5K translate themselves into a faster pace over longer distances as the muscle memory remembers the higher end activity and subconcioulsy repeats it - you still end up knackered however!!
It will be a while until the first 20 miler - end July/August time. That will give me time to both build up to it slowly and then get 4-6 in at that distance before tapering - if all goes to plan!!!


Yup - brutal is the word for that wind!!

Yes -but it is also a matter of where the curve starts - how far from the left hand side of the vertical axis - that is important along with doing everything possible to minimise the effects of inceasing age degeneration by doing such things as strength and suppleness conditioning  to slow it down - along with smarter training

I can now control the weather!!! Get fed up with the weather here, book a holiday for sunshine and the day dawns clear and bright and the wind down to the merest zephyr. Still only 7C but I will take that and so resolved to do some 1 mile intervals. Not done them for a few weeks so it would be "interesting" !!

1.25 miles warm up to my usual paths across and around the Stray. 400m jog recoveries until my HR retrurned to 100 bpm

1m  6:42.1  148  157  may have overcooked it 
2m  6:42.3  149  159  maybe not!!
3m  6:48.2  150  158
4m  6:45.8  151  160

First time I have managed 4 intervals this comeback and the first time I have managed that sort of pace for a long, long time. Felt quite comfortable throughout which was even more surprising.
I could almost say I was pleased with them but I can't say that twice in a week so quite pleased will suffice

1.5 miles cool off during which I was passed in Valley Gardens by a horde of young women from one of the fitness clubs no doubt thinking how easy it was to pick off on ol' git as they swept by................................

16/05/2013 at 13:14

TS, you should be very pleased. I know it's not really your immediate aim but you could do a pretty impressive 5k or 10k on the back of that sort of training performance.

I was pleased too with the club relay last night. I ran the first leg and did the 2 miles in 12m 40s (12m 42s gun time). That's 4 seconds quicker than a couple of years ago and I then ran what's still my 10k PB a week later. Just staying ahead of JJ's curve! I had a bit of a mini-race with a younger club-mate who was running first leg for another of our teams. We changed positions a couple of times before I went ahead with half a mile to go and managed to beat him by 7 seconds.

I did 10.4 miles this morning. Tomorrow we're going to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a week so it'll be nice to try some new running routes there.

16/05/2013 at 15:46

Graham - how nice, - you can run by the river.

Laughing at all the "hard core" comments, and Mick asking me if I'm training for a survivor event. Having set off with the club, I had no option but to stay with them.

Been swimming today. Something of an improvement there; introduced one arm (in addition to The Legs), and after a few floundering attempts I got the hang of it and managed one or two complete widths, whereas up to now I've never managed more than half a width before becoming so unco-ordinated I had to stop and sort myself out.

Used both arms, but not both together. The unused arm held a float. 

16/05/2013 at 17:09

I guess it is a bit soon to put you down for the cross Channel swim.

They were first class miles, very jealous as I could do with a set just like that.

You continue to improve and set the standard. We need to get Busbar back to give you some competition.

An easy 9k recovery along the river trail with some friends, all very enjoyable. As the weather was so pleasant took the long way home on my bonnie.

Edited: 16/05/2013 at 17:10
16/05/2013 at 20:39

excellent time for your relay and good to show the youngsters the way home
According to my VO2max calculations I should be running 6:30 for a mile in interval training so I have a bit to go - hence it's only quite good

Very enjoyable running?? That's why your are not running mile reps at my pace 

I was watching a, to me, very moving tribute to the Dambusters raid on its 70th anniversary and was struck by the number of Commonwealth airmen who took part.  There was even a NZ veteran of the raid who had travelled across especially for the event. Given that he must be at least 90 years old  that was quite remarkable and must be the key to JJ's ageing conundrum!!!!

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