Over 60s training.

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11/03/2014 at 22:29


 Columba - I guess you'll like this one, it's acrylic.

11/03/2014 at 23:13

Well I like that


I love the black background  makes the red and green  quite striking

12/03/2014 at 08:39
Good morning,

Fog here this morning, but I think the sun will appear soonish.

2c+ gosh that's warm for you. I guess the raise in temp is the indication that the snow is on its way. You did well to hold your HR solid, that is what counts just as much as the pace. I am not looking for any singing comps! I just want to learn how to do it properly. So much to think about. Shape of mouth, where one's tongue is etcetera

You did well to race your 20 miles. I guess it would have been a bit warm! Not sure that anybody else would have noticed your post which you slipped in just before Chris's interesting post following yours.

I put my hand up, I was the one guilty of guessing your profession! You have been running for a long time. I didn't start until I was 61 yrs. I wish you well with your goals especially the one where you want to stay uninjured. It sounds as if you have found somebody who understands your body and that will be a great help. Especially if you visit him regularly.
12/03/2014 at 09:28

Chris, I read your running history with interest. You already have lots of experience to call on and can only improve, especially when you have more free time.

Tracey,well done on your race, especially as it was at such short notice.

I was only half joking about feeling burnt out. I was exhausted after Sunday's run. I had a complete rest day on Monday and to my surprise felt quite fresh last night for the last in this season's handicap race at the coast. Time for the 3.6 mile route was 24 mins 15 secs, average pace 6.45. Pleased with that after a couple of high mileage weeks.

12/03/2014 at 10:55
You are setting yourself up nicely for the track season

It was cold when I set out for my run this morning and it had warmed up by the time that I got home. The sun is about to burst out from behind the mist and fog.

I ran 4.93 miles, I misjudged the number 5!
12/03/2014 at 12:45

Ceal, I was just so pleased the tiredness and aching legs had gone so quickly after a day's rest. Very nice run from you today and now you can enjoy the nice weather. I was looking at my running diary from last March and remembering how grotty it was. Looks like Mick's the one suffering this year from an endless winter. Hopefully it wont last much longer for him.

12/03/2014 at 16:26


Tracey - sorry missed your post. Well done on  doing  the  20 I hear its  quite a  tough  course

Ceal The sun is  here  I don't usually see the  fog  unless i'm working

4.16 miles just a  casual easy run almost same route as sunday just a little shorter going to try and do this route more  regularly the trail is  nice and firm well apart from where  the flood water is

12/03/2014 at 18:19

Good time for your 20 Tracey.

Hope there was hopeful news for TS. I'm impressed at your walking pace - very brisk!

Glad the root canal wasn't too unpleasant Mick.

MT, well done on the Salisbury 10. It must be disheartening to think that Liz may not be up and about again, but it's great that she can still have a positive outlook. Sounds as though the back garden is definitely the next project!

Thanks for the introduction, Chris. I'm also a bit of an interloper, as I don't qualify for this thread until August, and have already been here a number of years. I didn't start running until I was 50, and am lucky to have had next to no injuries. I'm currently 'just running' not racing, which I enjoy from time to time. The racing bug will probably catch me again before too long.

Very good mileage, Mick & Graham. Of course, it would take me longer than many here to do those miles, but I've managed 43 so far this month, so getting back into the swing after my low mileage holiday.

12/03/2014 at 19:24

Tracey - well done on the 20 miler - good stuff - which marathon are you running? How long away?

Chris -you have had a long running career - glad you have found the walk/run method - it seems to suit a lot of people. My daughter is trying it too, but is doing more walking than running. I love the concept of the magic mile - for those who don't know - you run a mile, put it into the Galloway website calculator and it tells you how many minutes walking and running you should do according to your basic speed.

Pammie - think I can see a determined come back!

Ceal - same to you - you are stretching the distance out now.

Graham - it must be lovely to be able to run so fast - ancient history for me!

Aws - lovely painting - love the contrast of colours - stunning!

Today is a very important day for Mae - she is on a trial, hope she passes. I'm taking her to K9 country club, a place where dogs run together. It's out in the country, so streams and lots of available land to run free, no kennels as such, and they all sleep together it seems.

Mae is a wonderful people dog, but we usually have her run on a lead, so she doesn't usually have a lot to do with other dogs, so we will just have to see how she goes. They don't accept aggressive dogs, or subservient ones either. If they bark or cry too much they don't get to stay either. So if she can just enjoy the experience for the day, she will be able to stay there for the weekend of the Rotorua marathon. 

I've got my fingers crossed - she doesn't know what she's in for - hope it all turns out good.

I know she wouldn't stay in a normal kennels, she would cry night and day! She always has to have one of us with her, but maybe other dogs might do the trick. We couldn't find a dog-friendly motel this time round!

I had a good 9km run with her yesterday, so she won't be too out of control. Will let you know the result!


12/03/2014 at 20:56

NZC - Brighton marathon on 6 April 

13/03/2014 at 07:41

Good morning

0458 6°C
7.19M; 1:36:48.0; 13:28/M;
1 13:34.9 1.00 13:35 147 151
2 13:52.1 1.00 13:52 145 151
3 13:29.8 1.00 13:30 146 154
4 13:17.6 1.00 13:18 149 153
5 13:45.6 1.00 13:46 146 153
6 13:35.7 1.00 13:36 141 146
7 13:12.1 1.00 13:12 140 150
8 1:59.5 0.19 10:39 144 148
HR av144 max154

All under 14; HR fairly even; only two quicker of the last 20 at the distance. Can't be bad. Give thanks Alan.


13/03/2014 at 08:30

Good running Aws!

Mae passed with flying colours - very happy!

13/03/2014 at 08:31

Tracey - Not long now then

13/03/2014 at 08:46
Just a quickie,

I believe you have a cyclone approaching your Island. Stewart is flying from Auckland to Christchurch tomorrow morning (your time) and will be spending the weekend there in the rain. He is wondering what there is to do there when it is raining. Do you have any ideas? I hope you don't end up with floods similar to those we have experienced here in the UK!

I was able to send your magic mile info on to a friend of mine who lives in Menorca who is doing an Ironman in the summer sometime. She did one years ago when she was a lot longer and living in California. She just wants to get round the course. So I had suggested the run walk approach to the run section. The magic mile will help her work out how many mins to walk and run. So thanks for that.

Out of here right now, have to be somewhere and haven't dressed/ showered yet. I will be back later
13/03/2014 at 09:45

Ceal - yes there is a cyclone approaching this weekend - they are expecting very high winds. So plans for events or long runs this weekend look a bit doubtful.

Christchurch has just had some awful flooding, the land is different now after the earthquakes. I'm sure they are all sick of it. Hope they don't get hit too badly this weekend.

I think they have a Parkrun in Christchurch - probably in Hagely Park. I'll have to look. Probably best to stay indoors though if it is as bad as they say it is going to be. 

I read a book the other day about a British woman coming to NZ. Her husband had died and her children had come to NZ. She decided to sell up and follow them here and bought a house in Christchurch! For the first couple of years she enjoyed it until the earthquakes. She ended up going back to England!


13/03/2014 at 09:56

Ceal - No, just looked - there isn't a parkrun in Christchurch. The only event I can see is on Saturday 15 March - part of a Frontrunner Series - they have a 5km.10km, and 21km at the Pegasus Golf course. I don't know where that is - but the info is on the coolrunning.co.nz website. It could be cancelled of course - will depend on the weather.


13/03/2014 at 13:08
Thanks for the race info. Not good to hear about very heavy rain falling on an already flooded area! I think Stewart was also after asking about cultural events in
Christchurch. But he may well do the race on the 15th if it's not cancelled. I think he thought he had done with floods.

What a relief to hear that Mae was not phased by other dogs. It is always a worry isn't it when one want to go away when one has a pet. Luckily, with a cat one can ask neighbours to feed them, also cats aren't so reliant on human company as dogs are.

I didn't spot any news about your running.

I think we are both at about the same degree of fitness at present.

Another heavenly sunshiny day. 4.4 slow miles ran.
13/03/2014 at 17:13

I found your post very interesting as we all go through the process of matching our exercise to our changing bodies. I found my exercise journey through my early 60s full of STOP signs, but I also found it was possible to get around them. You just needed patience and to modify your exercise programme to get the optimum from what you do.

I have a couple of small dogs who also like lots of attention, glad to hear your dog behaved herself.

Yesterday was my xtraining day so lots done in the gym. Over the last two months I have been working my Hamstrings and Glutes hard and yesterday included 60 squats with a 45lb bar that left my legs somewhat less than sprightly.
Today was meant to be a speed session 5x800 at 5k race pace. The weather was awful, major snowstorm and -32c windchill, and yes it is Spring in a week.
Needless to say I changed my workout to 4x4 on the treadmill.
I changed it again as soon as I started running, my legs were struggling. I dropped it to 5k race pace pickups between 1 and 2 mins. These felt good and I must have done a dozen or so for a total of 10k of running.

Recovery run tomorrow.


13/03/2014 at 17:34
My legs were all of a tremble whilst reading about 60 squats with a 45lb bar. No wonder your legs were reluctant to do a real speed session. I think the weather did you a favour!
13/03/2014 at 19:12

Good news for Mae, NZC. Might be a useful alternative at other times too. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad (or for Stewart, ceal).

You seem to be clocking up a lot of miles aws - I know you try and do a 5, a 6 and a 7, but it seems more recently. Have you increased your mileage?

I've done varied running ceal. Last week we did hill reps (10 x 1 minute 20 seconds, which was tough), then mile intervals, and a muddy cross country on the Friday. I'm trying to run 4 times a week, so fitted in a short run of 3.23 miles on the Sunday to make the target. That gave me 23.8 miles for the week. This Monday we did 200m reps (15 I think) with 40m recoveries (which means you don't fully recover). On Wednesday evening I accompanied daughter for investigative MRI on her back, so ran with daughter #1 after she dropped the boys at school.

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