Over 60s training.

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01/06/2013 at 19:01

K2 - I wore my compression shorts for the first time today ????

01/06/2013 at 22:00

and did you notice any difference, and if so was it an improvement?

I ran round the Carreg ddu reservoir today, one of the complex of reservoirs in the Elan Valley. Have been wanting to do it for some time. The first part was mainly on a cycle track with a few bits of road; then there was some farm track, then it went onto footpaths which crossed fields (one of which was very squishy, boggy and tussocky) and through woodland. 6.1 miles altogether. Conditions were perfect; sunshine, but not too much of it, a cool breeze from time to time. Bluebells, flowering broom, all trees coming into leaf, butterflies, sunlight sparkling on the ripples on the lake.

Treated myself to a Welsh Tea at the Visitor Centre afterwards.  

01/06/2013 at 22:12

Columba asked my question.


I was about to ask if that's the one near the visitors' centre but you told me anyway. It's a lovely run.  Anticlockwise?

01/06/2013 at 22:45


Columba & K2 - I think so. My legs ache now, but my left ITB was aching this morning and is no worse. Think I will try them on a long run next time. 

Think I will have to buy another pair

02/06/2013 at 10:28

Try them for recovery as well, Tracey.

02/06/2013 at 12:00

K2 - now don't laugh. I slept in them.

02/06/2013 at 16:41

That's really taking recovery seriously Tracey!  Good time for an off-road race.

Run sounds lovely Columba.

Just 2 short runs this week-end, as I was volunteering at the parkrun yesterday, and we had visitors overnight.

02/06/2013 at 17:42

I'm not going to laugh - been there, done that. I won't ask if Bernard had anything to say about it.  


Thanks for voluteering. it looked a lovely course.

02/06/2013 at 19:10

Getting up to speed reading posts.

Behind with my training info but only ran on Wednesday and Friday last week.
First was 5.1 miles 11.38,  10.51, 10.43, 10.23, 10.38. Friday only 2 miles but mostly uphill, kept it short as it was day before another 5k race.

Nice sunny Saturday morning with just a rather stiff breeze down one side of the lake which affected my 2nd mile in the 5k run.  Very surprised to pb by 57 seconds for this course, I didn't particularly feel like doing it !

Mile times....8.57,  9.10,  8.54, and 1.06 for the 0.12m.
Official result 28m.07s equalling last year in June but meant my age grading went up by 1.01%     Age percentage now 66.27  

A guy 3 years younger than me got first M70 and I was placed 2nd out of 3.

Think I'd better lie down and also take it a bit easier for a while

02/06/2013 at 19:33

Tracey, nice off-road 5-miler. Pleasant change from roads I'd imagine.

Columba, what a good description of a lovely run.

Impey, good PB and you're inching towards a 70% AG!

I ran in the Allendale 8 yesterday, actually 7.7 miles. The first 2.5 miles are pretty flat and then the remaining 5.2 have virtually no level bits at all and plenty of hills, steep and otherwise.

Leaving Newcastle it was cold and drizzling but further inland the sun came out and the race took place in warm sunshine. We had a really good turn-out from my club and took 3 prizes; me for 1st M60, another member for 1st M50, and also 3rd lady. Unlike last year when I left early, not knowing I'd won anything, I stayed for the presentation. My time was 57m 22s, so 30 seconds quicker then last year.

A first coming up tomorrow evening - a 1500m race on the track. Really looking forward to it.

02/06/2013 at 19:40

evening all

well done - big slice off your PB for the course. Must be doing something right

now that is taking things too far 
Looked like a very big hill indeed from your splits!

that sounded like a near perfect run - particularly the tea afterwards!!

I am in Bristol tomorrow - no time for a meet - meetings all day.

keeping the streak going...........

Well I am thoroughly p*ssed off.  I had two preliminary diagnoses - nerve impingment - easy peasy to sort out  or inflammed hip bursa - not so easy.
After this mornings run it veers towards the latter.
5.2 miles of gentle running eventually provoked a reaction strong enough for me to have to stop and walk home - which ws no hardship seeing as it was a lovely morning - warm sun, fresh cut grass and perfume from numerous shrubs and bushes on the air as I strolled up Hipps Hill 

1m 8:36  116  126
2m 8:46  128  137
3m 8:48  123  129
4m 8:59  125  130
5m 8:48  126  133
.2m 1:41  121 124

Bit frustrating to put it mildly as I am in wonderful running form - that was literally without effort this morning - then the pain in the hip/butt suddenly was so acute that I had to stop .............

02/06/2013 at 19:42

good going - Allendale is not renowned for its flat bits!!
enjoy the track meet - it is a whole new experience

02/06/2013 at 19:45

TS, oh no, what an absolute b*gger when you were going so well. Not surprised you feel fed up. Do you know how long it's likely to last?

02/06/2013 at 20:21

Impey, Graham
Brilliant runs!


As Graham says, a bu**er.

02/06/2013 at 21:17

TS - I just hope it turns out to be the easier one to sort out. Bursa, - isn't that what Ceal has - bursitis I mean - though in her knee rather than hip?

K2 - anticlockwise it was. You've done the run yourself?

I could make it 2 miles longer by starting from the dam just above the Visitor Centre; or a great deal longer by running round the next reservoir as well (Penygarreg).

Impey - congratulations on new PB for the course, and on pushing your age grading up!

Graham - congratulations on 1st M 60 - and 30 seconds quicer than last your.

Tracey - I too wondered about Bernard's reaction...

02/06/2013 at 21:18

Quicker. Not quicer.

02/06/2013 at 23:04

My running club had a weekend at Elan valley Lodge a few years ago and we ran from there.  I remember it as a lovely run. I think we headed off up the hill after we'd got back to the road. 

03/06/2013 at 08:20


Kent Oasts


Edited: 03/06/2013 at 08:26
03/06/2013 at 08:32

Good  morning



03/06/2013 at 14:28

K2 - I was tempted to say "which hill?" but then remembered there is a track that goes uphill from the car park so I suppose it was that.

Aws - nice pic. Running tomorrow, I suppose?

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