Over 60s training.

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18/05/2013 at 17:40

We have a lot of deer around our garden and with 3 dogs that are furry and close to the ground, ticks are a major concern. They are tested for Lymes Diease every year and the older dog has tested positive. As he is 14 and he is not showing any symptoms we are not treating him because the treatment will make him feel very ill.
The groomer has found ticks on them and of course she removes them with a hot match but they are dangerous.
I don't fancy your 5k, it must have been tough in all that mud. It makes your time very respectable, well done.
You and Columba do choose the toughest of courses, I however look for the easiest.

I ran one of my old routes today. a very pretty 18k run along a undulating wood trail for most of it. It connects to an old railway track which presents us with a 4k slow climb to the finish so a bit of a challenge. It was 20c and a bright, not a cloud in the sky , kind of day. Sorry TS but is was very enjoyable but next weekend I have my 10k target race so it will be eyes popping effort which should make up for all this enjoyment.

18/05/2013 at 18:22

Your comments about aging made me think about the number of runners I meet at races who were racing 30 years ago. It seemed like the numbers had really diminished so I thought I would crunch some numbers to see how fast it was shrinking.
Data is readily available and we have a large local race with 10k runners so I took the half marathon data for men from 40 onwards with the following results.


 The vertical axis is the % of male runners in each age range from 40 to 80+, in 5 year increments. The total number of male runners was 4310, so a good sample size.
Just to give you a feel for the numbers there was only 2 80+ runners. It was the half marathon so maybe there would have been a few more in the 5k.

In my age group, 65 - 69, there were 49. In your age group, 70 - 74,  there were only 20.
Does that mean I have less than a 50% chance of still running in 5 years???


Anyway I ran 6 days this week for a total of 40 miles, full speed ahead and damn the torpedos.

18/05/2013 at 19:58

NZC Christine,

Great race time  there bearing in mind it turned out to be a muddy 5k !  Would have thought a bit hazardous too,  too easy to slip and slide and induce injury of some sort.


Very interesting graph  re ageing and decrease of runners as they get older.
But I can see you will still be up there in more than 5 years time

I suppose I should count myself lucky to at least get out there and run even if not very competitive.



18/05/2013 at 20:01

Evening all

No running this week due to getting guest room finalised for Hannah whilst I was in Crewe, then the couple days in Crewe and yesterday I was on standby to help the gardner with the railway sleepers.

we had amazingly clear up to and back from Crewe, glad we went up the night before as my Aunts brother was late after being held up for 2hrs on the M25. It was nice warm (in the sun) day, perfect to say our final goodbyes. It was nice to see my cousin again and catch up her and her sister's children, always scary as we see them rarely these days and you forget how old they are - the eldest is now 42!! Established from Mum that she had been best friends with my Aunt since 1938.

Today decided I would try and add the first bits of speed work back into my running as I was starting to worry I was becoming a bit one paced. Warmed up for a mile and then did 3 x 1 faster/1 recovery miles sets. Managed 7.51, 7.46 and 7.56 (sounding a bit like an engine on the Bluebell Line). Not brilliant but have to be satisfied really.

Glad the compression tights are helping Ceal. Disappointing attitude from the young GP, wonder if it would have been the same answer for a younger world class athlete - I doubt it.

Mick, Graham and Ts are training and performing fantastically. 

Hoping to try and run a longer run tomorrow.

Mike t


18/05/2013 at 20:07


Hope you have a great race in the 10m tomorrow. 

Being on my own does feel a bit lonely, I must admit.  After 22 years always holidaying together it's a change for both of us !

Just received her text a few minutes ago arrived in Alicante ok.



Promising then, if you feel some improvement every day

Went to the RV 5k parkrun this morning  but didn't run and just did some marshalling before speeding home to take Marg and Syl to airport.


Edited: 18/05/2013 at 20:08
18/05/2013 at 21:49

NZC - well done on your wet, muddy, slippery 5k. Reading your account of it, I was expecting every second to read that you had gone down!

Mick - we had a dog (followed later by another dog) when we moved to Wales, and they used to get sheep ticks, which we treated with meths. Lyme disease was never mentioned, but maybe sheep ticks don't carry it.

Interesting graph. I suppose the fact that very few over-70 men are running races doesn't have to mean they're not running at all. One might well run for enjoyment and fitness, without bothering with races.

Impey - thank you for your good wishes. It's not an official race, and indeed is described simply as a "run". There's also a "walk" (the walkers set off an hour before the runners do), and a "family run/walk" which is just round the lake, less than a mile. No doubt the competitive ones will treat it like a race. I am quite resigned to coming in last, and just hope all the post-run refreshments haven't gone by the time I get there. I haven't been able to find out what the route is; the organisers said it would be on the website, but it ain't. All it says is that it's mostly on tarmac, with a short bit off-road.

MT - I wonder if Ceal's stroppy young GP realises Ceal is a world class athlete?  


19/05/2013 at 13:56

good day

sounds a recipe for disaster -mud and speed on corners!!
You are really flogging yourself after the marathon
parental support - lovely!!!

ah well next week will make up for all those lovely strolls in the countryside
You have also to take account of when the mass running boom took off - ini this country it is probably measured from the GNR in 1981 when numbers really began to swell for road races. Folk who were in their 20-30's then are only just making their way through the older age groups so the potential base will be much greater in future years.

not too many late nights out now!!!

very respectable mile intervals on little training - bet they hurt!!
thanks things were going well until today!!

I hope they leave some cake for you

19/05/2013 at 13:59

Back to the moors for a long run in misty but warm conditions

The good news was that it was a fracvtion longer than last weeks effort at 16.31 miles ran in 2:20:02 (8:35m/m) with avHR 132 (68%WHR) and a max of 153 on a particularly nasty hill

1 09:29.5  121  134

2  08:51.0 131  137

3  09:00.9 132  141

4  08:56.8 138  141

5  08:15.4 135  153

6  08:23.6 134  141

7  07:57.1 127  137

8  08:59.0 138  145

9  08:29.3 131  136

10 08:08.8 131  137

11 07:56.0 127  131

12 08:04.3 128  130

13 08:40.6 129  148

14 08:37.4 134  148

15 08:45.8 136  144

16 08:35.2 136  145

17 02:51.5 137 143

see if that works

Edited: 19/05/2013 at 14:02
19/05/2013 at 14:07

hurrah - saves some typing

The other good news was that it was virtually the same pace as last week - 8:35 v 8:33 and avHR at 132 was identical. The big difference was that I am now wiped out, my legs are stiff and I want to sleep whereas last week I felt fine.
I have all the family coming for Sunday dinner and I start cooking shortly.............. 

19/05/2013 at 16:10

Good afternoon

TS they certainly did, but must build them in regularly now otherwise there will be no improvement in pace. Good run this morning, perhaps it was just the build up of miles you've exposed your body to recently rather than being this one run that caused the tiredness. Hope the meal goes well.

Managed 12.6 flat miles at 9.06 pace, fairly happy with that. Longest run since January 2012, except for 2 x 13's in Oct and then Gosport Half in the November. I was tired, I did sleep and missed the time slot to put the roast spuds on - the mash was good lol.

Short'ish run first thing tomorrow as I have a massage mid morning.

Mike T



19/05/2013 at 16:20

TS - the nasty hill doesn't seem to have slowed you down much. I can struggle up hills, but much much slower than on the flat. Hope the cooking went ok and Sunday lunch was appreciated.

Turned out my 10-miler was an official race after all. Official time won't be on the website for a few days, but according to my own timing I did it in 2:12:32. I was quite pleased with this, because it was very hilly and I resorted to walking several of the long steep uphills. I came in last of the runners but a batch of walkers had set off an hour before the runners' start and as some of them were treating it as a saunter I did overtake a few. It's the first year this race has been run, so it was quite a small field. There was a "perpetual" trophy for the winner, with 15 little shields on it, so the organisers clearly intend it to be an annual event.

It was sunny, and we ran through the middle of the day so pretty warm. I felt fairly agonised most of the time, and very very glad to see the "Finish" sign.

And yes, lots of cake, tea, French bread, cheese, pickle...

Well marshalled and well signposted; even I didn't get lost. The route ran through a farm and by the side of the road were four huge bales (hay? straw) wrapped in plastic, and each one had a word painted on it in large letters: YOU - CAN - DO - IT .

19/05/2013 at 18:39

Good run Columba. Sounds like for a new event they had things well organised, long may it continue. It's always good to hear of new events being staged.

Mike T

19/05/2013 at 21:07

Mick - your run sounded lovely. I think you'll run a very good 10km, as you've done good mileage as well as the speedwork. Just make sure you get a good start with those huge numbers in the event.

Impey - that is the most important thing, to be able to get out there and enjoy ourselves.

Torque Steer - great run - I was out for as long as you yesterday, just didn't run as far Only did 22km.

I'll see if I can share - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/314603143

Thought I'd go for an easy long run after my 5km. Easy as in pace, not easy as in course. This is pretty much where the the Legend half goes. It is very hilly, with one very long hill - Carter Rd. Why did I do it? You would normally think that it is faster work that I am lacking, but Barry Magee onced told me, plenty of easy miles are what you need to run faster.

This morning I'm feeling crocked, I too had dinner to cook for 8! Sunday night is family night, not easy after a long run.

Columba - great stuff - your event sounded really tough and you did it!

Empty - nice long run from you too.

20/05/2013 at 07:11



NZC - Well done on your 5k. You sure are a running machine.


Columba - Snap on on your hilly 10 mile race. Well done x


Did Great Baddow 10 yesterday in 1:46:27. 


20/05/2013 at 07:39

Good morning

5.09M; 1:05:07.5; 12:48/M; 12°C

Not quite the pace of the last one but more even - only one 13 in it. Can't be bad.

Tracey - great time for Great Baddow. Well done.


20/05/2013 at 10:05

good morning

very well done on your 10 miler - good time. All that marathon training is paying off

so it was an official race!!
Good news on beating the walkers - and getting food at the end

That was a big step up in distance for you after your intervals - I liked your change in menu!!

that wsa not a hill - it was a bloomin' mountain!!
Tough route with over 1075' of climb and you seemed to be going faster up the hill than along the top!! The downhill bit looked as bad as the uphillI only did 790' of climb on my run but i did beat you on calories consumed - I used 1900 to your measly 1060 !! It is actually a bit of a problem for me as when I translate that into marathon distance there will be quite a big energy gap to bridge for me. I need to 

  1. get faster
  2. lose more weight  

as energy consumption does  not rise proportionately with speed increases.

Warm and misty again this morning as I plodded a recovery 6 miles in 55:13 (9:11m/m) with avHR 121 (59%WHR!!!!) and a max of only 135

1m  9:57  111  120
2m  8:49  115  126
3m  9:11  122  128
4m  8:47  123  128
5m  9:16  128  135  Hipps Hill
6m  8:57  125  131

enough was enough

20/05/2013 at 15:23

Tracey well done on your 10 mile race, great time.

TS that was a nice recovery run, looks like the first mile you were having to encourage the legs to move. After the tiredness yesterday it may have just helped your recovery. I too need to get faster and lose weight, 20lbs would be good - target is by the end of the year so that I'm in a good place for 2014.

A very gentle 2.8 miles at 9.30 pace, I had all sorts of tight bits and pieces but they eased off a bit before the end. I also had my massage which found even more sore and tight bits but hopefully by Wednesday they will feel the benefit fully.

Hopefully tonight I'll be passing the Joggers website over to someone else. You're right I had before but the "new" host went bust and the website disappeared - that's what happens when you don't take action asap. Fortunately we still had the old contract, because they hold the domain name, and could reactivate the web builder package so muggins offered to set up some holding pages.

I think my time as a member of the Joggers is coming to an end as the after effects of all the hassle a couple of years rumble on, luckily there are a number of other good clubs around here.

Mike T



20/05/2013 at 16:57

I had a look at your route, that hill looks very intimidating. It was interesting to see where you are in NZ and how so very far from where I am, about as far away as you can get.
Yes the start of my race will be an issue, not so much in lost time to cross the mat but more in weaving and bobbing through the crowded route over the first two k. I always say I will not do it but I always do.

Why is it that you get a group of people together to organise something and it quickly degenerates into a lot of bad and hurt feelings.
I can empathise with the need to lose some weight. I am 20lbs heavier than when at my running peak. I have no idea how I could lose that kind of weight though.

Another great long run by you. 

Just an easy 5 miler for me down by the river again. The Lilac is in full bloom and it grows wild here and there is lots of it, very smelly but nice.

20/05/2013 at 18:25

Pammie, glad that you will have a more regular shift pattern - easier to get organised.

Good racing has been going on by many, and good training from TS & MT. Great to see all those sub 13 miles from aws too.

Hope the knee continues to improve ceal.

Have now completed my 50 days of 5k or more a day, but it's training might tonight with the club. I'll have my first rest day since February tomorrow!

I've also been pretty busy as I'm involved with getting the Brockenhurst parkrun organised. Inaugural run next Saturday, and I'm building the volunteers roster. I was pleased to run the trial (pancake flat but all on grass) in 26:39 http://connect.garmin.com/activity/313642691

20/05/2013 at 20:59

Tracey - well done on the Great Baddow 10, - your time was nearly half an hour shorter than mine!

Mick6 and MT - if you aimed to lose 1lb a month (each, I mean!) that would be almost a stone in a year, and should be fairly painless. It's amazing how many calories a long run burns up. 

MT - so it's farewell to the Joggers?

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